Butterfield & Rundlett's Directory of the City of Dallas (Texas), 1875

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Butterfield & Rundlett's Directory
of the City of Dallas, 1875

Aaron, J. saloon, 213 S. Jefferson
Aaronson, G. clerk, 207 S. Jefferson
Abbott, T., prop'r. International Hotel, 2 S. Lamar
Ables, Joseph, carpenter, 1520 Main
Aby, R. H., clerk, Sheriff's office
Adair, W. F. , clerk
Adams & Leonard, bankers, 415 Elm
Adams, A. J., mattress maker, 102 S. Jefferson
Adams, G. M., cattle dealer, 315 Commerce
Adams, J. J., carpenter. res 1422 Elm
Adams, John, mason, 718 Jackson
Adams, L. W., printer, 609 Main, res 1422 Elm
Adams, S. J. (Adams & Leonard), res 1005 Young
Aebly, Henry, baker, 303 Main, (res same)
Akard, Mrs. S. C., widow, 908 Wood
Akard, Wm., carpenter, 415 N. Lamar
Albertine, Millie, actress, res 314 S. Jefferson
Albrechte, Rev. J. C., M. E. Minister.
Aldenhoff, H. W., teacher, res 114 Cantegral
Aldridge, G. N., lawyer, 111 S. Lamar
Aldridge, John, clerk, 203 Main
Alexander, D., clerk, T & P RR depot.
Alexander, J. A., laborer, res 415 Cottage Lane
Alexander, Mrs. N., milliner, 8 S. Lamar
Alford, C. H., physician, 402 S. Jefferson
Alford, J. C., laborer, 404 S. Jefferson
Allen, C., lightning rods, res 103 Florence
Allen, H. M., carpenter, 1101-3 Pacific Avenue
Allen, J. W., lightning rods, res 103 Florence
Allen, Mrs. M. E., seamstress, res 1538 Main
Allen, R. W., physician (office) 409 Main
Allen, Thomas, actor, res 314 S. Jefferson
Allen, W., mason, 1031 Main
Allen, W. J., druggist, 1446 Elm (res same)
Alsop, O., laborer [all given]
Altman, A., porter, San Jacinto Hotel
Amas, H. (colored), porter, 2 S. Lamar
Amborn, H. harness maker, 208 S. Houston
Anderson, --, res 601 S. Market
Anderson, A. A., laborer, res 403 N. Lamar
Anderson, D. A.., merchant, 404 Elm
Anderson, G. W., carpenter, 1041 Wood
Anderson, H. (colored), laborer, 23 McKinney Road
Anderson, J. L. carpenter, res 525 N. Harwood
Anderson, Thomas, cook, 403 Main
Anderson, W. H., U. S. Marshal, res 327 Crockett
Anderson, Z. T., bookkeeper, 515 Elm
Andrews, A. J., painter, 818 Elm
Andrews, E. L., butcher [all given]
Andrews, John, clerk, 621 Elm
Andrews, W. M., trader boards @ 308 Commerce
Andrews, W. T., trader, boards @ 308 Commerce
Angells, C., grocer, 812 Elm
Angers, John, Pr[es?] City Planing Mill, res 701 Commerce
Angers, Lewis, Supt. City Planing Mill, res 701 Commerce
Angus, S. waiter, Rawling's Hotel, 1501 Main
Antoine, N., saloon, 842 Main
Antoine, P., tailor, res 1039 Wood
Antwine, J. H., saddler, res 209 Dove
Areus, J. H., boards @ Commercial Hotel
Armstrong, C. W., hide dealer, 172 S. Austin
Arnaud, J., __Caruth Street
Arnold, J. C., city police, res 732 Wood
Arnold, John, shoemaker, res 308 Patterson Avenue
Arnold, R. K., 930 Elm
Arons, L., fruit dealer, res 10 N Market
Atkinson, H. M., carpenter, res 107 McKinney Road
Atkinson, Thomas, bricklayer, res 842 Elm
Atkinston, W., laborer [all given]
Ault, Mrs. S. A. (widow) res 12 N. Lamar
Aunspaugh, R. P., cotton buyer, res 43 Emma
Austin, Frank, jeweler, res 215 Pacific Ave.
Ax, William, tailor, 205 S. Lamar
Axman, R., blacksmith, 761 Elm
Axton, A. L., teacher, 204 Live Oak
Ayres, H., res 314 Commerce

Bachman, J., confectioner, 410 Elm, boards @ 631 Elm
Baepler, Rev. A., Lutheran Minister, res 1033 Wood
Bailey, George, carpenter, res 15 Highland
Bailey, J. C., civil engineer, boards @ 1325 Elm
Bailey, P., teamster, res 1216 Elm
Bailey, T. C?, city police, 803 Wood
Bailey, W. J., engineer, res 1608 Commerce
Baillargeon, A., builder, 214 Jackson
Baird, G. W., boarding-house, 16 S. Houston
Baker, C. S., machinist, 612 Main
Baker, G. W., carpenter, res 728 Ross Avenue
Baker, J., cook, 955 Main
Baker, M. P., carpenter, res 1552 Main
Baldridge, W. H., conductor, T & P R. R. res 2 S. Jefferson
Baldwin, J. A., carpenter, res 883 Pacific Avenue
Baldwin, J. T., carpenter, (boards @) 1216 Elm
Baldwin, Miss Lottie res 905 Ervay
Ball, J. J., teacher, 216 Commerce
Ballard, J. S., mechanic, res 203 Caruth
Balls, R. (colored), laundress, ___ Pacific Avenue
Bandini, A., fruit stand, res 316 S. Market
Bankt, C., clerk, Cosmopolitan Hotel, 310 & 312 Main
Barbier, A., porter, 615 Elm
Barbier, John, gardener, res 174 Masten
Barkley, J. E., sheriff, res 737 Commerce
Barlow, R. L. (res) 751 Elm
Barnett, D. W., Compress [Hotel?
Barnhitt, J. B., carpenter, res 883? Pacific Avenue
Barr, William, boards @ 39 Good
Barrett, A. W., (boards @ Commercial Hotel) [all given]
Barrett, J., laborer [all given]
Barrett, J. B., res 1437 Elm
Barrett,, P. S., tinner (office), 712 Elm, res 303 N. Lamar
Barro, L., fruit store, 414 Main
Barry, T. P., clerk, res 1130 Commerce
Bartholomew, C. T., Pres. International Hotel, 2 S. Lamar
Bartholow, J. N., 11 N. Market
Bartley, J. W., printer, 609 Elm, res McKinney Road
Bassett, John, laborer, res 410 Polk
Basye, E., printer, res 814 Browder
Basye, John, teacher, res 814 Browder
Basye, Mrs. H., (widow) 814 Browder
Basye, William, printer, res 814 Browder
Batcher, T. H., res 126 Live Oak
Bates, J. M., lumber dealer, res 503 S. Harwood
Bates, J. S., photographer, office 101 S. Houston, res 1034 Commerce)
Bates, Mrs. M. J. (res), 1034 Commerce
Bates, W. H., restaurant, 406 Main
Bath, Mrs. L. J., dressmaker, 407 Main
Bath, William, hairdresser, 407 Main
Battise, L. (colored), laborer, res 614 Polk
Battley, J. W., printer, 609 Elm, res __ McKinney Road
Baum, F. H., merchant (office) 301 Main, res 406 S. Market
Baun, T., waiter, San Jacinto Hotel, 501-507 Commerce
Baxley, A. J., brick mason, res 951 Jackson
Baxter, F. (colored), laborer, res ___ N. Broadway
Bayley, C. P., painter, res 126 Masten
Baylor, G. W., Insurance Agent, res 64 Cochran
Beach, Mrs. O., 606 S. Houston
Beahl, A. M., engineer, boards @ 1325 Elm
Beal, J. (colored), laborer
Beasley, P. (colored), barber, 125 Cochran
Beattie, E. D., saloon, 408 Elm
Beaty, S. F., clerk, office: 308 Main, res 305 Akard
Beau, D., cook (res) 205 Pacific
Beaumont, F., druggist, 1118 Elm, res same
Beaumont Jr., F., druggist, 1118 Elm, res same
Beaumont, G., physician, 111 S. Lamar, res 13 N. Lamar
Beaumont, W. H., bookkeeper, office 505 Elm, res 725 Ross Ave.
Beauvalet, Mrs. C., milliner, 409 Commerce, res same
Beauvila, L., res 303 N. Harwood
Beck, E. L., boarding house, 304 Jackson
Beck, H., stonemason, res 205 Walnut
Beck, J. W., baker (Odell & Bros.), 838 Main
Beckman, H. (colored) servant, 215 Commerce
Beckner, A. N., teamster, tent near City Limits
Bedell, C. C., commission merchant, 716 Elm, boards @ Crutchfield
Bedry, S., drayman, res ___ N. Leonard
Beeker, J. C., merchant, 88 McKinney road
Beeler & Conner, 202 S. Houston
Beeler, G. C., farmer, res 803 San Jacinto
Beeler, Mrs. S., widow, res 819 San Jacinto
Beetham, J., sexton, res ___ S. Lamar (between Wood & Polk)
Beetham, J., sexton, res S. Lamar, between Wood & Polk
Behrens, C., cook, 315 Commerce
Bell, J. (colored), res 523 Bryan
Bell, J. D., carpenter, res 731 Ross Ave.
Bell, J. H., runner, Cosmopolitan Hotel, 310 & 312 Main
Bell, Mrs. M. C., dressmaker, res 1030 Main
Bell, W. R., boards @ Crutchfield Hotel
Bell, W. R., grocer, 214 S. Houston, boards @ Crutchfield Hotel
Belsterling, William, broker, res 21 Pearl
Belt, W. D., clerk, 7 & 9 S. Lamar, boards @ San Jacinto Hotel
Benjamin, H. (colored), servant, 315 Commerce
Bennet, J. M., res 312 Commerce
Bennett, George, barkeeper, 215 Elm & Polk
Bennett, George, boards @ Phoenix Hotel
Bennett, George, saddler, 208 S. Houston
Bennett, J. M., bookkeeper, 604 Main, res 312 Commerce
Bennett, J. N., 821 Main [all given]
Bennett, Mrs. J. N., dressmaker, 821 Main
Bennett, T., hide dealer, res 114 Pacific ave.
Bentley, James, res 216 Walnut
Bergen, C. S., res Pacific ave., near Limits [all given]
Berkley, H. C., clerk, 203 Main
Berrigan, P., boarding house, 1325 Elm
Berry, G. W., farmer, res 203 Collins
Berry, R., farmer, 203 Collins
Berry, W. R., res 305 Commerce
Bershea, J. (colored), brakesman, T. C. R. R., 412 Columbia (rear)
Bershea, J. (colored), brakesman, T. C. R. R., res rear of 412 Columbia
Bevins, Mrs., tailoress, res 11 Alamo
Bice, J. M., mason, res 416 Griffin
Bigger, J. M., clerk @ San Jacinto Hotel
Birmingham, W. J., feed store, 728 Elm
Biszel, William, servant, 404 Main
Black, J., res 943 Main
Blackman, W. J., hide dealer, 206 Elm
Blackman, W. J., res S. Houston, south of Columbia [all given]
Blades, J. D., res 601 S. Market
Blades, J. E. D., capitalist, 111 S. Lamar
Blair, A. (colored) laborer, 910 Marilla
Blair, M., grocer, 249 Bryan
Blair, W. M., res 219 Live Oak
Blake, S. D., merchant, C. B. & B., 1130 Commerce
Blake, T. S., clerk, 203 Main
Bledsoe, _____, Dallas Wagon Yard, 210 @ 212 S. Broadway, res 1137 Young
Blizzard, E. (colored) laundress, 931 Elm
Block, J., clerk, 510 & 512 Elm
Blohn, Mrs., (widow) boards @ 838 Main
Bloomhart, ______, butcher, res 745 Ross ave.
Blume, George, saloon, 403 Main, res 2 N. Jefferson
Boales, Mrs. J., (widow) res 1544 Main
Bogel, J., liquor dealer, 506 Main
Bogel, J., res 618 S. Jefferson
Bogitt, J., (colored), laundress, 720 Pacific ave.
Bohne, E. A., watchmaker, res 321 N. Harwood
Bohny, H., saloon, res 1543 Main
Bohny, L. F., prop'r William Tell House, 315 Commerce
Bolivar, P. H. (colored) preacher, res 303 Flora
Boll, H., collecting agent, 204 Commerce, res s corner of Swiss and Germania
Boll, J., naturalist, res 316 Swiss
Bolliter, Mrs. M., cook, 943 Main
Bond, B. M., clerk, 316 Main
Bond, S., carpenter, [all given]
Bonhill, J. D., carpenter, res 1216 Elm
Bonmati, M., merchant, 515 Main
Bonner, F. J., boilermaker, 311 Pacific ave.
Bonner, Mrs. M., widow, res 750 Bryan
Bookhart, J., lawyer, office, 505 Main, res Crutchfield [Hotel]
Bookhout & Edwards, lawyers, 505 Main street
Boone, T. (colored) servant, 306 S. Lamar
Boorom, J. C., merchant, 505 Elm
Bork, G., painter, 102 S. Jefferson, boards @ 515 S. Market
Borst, T. B., architect, res 33 Cora
Boston, M., hostler, boards @ 1527 Main
Botton, D. V., confectioner, 216 Commerce
Bouche, A. E., wheelwright, 761 Elm
Boucher, A., cook, 1325 Elm
Bouili, J., boarding house, 315 S. Houston
Bouli, T. F., clerk, 515 Elm
Boulware & Co., Elm street [all given]
Boulware, T. C., commission merchant, res 77 Cochran
Bowen, A., merchant, 212 S. Houston, res out of limits
Bowen, H. B., merchant, 216 S. Houston, res 908 Wood
Bowen, J. W., clerk, 604 Main & Wood
Bowen, Mat, clerk, 510 & 512 Elm
Bowerman, J., miller, Scott's Mills
Bowers, E. G., district attorney, Courthouse
Bowers, J. (colored) servant, 306 S. Lamar
Bowles, T., res 28 Swiss
Bowman, J. A., civil engineer, boards @ 42 Miranda
Boyd, A. (colored), laborer, 838 Main
Bradley, F., bookkeeper, foundry, board @ 308 Commerce
Bradley, James, hackman, res 1030 Main
Bradshaw, A. M., clerk, 605 Elm, res 309 N. Harwood
Brady, J., cook, 1325 Elm
Brandt, Mrs. M. V., laundress, res rear Leonard's Brick Yard
Braswell, S. N., lawyer, res 1030 Main
Brecht, H., restaurant, 710 Main
Brem, C. T., physician, boards @ Cosmopolitan Hotel
Brennan, J., actor, res 312 S. Jefferson.
Brennan, M., expressman, res ___ Collins
Brennan, T. J., boards @ Phoenix Hotel
Brennan, T. M., contractor [all given]
Brett, J. W., carpenter, 612 Main
Brewer, J. C., physician, res 402 Pacfic ave.
Brewer, P., cook, Cosmopolitan Hotel
Brin, H., merchant, 504 Elm
Brin, J., merchant, 506 Elm
Brin, P., merchant, 504 Elm
Brin, S., merchant, 506 Elm
Brinn, B., peddler, res 211 Polk
Britt, H., butcher, 846 Main
Britt, W. E., clerk, 508 Elm
Britt, W. J., lumber dealer, res 5 Cora
Brittain, A. (colored) laundress, res south of Columbia
Bronson, W. H., barkeeper, 408 Main
Brooks, J. J., lawyer, office 210 Commerce
Brooks, M. D. F. H., prop'r. Crutchfield Hotel, 113 Main
Brooks, P. S. (colored) servant, 609 Cedar spring
Brooks, S. S., clerk, 413 Main, res 305 Akard ave.
Brovier, F., res 1016 Main [all given]
Browder, E. C., res 224 Cadiz
Brown, D. A., clerk @ Post Office
Brown, D. J., tinner, 608 Elm
Brown, E. (colored), servant 718 Jackson
Brown, E., machinist, 601 S. Market
Brown, E. F., machinist, res 14 Pearl
Brown, E. J., insurance agent, 507 Main, boards @ San Jacinto Hotel
Brown, G., mechanic, P. P. Mill [all given]
Brown, H., res 415 Wood
Brown, H. S., drayman, res 1006 Young
Brown, J. G., merchant, 612 Elm
Brown, J. M., agent, T & P. R. R., res 1220 Pacific ave.
Brown, Jerry M., trader, 304 & 306 Columbia
Brown, John Henry, real estate agent, office Commerce
Brown, John Henry, res 40 Pearl
Brown, Jr., E. P. Bryan, boards @ San Jacinto Hotel
Brown, Mrs. C., laundress, res 935 Main
Brown, Mrs. S. M., res 507 Elm
Brown, O. B. (colored) laborer, 204 Live Oak
Brown, O. M., lawyer, 743 Bryan
Brown, S. D., res 743 Bryan [all given]
Brown, T. B., merchant, res 414 Akard ave.
Brown, W. C., machinist, 1101 & 1103 Pacific ave.
Brown, W. H., saloon, 612 Elm
Brown, William, hostler, 401 Main
Brown, William, res 405 Commerce
Brownlee, A., builder, res 99 Cochran
Broxton, _____, plasterer, res T. C. R. R. Depot
Bruce, A. M., res 617 Cedar spring
Bryan Jr., E. P., merchant, 604 Main
Bryan, J. H., merchant, (C. B. & B.), 12 N. Lamar
Bryan, L. A., merchant, 604 Main, boards @ San Jacinto Hotel
Bryan, T. B., merchant, 604 Main
Bryant, H. E., laborer @ Scot's Mills
Bryant, Miss L., res 106 Commerce]
Buck, H., clerk, 711 Commerce
Buck, J. G. H., teacher, 515 Veale
Buckland, C. E., clerk [all given]
Bugg, _______, carpenter [all given]
Bullard, J. W., clerk, 215 Main, res 601 S. Houston
Bullen,, J. A., supt. D. & W. R. R., office 101 Griffin
Bunn, J., baker, 1135 Elm
Burcham, J. A., cattle dealer, res 625 San Jacinto
Burford, Nat M., lawyer, office @ courthouse, res 1110 Akard ave.
Burk, F. D., saloon, 114 S. Austin
Burk, G., drayman [all given]
Burk, J., laborer, res 1 N. Market
Burke, R., bookkeeper, 619 Elm
Burks, P. (colored), servant, 337 N. Harwood
Burks, R. E., lawyer, res 830 Jackson
Burney, P. S., stone polisher, 422 Ross ave.
Burns, J., shoemaker, res 207 Polk
Burris, B. L., livery stable, 202 & 204 Commerce
Burtis, F., foreman, Kreig's Mills, res 23 McKinney road
Burtle, A., miller, res 603 N. Leonard
Burton, _____, clerk, res 1114 Elm Burton, E. A., carpenter, res 4 Cochran
Burton, J. S., manager, Western Union Telegraph Office, res corner of Elm @ S. Houston
Burton, W. H., gunsmith, 408 Elm, boards @ Southern Hotel
Bus, C. H., merchant, 402 Main
Butler, George, mason, res 718 Jackson
Butler, M., laundress [all given]
Butler, P. J., brickmason, res 1009 Wood
Butterfield, F. E., civil engineer, 402 Elm, boards @ 513 Elm
Butts, E. (colored), res 607 S. Lamar
Byrne, Charles, boards @ Commercial Hotel

Cabell, W. L., mayor, res 905 Ervay
Cade, T., barkeeper, 412 Main
Cagle, Charles, res 230 Patterson ave.
Cahn, A., clerk, 611 Elm
Cahn, A., merchant, 611 Elm
Cahn, H., merchant, 611 Elm
Cain, A., res Jefferson [all given]
Cain, A., waiter, 305 Main
Caldwell, C., clerk, 716 Elm
Caldwell, J. F., merchant, 619 Elm, res 213 Live Oak
Calhoun, C. H., clerk, 603 Elm, res corner of Pearl & Live Oak
Calhoun, G. A., principal, Dallas College, 144 Cantegral
Call, L. W., blacksmith [all given]
Cameron, William, lumber dealer, res 1114 Elm
Camille, B., cook, 305 Main
Campbell, Dr., physician, res 950 Elm
Campbell, E. W., conductor, T. & P. R. R., T. & P. R. R., res 2 S. Jefferson
Campbell, G. W., city police, res 18 Bryan
Campbell, L. M., res 903 Main
Campbell, T. B., clerk, Crutchfield House
Camuse, C. F., carriage maker, 201 Elm, res 33 Caroline
Canfield, A., actor (varieties), res 314 S. Jefferson
Cann, J., expressman, res south end of S. Lamar
Caperan, L., merchant, 316 Main & 614 S. Jefferson
Capy, C., painter, res 415 S. Houston
Caray, W. H., mechanic, 534 Pearl
Carey, J. T., blacksmith, res 1 N. Market
Carhart, Rev. L. H., pastor, M. E. Tabernacle, res 810 Pacific ave.
Carl, P., laborer, res 1 Market
Carl, T., laborer, res 1 Market
Carl, T., saloon, 1 N. Market
Carleton, J. H., lawyer, res 821 Ervay
Carmon, M., teamster, res 207 Bryan
Carnes, J. J., insurance agent, res 226 Ross ave.
Carney, J., porter, San Jacinto Hotel
Carpenter, S. C., teamster, res 210 Lloyd
Carr, H. H., mason, 505 Main
Carrington, F., waiter, 403 Main
Carrington, J. S., res 909 Wood
Carro, John, cook, 402 S. Houston
Carroll, J., quarryman [all given]
Carroll, T., saloon, Market [all given]
Carron, N., cistern builder, res 34 Bryan
Carson, J. W., saloon, 203 Pacific ave.
Carsteus, G. A., clerk, 303 Main
Carter & Gibson, 602 Elm
Carter, D. T., machinist, res 127 Hawkins
Carter, G. B., printer, 602 Elm
Carter, J., carpenter, res 16 Miranda
Carter, S. (colored), laborer, 209 Juliette
Carter, W. H., druggist, 417 Ross ave.
Carter, _______, foreman, 1101 & 1103 Pacific ave.
Caruthers, S. C., carpenter, res 1050 Wood
Carvin, H. W., prop'r. Planter's Wagon Yard
Casher, M. (colored), basketmaker, res 201 Juliette
Cassell, George E., superintendent, Compress
Casson, C. C., brickmason, res 102 Jackson
Castelle, E. M., clerk, 515 Main
Castleberry, D., res 1015 Main
Castleberry, D., saloon, 515 Main
Catto, W. H., hide dealer, 206 Elm
Chadwick, G. C., Compress [all given]
Chae, J. M., conductor, T. & P. R. R., res 914 Pacific ave.
Chaing, Foo, laundry, 904 Elm
Chalmers, T. B., pawnbroker, res 108 Patterson
Chamberlin, C. P., marble cutter, board @ Cosmopolitan Hotel
Chamberlin, G., boards @ 1325 Elm
Chamberlin, G., butcher, 846 Main
Chambers, R. A., tailor, res 402 N. Harwood
Chambers, Z. T., clerk, Phoenix Hotel
Champlin, L. G., builder, res 508 Ross ave.
Chandler, J., servant, 406 Main
Chapman, G. W., carpenter, res 210 Pearl
Charles, J. (colored), waiter, res 512 Polk
Charlut, F., gun store, 734 Elm
Chase, A., clerk, res 702 Elm
Chase, W. W., clerk, R. V. T[ompkins]., res 1203 Young
Chatman, R. A. (colored), engineer [all given]
Chattuck, H., wood dealer [all given]
Cheeks, Mrs. P. (colored), servant, 12 N. Lamar
Chene, R., saloon, 206 S. Market
Chesall, H., painter, res 1119 Elm
Chesnut, Mrs. E., milliner, 8 S. Lamar
Childers, J. V., physician, res 6 N. College
Childress, A. W., merchant, 401 Elm, res 313 Griffin
Chinchuff, F., res 616 Wood
Ching, Chang, laundry, 409 Elm
Chinn, C. H., druggist, 409 Main, boards @ Southern Hotel
Choppere, A., peddler, res 202 Wood
Chow, Chow, laundry, 904 Elm
Christian, G. W., city police, res 115 Hawkins
Christian, V., gardener, res 511 Polk
Christman, H., res 230 Patterson ave.
Christy, Charles, actor, res 314 S. Jefferson
Christy, L. W., com. merchant, 611 Main
Church, G. W., printer, boards @ Phoenix Hotel
City Bank, 601 Elm street
Clancy, C. H., bricklayer, res 706 Commerce
Clanton, Mrs. A. A., boarding house, 507 Elm
Clark, Bryans & Blake, 101 & 103 Camp street
Clark, F., laborer, boards @ Phoenix Hotel
Clark, G., hackdriver, 402 & 404 Commerce
Clark, J. W., farmer, res 8 Cochran
Clark, M., tinner, 845 Main, res 513 Pearl
Clark, P. T., prop'r Planing Mill, res 12 Pearl
Clark, R. (colored), laborer, 1204 Main
Clark, R., 204 S. Harwood
Clark, T. P., prop'r Planing Mill, res 12 Pearl
Clark, W. J., merchant (C. B. & B.), res 8 Ross ave.
Clark, W. S., clerk, 417 Ross ave.
Clark, W. T., clerk, C. B. & B., res 1057 Elm
Clark, William, painter, 955 Elm
Claypole, M. (colored), engineer, res 534 Cochran
Clayton, M. H., clerk, 602 Main, boards @ Commercial Hotel
Clayton, S., laborer, 2 S. Lamar
Clemens, F., waiter, San Jacinto Hotel
Clemens, H., servant, 406 Main
Clemens, T. S., miller, 23 McKinney road
Clements, Mrs. M. J., res 1121 Young
Cleveland, J., merchant, 623 Elm
Clifford, E., porter, Cosmopolitan Hotel
Clifford, Miss J., actress, 314 S. Jefferson
Cline, Mrs. E. M. (widow), boards @ Phoenix Hotel
Clines, L. W., carpenter, res 205 Walnut
Cling, Mrs. H., cook, 910 Commerce
Clink, M., butcher, 846 Main
Clint, G. F., lawyer, 211 S. Austin
Clinton, A., clerk, 514 & 516 Elm
Clinton, A. H., printer, 602 Elm, boards @ Planters
Cloud, _______, Planters wagon yard [all given]
Clung, J., peddler, res 312 Columbia
Clusky, H., clerk, T. P. depot
Cobralt, A., cook, 513 Elm
Cochran, A. M., physician, res 312 Griffin
Cochran, J., physician, boards @ 1304 Elm
Cockrell, George (colored), laundry, res Cockrell
Cockrell, R. B., Todd Mill, res 106 Commerce
Cockrell, Mrs. S. H. (widow), res 106 Commerce
Cockrell, W. (colored), laborer, res Leonard brick yard
Cohen, S., peddler, res 510 Wood
Cohn, A., merchant, 402 Main
Cohn, J., tailor, 112 Main
Cohn, L., barber, 614 Elm
Coker, T. C., merchant, 1451 Elm, res 1449 Elm
Coker, W. H., res 603 Cottage Lane
Cole, C. S., railroad agent, boards @ Commercial Hotel
Coleman, C., civil engineer, res 1219 Jackson
Coleman, G. S., physician, res 743 Bryan
Coleman, J. C., carpenter, res 2 Caruth
Coleman, J. W., carpenter, res 2 Caruth
Coleman, S., laborer, res Polk [all given]
Collier, F. C., cotton buyer, res 338 Pearl
Collingsworth, A., farmer, boards @ Phoenix Hotel
Collins, A., carpenter, res 1120 Jackson
Collins, D., merchant, 1424 Elm, res same.
Collins, Mrs. N. E., dressmaker, res 1120 Jackson
Collins, Miss Nellie, actress, res 314 S. Jefferson
Collins, R. W., res 820 Jackson
Collis, T., livery stable, 109 & 111 S. Sycamore
Comstock, V. B., res 1049 Elm
Condon, Mrs. M. (widow), res 943 Main
Conkland, R. H., machinist, 1101 & 1103 Pacific ave.
Conklin, I., moulder, res 335 Pearl
Conklin, J. R., cooper, res 530 Ross ave.
Conley, C., actor, res 314 S. Jefferson
Conley, W., clerk, 203 Main
Connerly, M. W., telegraph office, res S. end of S. Lamar
Connolly, C., street-car driver, res 1527 Main
Connor, W., merchant, 215 S. Houston, res 952 Wood
Connor, W. C., druggist, res 952 Wood
Cook, H. B., carpenter, 1015 Commerce
Cook, H., carpenter, res 738 Ross ave.
Cook, J., barkeeper, Phoenix Hotel
Cook, R. M., county surveyor, res 832 San Jacinto
Cook, William, carpenter, res 516 Wood
Coombs, Z. E., lawyer, 204 Commerce, res out of Limits
Cooper, D., carpenter, res 18 Olive
Cooper, G., marble cutter, 315 Elm
Cooper, Mrs. M., laundress, res 316 Burford
Cooper, ____, res 115 Ross ave.
Copeland, T., saloon, 206 S. Market
Corcoran, D. J., 513 Main
Cornish, W. R., agent, Texas Express Co., 206 Commerce, boards @ Cosmopolitian Hotel
Cornwell, D., carpenter, res 117 Bryan
Corret, A., concrete bulder, res 415 Commerce
Cornelius, M., city physician, res 910 Commerce
Cosmopolitan Hotel, 310 & 312 Main
Cotter, J., trader, res 504 Elm
Cotton, P. H., tinner, 305 Main, boards @ 315 Commerce
Coughanor, R. D., lawyer, office 515 Elm, res 412 Cochran
Coughanour, Mrs. R. D., teacher, 404 Carter, res 412 Cochran
Courtney, G. W., baker, res rear of 502 S. Houston
Couslin, J. B., laborer, Phoenix planing mill
Coutts, F., runner, res 1501 & 1503 Main
Cowan, C. W., compress [all given]
Cowan, E. P., merchant, 707 & 709 Elm, res 1114 Elm
Cowart, C., lawyer, res 1207 Jackson
Cox, J., carriage maker, 201 Elm, res 435 Cedar Spring
Cox, J. J., barkeeper, res 33 Miranda
Cox, S., carriage maker, 201 Elm, res 435 Cedar Spring
Cozart, Mrs. V. E. (widow), res 24 Swiss
Crabtree, J. L., merchant, 32 McKinney road
Craff, S. F., res 1544 Main
Crain, ____ res 832 Commerce
Cramer, H. C., printer, 602 Elm, boards @ Cosmopolitan Hotel
Crampitt, J., farmer, res 1422 Elm
Crampitt, L., farmer, res 1422 Elm
Crane, J., dentist, res 218 Live Oak
Crawford, J. (colored), res 204 S. Harwood
Crawford, J. H. (colored), laborer, 1204 Main
Crawford, J., merchant, boards @ 312 Commerce
Crawford, S. B., carpenter, res 1038 Wood
Cribbs, A., traveling agent, res 108 S. Jefferson
Cribbs, Mrs. C., dressmaker, res 108 S. Jefferson
Criley, G., pantryman, San Jacinto Hotel
Criss, J., merchant, 623 Elm
Croft, H., farmer, res 414 S. Houston
Cromwell, R. J. (colored), laborer, 102 Pacific ave.
Crookston, Miss A., tel. operator, T. & P. depot, res 7 Ross ave.
Crooms, A. (colored), laundress, res S. Houston [all given]
Cross, C. (colored), res 606 S. Lamar
Cross, Mrs. M., ladies' boarding house keeper, 964 Commerce
Crossley, S., machinist foundry, res 604 Wood
Crowdus, Dr. J. W., druggist, 409 Main, res 601 S. Jefferson
Crozier, J., boards @ Commercial Hotel
Crutchfield Hotel [no listing]
Crutchfield, Mrs. N. (colored), cook, res S. Lamar
Crutchfield, W., waiter, res S. Lamar
Cullen, F., trader, res 313 Flora
Cullen, M. C., trader, res 313 Flora
Cullen, Matt, contractor, res N. Market [all given]
Cummings, J. F., newspaper correspondent, boards @ 2 S. Lamar
Cummings, J. R., boards @ 3 Elm
Cummings, J. R., bookkeeper, 514 & 516 Elm
Cummis, W., wool carder, res 89 Cochran
Cureton, Mrs. F., dressmaker, res 1015 Main
Curley, H., plasterer, res 133 Masten
Curry, W. G., bookkeeper, 601 Elm, res 111 S. Lamar
Curtis, J., carpenter, res 214 Pearl
Cutler, G. A., Editor, Commercial, boards @ San Jacinto Hotel

Dakan, William, 621 Elm
Dale, C. S., artist, 602 Elm
Dallas Compress Co. [no address given]
Dallas Manufacturing Co. [all given]
Dallas, S. A., merchant, 933 Elm
Dalton, T. V., tinner, res 15 Highland
Dannerman, A., pattern maker, 612 Elm
Dannerman, W. H., harness maker, 633 Elm
Danover, G. M., farmer, res 850 Elm
Daugherty & Connellee, 105 Camp
Daugherty, G. E., bridge builder, res 122 Swiss
Daughterty, J. S., real estate agent, office 105 Camp
Dausboe, H. R., carpenter, res 1231 Main
Davenport, F. H., clerk, 602 Main, res 37 N. Sycamore
Davenport, F., clerk, res 601 S. Market
Davenport, J. W., physician, res N. Lamar
Davenport, R. S., merchant, 406 Elm, res 9 N. Jefferson
Davenport, ____, rector Episcopal church, S. Lamar
Daveran, P., marble cutter, 315 Elm
Davidson, H. (colored), laborer, res 10 Highland
Davis, A. (colored), servant, 61 McKinney road
Davis, A., merchant, 514 & 516 Elm, res 134 Ross ave.
Davis, C. E., clerk, 207 Main
Davis, E. L., clerk, T. C. R. R. depot
Davis, F. C., painter, 955 Main
Davis, G., porter, T. & P. R. R. depot
Davis, George (colored), laborer, 843 Pacific ave.
Davis, J. H., merchant, 214 S. Houston
Davis, J. R., artist, 313 Elm, res 316 N. Lamar
Davis, J. H., boards @ 106 Commerce
Davis, M. (colored), laborer, 509 S. Austin
Davis, R. (colored), laborer, res 611 C. R. R. [Central R. R.?]
Davis, R. P., physician, res 1108 Elm
Davis, W. H., merchant, 124 Bryan
Davis, W. T., carpenter, res 119 Camp
Davis, William, waiter, res 406 Main
Day, S., painter, res 609 Polk
Day, William, carpenter, res 119 Camp
Deal, William, painter, boards @ Phoenix Hotel?
Dederick, Z. P., patternmaker, 612 Elm
Defes, Mrs. E., laundress, 955 Elm
DeLong, W. E., guns, etc., 408 Elm, boards @ San Jacinto Hotel
Dempsey, J. W., plasterer, res 25 Cora
Denison, G. W., cattle dealer, res 623 San Jacinto
Denney, C. (widow), res 412 Preston
Dennis, J., shoemaker, 309 Commerce, res 608 S. Jefferson
Denny, J. C., res 118 Live Oak
DePoorter, L., lawyer, office, 210 S. Austin, res 320 Cadiz
Deppe, Charles, barber, 512 Main
Deremeaux, J., clerk, 802 Elm
Derrett, C., laborer, res 614 Polk
DeSilva, F., cook, 412 Elm
Destefane[?], A., fruit store, 414 Elm
Devine, J., laborer [all given]
Dial, W. J., painter, 602 Main
Diboll, W. O., carpenter, 2 Ross ave., res 338 N. Harwood
Dickenson, J. L., clerk, 605 Elm, res 322 Live Oak
Dionist, J., merchant, corner of Main & Market, res 509 S. Market
Dirks, B. (colored), laborer, res 610 Peak
Dismukes, M. L., insurance agent, res 26 Alamo
Dixon, L. M., [all given]
Dixon, M. H., res 1227 Main
Dixon, S. N., boards @ 903 Main
Dobbins, Mrs., servant, 9 Cochran
Dobs, H., teamster, res 544 N. Harwood
Dodge, M., laborer [all given]
Doelling, G., merchant, 617 Elm
Dolan, R. F., saloon, 612 Elm
Donald, H. D., clerk, res 703 Live Oak
Donell, Mrs. R., laundress, res 852 Pacific ave.
Donley, J., laundress [all given]
Donnelly, R., blacksmith, 761 Elm
Dorman, Holmes & Co., pianos, etc., 204 Commerce
Dorr, J. L. (colored), servant, 316 N. Lamar
Dorval, E., tel. operator, boards @ San Jacinto Hotel
Doss, E. W., farmer, res 316 N. Lamar
Douglass Brothers, 205 S. Lamar
Douglass, _______, merchant tailor [all given]
Dovers, B., laborer [all given]
Dowdell, J. T., clerk, 616 Elm
Downs, J. L. & Co., 606 Main
Downs, J. L., merchant, res 502 Jackson
Downs, J. T., lawyer, office @ Court House
Doyle, G. L., merchant, 721 Elm
Doyle, P., laborer [all given]
Drake, John, engineer, 512 Jefferson, res Compress
Drake, Levissa (colored), res 311 Cochran
Drake, William, farmer, 316 N. Lamar
Drane, T. J., insurance agent, 631 Elm, res 95 Bryan
Driscoll, Mrs. Mary, dressmaker, res 610 Ross ave.
Driscoll, T., laborer, res S. Market
Driver, Amanda, washer, res 115 Walnut street
Druley, R. S., lawyer, res 752 Jackson
Duane, James, shooting gallery, res 408 Main
Duckworth, ____, barkeeper, 506 Main, res San Jacinto [Hotel]
Duffey, E. E., barkeeper, 404 Main, res same
Duffey, J. B., res 913 Wood
Dugan, J., laborer, res 1 N. Market
Dugan, W. A., res 13 Pearl
Dunbar, Mrs. W., actress, res 515 S. Austin
Duncan, E. F., carpenter, 761 Elm
Duncan, J. A. Duncan, carpenter, res 707 Bryan
Duncan, J. A., butcher, res 14 Cora
Duncan, J. J., butcher, res 14 Cora
Duncan, R., engineer, 11 Elm
Duncan, S. W. S., land agent, office in Court House, res 14 Cora
Duncan, _____, carpenter, res 1551 Commerce
Dunlap, T., saloon, res same, 106 S. Market
Dunlap., T. J., saloon, res 3 N. Broadway
Dunn, J., compress [all given]
Dunn, James, musician, 215 Elm
Dunn, L., clerk, boards @ Cosmopolitan Hotel
Dunning, T. W., insurance agent, 513 Main, res 13 N. Lamar
Durand, A., res 315 S. Houston
Dwelt,, Mrs. B., housekeeper, 134 Bryan
Dysterbach, ______, baker, res 1436 Elm

Eads, C., carpenter, res S. Lamar
Eadus, W. G., saddler, 206 S. Houston, res 815 San Jacinto
Eagian, Mrs. M., res 515 S. Houston
Eagle, D. M., carpenter, res 615 Veale
Eakins, E., clerk, 112 S. Austin
Eakins, J. J., farmer, res between S. Harwood & Preston
Easley, E. T., physician, office 507 Elm
Easley, S. L., farmer, res 905 Young
Eastmead, L., mason, res 718 Jackson
Eblin, J. T., lawyer, office 204 Commerce, res 1304 Jackson
Eden, J., hostler, 401 Commerce, res 405 Commerce
Edgerly, H. J., merchant, 616 Elm
Edmonson, G. (colored), laborer, res N. Broadway
Edmonson, R. N., clerk, 501 Main, res 103 Ross ave.
Edwards, F. M., waiter, 412 Main
Edwards, W. M., lawyer, office 505 Main, res 95 McKinney
Edwards, William, mechanic, Phoenix [Planing] Mill, Elm st.
Eeles, Henry, blacksmith, res 1206 Elm
Eeles, Stephen, blacksmith, res 1206 Elm
Eiland, B. A., clerk, 608 Elm
Eiserleh, J., shoemaker, 309 Commerce
Elam, Mrs. L. (widow), boarding house, 721 Live Oak
Elder, C. M., saloon, 214 Commerce, res 11 Commerce
Elders, J. H., mechanic, res 1551 Commerce
Elliott, J., laborer [all given]
Elliott, J. F., clerk, 514 & 516 Elm, res 134 Ross ave.
Elliott, J. T., lumber dealer, 1335 Elm, res 127 Hawkins
Elliott, L., physician, res 407 Ross ave.
Ellis, E. B., clerk, 605 Elm, res 431 Ross ave.
Ellis, H., tinner, 205 Main
Ellis, H. G., tobacconist, 513 Elm, res 431 Ross ave.
Ellis, Mrs. H. (widow), res 405 S. Houston
Ellison, Ben, mason, res 718 Jackson
Emanuel, M. M., clerk, 514 & 516 Elm
Emerson, C. B., butcher, 846 Main
Emmerson, E. E., painter, res 609 Polk
Engledore, M. (colored), res 929 Elm
Ennis, G. K., cotton buyer, 3 Bryan
Ennis, N. M., res 1005 Main
Erdelmayer, J., confectioner, 213 Main, res same.
Ervay, F. M., merchant, res 37 N. Sycamore
Ervay, H. S., merchant, 515 S. Jefferson
Ervay, J. E., laborer, res 601 S. Market
Ervin, G. W., real estate agent, res 18 Alamo
Espasth, A., peddler, res 205 Walnut
Estelle, Miss Millie, actress, res 314 S. Jefferson
Euste, C., brewer, res 812 Bryan
Eustis, W. G., civil engineer [all given]
Epner, C., butcher, res Columbia
Evans, George (colored), laborer, res 706 Commerce
Evans, W. J., farmer, res 812 Elm
Ewell, F., butcher, 846 Main
Ewell, G. W., physician, res 1054 Elm
Ewers, C. N., carpenter [all given]
Ewing, J. A., physician, office, 409 Main, res 33 Bryan

Faber, A., bookkeeper, res 522 Ervay
Fabers, William, barber, 406 Main
Fahrlander, J., book agent, res 937 Main
Fancier, Mrs. S. (colored), res Marilla
Farley, William, clerk, St. Charles Hotel
Farmer, ______, 318 N. Leonard
Farnum, G. W., carpenter, res 1124 Jackson
Farrel, Mrs. J., res 315 Columbia
Farrell, Mrs. I., housekeeper, res Polk
Farrell, Thomas, mldr., foundry, 612 Main
Farris, B., carpenter, boards @ 308 Commerce
Fassett, J., steward, San Jacinto Hotel
Faucet, D. R., clerk, 206 Commerce
Fearn, G. R., lawyer, 601 Elm, res 112 McKinney road
Felton, G. E., feed store, 728 Elm
Fendley, J. J., liquor dealer, res 35 Cochran
Fenstemacher, E., barkeeper, 315 Main, res 504 Elm
Fenton, J., laborer, res Leonard brick yard
Fenwell, G. W., laborer, res 1451 Elm
Ferguson, L., mechanic, res 534 Pearl
Ferguson, P. (colored), laborer, 504 Elm
Ferry, L., tailor, res 712 S. Austin
Fetts, J., peddler, res 481 S. Harwood
Field, H., lawyer, office 202 Commerce, res 810 Jackson
Field, Mrs. E., res 15 N. Market
Field, J., res 15 N. Market
Field, Thomas, real estate agent, res 828 Main
Finn, E. (colored), minister, res 303 Flora
Fisher, J. L., clerk, res 19 N. Sycamore
Fisher, Mrs. M., res 713 Pacific ave.
Fisher, R. D., lodging house, 305 Commerce
Fisher, W. A., teamster, res Cochran
Fisk, A. M., agent, 315 Elm
Fisk, E. E., res 109 Hawkins
Fitterer, J. B., painter, 609 Main
Fitz, William H., Central Wagon Yard
Flagan, M., R. R. employee, res 1023 Main
Fletcher, J. (colored), laborer, res 308 Oleander
Flint, J. A., clerk, T. & P. R. R.
Florre, H., res 820 San Jacinto
Flower, Miss E. C., teacher, res 910 Browder
Floyd, T. S., jailor, res 402 S. Houston
Flynn, Thomas, mason, res between S. Jefferson & S. Houston
Flynn, William, res 13 Collins
Foat, R. H. & Co., 610 Elm
Foat, R. H., furniture dealer [all given]
Folks, J., waiter, San Jacinto Hotel
Forbes, J., carpenter, res 1501 Main
Ford, William (colored), laborer, res 508 Ross ave.
Forlander, _______, barber [all given]
Foster, F., barber [all given]
Foster, T., clerk, 315 Commerce
Fowler, T. B., mechanic, res 24 Swiss
Fox, D. B., shooting gallery, 408 Main
Fox, J., farmer, res Live Oak
Fox, M. (colored), teamster, res 1501 Main
Francis, W., musician, boards @ Commercial Hotel
Francle, N., peddler, res 112 Caruth
Frank, T. J., merchant, 511 Main
Frank, T. J., res 313 S. Austin
Franklin, J. B., boards @ 106 Commerce
Franklin, J. B., res 216 S. Houston
Franklin, M. B. & Co., 504 Main
Franklin, M. B., bookstore, 504 Main, res 623 Browder
Franklin, N. H., steward, International, res S. Lamar
Franks, J. (colored), laundress, res 933 Commerce
Franks, Mrs. T. J., widow, res 416 Griffin
Frazier, C. H., musician, 406 Main
Frazier, J., carpenter, res 108 Caroline
Freeman, A., artist, 101 S. Houston
Freeman, A., res 1130 Jackson
Freeman, Charles (colored), mason, res 607 S. Lamar
Freeman, M. J., painter, res 208 Ross ave.
Freeman, R., saloon, 905 Elm
Freeman, Thomas, res 1501 Main
Freeman, ______, clerk, res 3 Bryan
French, P., farmer, res 128 Good
Fretz, J., tailor, res 311 Commerce
Frichot, A., mason, res 114 Bryan
Frichot, C. D., mason, res 853 San Jacinto
Frick, A., carpenter, res 1327 N. Leonard
Frick, Mrs. B. (widow), res 803 Bryan
Frideman, W., cabinetmaker, boards @ 315 Commerce
Friedlander, H., clerk, 203 S. Jefferson, res 310 Walnut
Friend, A. M., merchant, 415 Main, res 622 Ervay
Friend, J. R., merchant, 415 Main
Frisby, H., painter, res 955 Main
Frist, J. B., laborer, res 1015 Young
Frost, J. W., res between Swiss & Florence
Frost, R. C., res 949 Elm
Fryer, J. W., expressman, res 815 Wood
Fryer, L. K., butcher, res 606 S. Houston
Fulbright, A. (colored), laborer, res 115 Cochran
Furst, P., book-keeper, 415 Elm, res 139 N. Harwood

Gallagher, S. A., bridge-keeper, 1 Commerce
Gallegher, M., theatre, res 314 S. Jefferson
Gallie, Miss J., servant, res 921 Young
Galloway, F. O., physician, res 227 Boll
Galloway, W. C., railroad agent, res 504 Commerce
Galpin, E., fruit stand, 101 S. Lamar
Galusia, D., mason, res 718 Jackson
Gamerro, L., merchant, 812 Elm
Gandin, J. W., laborer, res 6 Olive
Ganther, E., cook, 404 Main
Gardner, C. W., merchant, 406 Elm
Gardner, F. G., carpenter, res 405 Main
Gardner, J. A., harness-maker [all given]
Gardner, William, barkeeper, 303 & 305 Main
Garland, H. (colored), plasterer, res 204 Live Oak
Garlington, M. D., capitalist, res 303 Griffin
Garry, O., clerk @ Post Office
Gasper, _____, res 1015 Commerce
Gaston, W. H., banker, 209 Main, res out of Limits
Gather, G. W., clerk, 510 Main
Gay, E. S., insurance agent, office 509 Main, boards @1054 Elm
Gay, E., steward, 404 Main
Gaynor, J., carpenter, res 1325 Elm
Gaynor, John, laborer, res 1 N. Market
Geisler, T., confectioner, 631 Elm
Genlhoe, A., cook, 305 Main
Germouch, A., carpenter [all given]
Giacomini, A., prop'r, Cosmopolitan Hotel
Gibbons, I., contractor, boards @ 2 S. Lamar
Gibbs, D., lawyer, office 210 S. Austin, res 601 S. Market
Gibson, H. K., printer, 602 Elm, res 226 Pacific ave.
Gibson, J., carpenter, res 416 Polk
Gibson, L., waiter, 406 Main
Gilbert, H., farmer, res 1451 Elm
Gill, C., mechanic, res 80 Cochran
Gilroy, S., teamster [all given]
Givens, E. L., res 1116 Commerce
Givens, J. F., farmer, res 8 Cochran
Glading, ________ [all given]
Gleason, M. D., upholsterer, 7 S. Austin
Glen, N. (colored), laborer, res 131 Pearl
Glucksman, P., roofer, 13 N. Austin
Goble, P. J., boards @ Phoenix [Hotel?]
Goble, W. C., merchant, 957 Elm
Godbold, N. W., bookkeeper (A. & L. Bank), res 1117 Young
Godfrey, F. (colored), res 211 Juliette
Godfrey, W. G., farmer, res 609 Peak
Goff, J. M., laborer, res 1524 Main
Goff, L. B., carpenter, res 1524 Main
Goings, J. (colored), preacher, res 116 Juliette
Golay, A. G., miller, 916 Elm
Golay, V. H., moulder, 207 Main
Goldsmith, J., merchant, 714 Elm
Goldthwaite, R. W., lawyer, office 601 Elm, res out of Limits
Gonralez, F., merchant, 202 Ross ave.
Good & Coombes, 204 Commerce
Good, H. C., harnessmaker, 511 Elm
Good, J. J., lawyer, office 204 Commerce, res 114 Good
Goodard, W., engineer, boards @ 1325 Elm
Goodwin, E., cook, 349 Ross ave.
Goodwin, T. J., tinner, 205 Main
Gordon, _______ [all given]
Gorham, Mrs. C., boarding house, 830 Elm
Goslin, D., clerk, 509 Main
Goslin, D[ave], clerk, res 612 Ervay
Goslin, H., res 516 Ervay
Goslin, H., tobacco dealer, 502 Main
Gotti, P., fruit stand, res 316 S. Market
Gouffe, A. J., res 501 S. Jefferson
Gouze, C. A., baker, 839 Main
Graham, J., runner, 412 Main
Graham, J. J., teamster, res 1145 Young
Graham, S. D., farmer, res 1145 Young
Graham, W. F., farmer, res 1145 Young
Graham, Walthea E., authoress, 212 Wood
Graham, William, farmer, res 1145 Young
Gramutsky, J. F., boarding house, 844 Elm
Grant, J. B., res 702 Bryan
Graves, A. B., merchant, 607 Elm
Graves, E. P., lawyer, office 407 Main, res out of Limits
Graw, J. W., printer, 202 Main, boards @ Southern [Hotel?]
Gray, G. W., printer, boards @ Phoenix Hotel
Gray, M[itch]., flour mill, res 106 Commerce
Green, C. F., butcher, 108 Swiss, res 16 Miranda
Green, C. J., merchant, res 139 N. Harwood
Greene, Alex (colored), laborer, res 849 Pacific ave.
Greene, J., runner, 404 Main
Greene, W. (colored), laundress, res 410 Columbia
Greenlaw, W. B., res 313 Griffin
Greenwald, G. W., shoemaker, 511 Elm
Greer, James, merchant, 102 Swiss, res 33 Swiss
Greer, John, merchant, 102 Swiss, res 33 Swiss
Greer, Thomas, merchant, 102 Swiss, res 33 Swiss
Grier, _____, cabinetmaker, 11 Comemrce
Griffin, Mrs. D. B. (widow), res 307 Pacific ave.
Griffin, J. M., cook, 403 Main
Griffin, L., tel. messenger, Pacific ave.
Griffin, T., farmer, res 414 S. Houston
Griffis, J. C., merchant, 702 Elm, res 711 Commerce
Griffith, B. L., insurance agent, 602 Main, res 39 Pearl
Griffith, G. J., laborer, res 1114 Elm
Griggs, G., lawyer, res 120 Caroline
Grigson, E., drayman, 415 S. Houston
Grimes, A. T., clerk, 307 Pacific ave.
Grossman, J., boarding house, 415 S. Market
Grove, D. E., prop'r Phoenix Planing Mills, 9 S. Harwood
Groves, C., carpenter, res 747 Jackson
Groves, J., carpenter, res 747 Jackson
Gruber, William, mason, res 416 Griffin
Guedry, F. E., insurance agent, office 11 S. Lamar, res 738 Wood
Guillot, M., clerk, 207 S. Jefferson, res Elm

Haag, J., barber, 406 Main
Haberman, C., carpenter, res 807 Main
Haden, M. (colored), servant, 501 S. Market
Haggart, ______, merchant, 207 Main
Haight, _______, roofer [all given]
Haill, T., trader, res 518 Akard
Haines, J. (colored), laundress, res 114 Pacific ave.
Hale, G., engineer, boards @ 1325 Elm
Haley, C., machinist, 1429 Main
Hall, F., res 216 Swiss
Hall, J. L., millwright, res 131 Ross ave.
Hall, W. A., merchant, boards @ Phoenix [Hotel]
Hallum, H., carpenter, res 1024 Main
Halsell, T. C., carpenter, res 467 S. Harwood
Halst, P., tailor, res 205 S. Lamar
Hamett, _______, clerk, res 505 Bryan
Hamil, J., policeman, res 37 Bryan
Hamil, May & Co., 603 Elm
Hamilton & Co., 407 Main
Hamilton, H., painter, 818 Elm
Hamilton, P., merchant, 407 Main
Hamilton, P. H.,physician, res 9 Caroline
Hamilton, W., merchant, 407 Main
Hamm, F., butcher, 846 Main, res 206 Wood
Hammerly, S. A., painter, res 502 S. Houston
Hammond, F. M., merchant, res 120 N. Harwood
Hancock, W. T., clerk, 838 Main
Handel, R., fancy grocer, 1201 Elm
Handley, J. O., civil engineer [all given]
Handley, Lizzie, res 1112 Jackson
Handy, J. N., broom maker, res 34 Caroline
Haney, James M., tinner, 728 Main
Haney, John, shoemaker, 109 S. Lamar
Hanna, S., lime & brick, res foot of S. Market
Hanne, W. H., clerk, 214 S. Houston
Hansom, S. A., widow, res 921 Wood
Hardin, A. H., constable, res 404 N. Lamar
Hardrick, A. C., clerk, res 709 S. Lamar
Hardunt, J., laborer, res 1325 Elm
Hargreaves, C[harles], expressman, res 421 Bryan
Harper, Mrs. M. A., music teacher, boards @ Crutchfield [Hotel]
Harper, W. M., laundress, res 517 Bryan
Harrington, H., stone mason, res 205 Walnut
Harris, A. P., printer, res 11 S. Sycamore
Harris, B. E., clerk, 751 Elm
Harris, E., saloon, 206 N. Jefferson
Harris, G., servant, res 213 Live Oak
Harris, G. H., lumber dealer, res 1149 Young
Harris, J. A., painter, boards @ Phoenix [Hotel]
Harris, Miss Minnie, actress, res 314 S. Jefferson
Harrison, C. J., clerk, 728 Elm
Harriss, M., expressman, res Harwood, near C. R. R.[Central R. R.] Depot
Harry, C. R., galvanized cornice, 311 Commerce, res 304 Jackson
Harry, C. R., res 304 Jackson
Harry, D. C., shoemaker, res 207 S. Lamar
Harry, H. W., galvanized cornice, 311 Commerce, res 304 Jackson
Harry, J. D., shoemaker, res 207 S. Lamar
Harry, J. M., carpenter, boards @ Phoenix [Hotel]
Harry, J. N., galvanized cornice, 311 Commerce, res 304 Jackson
Harry, T. C., galvanized cornice, 311 Commerce, res 304 Jackson
Hart, J. B., merchant, 818 Elm, res 1101 Elm
Hart, William, actor, res 314 S. Jefferson
Hartfield, C. T., baker, 1135 Elm
Harty, J., merchant [all given]
Harwood, A., county clerk [all given]
Harwood, W. A., deputy county clerk, res 420 Canton
Haskins, J., laborer, boards @ N. Market
Haslett, H. C., merchant, res 128 Ross ave.
Hathaway, George, teamster, res 723 Jackson
Haverty, J. T., merchant tailor, 208 S. Austin
Hawkins, _______, runner, 404 Main
Hawkins, E., cistern builder, res 107 McKinney road
Hawkins, F. (colored), barber, res 930 Commerce
Hawkins, F. W. (colored), barber, 518 Pacific ave.
Hawkins, J. A., res 313 Flora
Hawpe, J. R., butcher, res 136 Good
Haws, J. (colored), blacksmith, res 510 Polk
Haydon, C. (colored), laborer, Compress
Hayer, ______, machinist, 1101 & 1103 Pacific ave.
Hayes, E. D., passenger agent, 316 Elm, res 504 Commerce
Hayes, H. B., waiter, 403 Main
Hayes, J. M., merchant, 716 Elm, res 804 Jackson
Haynes, J. H., lumber dealer, res 51 Swiss
Haynes, J., carpenter, 210 Polk
Heath, _____, clerk, 203 Main
Heath, F., res 625 San Jacinto
Heckman, J., saloon, 106 S. Market
Hedricks, William C., theatre, res 314 S. Jefferson
Henderson, A., laborer, res 927 Wood
Henderson, N. S., chambermaid, San Jacinto Hotel
Hennessy, M., barkeeper, 408 Main
Henry, J. I., lumber, 1421 ______
Henry, J. R., farmer, res 43 Emma
Hensler, J. F., shoemaker, res 949 Elm
Hensley, A. T., res 537 Ross ave.
Hentschel, G. H., cabinet maker, 9 S. Austin
Herbert, L., laborer, 612 Main
Hereford, J. B., merchant, 603 Main, res 546 Caruth
Herman, J., blacksmith, boards @ 315 Commerce
Herman, R. D., mechanic, res between Florence & Swiss
Herndon, Mrs. T. J., laundress, res 3 N. Broadway
Hernsberger, R., farmer, res 346 Ross ave.
Heron, S., res 30 Monument
Hess, E. J., clerk, 511 Main, res 313 S. Austin
Hewett, Miss M., res 744 S. Jefferson
Hexter, A. L., clerk, 510 & 512 Elm
Hexter, J., clerk, 614 Elm
Hibbler, M. A., auctioneer, res 16 N. Market
Hickey, T., laborer, boards @ 1 N. Market
Hicklin, F., clerk, 505 Main
Hickman, J. B. (colored), barber, 109 S. Austin
Hicks, B. (colored), porter, T. & P. R. R. depot, res 847 Pacific ave.
Hicks, W. B., blacksmith [all given]
Hickson, S., shoemaker, 508 Main, res S. Houston
Hicky, M., laborer, gas works, boards @ 127 Bryan
Higgins, J., barkeeper, res 1423 Main
Hill, B., res 408 N. Harwood
Hill, F., carpenter, res 127 Bryan
Hill, M. (colored), laborer [all given]
Hill, W. M. C., clerk, 215 Main
Hille, William, druggist, res 1216 Elm
Hiller, C. F., res 410 S. Austin
Hilliard, J. H., hackdriver, 502 & 504 Commerce
Hinckley & Debrill, merchants, Elm
Hinckley, W. R., merchant, res 1435 Elm
Hinkley, W. T., laborer, 1101 & 1103 Pacific ave.
Hirsh, L., merchant, 4 S. Lamar
Hoard, G., laborer [all given]
Hobbs, W. W., deputy sheriff, Court House
Hoch, W., painter [all given]
Hodges, Mrs., servant, res 37 N. Sycamore
Hoffman, J., cook, San Jacinto Hotel
Hoffstadt, J. H., merchant, 408 Elm
Hoffstadt, M., restaurant, 403 Main, res 406 S. Market
Hogan, J., wheelwright, 208 S. Broadway
Hogan, John, carriage maker, 201 Elm, res 33 Caroline
Hoge, T., tanner, res 542 Pearl
Hoge, T. G., book-keeper, res 322 Ross ave.
Holcomb, D., farmer, res 502 S. Houston
Holcomb, W. T., carpenter, res 16 Cottonwood
Holenbeck, J., res 114 Good
Holland, G. B., deputy U. S. Marshal, res 402 S. Austin
Holland, Ned (colored), laborer, res 1101 Wood
Holland, W. C., lawyer, 601 Elm, res 303 N. Harwood
Holman, R. S., res 850 Elm
Holman, T. (colored), laborer, res 338 N. Harwood
Holsworth, J. C., carriage ______, 201 Elm, res 33 Caroline
Hong, A., laundry, 110 S. Sycamore
Hood, Mrs. A., laundress, St. Charles Hotel
Hook, M. V. B., carpenter, boards @ 1216 Elm
Hop, John, butcher, 108 Swiss
Hope, J. B., clerk [all given]
Hopkins, G., runner, 304 Commerce
Horback, J. B., trader, 316 Commerce
Horn, _____, res 210 Flora
Horn, Charles, carpenter, Phoenix
Hornby, J., butcher, 201 N. Lamar
Horne, ______, carpenter, 832 Commerce
Horton, Mrs. M., boarding house, 402 Columbia
Hose, C. (colored), cook, 403 Main
Hoskins & Howell, druggists, 607 Elm
Hoskins, H. C., druggist, 607 Elm, res 63 Masten
Hotelling, H., tinner, res 2 Caruth
House, J. M., merchant, 503 Elm
House, M., laborer, res near Scott's Mills
Houseman, J., baker, res 412 S. Austin
Houston, John, 413 Elm
Howard, Charles, merchant, 716 Elm, boards @ Crutchfield [Hotel]
Howard, H., clerk, Washington House, 415 S. Market
Howard, J. E., carpenter, res 210 Pearl
Howard, W. W., upholsterer, 7 S. Austin
Howe, F.O. S., clerk, res 312 Columbia
Howell, J. M., manufacturer, 26 Alamo, res 18 Alamo
Howell, W. H., druggist, 607 Elm
Hoyt, J., shoemaker, 311 Bryan
Hubanks, G. (colored), laborer, res 908 Pacific ave.
Hubbard, H. (colored), servant, 414 Elm
Hudson, G. B., teacher, res 408 Bryan
Hudson, R. (colored), laborer, res 908 Pacific ave.
Hudson, S., city police, res 107 Live Oak
Huer, C. F., shoemaker, 508 Main, boards @ 315 Commerce
Huffman, J., hide dealer, 17 S. Austin
Hughes & Tucker, 601 Elm
Hughes, F. E., physician, office 601 Elm, res 307 Live Oak
Hughes, George, merchant, 603 Elm, res 307 Live Oak
Hughes, H., P. R. R. agent, 302 Main
Hughes, W. E., banker and attorney, 601 Elm, boards @ San Jacinto Hotel
Hult, E. G., merchant, 926 Elm
Hunt, E., clerk, res 601 S. Market
Hunt, E. S., teller, City Bank, 601 Elm, res 602 Elm
Hunt, E. W., druggist, res 202 Pacficic ave.
Hunt, M. (colored), laborer, 806 Elm
Hunter, F. F., expressman, res near Browder Spring
Hunter, H., expressman, res near Browder Spring
Hunter, J. M., expressman, res near Browder Spring
Hunter, J. P., expressman, res near Browder Spring
Hurd, A. C., hatter, res 108 S. Jefferson
Hurd, C. H., land agent, boards @ 315 Commerce
Hurd, F. E., land agent, res 32 Masten
Hurst, E. M., clerk, 602 Elm
Husher, D. B., employee P[hoenix] P[laning] Mill, res 9 Cochran
Hutchinson, C., carpenter, boards @ 1325 Elm
Hyle, H., contractor, res 710 Main
Hyman, M., grocer, 902 Elm
Hynes, H., pastry cook, San Jacinto Hotel

Ingalls, G. (colored), waiter, 416 S. Market
Irvin, L. C., res 1431 Elm
Irvine, Mrs. M., boarding house, 1105 Commerce
Isaacs, Max, peddler, res 416 S. Market
Iverson, A. H., tinner, 608 Elm

Jackson, B. F., machinist, res 5 S. Austin
Jackson, E., clerk, 212 S. Austin
Jackson, J. S., hackdriver [all given]
Jackson, M. (colored), cook, Crutchfield Hotel
Jackson, T. J., res 112 Corsicana
Jackson, W. C., painter, 601 Elm, res 7 S. Lamar
Jackson, William, servant, res S. Austin
Jacobs, O., painter, res 320 Cadiz
Jacobs, O. O., clerk, res 320 Ervay
James, J. A., teamster, res 1320 Elm
Jamison, P. H., mechanic, res 625 Live Oak
Jeffries, J. T., merchant, 604 Elm, res 380 Ross ave.
Jenkins, A., cotton buyer [all given]
Jenkins, C. H., lawyer, office @ Court House, res 758 Bryan
Jennings, C. C., boarding house, 711 Commerce
Jerdith, T. (colored), laborer, res 913 Jackson
Jett, A. S., merchant, 603 Elm, res 1224 Commerce
Jett, P. B., merchant, 602 Elm, res Ross ave.
Jobson, E. E., drug clerk, 516 Main
Jogel, William, brewer, res 1016 Main
John, Wo, laundry, 904 Elm
Johns, A. C., carpenter, res 318 Bryan
Johns, J., baker [all given]
Johns, J., laborer [all given]
Johnson, A., barber, res 916 Jackson
Johnson, A. A., physician, office 416 Main, res 308 Oleander
Johnson, A. D., special ticket agent, San Jacinto Hotel
Johnson, A. M., agent Mobile Life Insurance Co., res 13 N. Lamar
Johnson, C. S., saloon, 910 Elm
Johnson, H. C., res Harwood
Johnson, J. H., painter, res 225 Camp
Johnson, J., barkeeper [all given]
Johnson, L. (colored), res 13 Ross ave.
Johnson, N. (colored), laborer, res 131 Pearl
Johnson, Mrs. N. T., milliner, res 502 S. Houston
Johnson, O. C., engineer, 1101 & 1103 Pacific ave
Johnson, R., boards @ Cosmopolitan [Hotel]
Johnson, R., marble cutter, 315 Elm
Johnson, R. F., res 203 Main
Johnson, R. S., boarding house, 1422 Main
Johnson, S. (colored), laundress, res 13 Collins
Johnson, S. (colored), broom maker, res 202 Walnut
Johnson, W. E., clerk @ T. & P. R. R.
Johnson, W. H., clerk, 216 Commerce
Johnson, W. H., lumber dealer, 1303 Elm, res 924 Young
Johnson, W. T., cattle inspector, res 819 Live Oak
Johnson, William M., city engineer, office @ City Hall, res 42 Miranda
Johnson, William, butcher, 108 Swiss
Jones, F., bookkeeper, res 119 Good
Jones, G. S., physician, res 1320 Elm
Jones, G. W., boards @ Commercial [Hotel]
Jones, G. W., cook, 203 Pacific ave.
Jones, H. (colored), laborer @ T. C. R. R. depot
Jones, H., servant, 1218 Commerce
Jones, J. C., farmer, res 203 Caruth
Jones, John, mason, res S. end of S. Lamar
Jones, Mrs. M. S., widow, res 204 Carter
Jones, R. H., farmer, res 385 Ross ave.
Jones, S. (colored), laborer, res 935 Jackson
Jones, S. S., deputy post-master, 105 Camp
Jones, Thomas, servant, Phoenix Hotel
Jones, W. A. & Co., 205 Main
Jones, W. A., merchant, 205 Main, res 26 N. Sycamore
Jones, William, post-master, 105 Camp
Jordan, C., commercial, office @ 609 Main, boards @ Crutchfield House
Josey, F. W., miller, res 955 Main
Judson, F., carpenter, res 945 Commerce

Kahn, C., baker and confectioner, 416 Main
Kahn, E., merchant, 602 Elm, boards @ Commercial [Hotel]
Kahn, E. M., 602 Elm
Kahn, M., boards @ Commercial [Hotel]
Kain, William, laborer [all given]
Kaine, William, laborer, boards @ 1 N. Market
Kama, Miss K., boarding house, 953 Elm
Kane, W. B., special ticket agent, San Jacinto Hotel
Kay, H., painter, 955 Main
Keaton, J. F., assessor & collector, office @ City Hall
Keaton, J. F., res 312 Commerce
Keen, A., res 423 Ross ave.
Keene, W. H., merchant, 416 Elm, res 85 Cochran
Kefoot, W. S., clerk, res 122 Canton
Keller, C. E., dentist, 513 Main, res 743 Pacific ave.
Keller, H., dyer, 809 Main, res same
Kelly, F., laborer [all given]
Kelly, J., laborer, res Leonard Brick Yard
Kelly, P., laborer, boards @ 1 N. Market
Kelly, William, expressman, res 1024 Main
Kelsey, M. J., painter, res 1135 Main
Kencher, F., fruit store, 1407 Commerce
Kendall, C. L., restaurant, 406 Main
Kendall, E. H., trader, res 808 Commerce
Kendall, T. G. T., lawyer, office @ Court House, res 402 S. Houston
Kendrick, W. L., clerk, 508 Main
Kennard, Mrs. F. (colored), laundress, res 607 S. Lamar
Kennedy, J., lime & brick, foot of S. Market
Kennedy, T. J., contractor, boards @ 2 S. Lamar
Kennedy, Thomas, boilermaker, 311 Pacific ave.
Kenney, T., blacksmith, boards @ 1 N. Market
Kent, Miss L., res 10 Griffin
Kerfoot, J. D., justice of the peace, office @ Court House, res 122 Canton
Ketcham, G. W., quarryman [all given]
Ketchum, H., merchant, 1434 Elm
Ketchum, N., physician, res 1434 Elm
Kibbe, William, painter, res 412 Jackson
Kief, D., laborer, res 215 Juliette
Kilpatrick, Thomas, boilermaker, 311 Pacific ave.
Kincaid, J. A., res S. Howard
Kincaid, J. T., expressman [all given]
Kincaid, J. W., jail guard [all given]
Kind, A., barkeeper, 315 Commerce, res 229 S. Jefferson
King, A., deputy sheriff, Court House
King, Mrs. A., laundress, Crtuchfield House, 113 Main
King, A. S., clerk, 504 Main
King, D., res 517 Ross ave.
King, J., mason, res 728 Jackson
Kingdon, W. W., restaurant, 404 Main, res 501 S. Market
Kingsbury, S. S., cattle dealer, res 221 Masten
Kinkle, D., musician, res 408 S. Jefferson
Kirk, William, painter, res 310 Pearl
Kirkpatrick, C. (colored), laborer, Compress, res 412 Columbia
Klein, S., merchant, 613 Elm
Klink, M., butcher, 1034 Pacific ave.
Klipper, D., clerk, 506 Elm
Kneen, J., carpenter [all given]
Knight, A. (colored), laborer, res 209 Juliette
Knight, J., runner, International Hotel, 2 S. Lamar
Knowles, N. P., hackman, 810 Elm
Knox, D., tinner, 702 Elm, res 57 Cochran
Koch, William, barkeeper, 212 S. Market, res Wood st.
Koerpen, A., physician, res 809 Main
Kraft, L., merchant, 301 Main, res 408 S. Jefferson
Kreig, C., miller, 23 McKinney road
Kreton, C., barber, 205 S. Jefferson

La Grange, George, saloon, 415 Elm
La Place, H. L., physician, res 1602 Commerce
La Valley, R. M., laborer, res 215 Dove
Lacey, S. N. J., res near Central Railroad
Lachappelle, _______, soap factory [all given]
Lacy, M., barkeeper, 414 Main
Laighton, S., boards @ Cosmopolitan
Laighton, S., teller, First National Bank, 602 Main
Lancher, L., res S. Jefferson
Lane, J. W., notary public, office @ Main
Lane, Miss Lizzie, boarding house, 819 Live Oak
Lane, R., carptner, res 381 Bryan
Lang, J., professor of music, res 135 Olive
Lange, H., jeweler, 504 Main
Lange, H., res 403 Polk
Langston, A. P., clerk, 1436 Elm
Lanier, A. F., mechanic, res 722 Jackson
Lansbury, W. H., laborer, res 214 N. Harwood
Larry, W. O., carpenter, res 883 San Jacinto
Larue, J. H., physician, office 301 Main
Lathrop, L., merchant, 505 Main, res 1124 Commerce
Lautery, F., restaurant, 114 S. Lamar
Lautz, H. P., real estate agent, res 171 Cochran
Lavender, E. R., boarding house, 221 Camp
Lavery,T., cook, Phoenix Hotel
Lawless, J., steward [all given]
Laws, G. W., trader, res 59 Cochran
Laws, J. M., trader, 820 San Jacinto
Le Graw, Mrs. Blanche, res 516 Columbia
Le Gross, E., carpenter, res 228 [Boll]
Le Hommedieu, Mrs. C. F., teacher, res 408 Griffin
Leachman, J. S., publisher, 111 S. Austin
Leachman, R. S., clerk, 111 S. Austin
Leake, W. W., lawyer, office, 415 Elm, res 215 Canton
Lear, M. (colored), laundress, res 8 Ross ave.
Ledemi, L., blacksmith, res 412 Wood
Lee, Mrs. servant, 939 Elm
Lee, A. M. R., cotton merchant, 609 Elm
Lee, C. L., clerk, 509 Main, res Pacific ave.
Lee, Miss Jennie, dress and shirtmaker, res 504 Columbia
Lee, W. S., physician, 939 Elm
Lehevinge, F., res 1016 Main
Lehman, E., harnessmaker, 511 Elm
Leigh, J. G., insurance agent, 509 Main
Leister, E., mason, res 718 Jackson
Leman, Mrs. M. J., boarding house, 414 Commerce
Lemaster, Mrs. J. (widow), res 1314 Elm
Lemley, George, carpenter, [all given]
Lenfler, Mrs. S., res 1015 Commerce
Lenway, L. J. N., butcher, 846 Main
Leonard, E., saloon, 414 Elm
Leonard, J. A., contractor, 112 S. Austin, boards @ 706 Commerce
Leonard, J. L., banker, 415 Elm, res 1007 Young
Leonard, S., res @ extension of S. Harwood
Leroy, Kitty, actress, res 1116 Jackson
Leslie, J., servant, Cosmopolitan
Leslie, W. M., agent for Daily Commercial, res 751 Elm
Lever, ______, mason, res 416 Griffin
Levi, E., merchant, 822 Elm, res same
Levi, J. A., cotton clerk, 822 Elm, res same
Levi, L., merchant, 822 Elm, res same
Levlon, O. P., shoemaker, 511 Elm, res 1024 Main
Levy, M. S., merchant, 105 S. Austin, res 403 Pacific ave.
Levy, S., merchant, 105 S. Austin, res 403 Pacific ave.
Lewis, Miss L., res 1218 Commerce
Lewis, T. C., druggist, 413 Elm, res 910 Commerce
Liddell, Mrs. L., dressmaker, 1326 Elm
Liles, R. (colored), laborer [all given]
Lilly, T., drover, res 507 Elm
Lindsay, D. G., city auctioneer, res 623 San Jacinto
Linn, L. (colored), servant [all given]
Linn, W. C., merchant, res 1116 Elm
Linskie, P. W., undertaker, 1135 Main, res same
Litell, ______, carpenter, res 728 Main
Littell, Mrs. L., dressmaker, res 619 Elm
Littimer, W. H. (colored), barber, res 906 Elm
Littlehale, A. W., hide dealer, 206 Elm, boards @ Crutchfield
Littlehale, F. H., hide dealer, 206 Elm, boards @ Crutchfield
Littlejohn, H., marble cutter, 315 Elm, boards @ Cosmopolitan
Lloyd, _______, prop'r St. Charles Hotel, 302 & 304 Commerce
Locke, L. E., physician, office 515 Main, boards @ San Jacinto [Hotel?]
Lockwood, C. A., superintendent, Gasworks, 113 & 115 Carondelet
Lockwood, F. G., dentist, 510 Main
Lockwood, J., engineer @ Gasworks
Loeb, B., clerk, 510 & 512 Elm
Loeb, H., merchant, Elm street, res 1218 Commerce
Loeb, S., merchant, 609 Elm, res 309 Columbia
Loffington, S. (colored), res Cockrell st.
Loggan, J. W., carpenter, res 1015 Wood
Long, Ben, U. S. commissioenr, res 303 Wood
Long, William, wheelwright, res 740 Commerce
Longley, B., laborer [all given]
Longrecker, S. K., merchant, res 565 Pearl
Loomer, J. L., artist [all given]
Looney, J. K., bookkeeper, 112 S. Austin, res 607 Commerce
Looney, W. H., clerk, 112 S. Austin, res 607 Commerce
Lorentz, A., confectioner, 631 Elm
Love, O. M., merchant, 406 Elm
Love, R. B., clerk, 609 Main
Low, T., shoemaker, 728 Main, boards @ 903 Main
Luce, B. F., merchant, 15 Camp, res 403 Cottage Lane
Luckman, B., merchant, 205 Main
Ludwig, A., tailor, res 1039 Wood
Ludwig, W. D., boots and shoes [all given]
Lukes, J. B., carpenter, res 315 Columbia
Luland, ______, carpenter, res 832 Commerce
Lundy, W., waiter, San Jacinto Hotel
Lupot, J., mason, res 511 S. Market
Lutz, J., carpenter, res 718 Bryan
Lyle, E. P., merchant, 507 Main, res 937 Wood
Lyne, W. H., merchant, res same, 1434 Elm
Lyte, W. F. & Co., 109 S. Lamar
Lyte, W. F., real estate agent, 109 S. Lamar, res 927 Commerce
Lytle, William, brick maker, res 207 Main

Mackay, D., merchant, res 502 Polk
Macknen, B., steward, Cosmopolitan
Madden, P., carpenter, res 33 Miranda
Madder, E., gardener [all given]
Maddox, J. H., carpenter, res 89 Cochran
Magee, C. E., mechanic, res 877 Pacific ave.
Magee, J. M., physician, office 509 Main
Magher, Pat, laborer [all given]
Mahan, _______, res 128 Ross ave.
Mahan, J., cattle dealer [all given]
Mahan, P., laborer @ Gas Works
Mallery, A. V. (colored), blacksmith, 612 Main
Mallow, J. C., artist, res 540 Griffin
Malone, Miss M. L., teacher, res 1156 Young
Malor, George, waiter, 415 S. Market
Manson, F. T., clerk, 510 Main
Mar, John, harness maker, 633 Elm
Marcus, Max, res 112 Caruth
Marder, L., harness maker, res out of Limits
Marini, J., clerk, 216 Commerce
Marks, H., trader, res 747 Elm
Marks, H. J., clerk, Elm
Marks, M. H., peddler, res 921 Wood
Marlow, S. D., teamster, res rear of 1602 Commerce
Marriot, _______, miller, res 534 Cochran
Marriott, J., res 603 Crockett
Marsalis, F. L., merchant, 601 & 603 Main
Marsh, J. B., clerk @ T & P depot
Marsh, Jerry (colored), servant, 309 N. Harwood
Marshall, ______, res 215 Canton
Marshall, A., clerk, 509 Main
Marshall, J. R., carpenter [all given]
Marshall, W. J., carpenter, res 516 Wood
Martin, D., teamster, boards @ 1 N. Market
Martin, J. E., painter, res 835 Main
Martin, J. I., laborer, 110?/111? Akard
Martin, J., blacksmith, boards @ Cosmopolitan
Martin, J., teamster, res 213 Dove
Martin, L., shoemaker, res 735 Ross ave.
Martin, L. M., cotton dealer, res 613 Ross ave.
Martin, Mrs. M. A., nurse, res 47 Swiss
Martin, W. T., shoemaker, res 731 Ross ave.
Martino, J. F., saloon, 303 & 305 Main, res 701 S. Lamar
Masher, J. H., saloon, res 511 Commerce
Mason, G. (colored), laborer, res 209 Juliette
Mason, G. (colored), servant, 88 Bryan
Mathews, D., res 930 Elm
Mathews, J., butcher, 846 Main
Mathews, W. F., merchant, boards @ 802 Main
May, J., baker & confectioner, 416 Main
May, J., bridge builder, res 122 Swiss
May, S. L., insurance agent, 603 Elm, res 72 Masten
Mayfield, T., hide dealer, S. Jefferson
Mays, D. B., clerk, 82 Bryan, res. 62 Bryan
Mays, E. G., res 62 Bryan
Mays, Jr., E. G., clerk (C. B. & B.), 201 & 203 Main, res 62 Bryan
McAdams, William, cabinetmaker, 1 N. Austin
McAlister, J., laborer @ Leonard Brick Yard
McAlister, William, expressman, res 33 Cora
McBride, J., laborer, boards @ 1 N. Market
McBride, J. A., livery stable, 106 Main
McBride, M. F., livery stable, 106 Main
McCabe, J. P., painter, res 423 Ross ave.
McCabe, M. C., marble cutter, res 744 Ross ave.
McCaleb, D., attorney at law, office over 402 Elm
McCallum, H. A., lawyer, office, 111 S. Lamar
McCane, N. (colored), newsboy, res 116 Juliette
McCarty, P., cook @ Rawlins Hotel, 1501 & 1503 Main
McCausland, W. J., stock dealer, res 36 Good
McClain, _______, laborer, 1501 Main
McClain, S., machinist, 612 Main
McClary, J., waiter, Cosmopolitan
McCloskey, F. C., bookkeeper, res 921 Young
McCloud, B. B., clerk, 203 Main
McCloud, T., stonemason, res 408 N. Harwood
McCloudon, J. D., laborer, 1015 Young
McClousty, P., marble cutter, 315 Elm
McConnell, Eli, contractor, res 904 Browder
McConnell, H. B., contractor, res 213 Cadiz
McConnell, J. C., hardware merchant, 515 Elm, res 138 Olive
McConnell, W. R., boards @ Cosmopolitan
McCool, William, hide dealer, S. Austin
McCord, S. R., mason, res 945 Commerce
McCorg, J., teamster, res 723 Jackson
McCormick, Mrs. W., milliner, 512 Main
McCoy & McCoy, attorneys at law [all given]
McCoy, C. C., barkeeper, 503 Main
McCoy, George, teacher, res 107 Live Oak
McCoy, J. C., attorney-at-law, office @ Commerce, res 303 S. Lamar
McCoy, J. M., attorney-at-law, office @ Commerce, res. 303 S. Lamar
McCue, S., laundress @ San Jacinto Hotel
McCullough, T., clerk, 112 S. Austin, res 744 Jackson
McCusker, Mrs. C., boarding house, 953 Elm
McCutcheon, W., clerk, 209 Main
McDade, J., mechanic, res 308 Oleander
McDaniels, A. A., tel. messenger, boards @ Commercial [Hotel]
McDemett, W. A., tinner, 951 Wood
McDermott, _______ [all given]
McDonald, S. (colored), teamster, res 930 Commerce
McElhare, J., news depot, 110 S. Lamar
McElvain, ______, mechanic, res 308 Oleander
McGaughey, M., bootmaker, 208 S. Market
McGee, J. W., dentist, office 515 Main, res 743 Ross ave.
McGee, M., machinist, 612 Main
McGee, S. C., physician, office 111 S. Lamar
McGinness, H., laborer, 315 S. Market
McGinnis, J. (colored), hostler, 106 Main
McGovern, P., laborer, res 1454 Main
McGra, T., laborer, res 433 Bryan
McGran, G., laborer, res 80 Jackson
McGrath, F., sewing machine agent, 609 Main
McGrath, W., sewing machine agent, 609 Main
McGraw, M. (colored), laundress, res @ rear of 516 Columbia
McGregor, H. V., contractor, res 811 Wood
McGuire, J. P., carpenter, res near Scott's Mill
McGuire, M. A., commercial agent, res 138 Olive
McIlhany, S. E., res 208 N. Lamar
McIntosh, A., (colored), laborer, res S. Houston
McIntyre, W. R., cotton buyer, res 204 Park
McKee, W. C., marble cutter, 315 Elm
McKenzie, ______, plasterer, res 718 Jackson
McKnight, ______, clerk @ bank, res 601 S. Market
McKnight, R. P., clerk, 409 Main, boards @ St. Charles [Hotel]
McKnight, W. H., clerk, 209 Main
McLaughlin, H., civil engineer, 101 Patterson ave.
McLavy, M., dressmaker, res 530 N. Harwood
McLure, E. C., attorney-at-law, office @ 601 Elm, res 413 S. Harwood
McMinn, M. P., boarding house, 842 Elm
McMurtry, L. B., cattle dealer, res 163 Cochran
McMurtry, Lee, mechanic, res 43 Emma
McMurtry, R. A., merchant, res 13 N. Lamar
McOwen, Mrs. M., 303 Griffin
McPherson, N. (colored), laborer, res S. Lamar
McPherson, R., drayman, res 415 S. Houston
McQueen, J. K., physician, office @ 601 Elm
McWhirter, C. E., mechanic, res 33 Caroline
Medleay, Mrs. C., res 8 Cochran
Meier, H. N., cabinet maker, res 211 Collins
Meley, J. F., plasterer, 123 Highland
Meley, J. W., plasterer, res 210 Caroline
Melton, D. M., cotton weigher, 15 Camp
Melton, J. J., bookkeeper, 15 Camp
Melton, W. A., painter, boards @ Phoenix
Melville, S., laundress, res 929 Elm
Menczer, Jacob, merchant, res same, 1438 Elm
Menczer, Jos., merchant, 615 Elm
Meredith, J. P., saloon, 901 Main
Meredith, S. P., harness maker, 511 Elm
Meritt, J., butcher, res 115 Cochran
Merkent, A. J., clerk, 613 Elm
Merritt, J. W., clerk, 612 Elm
Merriwether, G. K., merchant, 610 Elm, res 3 Bryan
Messner, P., res 46 Swiss
Mesterhaus, A., tailor, 809 Main
Meyer, C., blacksmith, res 208 S. Broadway
Meyer, C., carpenter, boards @ 315 Commerce
Meyer, G., clerk, 510 & 512 Elm
Meyer, S., brewer, res 812 Bryan
Meyers, J., street car driver, res 1527 Main
Meyers, L. D., painter, res 1111 Elm
Meyers, S., clerk, 510 & 512 Elm
Michel, F., brickmaker, res 501 S. Jefferson
Middleton, J. A., prop'r, marble works 315 Elm, boards @ Commercial
Middleton, W. H., prop'r., marble works, 315 Elm, boards @ Commercial
Midleton Bros., 315 Elm
Miers & Caldwell, 619 Elm
Miers, T. M., merchant, 619 Elm
Miley, J., plasterer, res 411 Griffin
Miller, _______, saddle tree maker, res 209 Crockett
Miller, A. (colored), barber, res 316 S. Market
Miller, A., carpenter, res 214 Wood
Miller, A., cook, 404 Main
Miller, C., laborer, res 523 Bryan
Miller, Mrs. C. C., Principal, Dallas Seminary, res 163 Cochran
Miller, E. Q., saloon, 214 Commerce, res 211 Polk
Miller, E., blacksmith, 208 S. Broadway, boards @ 315 Commerce
Miller, F., porter [all given]
Miller, J., actor, res 314 S. Jefferson
Miller, J., laborer, res 174 Masten
Miller, J. J., harness maker, res 815 San Jacinto
Miller, James, res 512 Pacific ave.
Miller, John, merchant, 213 S. Jefferson
Miller, M., soda water manufacturer, res 508 Ross ave.
Miller, Rev. B., pastor, Presbyterian Church, res 163 Cochran
Miller, S. C., carpenter, 1216 Elm
Miller, William, cistern builder, 930 Elm
Milne, J. (Payne & M.), 761 Elm
Milne, J., engineer, res 333 Pearl
Mitchell, C. S., trader, res 906 Ervay
Mitchell, F., blacksmith, 612 Elm
Mitchie, J. C., jeweler, 413 Elm
Mittenthal, A., merchant, 606 Elm, res 308 Walnut
Mixon, S. W., Deputy U. S. Marshal, res 114 Live Oak
Moffett, C. J., boards @ San Jacinto
Momol, W., stone mason, boards @ 315 Commerce
Monelle, A. J., tailor, 205 S. Lamar, res 752 Pacific ave
Monica, J. W., saloon, 315 Main
Montanyee, J. H., barber, 406 Main
Moffett, C. J., druggist, 516 Main
Montgomery, L. P., res 1117 Live Oak
Montgomery, William, laborer, res 747 Jackson
Moon, J., printer, res 721 Live Oak
Moon, William, merchant, res 744 Jackson
Mooney, P., laborer, boards @ 1 N. Market
Moore, E., saddler, 208 S. Houston
Moore, E. G., conductor @ T. & P. R. R.
Moore, G. T., boards @ Crutchfield
Moore, G. T., merchant, 716 Elm
Moore, M. C., merchant, 951 Elm
Moore, Mrs. M. M. (widow), res 1549 Commerce
Moores, T. J., carpenter, res 508 Veale
Morell, J., res 509 Polk
Morell, J., shoemaker, 208 S. Austin
Morgan, Miss A., seamstress, res 202 Walnut
Morgan & Gibbs, 210 S. Austin
Morgan, D., contractor, res 408 N. Harwood
Morgan, F., res @ end of S. Lamar
Morgan, R., laborer, res 304 Columbia
Morgan, R., lawyer, office 210 S. Austin, res 601 S. Market
Mormand, D. W., physician, res 933 Elm
Mornsey, J. W., saloon, 1415 Elm
Morris, J. W, agent for Marble Works
Morris, T., bricklayer [all given]
Morris, William, prop'r. O. K. Wagon Yard
Morrison, F. C., merchant, 611 Main
Morrison, S. P., merchant, 611 Main
Morse, J. H., jail guard, 208 S. Houston
Morton, A. W., undertaker, 38 Cochran, res 31 Cochran
Morton, W. F., deputy city marshal, res 804 Ervay
Motsenbaker, J., laborer, boards @ 1 N. Market
Moulard, A., carpenter, res 1016 Marilla
Moulard, C., cook @ St. Charles Hotel
Moulard, E., carpenter, res 1016 Marilla
Mulkin, S. P., carpenter, 728 Jackson
Muller, C., saloon, 513 Elm
Muller, H., shoemaker, 309 Main
Munday, J., marble cutter, 315 Elm
Munson, P., servant, 921 Young
Murphy, E., barkeeper @ Commercial
Murphy, J. P., real estate agent, 109 S. Lamar
Murphy, John, laborer, boards @ 1 N. Market
Murphy, R., laborer [all given]
Murphy, W. L., merchant, 501 Main, res 920 Commerce
Murray, M., teacher, res 848 San Jacinto
Musterhaus, C., brewer, res 804 Bryan
Myers, A., farmer, res Live Oak
Myers, F., confectioner, res 508 S. Jefferson
Myers, J. P., dairyman, res T. C. R. R., in southeast corner of city
Myers, W. G., saloon, 414 Elm

Nall, William, cook [all given]
Napier, A., cattle dealer, res 1013
1/2 Main
Nash, J. A., physician, office @ 306 Commerce
Neatherry, T. J., boarding house, 903 Main
Neil, J. L., auctioneer, 104 S. Market, res 403 Crockett
Nelson, D. J., stock dealer, res 1454 Elm
Nelson, J. L., teamster, res 544 N. Harwood
Neville, H. J., res 408 Griffin
Nevills, Mrs. J., res 534 Cochran
New, J. J., car inspector @ H. & T. C. R. R., res 23 Swiss
Newcomb, Mollie, actress, res 314 S. Jefferson
Newman, C. E., patent agent, res 848 San Jacinto
Newman, E., drayman, res 415 S. Houston
Newman, N., merchant, res 1522 Elm
Newsom, M. M., physician, office, 503 Elm, res 319 Canton
Newsum, D. K., with Butterfield & Rundlett (publishers), boards @ 903 Main
Newton, A. L., res 525 N. Harwood
Nichols, _______, clerk, 605 Elm
Nichols, J. H., merchant, 416 Elm, res 1124 Commerce
Nichols, T., carpenter, res 1136 Elm
Nickel, A., shoemaker, boards @ 315 Commerce
Nix, W. B. (colored), porter, 601 & 603 Main
Noble, E. G., auctioneer, res 207 Bryan
Noble, W. O., baker, 838 Lamar, res 502 Wood
Noelzli, H., res 803 Bryan
Nolan, T. J., physician [all given]
Nolen, G. W., laborer, res near Browder Spring
Nolin, Mrs. A. W., teacher, res 613 Ross ave.
Nomerson, C. C., clerk, 410 Elm
Norman, N. T., res 219 Live Oak
Norton, A. B., res 728 Ross ave.
Norton, J., boards @ Cosmopolitan
Norton, W. H., boarding house, 37 Good
Nothaf, J. L., saddler, 511 Elm
Nowlin, A. W., lawyer, office, 515 Elm, res 613 Ross ave.
Noyes, C.W., prop'r of Phoenix Hotel.
Nowlen, Mrs. P. A., boarding house, 226 Ross ave.
Nutall, W. H., laborer, res 24 Swiss

O'Bannon, S., livery stable, 109 & 111 Sycamore
O'Brien, Mrs. A., res 306 S. Jefferson
O'Brien, J. C., barkeeper, boards @ San Jacinto Hotel
O'Brien, John, upholsterer, 212 Commerce, res same
O'Brien, Mrs. L. A., restaurant, 212 Commerce, res same
O'Larry, William, carpenter, 1216 Elm
O'Neill, C., car repairier, res 1523 Main
O'Neill, T., teamster, res east end of Commerce
Obenchain & Childers, 401 Elm
Obenchain, A. T., merchant, res 658 N. Harwood
Obenchain, F. G., merchant, 401 Elm
Obenchain, J., merchant, res 658 N. Harwood
Odell & Co., 838 Main
Odell, R. M., bakery & cracker manufacturer, 838 Main, res same
Odell, W. S., bakery & cracker manufacturer, 838 Main, res same
Ogden, E. T., street car driver, 1525 Main
Ogden, J. N., deputy sheriff, res 402 S. Houston
Ogden, Robert, grocer, 621 Elm
Oldham, T., carpenter, res 942 Elm
Oldham, W. S., res 12 N. Lamar
Oliphant, R., farmer, res 1549 Main
Opitz, E., restraurant, 414 Main
Oram, J. M., jeweler, 507 Main, res 103 Cottage Lane
Oram, J. T., mechanic, res 103 Cottage Lane
Orr, W. W., livery stable, 401 & 403 Commerce, res 405 & 407 Commerce
Orrison, J., clerk, 406 Elm
Osborn, J. S., artist [all given]
Osborne, H., dancing master, 406 Elm
Otten, G. N., musician, boards @ 315 Commerce
Overand, J., clerk, 308 Main, res 305 Akard ave.
Owen, W. J., lumber dealer, res 320 Pearl
Owens, John, merchant, res 415 Cottage Lane
Owens, M. E, miller, 708 Wood

Padgett, J., clerk @ San Jacinto Hotel
Padgett, J. D., harness maker, 502 Elm, boards @ San Jacinto [Hotel]
Page, H. & Co., 508 Main
Page, H., merchant, 508 Main
Page, Mrs. M. (widow), res 1417 Main
Paine, C. J., lawyer, res 1006 Young
Palmer, Mrs. H., boarding house, 832 Commerce
Palmer, J., harness maker, res 1209 Young
Park, J. M., merchant, 124 Bryan
Park, ______, painter, 109 Poydras
Parker, Charles, baker, 609 Cedar Spring
Parker, Charles, cook, 114 S. Lamar
Parker, E. J., agent for R. V. Tompkins, res 620 Ross ave.
Parker, J., musician, res. 1304 Elm
Parker, J. R., saloon, 510 S. Houston
Parker, M., fireman, 612 Main
Parker, P. (colored), res 510 S. Market
Parker, T., locksmith, 623 Elm, res 323 Pearl
Parker, W. E., engineer, 623 Elm, res 323 Pearl
Parks, F. T., carpenter, boards @ 1501 Main
Parks, M., waiter, 403 Main
Parks, R. D., tinner, 608 Elm, res 316 Ervay
Parmer, T., mattress maker, res 430 S. Harwood
Parrish, J. D., shoemaker, 109 S. Lamar, res 1123 Main
Parsons, Mrs. J. H. (widow), res 13 N. Jefferson
Patten, C., cook, 304 Commerce
Patterson, J., merchant, 204 S. Houston, res 243 Patterson ave.
Patton, B. C., merchant, 1002 Elm, res 1057 Elm
Patton, J. R., Deputy U. S. Marshal, res 402 S. Austin
Paul, ________, bookkeeper, 201 & 203 Main, res 610 S. Market
Paul, J., carpenter, res 4 Cochran
Pauline, Milly, actress, res 314 S. Jefferson
Payne, J. W., lawyer, Carondelet
Payne, L. A., agent, 416 Elm, res 1124 Commerce
Payne, Mrs. M., boarding house, res 10 Cora
Payne, N., carriage maker, 743 Pacific ave.
Peak, J. [all given]
Peak, Junius, city marshal, res 1013 1/2 Main
Peak, W. W., trader, res 743 Elm
Peeler, F., butcher, 846 Main
Pemble, J., watchman, Engine house
Pencil, Mrs. F. A., merchant, 1338 Elm, res same
Pendell, G., bricklayer, res extension of S. Harwood
Pense, M. T., printer, 11 S. Sycamore, res 413 Good
Percifield, Miss J. A., milliner, res 208 N. Lamar
Perry, W. C., laborer, res 9 Swiss
Perry, W., watchman, planing mill, boards @ Phoenix
Pertilla, C., servant, 20 Masten
Peterman, S., butcher, boards @ Phoneix
Peterson, L. P., farmer, res 834 San Jacinto
Peterson, N., laborer (all given)
Petty, J., wood dealer, res 1015 Young
Peyton, C. E. (colored), laborer @ Compress
Peyton, T. G., physician, office 516 Main
Peyton, T. G., prop'r, San Jacinto Hotel, boards @ San Jacinto [Hotel]
Phares, H. L., jail guard, res 1224 Main
Phares, J. L. W., dentist, office 509 Main, res out of Limits
Phares, M. M., merchant, 1226 Main, res 1224 Main
Phares, T. A., clerk, res 1224 Main
Phares, W. S., watchman, T. C. R. R. depot, res 1519 Main
Phelan, F. P., boiler maker, 311 Pacific ave.
Phelan, W., boiler maker, 311 Pacific ave.
Phelps, J. C., clerk, res 608 Elm
Phelps, S., merchant, 608 Elm, res 713 Pacific ave.
Phelps, W. S., clerk, 610 Elm
Phife, A., mason, boards @ 308 Commerce
Phifer, G. W., clerk, res 1306 Polk
Phillips, J. H., jeweler, 315 N. Lamar
Phoenix Hotel, Main street [all given]
Pierce, H. L., carpenter, 7 N. Austin
Pierce, J. P., carpenter, 811 Akard ave.
Pierce, M. Y., bookstore, 507 Main, boards @ San Jacinto Hotel
Piere & Lyle, 507 Main
Pierrot, E., portrait painter, res 910 Browder
Piers, W. H., res 810 Elm
Piper, S., machinist @ Phoenix Planing Mill, Elm
Pipkin, Miss F. E., teacher, res 1156 Young
Pistons, C., druggist, boards @ 315 Commerce
Pittman, ________, engineer @ Phoenix Planing Mill
Pittman, H., laborer, res 24 Swiss
Plant, T., merchant, 934 Elm, res same
Platas, R., clerk, 515 Main, res 412 Wood
Please, R. E., carpenter, res 1210 Commerce
Pointer, Mrs., res 210 Masten
Pointer, _______, merchant, 101 Griffin, res 1130 Commerce
Polecheek, J. S., res 606 Ervay
Poleman, S., butcher, 846 Main
Polser, J., butcher, 846 Main, res 1013 1/2 Main
Pomeroy, W. H., Billiard Hall @ San Jacinto Hotel
Pond, J. J., clerk, 602 Main, res 507 Wood
Pool, C. Y., clerk @ Phoenix Hotel
Pope, W. H., physician, 515 Main
Potter, N., res 18 Olive
Potts, J. H., merchant, 848 Elm
Prather, W. H., city secretary, res 103 Ross ave.
Pratt, L., clerk, 614 Elm
Prewitt, T. M., prop'r? @ Pacific Wagon Yard
Price, C., theater, res 314 S. Jefferson
Price, W. S., engineer @ Richmond Mills, 708 Wood
Pridgeon, A. G., carpenter, res 307 Ross ave.
Prince, W. C., res 30 Monument
Pringle, H., barkeeper, res 901 Main
Pringle, _______, merchant, res 1030 Elm
Proctor, R., blacksmith, 1420 Elm
Proffett, J., teamster, res 1545 Main
Proper, E., expressman, res 723 Jackson
Prophitt, _______ [all given]
Prophitt, M., clerk, 201 & 203 Main
Prophitt, M., res 744 Jackson
Prophitt, O. S., physician, 306 Commerce
Prouty, J., brickmaker, res 210 Flora
Purnell, J. E., clerk, res 613 S. Jefferson
Purnell, J., clerk, res 613 S. Jefferson
Putman, B. [all given]
Putz, J., prop'r Dallas City Gardens, res 223 Patterson
Pyle, J. W., res 28 Swiss

Quigley, _______, laborer, boards @ 1 N. Market
Quigley, J., teamster, res 723 Jackson
Quigley, J. J., carpenter, res 214 Pearl
Quillman, G. M., clerk, res 1130 Commerce
Quinn, ______, painter, 724 Main
Quinn, Mrs. C., res 314? S. Jefferson

Ragland, C. T., clerk, 203 Main
Ragle, A., boarding house, 304 N. Lamar
Rainwater, D. T., merchant, res 821 Wood
Ranahan, M., saloon, 405 Main
Ranahan, T., saloon, 405 Main
Randall, J. P., merchant, 605 Elm
Randall, Mrs. V. A., res 551 Caruth
Randall, W. G., merchant, 605 Elm
Ranny, D. (colored), laborer, res 205 Peak
Rasmassen, H. C., restaurant, 513 Elm
Rawlings, D. J., Prop'r, Rawlings' Hotel @ 1501 & 1503 Main
Rawlings, E. A., res 402 Bryan
Rawlings, F. M., merchant, 404 Elm
Rawlings, R. D., deputy county clerk, res 526 N. Harwood
Rawlings, W. M., merchant, 404 Elm
Ray, H. L., lawyer, office @ 301 Main, res 929 Jackson
Ray, W. A., carpenter, res 328 Pearl
Rayers, H., laborer, res near Browder Springs
Rea, J. K., laborer, res 807 Wood
Reamer, J. D., brickmason, res 212 Ross ave.
Reaves, C. K., agent El Paso Stage Co., 210 Commerce, boards @ Commercial
Record, J. W., deputy sheriff @ Court House
Redfield, E. F., merchant, 204 Commerce, res 402 Bryan
Redfield, V. P., cotton weigher, 724 Elm
Reed & Lathrop, 505 Main
Reed, L. C., merchant, res 1136 Jackson
Reed, S., laborer, res 1451 Elm
Reekill, J., fruit dealer, 814 Elm
Reese, T. J., res 415 N. Lamar
Reese, T., res 125 Camp
Reeves, E. J., carpenter [al given]
Reeves, R. A., Judge, Supreme Court, res 425 Cottage Lane
Reeves, W. L., bricklayer, res @ Leonard Brick Yard
Reeves, W. L., clerk, 604 Elm
Reeves, W., clerk, district clerk's office, res 425 Cottage Lane
Regge, A., cabinet maker, 9 S. Austin
Rehagen, E., milliner, Main [all given]
Rehagen, E., res 135 Olive
Reinecke, T., cigars & tobacco, 309 Main
Rembert, F. T., clerk @ Sheriff's office
Remon, E., brick mason, res 209 Live Oak
Rentleman, C. H., saloon, res 410 S. Austin
Reynolds, S. (colored), laborer, res 211 S. Austin
Rhodes, Miss R., milliner, 514 Main, res 732 Wood
Rice, H. H., painter, res 135 Olive
Richardson, D. L., merchant, 15 Camp
Richardson, H. (colored), laborer, res 505 C[entral] R. R.
Richardson, S., 612 Main
Rick, George, furniture, 802 Elm, res 222 Park
Rigley, M. (colored), servant, 204 Carter
Riley, Mrs. A., servant, 88 Bryan
Riley, J., laborer @ Scott's Mills
Riley, L., laborer @ Scott's Mills
Riley, M. A., housekeeper, 212 Wood
Riley, William, tailor, 205 S. Lamar
Ringgold, _______, clerk, 614 Elm
Rivera, T. C., physician, res 228 Boll
Rivers, G. C., manager, Herald, 602 Main
Roachden, J., peddler, res 211 Polk
Robberson, T. F., peddler, res 1559 Commerce
Robberson, W. R., livery stable, res 733 Main
Roberson, Mrs. A. E., dressmaker, 507 Elm
Roberson, C., tailor [all given]
Roberts, C. W., carriage maker, 1023 Young
Roberts, J. S., res 135 N. Sycamore
Roberts, L., carpenter, res 135 N. Sycamore
Roberts, O., clerk, res 135 N. Sycamore
Roberts, W., saloon, 112 S. Lamar
Robertson, A., confectioner, 402 Main
Robertson, G., tailor, 6 S. Lamar
Robertson, T., laborer, boards @ 1 N. Market
Robertson, W. J., res 416 Griffin
Robinson, C., laundress, res 115 Walnut
Rodgers, G., carriage maker, 4 N. Austin, res 114 N. Austin
Rodgers, R. H., carriage maker, 4 N. Austin, res 114 N. Austin
Rodgers, William A., merchant, 508 Elm, res 52 Masten
Rodwell, T. J., runner, Phoenix Hotel
Roe, A. J., bookkeeper, 1335 Elm
Roe, M., boarding house, 1325 Elm
Rogers, A. (colored), laborer, res 875 San Jacinto
Rogers, George, brakeman @ T. & P. R. R., res 49 Swiss
Roh, C., well digger, res 803 Bryan
Roland, S. L., carpenter, res 1042 Wood
Rollins, E. A., tinner, res 402 Bryan
Rollins, T. K., farmer, res 402 Bryan
Rome, A., carpenter, res 119 N. Harwood
Roof, Van, livery stable, 730 Elm
Root, E. E., proprietor Commercial
Rosenfield, A. J., res 709 Pacific ave.
Rosenthal, J., merchant, 714 Elm
Rosesnfield, A. J., tobacco dealer, 4 S. Lamar
Ross, A. J., farmer, res 349 Ross ave.
Ross, Charles, servant, 412 Main
Ross, George, runner, 606 Main
Ross, H. M., carpenter, 1517 Main
Ross, S., waiter, 513 Elm
Rosser, R. S., prop'r, Dallas Tannery, res 542 Pearl
Rountree, W. A., carpenter [all given]
Roussell, J. A., merchant, 625 Elm, res 223 Camp
Rowan, C. F., fruit dealer, 306 Main, res same
Rowan, S. W., carriage maker, boards @ Phoenix
Rowland, J. L., sewing machine agent, 806 Main
Royer, J., boards @ 103 Ross
Royer, J., clerk, 501 Main
Ruark, E., farmer, res 41 N. Leonard
Rudersol, L., carpenter, res 744 Jackson
Rudersoll, P., engineer, T. & P. R. R., res near Leonard's Brick Yard
Rufard, W., res 412 Main
Runnells, G. W., carpenter [all given]
Rush, C., driver, res 206 Commerce
Rush, William, laborer, boards @ 315 Commerce
Russell, F., steward @ Commercial
Russell, F. M., policeman, res 930 Elm
Russell, J., carpenter, res 27 Pearl
Russell, J. N., prop'r Dallas Broom Factory, res 131 McKinney road
Russell, William, carpenter, res 131 McKinney road
Russey, B. F., trader, res 231 Corsicana
Russey, E. W., butcher, res 231 Corsicana
Ryan, Frank, artist [all given]
Ryan, J., carpenter, boards @ Phoenix Hotel
Ryan, J., civil engineer [all given]
Ryan, P. H., pressman (Herald office) @ 602 Main
Ryan, W. H., carriage maker, res 131 Cantegral
Rylander, C. A., porter, 514 & 516 Elm

Sale, T. A., prop'r Planters' House
Salge, W. H., barkeeper @ San Jacinto Hotel
San Jacinto Hotel, 501, 503, 505 & 507 Commerce
Sanday, L., waiter, 415 S. Market
Sandel, A., res 47 Swiss
Sandel, S., mattress maker, res 1209 Young
Sanders, J. (colored), porter, 415 Elm, res 223 Juliette
Sanford, ________, carpenter, 414 Bryan
Sanford, G. R., brickmason, res 419 Bryan
Sanger, A., merchant, 510 & 512 Elm
Sanger, E., merchant, 510 & 512 Elm, res 822 Ervay
Sanger, P., merchant, 510 & 512 Elm
Sawyer, S., lumber dealer, 823 Elm
Sayre, S. A., lumber dealer, 1103 Elm
Scales, Rev. W. H. [all given]
Scanlan, J., merchant, 623 Elm
Schadell, J., merchant, 207 Main
Scherer, W. D., farmer, res 612 Live Oak
Schevenell, O., blacksmith, res 204 Ross ave.
Schmid, H., stonemason, res 630 Bryan
Schmidt, H. S., merchant, 404 Elm
Schmidt, J. B., carpenter, 1101 & 1103 Pacific ave.
Schmitt, F., confectioner, 410 Elm
Schneider, J., merchant, 514 & 516 Elm
Schoellkopf, G. H., merchant, 617 Elm
Schoffer, W., saloon @ Cosmopolitan
Schogin, W. G., commercial agent, res 88 Bryan
Schooler, R. A. J., salesman, res 1216 Young
Schuing, J. T., carpenter, res 319 Live Oak
Schwartz, G., clerk, 611 Elm
Schwertfenger, H., boarding house, 1422 Main
Scoggins, M. (colored), porter, 7 S. Austin
Scott, A. M. (colored), preacher, res 521 Ervay
Scott, C., deputy sheriff @ Court House
Scott, F. B., clerk, 625 Elm
Scott, J., servant, 406 Main
Scott, J. E., miller, Scott's Mills
Scott, J. R., boarding house, res 225 Camp
Scott, R., farmer, res 403 Pearl
Scott, S., laborer, res @ Leonard Brick Yard
Scott, T. P., deputy sheriff, res 402 S. Houston
Scott, W. T., mason, res 416 Griffin
Scott, W., merchant, 207 Main
Scripture, Mrs. F. E., boarding house, 715 Main
Scruggs, J. P., insurance agent, 108 S. Lamar, res 903 Wood
Searcy, C., res 1125 Young
Searcy, C. W., res 1125 Young
Searcy, W. A., res 1125 Young
Seavers, S., harness maker, res 728 Jackson
Seay, R. B., lawyer, 302 Main, res 234 Masten
Sedbury, J. D., clerk, 709 S. Lamar, res 601 Elm
Seddon, J., boards @ 225 Camp
Seddon, J., cabinet maker, boards @ 225 Camp
Seddon, J., tinner, 704 Main
Seegar, J. A., dentist, res 903 Ross ave.
Seidel, J., tinner, 205 Main
Seixas, A. D., merchant, 505 Elm, res 713 Caruth
Selden, H., prop'r Southern Hotel, 802 Main
Sellers, J. K., res 538 N. Harwood
Sellers, J. O., res 538 N. Harwood
Sells, W. H., prop'r @ San Jacinto Hotel
Sever, S., harness maker, 511 Elm
Sexton, S. F., boards @ Commercial
Seydel, J. C., res 405 N. Harwood
Shamsey, J., boards @ Commercial
Shang, Som, laundry, 110 S. Sycamore
Shank, E., fruit dealer, res 410 Polk
Shanks, Mrs. M., boarding house, 832 Commerce
Shannon & Oldham, 108 S. Lamar
Shannon, D. W., lawyer, 108 S. Lamar
Shea, J., barkeeper, 405 Main
Shearer, T., bookkeeper, 607 Elm, res 732 Wood
Sheehan, P. J., merchant, 1013 Wood, res same
Sheldon, P. B., lawyer, 207 Main
Shellworth, C., tinner, 608 Elm
Shelton, J. R., 1101 & 1103 Pacific ave.
Shelton, J. R., farmer, res 14 Pearl
Sheppard, A. H., merchant, 1202 Elm, res 117 Pearl
Sheppard, C., carpenter, res 314 Patterson
Sheppard, H., boarding house, 312 Commerce
Sheppard, H. L., agent @ H. & T. C. R. R.
Sheppard, W. H., clerk, 208 S. Houston, res 312 Commerce
Sherbene, G., machinist @ Phoenix Planing Mill
Sherford, S., res Leonard's Brick Yard
Shields, George, bookkeeper, 101 Patterson
Shields, George, merchant, 101 Patterson, res 616 Ervay
Shields, K., painter, 724 Main
Shoemaker, V. B., clerk @ Commercial, res 401 Ervay
Shone, W. J., lumber dealer, res 1431 Elm
Shonfield, C., merchant, res 222 Ross ave.
Shook, Mrs. E., boarding house, 215 Camp
Short, F., blacksmith, 212 S. Broadway
Showan, J., res 416 N. Harwood
Shufle, P., res 744 Jackson
Shuford, J. Z. T., mechanic, res 243 Patterson
Shule, G. A., laborer, res 108 Pacific ave.
Shults, M., res 337 N. Harwood
Shultz, H., physician, 614 Elm
Shutte, William S., carpenter, res 1110 Elm
Sibley, W. H., drummer, res 506 Polk
Sickles, W. C., merchant, 616 Elm
Sikes, W., butcher, res 201 N. Lamar
Siler, W. P., prop'r, Transfer line, res 105 Main
Silke, E., laborer, res 385 Ross ave.
Simon, F., shoemaker, 309 Commerce, res 602 S. Jefferson
Simonton, W. J., carpenter, res 213 Dove
Simpson, Peter, res 111 S. Houston
Simpson, S. F., res 542 Caruth
Simpson, T. M., lawyer, res 542 Pearl
Sims, R. J., carpenter, res 28 Miranda
Sizer, J. S., physician, res 121 Live Oak
Skelly, A. J., clerk @ T. & P. R. R. depot
Skiles, J. C., farmer, res 307 Bryan
Slaton, D. H., cotton buyer, res 314 Carter
Slaughter, N. R., druggist, res 747 Ross ave.
Slayton, D. A., physician, res 234 Masten
Slayton, H., res 99 Cochran
Sleppy, C., butcher, 846 Main
Slocum, S., plasterer [all given]
Sluyter, H., res 1447 Commerce
Smith, D. C., 412 Elm, res 729 Elm
Smith, D. W. C., clerk, 412 Elm, res 709 Elm
Smith, Dr. E. P., pastor, First Presbyterian Church, res 1142 Jackson
Smith, E. J., tel. operator, 415 Elm
Smith, F, cook, 404 Main
Smith, F., butcher [all given]
Smith, Mrs. F., res 516 Columbia
Smith, George, butcher, res 1126 Jackson
Smith, H. (colored), brickmaker, res 105 Juliette
Smith, H. C., bookkeeper, 607 Elm, res 732 Wood
Smith, J., carpenter, res 112 Ross ave.
Smith, J. H., painter, res 25 Alamo
Smith, J. M., farmer, res 111 Bryan
Smith, M. N., clerk, 404 Elm
Smith, M., servant @ 2 S. Lamar
Smith, P., res 115 McKinney road
Smith, R., carpenter, res 1449 Elm
Smith, T., laborer, 304 Swiss
Snead, W. D., lumber merchant, res 116 Cochran
Smith, William A., laborer, res 115 McKinney road
Sneed, H. H,. lawyer, 204 Main
Snodgrass, _______, merchant, 603 Elm
Snyder, Z. T., clerk, 943 Main
Soell, J., carriage maker, boards @ 315 Commerce
Solomon, A., clerk, 504 Elm
Sonnerberg, J., auctioneer, 509 Elm
Sparkman, _______, hide dealer, res 601 S. Market
Sparks, A. (colored), laborer, 103 Polk
Speigel, G. C., cigar manufacturer, res 610 Wood
Speikerkotter, W. C., confectioner, 631 Elm
Spencer, E. E., saloon, 511 Commerce
Spencer, H. A., professor @ Com College, res 1005 Wood
Spencer, J., policeman, res 1341 Elm
Spencer, J. R., printer, 609 Main, res 733 Wood
Spencer, L. M., merchant, res 925 Wood
Spencer, W. S., carpenter, res 1120 Jackson
Spiller, H., merchant, 4 S. Lamar
Spratley, B. R., boards @ Commercial
Spruer, _______, res 205 Walnut
St. Clair, F., servant, 412 Main
Stalworth, A. A., physician, res 132 Good
Stamfer, F., artist [all given]
Standsbury, J., carpenter, res 609 Cedar Spring
Stanfield, ______, clerk, 625 Elm
Stanley, E., carpenter, 1007 Main
Staple, A., carpenter, res 35 Cochran
Staples, Charles, carpenter, boards @ Phoenix Hotel
Stapleton, T. C., laborer, res N. Houston
Star, B. J., merchant, 6 S. Lamar
Star, Charles, confectioner, 702 Main
Star, J., saloon, res 1 N. Market
Star, L., saddler, 308 S. Houston
Stark, J. C., butcher, res 8 Cochran
Starnes, W. G., clerk @ T. & P. R. R.
Stawling, W. J., printer, res 721 Live Oak
Steele, S. (colored), laborer, res 603 Bryan
Stegall, Rev. A. E. [all given]
Stemmons & Morriss, 210 S. Houston
Stemmons, J. M., lawyer, ofice 210 S. Houston, res 27 Pearl
Stevens, C. F., newsdealer, 105 Camp
Stevens, H. H., lawyer, 206 Commerce
Stevens, J., cook, 810 Elm
Stevens, J. W., machinist, Phoenix Planing Mills
Stevens, J. W., painter, res 1304 Elm
Stevens, R. M., livery stable, 106 Main
Stevenson, C. B., cotton buyer, res 823 Ross ave.
Stevenson, H., miller, 2 S. Broadway, res 14 N. Market
Stevenson, P. F., clerk, 619 Elm
Stevenson, Mrs. S. (widow), res 12 N. Lamar
Stewart, C., cook, 113 Main
Stewart, S. A., policeman, res 617 Cedar Spring
Stewart, S. M., res 401 Ervay
Stewart, W. G., lawyer, res 414 Bryan
Sthreshley, W. C., insurance agent, 619 Elm
Stillman, N. O., printer, 609 Main, res 8 McKinney road
Stone, Mrs. H., servant (Crutchfield) 113 Main
Stone, T. E., res 213 Camp
Stovall, J. B., res 953 Main
Stradley, J. H., prop'r Central wagon yard, res 516 Wood
Strange, H. B., cashier, A. & L. Bank, res 1005 Young
Strasburger, J., auctioneer, 509 Elm
Strat, J. C., laborer, boards @ 1 N. Market
Strat, J. J., laborer, 1 N. Market
Stratton, S. T., speculator, 603 Main
Strauss, W. S. (colored), laborer, res 412 Columbia
Stromer, C., tailor, res 1106 Jackson
Stuart, A. D., carpenter, res 35 Leonard
Sturdivant, J. M., real estate agent, 107 S. Lamar
Sullivan, J. E., mechanic, res 877 Pacific ave.
Sullivan, William [all given]
Summers, Mrs. R., laundress @ Cosmopolitan
Summers, W. M., saloon, res 1111 Ervay
Sunnoberg, J., merchant, res 216 Ross ave.
Sutter, C. A., res 511 Polk
Sutton, C. S, tinner, boards @ Phoenix Hotel
Sutton, W. H., physician, 302 Main, res 1026 Elm
Swaggerty, J. G., res 709 Live Oak
Swain, H., merchant, 514 Main
Swain, H., res 732 Wood
Swain, J., tinner, 514 Main, res 732 Wood
Swan, D. G., printer, boards @ Southern Hotel
Swan, M., stone mason, res 205 Walnut
Swan, William, mason [all given]
Sweeden, A., carpenter, res 3 Caruth
Sweitzer, J., butcher, res 1024 Main
Swertman, R. L., insurance agent, res 3 S. Harwood
Swindells, J. W., prop'r, Dallas Herald, res 3 N. Houston
Swink, G. M., res 1208 Jackson

Talbot, V. B., seamstress, res 135 Olive
Tanhill, C., hostler, 401 Commerce
Tanner, B., farmer, res 527 Ervay
Tarrant, E. O., trader, boards @ Cosmopolitan
Tate, Mrs. M., dressmaker, res 108 S. Jefferson
Tate, Rev. I. I., minister, res 402 Pacific
Taubut, G., mason, res 718 Jackson
Taxton, G. B., bookkeeper, res 528 Crockett
Taxton, R. S., merchant, res 528 Crockett
Taylor, A. J., farmer, res south end of S. Lamar
Taylor, E., farmer, res 414 S. Houston
Taylor, J., drayman, res 127 Peak
Taylor, P., res 43 Emma
Taylor, P. K., res 43 Emma
Taylor, Vann (colored), clerk, res 607 S. Lamar
Taylor, W. H., secretary @ Compress, boards @ Cosmopolitan
Taylor, W., farmer, res 414 S. Houston
Tenison, J., res 61 McKinney road
Tenison, T, laborer, res 107 McKinney road
Tenison, W. H., saddler, 633 Elm
Terrace, R., barber, 518 Pacific ave.
Terrell, W. E., clerk, 203 Main
Terry, C. M., miller, res S. Houston
Terry, J. S., miller, res S. Houston
Terry, T. G., miller, res S. Houston
Terry, W. H. miller, res S. Houston
Thatcher, J. S., gardener, res south of Cemetery
Theisfield, H., tinner, 205 Main
Thevenet, M., gardener, res 325 Bryan
Thomas & Williams, butchers, [846 Main]
Thomas, E. (colored), laborer, res 503 Cochran
Thomas, J. E., brickmaker, res 908 Pacific ave.
Thomas, J. P., prop'r Texas Wagon Yard, 735 Main
Thomas, J. W., butcher, 846 Main, res 1552 Main
Thomas, Mrs. F., magnetic physician, 207 Pacific ave.
Thomas, Mrs. M. C., boarding house, 302 Central R. R.
Thomas, R. M., moulder, 612 Main
Thomas, R., laborer, res 724 Elm
Thomas, W. H., banker, 209 Main
Thomas, W. H., clerk, res 317 Bryan
Thomason, ______, teacher, res 560 N. Harwood
Thompson, H., butcher, 846 Main
Thompson, J. L., merchant, 88 McKinney road
Thompson, J. W., lawyer, 111 S. Lamar
Thompson, J. W., Prop'r Theatre, 718 & 720 Main, res 310, 312, 314, S. Jefferson
Thompson, Mrs. C., res 402 S. Jefferson
Thompson, William, cook, 513 Elm
Thornton, R., harness maker, 208 S. Houston
Thruston, S. D., physician, office 507 Main
Thurmond, J. M., lawyer, 301 Main
Thurmond, J. M., res 1 N. Market
Tibbets, N? (colored), laborer, 216 Elm
Tiernay, T., teamster, res 723 Jackson
Tillman, E., merchant, 215 Main, res 314 Pacific ave.
Tittle, D. T., carpenter, res 617 Ashland
Tomlinson, Mrs. M. H., res 320 Pearl
Tompkins & Co., R. V., 514 & 516 Commerce
Tompkins, R. V., merchant, 514 & 516 Commerce
Toole, W. P., printer, 609 Main
Tooley, R. H., res 1437 Elm
Tooley, William, carpenter, res End of S. Lamar
Townsend, W. J., bookkeeper, res 414 Bryan
Tracy, N., lightning rods, res 832 Commerce
Trammell, S. C., artist, Elm [all given]
Traughber, W. R., res 212 Wood
Traver, P. J., res 1437 Elm
Traxon, W., watchman @ Compress
Treelove, P., carpenter, res 942 Elm
Tremoulet, L., cabinet maker, 704 Main
Trotman, J. W., clerk, 510 Main
Trusheim, J., clerk, 617 Elm
Tsraelskie, _______, merchant, res 116 N. Jefferson
Tucker, C. F., lawyer, 601 Elm, res 204 Canton
Tucker, Charles, clerk, 101 & 103 Camp, res 403 Poydras
Tucker, E. W., physician, res 403 Poydras
Tucker, F. N., clerk, 101 & 103 Camp, res 403 Poydras
Tucker, G. W., physician, office 407 Main
Turner, J., carpenter, 116 Caroline
Turner, Mrs. M. E., boarding house, 308 Commerce
Turner, T., drayman, res N. Broadway
Turner, William, porter, 406 Elm
Tusley, W. C., mechanic @ Phoenix Planing Mill
Tustan, F., res 327 Crockett
Tutt, H., res 338 Pearl

Ullman, J. L., merchant, 215 Main
Ullman, M., merchant, 215 Main
Ulmer, J., barkeeper, 401 Main
Underhill, I., insurance agent, 602 Main, res 39 Pearl
Underwood, H. F., merchant, 603 Main, res 216 Carter
Urry, A., laborer, res 1418 Main

Van Horn, W. B., merchant, res 1210 Commerce
Vanderhalst, L., barber, res 214 Wood
Vandyke, William, res 99 Cochran
Vankust, N., chambermaid, San Jacinto Hotel
Vanness, B., hide dealer, res 120 Caroline
Vaughn, L., butcher, 846 Main
Venable, D. G., real estate agent, 409 Main, res 740 Pacific ave.
Vettmer, J., restaurant, 314 S. Jefferson
Viderman, Miss E., res 1015 Commerce
Vierkart, F. M., saloon, res same, 1131 Elm
Viet, E., clerk, 510 & 512 Elm
Villars, George, draughtsman, office 603 Elm
Vincent, J., laborer, Richmond Mill, 708 Wood
Vincent, V., cook, 315 Commerce
Vongrendenbeck [Vangrinderbeck], W., trader [all given]
Vorin, C., stone mason, res 416 Columbia

Waddell, A., railroad agent, res 504 Commerce
Wadsworth, W. L., merchant, 702 Elm
Waggener, R. H., merchant, 412 Elm, res 219 Camp
Wagner, C. N., drayman, res 835 San Jacinto
Wagner, J., merchant, res 13 Ross ave.
Wagner, L., merchant, 201 S. Jefferson
Walden, J. W., cashier, city bank, 601 Elm
Waldren, P., [all given]
Walker, J. E., jail guard [all given]
Walker, J., barkeeper, 405 Main
Walker, L., clerk, 603 Elm, res 804 Ervay
Walker, Mrs. S. (widow), res 127 Bryan
Walker, S. J. B., res 617 Ashland
Walker, T., druggist, 502 Main, res 128 Ross ave.
Wallace & Waggener, merchants, 412 Elm
Wallace, E. T., clerk, 301 Main
Wallace, J., clerk, 605 Elm
Wallace, T. F., merchant, 412 Elm, res 216 Park
Wallace, W., mason, boards @ Phoenix Hotel
Wallace, W., steward, City Hospital
Waller, G. W., deputy sheriff @ Court House
Waller, H. W., teamster, res 1141 Young
Wallker, W. B., res 52 Masten
Walters, Mrs. E., cook, Cosmopolitan, res 302 Main
Walton, F. B., physician, 301 Main
Walton, J. W., carpenter, res 12 Cottonwood
Walton, W. J., printer (Herald office), 602 Main
Ward, B., druggist, 413 Elm, res 743 Pacific ave.
Ward, T. O., fruit dealer, res 508 Wood
Warlick, T., laborer, Compress
Warmouth, L., res 1016 Main
Warren, J. F., merchant, 1002 Elm
Warren, W. A., barkeeper, 214 Commerce
Washam, W. F., teamster, res 1116 Commerce
Washington, G. (colored), porter, 806 Main
Washley, E. B., cook, 406 Main
Waterhouse, H., clerk, 610 Elm, res 3 Bryan
Watson, S. H., farmer, res 412 Ross ave.
Watts, George, merchant, 816 Elm
Watts, J. S., cook, 114 S. Lamar
Waugh, J., painter, res 609 Polk
Weatherford, L. R., saddltree maker, res 207 Crockett
Weaver, Rev. A., pastor, Baptist Church
Weaver, J. F., clerk, 606 Main, res 502 Jackson
Weaver, J. M., carpenter, res 110 S. Leonard
Webb, A. (colored), laborer, res 531 Cottage Lane
Webb, J. W., jeweler, 505 Main
Weber, A., clerk, 509 Main, res 518 Ervay
Weber, J., miller, 23 McKinney road
Webster, J., merchant, 1138 Elm, res same
Webster, Kate (colored), servant, 88 Bryan
Webster, P., merchant, 1138 Elm, res same
Weederman, A., saloon, 112 S. Lamar
Weeks, D., res 1559 Commerce
Weigle, F, bootmaker, 108 S. Market
Weil, L., clerk, 215 Main
Welkley, C, waiter, 415 S. Market
Wellborn, C. B., insurance agent, res 211 S. Harwood
Wellborn, Olin, lawyer, office, 413 Elm, res 211 S. Harwood
Weller, B. O., prop'r St. Charles Hotel, 302 & 304 Commerce
Welsh, P., stone mason, res near Browder Spring
Wemple, J. O., clerk, 501 Main, res 103 Ross ave.
Wendlandt, M., shoemaker, res 930 Jackson
Wentworth, W. H., civil engineer, res 105 Canton
Werner, F., waiter, 403 Main
Wert, J. B., merchant, 11 S. Lamar, res 138 Ross ave.
Wert, M. C., merchant, 11 S. Lamar, res 138 Ross ave.
West, R. H., lawyer, 604 Main
West, S. M., jeweler, 515 Elm, res 19 Cochran
Wetzol, G., barber, 414 Elm, res 631 Elm
Wheat, C[layton] M[iller], merchant, 510 Main, res out of Limits
Wheeler, Miss L. A., res 415 Pacific ave.
Wheelock, W. K., ticket agent, 316 Elm
Whitaker, M., carpenter, res 603 Crockett
White, F., barkeeper, res 128 Ross ave.
White, J. [all given]
White, W. (colored), laborer @ Compress
Whiteman, T., clerk, T. P. R. R., res 1009 Pacific ave.
Whitesides, ________, res 728 Jackson
Whittaker, T. E., trader, res 20 Masten
Wichart, L., res 23 McKinney road
Widmer, J. J., waiter, 305 Main
Wigg, M. (colored), laborer, res 608 Crockett
Wiggins, W. E., clerk, 506 Main
Wilcox, L., servant, res 114 Live Oak
Wilcox, L. F., teacher, res 1446 Elm
Wilde, C., laborer, res 305 Wood
Wilhite, Lucy (colored), laudress, res 539 Cochran
Wilkerson, J. P., Prop'r wagon yard, S. Broadway
Wilkins, H,. carpenter, res 231 Patterson
Willard, Alice, actress, res 314 S. Jefferson
Willard, Mrs. A., res 515 S. Houston
Williams, A., harness maker, 208 S. Houston
Williams, A., laborer, res 1 N. Market
Williams, C. H., butcher, 846 Main
Williams, D., res 819 Live Oak
Williams, G. W., physician, 409 Main, res 1023 Elm
Williams, J., laborer @ Compress
Williams, J. B., saloon, res 9 S. Jefferson
Williams, J. F., merchant, res 305 Akard ave.
Williams, J. L., druggist, 409 Main
Williams, J. M., clerk, res 602 Ross ave.
Williams, Maggie, actress, res 314 S. Jefferson
Williams, Mrs. M. J., res 501 S. Market
Williams, Prof. C., Dallas College, res 214 Live Oak
Williams, R. E., merchant, res 305 Akard ave.
Williams, R. M., merchant, res 305 Akard ave.
Williams, S. N., tailor, res 481 S. Harwood
Williams, T. J. [all given]
Williams, T. J., painter, 507 Elm
Williams, W. L., lawyer, office, 215 Main
Williamson, H. C., carpenter, res 883 Pacific ave.
Williamson, H. T., carpenter, res 1216 Main
Williamson, J., printer, 602 Main
Williamson, R., porter, res 747 Ross ave.
Willig, J., clerk, 604 Elm
Wilman, F. A., res 630 Ross ave.
Wilmot, B., mechanic, res 19 Good
Wilsey, L., laborer, res 616 S. Lamar
Wilson, D., barber, 414 Elm, res 406 S. Market
Wilson, D., well digger, res 1041 Wood
Wilson, E, res 7 Collins
Wilson, G. B., butcher, 846 Main
Wilson, H. S., tinner, 608 Elm
Wilson, J., actor, res 314 S. Jefferson
Wilson, J., farmer, res @ Leonard Brick Yard
Wilson, J. N. A., lawyer, res 11 S. Sycamore
Wilson, J. T., barber, 414 Elm
Wilson, M., saloon, 842 Main
Wilson, Mrs. M., res 515 S. Austin
Wilson, R., laborer @ Compress
Wilson, W. M., plumber, res 10 Cora
Wilson, W. M., tinner, 205 Main
Wilson, W., cook, 403 Main
Winn, D., saloon, res 509 S. Austin
Winn, E. B., res 925 Wood
Winn, J. (colored), waiter, res 511 S. Austin
Winston, V. E., 216 S. Houston, res 304 Jackson
Winters, W. H., carpenter, res 309 Elm
Wise, S. M., peddler, res 955 Main
Witty, Kate, servant, 99 Cochran
Witwer, J. S., wagon dealer, res 739 Ross ave
Wohl, M., merchant, 614 Elm
Wohl, M., res 409 Polk
Wolfe, H., clerk, 605 Elm
Wolfe, H., res 502 S. Houston
Wolfe, J. E., clerk, 510 & 512 Elm, res 312 Commerce
Wolfe, John, laborer, res 1039 Wood
Wolfe, W., butcher, 846 Main
Wolfe, William, clerk, 606 Elm
Wolff, J. F., brickmason, boards @ 415 S. Market
Wolff, S., merchant, 613 Elm
Wolff, W. C., law, office 105 Camp
Wolfskill, M., res 408 Bryan
Womble, William, theater, res 314 S. Jefferson
Wood, J., lawyer, res 425 Cottage Lane
Wood, Mrs. M. A., res 402? Jackson
Wood, Mrs. R. C., dressmaker, res 504 Columbia
Woodall, T. (colored), waiter, 110 Pacific ave.
Woodruff, A., farmer, res 955 Main
Woodruff, C. D., farmer, res 955 Main
Woodward, S., ticket agent, boards @ Cosmopolitan
Woody, William, merchant, res 113 Ross ave.
Work, A. K., prop'r, livery stable, res 1304 Jackson
Work, J. A. & Sons, livery stables [all given]
Work, J. A., prop'r, livery stable, res 1304 Jackson
Work, J. F., prop'r, livery stable, res 1304 Jackson
Work, R. V., prop'r, livery stable, res 1304 Jackson
Work, W., prop'r livery stable, res 405 S. Houston
Worthington, Miss A., milliner, 407 Main
Worthington, Miss E. J., milliner, 407 Main
Wright, J. B., res 7 Collins
Wright, J. I., res 943 Main
Wright, J. T., cotton buyer, res 1556 Main
Wright, J. W., merchant, 503 Elm, res 1022 Ervay
Wright, Rev. B., res 518 Akard ave.
Wurzburger, C., restaurant, 305 Main

X (none)

Yarbrough, Mrs. (colored), cook 1201 Elm
Young, B. (colored), porter @ T. & P. R. R. depot
Young, J., engineer, res 1201 Elm
Young, J. B. D., res 927 Main
Young, J. S., clerk, 514 & 516 Elm, res 367 Ross ave.
Young, P. A., yardman @ San Jacinto Hotel
Young, Rev. W. C., P. E. Corsicana Dist., res 1156 Young
Young, T. A., clerk, 609 Elm
Young, William, carpenter, res 728 Jackson
Youston, J., chambermaid @ San Jacinto Hotel

Zachry, H. D., soda water manufacturer, res 508 Ross ave.
Zelfe, A., waiter, 415 S. Market
Zoffre, C., mason, south end of S. Lamar