Flyer I received postmarked 30 March 2000 from Mrs. Eshelman about
Mrs. Eshelman's book on
Christopher Hargreaves' father, James, and
mostly the descendants of Christopher Hargreaves' son Thomas
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Announcing the REVISED
edition of

The Hargraves Family and Descendants
from Olde England to Southeast Georgia Pioneers

The Hargraves family is one of the oldest and most historic families in Ware and Coffee Counties, Georgia. They brought to America $70,000 in Spanish gold after the civil war and it has been stated that the treasure may be buried deep beneath the southeast Georgia soil yet today.

This book is an 8x10 inch hardbound beauty with a gold foil Coat of Arms embossed on the cover.  It has over 300 pages of family history including photographs of English estates, and wills of Olde England.  Supplies are limited--Hurry, order your copy today!

Please make check payable to Nadine L. Eshelman, and remit to: 1302 Buggy Whip Trail,
Middleburg, FL 32068
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Please send me ________copies of

The Hargraves Family and Descendants from
Old England to Southeast Georgia Pioneers.

I have enclosed $50 for each book, as well as $5 shipping
for the first copy, and $2 for each additional .

Total amount of check enclosed:$________

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