Hargr*ve/s Genealogies
Hargr*ve/s Genealogies (Books)
    authors: the late Dorothy Post Beebe & Johnny L. Hargrove
    740 pages and indexed
    8 x 11", 2" thick, weight 7 pounds
    You can order the book from
    James R. "Jack" Beebe
    6731 S. Lindsey Ave
    Pico Rivera, Califorina 90660
    Ph# 562-949-3597   Fax 562-049-5787

    The following was written to the list (hargreaves@mids.org) 29 Dec 1999:
    I, James R. Beebe am the husband of the late Dorothy Post gr. dau of Samuel Daniel Hargrove b. 1857 in Hardin co. Tenn, d. 1943 in Salpulpa OK.  Dorothy and co-author Johnny Hargrove wrote "The Hargrove Family Study".  The 1st edition was published in 1993.  She received a lot of new information and before she died in 1994 she wrote a manuscript for the second edition with some entries as late as 1994.  Her request to me was to see that it be published.

    The book starts with Richard 4th b. ca. in Yorkshire, England.  In 1634 at the age of twenty he came to Norfolk Va. and became Richard 1st of Virginia.  This traces his lineage to the present century.

    This is a 730 740 page, hard cover book with all names indexed (approx. 14000 names).  It contains many charts. maps, war records, source information, legal documents, biographies, and miscellaneous information.

    The price of the book is $85.00 (Ca. residents add $7.00) payable to -James R. Beebe-.  This includes the cost of shipping (ups).  The book is available for immediate shipment.

    This book can be found in The Library of Congress, the Mormon Library in Salt Lake City, and the San Diego Co. Library.

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  2. A Historical, Biographical and Genealogical Account of Certain Branches of the DEBRULER AND HARGRAVE FAMILIES compiled by Eva DeBruler
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  3. "Hargrave Forebears A Family Saga" by Helena Goodale Hargrave, which gives a history of Richard Hargrave, IV (Sr. in America) who was born in 1614 presumably in Yorkshire, England, came to America (Virginia colony) in 1634 on the ship Boneventure and settled in Lower Norfolk Co. VA. Married about 1644 and had 4 children; Richard,Jr; Benjamin; Margaret; Ann.  The book also lists the four immediate generations preceding Richard,IV in England.  The author's son Carl says: "I can copy parts of it if you can give me a line to look up."  "In regard to your question about whether my Mothers book is in a library.  I think I remember her mentioning that she submitted it to the Mormon Genealogy Library at SLC and to the Sutro Genealogy library at San Francisco and at the Library of Congress and others that helped her in her research.  She did this research in 1966/67 and did not carry it down past my level." "In reply to your inquiry.  You ask if Helena May (Goodale) was my Mom?  Yes she is.  Helena was the second wife of George Mower Hargrave.  His first wife, Bessie Willis died in 1918 in the flue epidemic.  She left one child, Vernon Edgar Hargrave who was born in 1917 (my half brother).  An interest side note.  My Mother also did a genealogy of her Goodale forebears.  The Goodale immegrant ancestor, Robert Goodale, also came to America in 1634 from Ipswich, England and landed in Mass. (Salem).
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