Abraham HARGRAVES in Huxford's vol. 1 page 116 - 117
wife Rhoda CARVER

in Huxford's Pioneers of Wiregrass Georgia

      ABRAHAM HARGRAVES was a son of Christopher Hargraves and his wife Mrs. Priscilla Gibbs-Ward-Hargraves, and was born in Barnwell District, South Carolina, September 23, 1795.  His father was from Lancanshire [sic Lancashire] in England, and while on a visit there to see about the estate of his deceased brother Abraham, he died May 17, 1820.  The widow and three boys emigrated from South Carolina to Appling County, Georgia, about 1825, and located on lot of land 317, 6th district, where she lived until her death about 1846.  The son Abraham married about 1829 Miss Rhoda Carver, daughter of Sampson Carver, R. S.  She was born in Tattnall County, in 1812, and died at the Hargraves home in Ware County, September 29, 1870.  She was buried in the Hargraves cemetery near Bickley, Ware County.  To them were born the following children:

1. Elizabeth  b. 1830, m. Donald J. McDonald. Died October 1850.
2. Theresab. 1831, m. Cuyler W. Hilliard.
3. Lucindab. 1834, m. Thomas Sweat.
4. Susanb. 1835, m. Jonathan L. Morgan.

5. Abrahamb. 1836, m. (1) Mary McDonald, daughter of W. A.
(2) Laura Williamson in England.
6. Fairibyb. 1839, m. John M. Spence
7. John C.b. 1838, m. Parthena Morgan, daughter of Elihu.
8. Christopherb. 1843, m. Ellen Roberts, daughter of John W.
9. Sidneyb. 1844, m. Mary Lott, daughter of Mark.
10. Maryb. 1846, m. William M. Denton.
11. Adelineb. 1849, m. George Moody.
      Abraham Hargraves inherited quite a large amount of money from his uncle's estate in England, which he brought back to this country in gold and kept in his home.  He was already a prosperous farmer with a large plantation in northern part of Ware County.  A detailed account of the English inheritance is given in Mrs. J. L. Walker's "History of Ware County, Georgia" pp. 389-393.

      Census References: 1830, 1840, 1850, 1860, Ware.


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