Gibbs + Ward NC Marriage Bonds
North Carolina Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868
that contain
Ward with variant spellings of Gibbs
Singular: 1. Gib, 2. Gibb
2 Kinds of Plurals: 3. Gibs, 4. Gibbs, 5. Gibes, 6. Gibbes
N.B., only 4. Gibbs has bonds containing both surnames,
but those bonds did not contain the marriage of Priscilla to a Ward,
so the following merely shows the thouroughness of my search.
Priscilla must have married Ward
in some other way (e.g. banns, common law),
in some other state (e.g. MD, SC),
&/or under some other misspelling of names.

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1. Gib + Ward

Search produced 0 Gib with Ward
Search produced 5 Gib w/o Ward:
    Search Terms: GIB (5) Database: North Carolina Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868 Combined Matches: 5
  1. Bride: Jane Canaday Groom: Joseph Culley Bond Date: 03 Dec 1792 County: Carteret Record #: 01 025 Bondsman: Nathaniel Gib Bond #: 000011175
  2. Bride: Franky Gibson Groom: Ambrose Waldrop Bond Date: 03 Sep 1834 County: Haywood Record #: 01 100 Bondsman: Solomon Made his Mark Gib Witness: S. Fitzgerrald Bond #: 000066446 Comment: Daughter of Nathan
  3. Bride: Sarah J Perkins Groom: William H Marshall Bond Date: 01 Jun 1847 County: Craven Record #: 02 229 Bondsman: Henry B. Gib Witness: J. G. Stanly Bond #: 000028126
  4. Bride: Betsey Plummer Groom: William McKelvy Bond Date: 03 Jan 1831 County: Mecklenburg Record #: 01 154 Bondsman: Alexander Gib Witness: B. Oates Bond #: 000082437
  5. Bride: Margaret Wilson Groom: Gib McNeill Bond Date: 04 May 1867 County: Cumberland Record #: 01 196 Bondsman: James Wilson Witness: J T Warden Bond #: 000033905

2. Gibb + Ward

Search produced 0 Gibb with Ward
Search produced 5 Gibb w/o Ward
3. Gibs + Ward

Search produced 0 Gibs with Ward
Search produced 10 Gibs w/o Ward
4. Gibbs + Ward

Search produced 5 Gibbs with Ward:
(Search produced 202 Gibbs w/o Ward)
    Search Terms: GIBBS (202), WARD (1625) Database: North Carolina Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868 Combined Matches: 5
  1. Bride: Marranda Abernathy Groom: Isaac H Ward Bond Date: 12 Jan 1828 County: Lincoln Record #: 01 128 Bondsman: Wiley Gibbs Witness: J T Alexander Bond #: 000076391
  2. Bride: Susannah Abernathy Groom: Willy Gibbs Bond Date: 20 Jul 1830 County: Lincoln Record #: 01 049 Bondsman: Isaac H. Ward Witness: J. T. Alexander Bond #: 000072637 Comment: Wiley
  3. Bride: Isabella Etheridge Groom: Benjamin Gibbs Bond Date: 29 Jan 1867 County: Onslow Record #: 01 029 Bondsman: James G Scott Witness: A J Johnston Bond #: 000093108 Marriage Date: 04 Feb 1867 Performed By: E W Ward, Justice of the Peace
  4. Bride: Mariah Gibbs Groom: Lewis Sadberry County: Carteret Record #: 02 131 Bond #: 000013009 Marriage Date: 20 Oct 1866 Performed By: James Ward, Justice of the Peace
  5. Bride: Martha Gibbs Groom: Thomas Ward Bond Date: 28 Sep 1783 County: Craven Record #: 03 359 Bondsman: William Isaiah Witness: A Neale Bond #: 000030295 Comment: Christ Church Parish

5. Gibes + Ward

Search produced 0 Gibes with Ward
Search produced 3 Gibes w/o Ward:
    Search Terms: GIBES (3) Database: North Carolina Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868 Combined Matches: 3
  1. Bride: Nancy Gibes Groom: Noah Reece Bond Date: 04 Jan 1844 County: Surry Record #: 01 193 Bondsman: John C Gibes Bond #: 000147033
  2. Bride: Ester Robinson Groom: Shadrach Gibes Bond Date: 11 May 1785 County: Caswell Record #: 01 106 Bondsman: Charles McIntos Witness: Ald. Murphey, ( Bond #: 000015457
  3. Bride: Betsey Sikes Groom: Charles Gibes Bond Date: 01 Oct 1808 County: Duplin Record #: 01 031 Bondsman: Alexr. Herring Witness: Wm. Dickson, (C Bond #: 000041599

6. Gibbes + Ward

Search produced 0 Gibbes with Ward
Search produced 1 Gibbes w/o Ward:
    Search Terms: GIBBES (1) Database: North Carolina Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868 Combined Matches: 1
  1. Bride: Sidney Crispen Groom: Joseph Shute Bond Date: 10 Jul 1788 County: Craven Record #: 03 308 Bondsman: Willm. Gibbes Witness: Jas. H. Bryan Bond #: 000029445

1. GIP, 2. GIPP,
3. GIPS, 4. GIPPS, 5. GIPES, 6. GIPPES, &
Priscilla Gib, Priscilla Gibb,
Priscilla Gibs, Priscilla Gibbs, Priscilla Gibes, Priscilla Gibbes

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333 Priscilla
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