Morrison & Co.'s Dallas City Directory, 1878-79 (M thru Z)
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 Morrison & Co.'s Directory of
the City of Dallas, 1878-79
(M thru Z)


bds = boards/boarding with/at
bet = between
(c) = colored
carp = carpenter
clk = clerk
cor = corner
es, ws, ns, ss = east, west, north, south side
h. = household of
lab = laborer
nr = near
res = residence
rms = rooms with/at
wid = widow / widow of
wks = works

Macey, Thomas L., clk, T. & P. R'y Ticket office.
Mack, Mrs. Emeline C. (wid), res 229 Ross ave.
Mack, James (c), res 229 Juliette.
Madara, James W., Physician & Surgeon, Office over 501 Elm, rooms office, bds Windsor Hotel.
Madden, Patrick S., Carpenter & Builder, and Cistern builder, shop 1237 Main, res rear of shop. See advt.
Madigan, Michael, waiter, Lamar House.
Madison, Carl, lab, res 118 Swiss, bet Good & Boll.
Mahler, Miss Emma, home w/John Trusheim.
Mahler, Henry, lab, bds John Trusheim.
Mahon, Samuel A., dry goods, boots, shoes, hats, notions, etc., 623 Elm, res McKinney ave, outside city limits.
Mahoney, Cornelius, lab, res near Water Works.
Mahoney, Leo J. (Z. T. White & Co.), rooms se cor S. Harwood & Main.
Major, Mrs. Jennie (wid), home w/S. A. Beavers.
Malcolmson, Charles, res ss Wood, bet S. Harwood & Cabell.
Malley, Frank M., clk, Sanger Bros., rooms Adam Sharp.
Malone, Claude, clk, Boals, Bushong & Co., bds Elm St., House, rooms at store.
Malone, George E., clk, M. Mayer, bds National Hotel.
"Mankato House," B. A. Marble, proprietor, ns Elm, bet S. Leonard & Monument.
Manget, Fred, Railroad Ticket Broker, Cigars & Tobacco, LeGrand Hotel, res ss Ross ave, bet Boll & Good.
Manlove, Mrs. T., res 943 Elm.
Mann, Martin W., res ss Jackson, bet Lamar & Ray.
Manney, James W., res 201 Elm, bet S. Houston & Jefferson.
Manning, William L., teamster, res 112 S. Houston.
Manor, Robert F., book keeper, Boals, Bushong & Co., bds Elm St. House, rooms at store.
Mansfield, Miss Josephine, bds w/A. E. Bush.
Marble, Barnard A., proprietor, "Mankato House," ns Elm, bet S. Leonard & Monument.
Marble, Miss May, wks J. M. Hayes.
Marchand, Mrs. Celeste (wid), res 1330 Elm, bet R. R. & S. Leonard.
Marcus, Jacob, home w/William Rosenthal.
Marcy, Augustus, carpenter, res 313 Crockett.
Marini, John, fruits & confectionery, 514
1/2 Main, res same.
Marks, Aaron, Proprietor, "Senate Saloon," nw cor Main & S. Lamar, res 623 Browder. See advt.
Marks, Harry, clk, Benedikt & Co., bds Thurmond House.
Marks, Solomon, clk, Tillman & Friend.
Marley, Mark D., conductor, T. & P. R'y, res ns Pacific ave, bet Hawkins & Good.
Marlow, Miss Olive, wks David Lewis.
Marlow, Singleton D., teamster, res ns Commerce, bet South Leonard & Dove.
Marlwort, Harry, second cook, Lamar House.
Marsalis & Howard (Thomas L. Marsalis & William C. Howard), wholesale grocers & liquor dealers, cor Camp & Lamar.
Marsalis, Thomas L. (Marsalis & Howard), res ne cor San Jacinto & Oleander.
Marsh, James B., res ns Pacific ave, bet Magnolia & North Sycamore.
Marshall, Allen, res 304 Swiss.
Marshall, Mrs. Elizabeth A. (wid), boarding house, 516 Wood, cor S. Lamar.
Marshall, Henry (c), res S. Houston, e of Columbia.
Marshall, Sallie, res es Columbia, bet Austin & S. Market.
Martin, Charles L., editor, "Morning Call," res ne cor Poydras & Jackson.
Martin, David L., clk, bds George W. Evans.
Martin, Ellen (c), home w/Erastus Carter.
Martin, H.C., attorney, office 201 Main, bds European House.
Martin, Henry T., expressman, res 603 Cottage Lane, cor Leonard.
Martin, James, lab, res 843 Commerce.
Martin, James (c), waiter, LeGrand Hotel.
Martin, Jeffry M., M. D., Physician & Surgeon, Office 701 Main, res 1030 Elm.
Martin, J. J., wks & bds N. M. Burford.
Martin, John, clk, Western Union Telegraph office, res 735 Ross ave.
Martin, Leonidas, res 613 Ross ave.
Martin, Lewis B., res 53 Cochran.
Martin, Littleton (Martin & Son), res 735 Ross ave.
Martin, Miss Mary, book-keeper, Dallas Post-office, bds A. B. Norton.
Martin, Milard F., clk, J. H. Stephens, res 735 Ross ave.
Martin, Oscar F., wks Southwestern Stoneware & Pipe Co.
Martin & Son (Littleton & William T. Martin), boot & shoemakers, 6 S. Lamar, bet Elm & Pacific ave.
Martin, William T. (Martin & Son), res 731 Ross ave.
Martiniere, Rev. Claudius, Priest, home J. Martiniere.
Martiniere, Rev. Joseph, Pastor, Sacred Heart Catholic Church, res 16 Oleander, bet Bryan & Cottage Lane.
Martino, Frank, bar-tender, C. W. Austin.
Martino, Joseph E., res sw cor Browder & Marilla.
Marzluff, Stephen, bds Lamar House.
Mason, Charles N., painter, res 1022 Ervay, cor Corsicana.
Mason, R. M., lab, J.T. Elliott, rooms same.
Mason, Thomas L., clk, T. & P. R'y, res ss Camp, bet Griffin & Magnolia.
Massengale, Edward, harness maker, bds William C. Padgitt.
Massengale, J. E., foreman, Padgitt Bros. workshop, bds W. C. Padgitt.
Matchett, Lindsey, wks King's broom factory, res same.
Mathey, A., peddler, bds I. Solomon.
Mathias, Delila, wks J. J. Cox.
Matthews, Charles D., engineer, City Flouring Mills, home w/Mrs. Sarah L. Matthews.
Matthews, Charles F., piano tuner, with E. F. Redfield & Co., bds Commercial Hotel.
Matthews, Charles F., proprietor, Lamar House Billiard Parlor, 716 Main, res ss Collins, bet Griffin & Magnolia.
Matthews, Eugene, wks City Flouring Mills, home Mrs. Sarah L. Matthews.
Matthews, G. C., night watchman, T. & P. R'y, bds National Hotel.
Matthews, John, groceries & provisions, 841 Main, res same.
Matthews, Oscar S., clk, Crawford & Hammond, res Mrs. Sarah L. Matthews.
Matthews, Mrs. Sarah L. (wid), res S. Houston, e of Columbia.
Matzdorf, Hugo, clk, Benedikt & Co., bds H. Sparks.
Maurice, George E., chief clk, T. & P. R'y ticket office, res ns Caruth, near N. Lamar.
Mauthe, Jacob (J. Mauthe & Co.), res Longview, Texas.
Mauthe & Co. (Jacob Mauthe --- & Co.), lumber, lath, shingles, sash & doors, cor Austin & Pacific ave.
Mauvais, Andre, photographer, 915 Elm, res 959 Wood.
May, Duncan G., clerk, Boals, Bushong & Co., bds Commercial Hotel, rooms 240 Pacific ave.
May, Miss Etta, home S. L. May.
May, Henry, scroll sawyer, Clark & Boyd, res & boarding house, 743 Elm.
May, Joseph, carpenter, T. & P. R'y, bds M. Roe.
May, Julius (Kahn & May), res 814 Jackson
May, Samuel L., general agent, Equitable Life Assurance Society of New York, office 705 Main, res 72 Masten.
Mayer, Charles, livery & sale stable, Main, bet S. Houston & Broadway, res 951 Elm.
Mayer, John, bds M. Poynter.
Mayer, Joseph, wks John Miller, Cincinnati House.
Mayer, Morris, dry goods, clothing, boots, shoes, hats, etc., 613, 615 & 708 Elm, res 503 & 505 Elm.
Mayer, Samuel, clk, M. Mayer, res 503 & 505 Elm.
Mayer, Simon, General Agent, W. J. Lemp's St. Louis lager beer, office 401 Main, cor South Market, res 819 Live Oak. See advt.
Mayfield, J. S., bds Daniel Sullivan.
Mays, Clotilda E. (wid), res 62 Bryan, opposite Masten.
Mays, Dannitt B., bds 62 Bryan.
Mays, Enoch G., res es Veale, bet Wood & Young.
Mays, Thomas, lab, res es N. Houston, bet Carondolet & Walnut.
McAllister, Mrs. Amanda, res 317 Caruth.
McAllister, Daniel, wks Richard Handel, bds same.
McAllister, John H., groceries & provisions, 102 Swiss, cor Hawkins, res same.
McAuley, J. H. (M. L. Fleishel & Co.), res Longview, Texas.
McCabe, James H., driver, Texas Express Co.
McCain, Nat. (c), barber, shop, 815 Main, res same.
McCarthy, John, wks Ogden & Wolff, res 740 Pacific ave, bet College & S. Sycamore.
McCarty, Patrick, groceries & provisions, N. Lamar, bet Collins & Hord, res same.
McCary, William B., shoemaker, Harry Bros.
McClain, C. W., engineer, bds. Crutchfield House.
McClain, Rufus, wks. G. W. Loudon, bds same.
McClellan, Addison E., restaurant & furnished rooms, 809 Main.
McClellan, Daniel C., carpenter, res 215 Dove.
McClellan, Marcus M., commercial traveler, bds Windsor Hotel.
McClelland, John J., wholesale wines & liquors, Henderson, Texas, res 90 Cochran.
McCloskey, James, lab, bds James Morrissey.
McCool, Sallie (c), wks Lamar House.
McCormick, Miss Clara, clk, Sanger Bros., bds Tremont House.
McCormick, C. H., & L. J., manufacturers, "McCormick Reapers," office nw cor S. Lamar & Commerce, D. B. Heller, agent.
McCormick, John H., book-keeper, Dallas Flouring Mill Co., bds Merchants Restaurant.
McCormick, Robert, hackman, res 1015 Wood, bet Ervay & St. Paul.
McCormick, William, proprietor, Tremont House, 802 Main.
McCoy, Miss Eliza, home w/J. C. McCoy.
McCoy, John C. (McCoy & McCoy), res 303 S. Lamar, cor Commerce.
McCoy, John M. (McCoy & McCoy), res San Jacinto, outside city limits.
McCoy, Miss Maggie, bds W. H. Thacker.
McCoy & McCoy (John C. & John M. McCoy), attorneys, office over 208 Commerce, bet S. Houston & Jefferson.
McCrary, Mrs. Mattie c. (wid), res Evergreen.
McCullimoar, Edward, lab, res 32 Masten, bet Cottage Lane & San Jacinto.
McCutchen, William, clk, Sanger Bros., bds Lamar House.
McDade, John, carpenter, bds A. A. Johnston.
McDanniel, Mrs. Lucy P. (wid), res 909 Camp, bet Griffin & Magnolia.
McDermett, Miss Lucy, home w/J. Tenison.
McDermett, William A., tinner, res 959 Ervay.
McDonald, John (c), wks King's Broom Factory.
McDonald, William, teamster, res ss Main, e of Lloyd.
McDonald, William F., wks S. H. Cockrell & Co., bds St. Charles Hotel.
McDunn, John, wks Broom Factory, res Juliette, bet Good & Boll.
McElhare, John, cigars & tobacco, 814 Main, rooms same.
McElroy, Robert (c), bds Richard Perry.
McElvaine, John, carpenter, bds A. A. Johnston.
McEntire, William R., cotton buyer, office nw cor S. Lamar & Commerce, res 204 Park.
McEvers, Samuel, bds H. B. Camp.
McFadden, O. E., printer, bds Campbell House.
McFarland, Miss B., clk, Sanger Bros.
McFarland, Samuel, carpenter, res 820 Jackson, bet Kendall & Akard ave.
McFarland, Jr., Samuel, carpenter, bds 820 Jackson, bet Kendall & Akard ave.
McFaull, William, contractor mason, res nw cor Pacific ave & Live Oak.
McGinn, Hugh, res ss Jackson, near St. Paul.
McGinn, Mrs. Mary (wid), res ss Jackson, near St. Paul.
McGlashan, Robert B., book-keeper, Kerfoot & Hereford, bds Lamar House.
McGovern, J., wks Windsor Hotel.
McGovern, James, lab, bds James Morrissey.
McGovern, John, waiter, Lamar House.
McGrain, William, bds Mrs. Margaret Crane.
McGrath, John, lab, Hoffman & Garside.
McGrath, May (c), res 511 Columbia.
McGrath, Thomas, lab, bds S. P. Cross.
McGrath, Thomas, lab, res 433 Bryan, bet Leonard & Burford.
McGregor, Ann (c), res ns Miranda, bet Good & Hawkins.
McGregor, Duncan (Cleveland & McGregor), res Union Hotel.
McGuire, Miss Catherine, wks J. F. Caldwell.
McIhenny, Joseph, wks J. T. Jarrett, res 502 Jackson.
McIhenny, Samuel E., clk, res 502 Jackson.
McInnis, George T., commercial traveler, res ns Miranda, bet Good & Hawkins.
McIntyre, William R., cotton buyer, office nw cor S. Lamar & Commerce, res 204 Park.
McKay, William, clerk, Texas Express Co., bds Mrs. E. A. Marshall.
McKean, James, express, bds C. S. Berger.
McKean & Potter (William D. McKean, Jr., Winfrid Potter), plumbers, gas & steam fitters, 710 Murphy, bet Commerce & Main.
McKean, Jr., Wiliam D. (McKean & Potter), res 952 Wood.
McKeand, James, feed store, 1204 Elm, res same.
McKee, Bryan, saddler, bds Mrs. R. J. Coleman.
McKee, William, stone cutter, res ws Olvie, bet Pacific ave & Live Oak.
McKenzie, Donald, carpenter, res 408 N. Harwood.
McKenzie, George H. L., guard, County Jail, bds W. M. Moon.
McKinney, James (c), res cor Cochran & Good.
McLaren, Anna (wid), res 10 Cora.
McLemore, Frank, night telegraph operator, H. & T. C., transfer depot, bds Rawling's Hotel.
McLure, Edward C., Justice of the Peace & Notary Public, office over 304 Main, res 403 S. Harwood.
McMahon, Morgan, miller, res 1124 Jackson, bet St. Paul & S. Harwood.
McMahon, Peter, gas fitter, res N. Houston, cor Carondolet.
McMillan, John, lab, res ss Cochran, bet Orange & Masten.
McMullen, Return M., res ns Caruth, bet Orange & Masten.
McMurry, James A., brick mason, res 14 N. Market, cor Carondolet.
McMurry, James A., wks Dallas Flouring Mill Co.
McMurry, William P., attorney, office 201 Main, cor Houston, res 1556 Main.
McMurtrey, Robert A., clk, res 632 Ross ave, bet Leonard & Crockett.
McNair, Anna Laura, milliner, S. Iralson.
McNair, Mrs. Caroline (wid), home w/W. P. McNair.
McNair, H., bds Lamar House.
McNair, William P., res 107 Live Oak.
McNeal, Bell (c), home w/Needham Johnson.
McNealus, James C., foreman, "Morning Call," res College, bet Pacific & Patterson aves.
Macpherson, William G., res 740 Pacific ave, bet College & S. Sycamore.
McQueen, J. Knox, Physician & Surgeon, 611 Main, rooms same. See advt.
McSirley, William J., proprietor, City Paint Shop, 812 Main, res sw cor Carter & Hord.
Meakin, William, pressman, "Dallas Herald," res 304 Columbia, cor S. Jefferson.
Meier, Henry N., res 211 Collins.
Meinert, John, clk, M. Roe, res same.
Meisterhans, August, tailor, bds John Brack.
Meisterhans, Charles, Saloon, 401 Main, cor S. Market, proprietor, Long's Lake, two miles out on line of Dallas & Wichita R. R.; Beer Garden, Bryan St., res 804 Bryan.
Mellen, Albert, res 18 Alamo.
Meley, John F., plasterer, res sw cor Highland & Ashland.
Mellersh, George, traveling agent, M. Ullman & Co.
Melton, Benjamin F., public weigher, City Elevator & Compress Co., bds R. P. Aunspaugh.
Menczer, Jacob, clk, Glucksman & Co., res 1438 Elm.
Menczer, Joseph, Wholesale & Retail Groceries, Provisions, wines, liquors, cigars, tobacco, etc., 606 Pacific ave, also firm of (Glucksman & Co.), rooms over store.
Menken, Bernard, clk, A. Dysterbach.
Meredith, John P. (J. P. & W. H. Meredith), rooms 109 Main.
Meredith, J. P. & W. H. (John P. & William H.), proprietors "Drovers & Butchers" saloon, 901 Main St.
Meredith, William H. (J. P. & W. H. Meredith), rooms 901 Main, cor S. Sycamore.
Merrifield, James R., passenger agent, Ohio & Mississippi R.R., office LeGrand Hotel, bds Windsor Hotel.
Meriwether, George K., traveling salesman, res 1111 Elm, bet S. Harwood & Pearl.
Metropolitan Hotel, 810 Elm, George Lohr, proprietor.
Metzler, Adolph, res es Ervay, bet Marilla & Young.
Meyer, Bernard, manager loan office, 504 Main, res ws Oleander, bet Patterson ave & Cottage Lane.
Meyer, Gerson, clk, Sanger Bros., rooms at store.
Meyer, John E., groceries, provisions, wines & liquors, 504 Elm, bds J. D. Keaton.
Meyer, L. P., editorial staff, "Dallas Herald," 510 Main.
Meyer, Louis, home w/N. Antoine.
Meyers, Charles, clk, A. Dysterbach, bds same.
Meyers, Emma, chambermaid, Lamar House.
Meyers, Frank, wks Main Street R'y.
Meyers, J. A., carpenter, bds Rawling's Hotel.
Meyers, J. P., dairyman, res on line H. & T. C. R'y, s city limits.
Michaels, Mary (c), res 516 Ervay.
Michel, Ferdinand, proprietor, lime & brickyard, s end S. Jefferson, res ne cor Wood & S. Jefferson.
Mickler, J. A., clk, bds Washington House.
Middleton Bros., (John A. & William H. Middleton), marble works, 816 Main, cor Field.
Middleton, Charles C., marble dealer, res 526 Ross ave, bet N. Harwood & Pearl.
Middleton, Emily (c), res cor Boll & Cochran.
Middleton, John A. (Middleton Bros.), rooms 822 Main, cor Field.
Middleton, Miss Lizzie, home w/C. C. Middleton.
Middleton, Smith (c), bds Jane Holland.
Middleton, William H. (Middleton Bros.), rooms 816 Main, cor Field.
Midgett, Leroy, second-hand goods, 818 Elm, res same.
Miers, Thomas M., clk, Marsalis & Howard, res se cor Ervay & Cadiz.
Mignon, Augustus R.., manager, "Central Park Garden," Patterson ave, bet Griffin & Magnolia, and proprietor saloon, se cor Main & S. Jefferson, res sw cor Wood & Austin.
Mignon, Joe H., bartender, A. R. Mignon, bds same.
Milam, J. L., cotton buyer, bds S. H. Nance.
Milam, John, clk, bds S. H. Nance.
Milam, John M., clk, J. Menczer.
Miller, Clara, wks H. B. Taber
Miller, Albert (c), proprietor, "LeGrand" barber shop & bath rooms, sw cor Main & Austin, res bet S. Market & Austin, e of Columbia.
Miller, Miss Albertine, Thompson's Variety Theatre, bds Mrs. K. Murray.
Miller, Andrew, barber, Tony Platz, bds same.
Miller, Rev. Barnett, res 163 Cochran, bet McKinney road & Masten.
Miller, Miss Bertha L., home W. M. Miller.
Miller, Clark W., wks T. & P. R'y, res 119 Good, cor Florence.
Miller, Clayton (c), res 523 Bryan, bet Good & Boll.
Miller, Daniel, gas & steam fitter, wks C. E. Hosmer.
Miller, Edward Q., proprietor, Delmonico saloon, 501 Main, cor Austin, res 735 Elm.
Miller, Emil, res ws Griffin, bet Camp & Ross ave.
Miller, Ferdinand, shoemaker, res 214 Live Oak.
Miller, Frank, baker, res ss Cochran, near N. Jefferson.
Miller, Fieldon N., printer, "Morning Call."
Miller, George H. L., deputy Sheriff, bds W. M. Moon.
Miller, George B., manufacturer, "Lone Star" yeast cakes, res 1108 Elm, near S. Harwood.
Miller, George W., conductor, T. & P. R'y, res ss Ross ave, bet Boll & Cantegral.
Miller, Harry, res 213 Dove.
Miller, Henry (c), wks George Smith, res outside city limits.
Miller, Henry, wks John Miller, bds same.
Miller, James M., teamster, res Cedar Springs, near n City limit.
Miller, John, groceries & provisions, 213 S. Jefferson, bet Main & Commerce, res same.
Miller, John, Proprietor, Cincinnati House, 111 Camp, bet N. Lamar & Griffin.
Miller, John J., salesman, Padgitt Bros., rooms 718 Elm, bds Mrs. R. J. Coleman.
Miller, John W., tailor, shop 602 Elm, rooms same.
Miller, Joseph, cigar maker, L. L. Davidson, res Pacific ave.
Miller, Lawrence H., res ns Main, e of Lloyd.
Miller, Miss Mary E., home w/ W. M. Miller.
Miller, Max, clk, Sanger Bros.
Miller, Max D., groceries & provisions, nw cor N. Market & Carondolet, res cor Camp & Griffin.
Miller, Nellie (c), bds William Crutchfield.
Miller, Reinhold, cabinetmaker, Jansen Bros.
Miller, Samuel (c), res Elm, bet Live Oak & S. Harwood.
Millers, Theodore E., res 106 Caroline.
Miller, Thomas S. (Barksdale & Miller), res 313 Caruth.
Miller, William M., res 313 Caruth.
Millirons, Miss Mary, home w/John Frechette.
Mills, Mrs. Jemima (wid), bds Mrs. A. L. Newton.
Minckler, John A., clk, bds Washington House.
Miner, Fred. (c), res ws Good, bet Ross ave & Flora.
Miner, John, carpenter, bds J. D. Keaton.
Miner, N. F. & Co. (Norman F. Miner & James Lloyd), proprietors, St. Charles Hotel, cor Commerce & S. Jefferson.
Miner, Norman F. (N. F. Miner & Co.), res St. Charles Hotel.
Mines, William (c), waiter, LeGrand Hotel.
Mirus, Mrs. Augusta (wid), res sw cor N. Jefferson & Calhoun.
Mirus, Charles, saddler, Lehman & Nothaf, res sw cor North Jefferson & Calhoun.
Mirus, Miss Matilda, clk, Goldsmith, Rosenthal & Co.
Mirus, William, bartender, home w/Mrs. A. Mirus.
Misselhorn, Henry, Proprietor, "Mechanics' Hall," Saloon, 708 Main, res S. Lamar, bet Polk & Wood.
Mitcham, William, soap manufacturer, res 118 Live Oak, bet N. Harwood & Pacific ave.
Mitchell, Charles S. (C. S. Mitchell & Co.), res 906 Ervay.
Mitchell, C. S. & Co. (Charles S. Mitchell, James B. Scruggs), farm & mill machinery, cor S. Market & Elm.
Mitchell, Harry L., clk, bds C. S. Mitchell.
Mitchell & Hill (Thomas B. Mitchell, Waid Hill), cotton brokers, office 401 Elm, up stairs.
Mitchell, Jennie, bds Maggie Cain.
Mitchell, Mrs. Letitia (wid), home w/C. S. Mitchell.
Mitchell, Loron, mechanical engineer, office Exchange Bank, bds Windsor Hotel.
Mitchell, Molly (c), res ss Main, bet Preston & Cabell.
Mitchell, Thomas B. (Mitchell & Hill), res cor Live Oak & Pearl.
Mitchie, J. C., watchmaker & jeweler, 513 Main, bds D. Sullivan.
Mittenthal, A. & E. (Archie & Ephraim Mittenthal), dry goods, clothing, boots & shoes, 604 Elm.
Mittenthal, Archie (A. & E. Mittenthal), res 224 Ross ave.
Mittenthal, Ephraim (A. & E. Mittenthal), res ne cor Masten & Bone.
Mittenthal, Hyman, clk, A. & E. Mittenthal, bds E. Mittenthal.
Mittenthal, Joseph, home w/E. Mittenthal.
Mixson, A. W. (Thomas & Mixson), res 114 Live Oak, bet Pacific ave & N. Harwood.
Moffatt, Garrett, boarding house, 9 Swiss, near R. R.
Moffett, Frank L., driver, Main Street R'y.
Moloney, Thomas, plasterer, bds S. Parisa.
Mormand, Daniel W., physician & surgeon, office 701 Elm, res Canton.
Monday, John, marble polisher, Middleton Bros.
Monell, Archer G., tailor, res se cor Ervay & Marilla.
Monier, James, fruits & confectionery, cor Poydras & Elm.
Moninger, John A., City Bill Poster & Advertising agent, 308 Main, bds Windsor Hotel.
Montgomery, John, wks G. L. Doyle, bds same.
Montgomery, William, wks Ervay Street R'y.
Moon, Eugene, home w/W. M. Moon.
Moon, William Marion, Sheriff, Dallas County, res 414 South Houston, cor Wood.
Moore, Charles E., saddler, Padgitt Bros., bds Mrs. R. J. Coleman.
Moore, Charles J., Flour, Feed & Grain, 204 South Houston, res 208 S. Houston.
Moore, Edgar, manager, M. L. Fleishel & Co. lumber yard, res 36 Good.
Moore, Frank G. (E. P. Cowen & Co.), res ss Young, bet Akard ave & Browder.
Moore, James M., notions, sw cor Elm & Poydras, res sw cor Wood & Cabell.
Moore, Mrs. L., housekeeper, Windsor Hotel.
Moore, William, clk, Charles J. Moore, bds same.
Mooreman, Charles C., wks Silberstein & Hirsch, bds James Morris.
Moores, Thomas J. (Anderson & Moores), res 508 Veale.
Morales, Manuel, manufacturer, importer & dealer in cigars, tobaccos, etc., 515 Main, res Galveston, Texas.
Moran, John, proprietor, Dallas Woolen Mills, s end South Houston, res ws S. Houston, s of Columbia.
Mordecai, Henry, cotton buyer, bds LeGrand Hotel.
Morehead, Jacob L. (Boals, Bushong & Co.), res Grapevine.
Morehead, William, printer, "Dallas Commercial."
Morgan, Daniel, stone cutter, res 408 N. Harwood.
Morgan & Gibbs (Richard Morgan, Barnett Gibbs), Attorneys, office over 405 Main.
Morgan, Miss Mary, home w/Richard Morgan, Jr.
Morgan, Richard Jr. (Morgan & Gibbs), res se cor Browder & Canton.
Morgan, Richard, home w/Richard Morgan, Jr.
"Morning Call," Published Daily Except Sundays. Office 207 Main, James B. Roberts, proprietor & editor-in-chief, Charles L. Martin, associate editor. See advt.
Moroney & Co. (James Moroney Jr., Timothy Moroney), hardware, wagon wood-work, etc., 627 Elm.
Moroney, James Jr. (Moroney & Co.), rooms at store.
Moroney, Timothy (Moroney & Co.), res New Orleans, La.
Morrall, John, boot & shoemaker, 614 Main, res ws Polk, bet Poydras & S. Lamar.
Morril, David L., Jr., clk, M. Benedikt & Co., rooms 501 Elm, cor Austin.
Morris, Mrs. Hattie N., res es Magnolia, cor Hord.
Morris, Joseph (c), res es Polk, bet Austin & S. Lamar.
Morris, Joseph, wks Union Hotel lunch stand.
Morris, Mrs. Mary (wid), res 119 Hawkins, cor Good.
Morris, Priar N., register clk, Dallas Post-office, bds A. B. Norton.
Morris, Thomas, brick mason, res ss Elm, bet Ervay & St. Paul.
Morris, William, bds Mrs. Harriet Smith.
Morrison, John, carpenter, res 933 Commerce, bet Lane & Ray.
Morrissey, James, boarding house, 701 Commerce, cor Poydras.
Morrow, David H. (Seay & Morrow), res 409 Main.
Morton, Asa W., res 30 Cochran, bet N. Lamar & Carter.
Morton, John H., physician & surgeon, office 602 Main, res 402 N. Harwood.
Morton, William F., City Marshal, res 804 Ervay.
Morville, Charles, teamster, res rear 51 Swiss, bet Crockett & Hawkins.
Moseley, Ellen (c), res ss Main, bet Preston & Cabell.
Moses, Alphonse, photographer, 208 Commerce, bet S. Jefferson & S. Houston, bds Delmonico Restaurant.
Mosher, James H., farmer, res ws Wood, bet Austin & S. Market.
Moss, Margaret (c), res rear 1015 Main.
Moss, Mortimer J., accountant, office 107 S. Lamar, res ws Wood, bet Austin & S. Market.
Moulard, August, carpenter, res ss Marilla, bet Browder & Ervay.
Mountain, James B., wks Jacob Weber, bds Metropolitan Hotel.
Mouser, John, teamster, res ss Main, e of Lloyd.
Muchlish, Gustav, carpenter, res ss Polk, bet Cabell & Preston.
Mueller, Charles, bar-tender, res ws Browder, bet Park & Marilla.
Mullen, Alexander, clk, A. & E. Mittenthal, bds A. Mittenthal.
Muller, Herman, boot & shoemaker, 309 Main, res Wood, near Jefferson.
Mullin, Patrick, res 320 Pearl.
Mumford, Oliver (c), wks brickyard, res es S. Lamar, s of Columbia.
Munro, George, Proprietor, Washington House, 415 S. Market, cor Wood. See advt.
Munson, Charles H., drayman, res cor Ashland & Highland.
Murphy & Brownlee (Edward H. Murphy & George H. Brownlee), proprietors, "Marble Hall" saloon, 110 S. Lamar, bet Elm & Main.
Murphy, Dennis, shoemaker, F. H. Page, res 316 Burford.
Murphy, Dennis, yardman, Lamar House.
Murphy, Edward H. (Murphy & Brownlee), bds Lamar Hotel.
Murphy, George, engineer, H. & T. C. R'y, res Wood, near Oil Mills.
Murphy, John P. (Jones & Murphy), rooms office, bds St. Charles Hotel.
Murphy, Mrs. Lucy V., bds Wade H. Webb.
Murphy, Miss Maggie, dress maker, res 941 Elm.
Murphy, Robert (c), cook, bds Richard Perry.
Murphy, Robert (c), porter, J. C. Bogel.
Murphy, William M., piano dealer, res 920 Commerce, cor Ray.
Murray, Alexander (c), res near Water Works.
Murray, Carl L., Physician & Surgeon, 629 Elm, bds Samuel G. Smith, ws Good, bet San Jacinto & Bryan.
Murray, Caroline (c), res ns Park, w of Akard ave.
Murray, George W., carpenter, bds Campbell House.
Murray, James W., teamster, res sw cor Cedar Spring road & Caroline.
Murray, Mrs. Kate, res 311 Commerce.
Murray, William, carpenter, bds Campbell House.
Mutz, John V., groceries & provisions, 929 Elm, res same.
Myers, Ambrose H. (Myers & Myers), bds L. D. Myers.
Myers, Carey (c), wks Hyde House, res ws S. Houston, s of Columbia.
Myers, Caspar, carpenter, res ss Park, w of Akard ave.
Myers, Charles, horse trader, res 709 Pacific ave.
Myers, Frank, clk, Harry E. Clark.
Myers, Frank, superintendent, street car stable, res ns Main, e of Lloyd.
Myers, George A., res 1124 Jackson, bet St. Paul & S. Harwood.
Myers, Henry, lab, res S. Jefferson, e of Columbia.
Myers, John F., carpenter, res 509 Polk, bet Austin & S. Lamar.
Myers, Joseph B., teacher, res ns Commerce, bet Cabell & St. Paul.
Myers, L. D. (Myers & Myers), res ns Elm, bet S. Sycamore & College.
Myers & Myers (L. D. Myers & A. H. Myers), house & sign painters, 837 Main.
Myers, Seymour, clk, Sanger Bros., rooms store.
Myers, William F., feed store, 1434 Elm, bet Lloyd & S. Leonard, res se cor Duncan & Main.

Nagle, Peggy (c), res ns Pacific ave, bet Bryan & Live Oak.
Nance, Silas H., Proprietor, "Hub" Dining Room, 315 Main, res & boarding house, 12 N. Lamar.
Nance, Zachariah, clk Cahn & Bro., res es Highland, bet Cedar Springs & Ashland.
Napoleon, George, carpenter, res se cor Cottage Lane & Victor.
Nardinia, Antonio, cook, Merchants' Restaurant, res ne cor Pacific ave & College.
National Hotel, Elm & Pacific ave, bet Houston & Lamar, Cole & Kelley, proprietors.
Neale, Lewis, druggist, 705 Elm, res 625 San Jacinto.
Needham, James, lab, res 609 Polk, bet Poydras & S. Lamar.
Needham, S., wks Oil Factory, res s end city limits.
Needham, Sallie (c), res ns Pacific ave, bet Bryan & Live Oak.
Neel, John L., boarding house, 15 N. Sycamore.
Neely, Reuben M., book-keeper, B. F. Avery & Sons, bds Sydney Smith.
Nelson, Mrs. E. C., home w/Harvey Page.
Nelson, Frederick, fitter, Schoellkopf & Doelling.
Nelson, Ludovig S., carpenter, res 1033 Wood, bet St. Paul & S. Harwood.
Nelson, Malcolm W., home w/J. J. Cox.
Nelson, Peter (c), res ns Main, bet St. Paul & S. Harwood.
Nelson, Thomas H., printer, "Texas Baptist," res 1242 Jackson.
Neuman, Noah, feed store & wagon yard, 1466 Elm, bet Lloyd & S. Leonard, res 1522 Elm.
Newberger, Jacob, clk, Sanger Bros., res 929 Jackson.
Newbolt, Jennings, home w/Mrs. Fannie West.
Newport, Mrs. S. C. (wid), res 402 Pacific ave.
Newson, Marshall M., physician & surgeon, office at Ervay & Connor's drug store, 502 Main, res 319 Canton.
Newton, Mrs. A. L. (wid), res 525 N. Harwood, bet Cochran & Ross ave.
Newton, Sallie (c), laundress, LeGrand Hotel.
Newton, William S., agricultural implements, with A. Oppenheimer, res ne cor Cottage Lane & Oleander.
Neyer, Bernhard, boot & shoemaker, shop 816 Elm, res two miles out near Fair Grounds
Nichols, Charles C., res s end S. Lamar.
Nichols & Co. (Joseph H. Nichols, Arthur F. Robbins), flour & grain dealers, 416 Elm, cor Austin.
Nichols, Edward (c), res cor Cochran & Good.
Nichols, Joseph H. (Nichols & Co.), res ns Commerce, bet St. Paul & South Harwood.
Nicholson, Lizzie (c), res ss Marilla, near Akard ave.
Nickel, William, millwright & machinist, ns Commerce, bet Broadway & S. Houston, bds St. Charles Hotel.
Niemeyer, Charles W. (Ries & Niemeyer), res 1023 Young.
Niemeyer & Lee (William J. Niemeyer, Charles F. Lee), lunch stand, 716
1/2 Main.
Niemeyer, William J. (Niemeyer & Lee), rooms 716
1/2 Main.
Nierstheimer, Fred., saloon, ns Camp, bet Griffin & North Lamar, res same.
Nies, George, boot & shoemaker, es S. Sycamore, bet Main & Commerce, res same.
Nies, Samuel, locksmith, wksk C. B. Griffen, res 839 Main.
Noble, James, agent, Singer Sewing Machine Co., res 309 Columbia, bet S. Market & S. Jefferson.
Noble, William O., baker, res rear 808 Main.
Nolan, John T., bds W. J. Walter.
Norris, Mrs. Ellen, milliner, A. A. Pearson.
Norris, M. E., bds Commercial Hotel.
North American Ice Co., Ice House, south end Lamar, Byington Salisbury, agent.
Norton, A. B., Postmaster & Publisher, "Union Intelligencer," res 748 Ross ave, cor Good.
Norton, William H., pump dealer, res 39 Good, cor Swiss.
Norton, William N., box clerk, Dallas Postoffice, rooms at office.
Nothaf, John L. (Lehman & Nothaf), res Denison, Texas.
Noulen, Mrs. P. A., dress maker, 641 Elm, res ns Commerce, bet S. Harwood & St. Paul.
Nowlin, Adam W., attorney, office 207 Main, res nw cor Ross ave & Leonard.
Nunnelly, G. C., traveling agent, Fairbanks scales, res ss Main, bet St. Paul & S. Harwood.
Nussbaumer, Jacob, meat market, 310 Main, res Swiss, outside City limits.
Nussbaumer, Theodore, butcher, J. Nussbaumer, bds same.

O'Bannon, Mrs. C. A. (wid), res ss Main, bet St. Paul & S. Harwood.
O'Bannon, Schiller, wks J. A. Work & Sons.
Obeirne, Edmund, res ns Wood, bet S. Harwood & Cabell.
Obeirne, Percy, clk, John Holloway, res ns Wood, bet South Harwood & Cabell.
Obenchain, Alexander T., res 658 N. Harwood, bet Bone & McKinney ave.
Obenchain, William A., real estate agent, bds J. B. Trotman.
Oberly, Gregor[y], cooper, Karney J. Kivlen, res ss Ross ave., bet Cantegral & Germania.
O'Brien, David, res 1549 Main.
O'Connor, Barney S., office w/Schneider & Davis.
O'Connor, James, brakeman, T. & P. R'y, bds Rawlings Hotel.
O'Connor, James C., Sec'y Gas Light Co., office w/Schneider & Davis, 514 & 516 Elm.
O'Connor, John F., office w/Schneider & Davis, res nw cor Oleander & Cottage Lane.
Odom, Maria (c), wks S. Cage.
O'Donnell, James M., cooper, res ns Patterson ave, bet Griffin & Magnolia.
Ogden, Robert (Ogden & Wolff), res 319 Pearl.
Ogden & Wolff (Robert Ogden, Simon Wolff), wholesale & retail groceries, provisions, wines, liquors, cigars, tobaccos, etc., cor Elm & Lamar.
O'Hara, John, carpenter, bds Van B. Barnum.
Ohlenbush, Harmon, bds George Willig.
Oliver Chilled Plow Works, South Bend, Ind., Texas branch, 214 & 216 Commerce, Joel S. Crosby, manager.
Oliver, John (c), res es Good, bet Bryan & San Jacinto.
Olstott, Thomas J., grocer, Bryan, Texas, res 820 San Jacinto.
Olyphant, Robert J., wks T. & P. R'y Co., res s end William Tell.
O'Neill, Ida, bds Anna I. Wilson.
Oppenheimer, August, Cotton Factor, Produce & commissioner merchant, cor S. Lamar & Pacific ave, res ne cor Cottage Lane & Oleander.
Oppenheimer, David G., salesman, A. & E. Mittenthal, res 222 Ross ave.
Oppenheimer, Samuel, clk, A. & E. Mittenthal, bds 222 Ross ave.
Oppy, Joseph, fruits & confectionery, cor South Lamar & Main.
Oram, John M., watches, clocks, jewelry, silverware, etc., 507 Main, res 103 Cottage Lane.
O'Reilly, James W., bds Thomas G. O'Reilly.
O'Reilly, John, wks A. Moses, res 318 Leonard.
O'Reilly, Thomas G., carpenter, Clark & Clark, res 318 Leonard.
O'Riley, John, waiter, Lamar House.
Ornn, Mrs. Abbie (wid), home w/John A. Willis.
Orr, A. M. (Mrs. William W.), livery stable & carriage repository, 724 & 726 Main, res same.
Orr, James, blacksmith, Worden & Smith.
Orr, William W., manager, A. M. Orr's livery stable, res 724 & 726 Main.
Orths, Charles, car repairer, res ss Swiss, bet Germania & William Tell.
Osborne, D. M. & Co., D. M. Osborne, President; A. G. Beardsley, Treasurer; J.H. Osborne, Secretary; manufacturers of "The Kirby" mowers & reapers, manufactory & general office, Auburn, N. Y., Jerome B. Hatch, general agent for Texas, office 401 Elm.
Osgood, E. H. (Henderson & Osgood), bds B. J. Henderson.
Ott, Charles (Ott & Pfaffle), rooms 724 Elm.
Ott, George A., music teacher, fruits & confectionery, 904 Main, res same.
Ott & Pfaffle (Charles Ott & Edward C. Pfaffle), guns, ammunition & sportsmen's supplies, 724 Elm.
Otto, Mrs. M., dressmaker, 603 Elm, up stairs, res ss Hord, bet Magnolia & Griffin.
Ottomeyer, Paul, bds James W. Childress.
Overand, John W., carpenter, res es Masten, bet Bone & McKinney road.
Owen, Thomas, engraver, "Dallas Commercial," res ns Carondolet, bet Austin & N. Market.
Owens, David, peddler, res 721 Live Oak, bet Good & Cantegral.
Owens, James D., clk, W. M. C. Hill, bds same.
Ownes, Jefferson, home w/William M. C. Hill.
Owsley, William P., home w/William M. Johnson.

Pace, Jesse M. (Carrington & Pace), res 924 Young.
Pacific House, John K. Renker, proprietor, 512 Pacific ave.
Padgitt Bros. (Thomas, William C. & Jesse D. Padgitt), harness, saddles, saddlery hardware, leather, etc., 603 & 718 Elm.
Padgitt, Jesse D. (Padgitt Bros.), res cor Ross avenue & Sycamore.
Padgitt, Thomas (Padgitt Bros.), res Waco, Texas.
Padgitt, William C. (Padgitt Bros.), res 1203 Wood, cor Cabell.
Page, Fred H., boots & shoes, 508 Main, bds Lamar House.
Page, Harvey, with F. H. Page, res 1044 Wood.
Page, Jay E., foreman, J. W. Lyle, res 811 Akard ave.
Page, Louis H., with F. H. Page, 508 Main, res ss Main, bet St. Paul & S. Harwood.
Palmer, Mrs. Rachael (wid), home w/Mrs. A. V. Carman.
Parisa, Sylvester, carpenter, res 1216 Elm.
Park Bros. (John M. Park & Hardy B. Park), manufacturers & dealers in stove & tinware, second-hand household goods, furniture, etc., 735 Elm.
Park, Charles T., furniture mover, office at T. Billington's, 633 Elm, res outside city limits.
Park, Hardy B. (Park Bros.), res 110 Bullington.
Park, John D., painter, res es Williams, bet Bone & McKinney ave.
Park, John M. (Park Bros.), res 110 Bullington.
Parker, Charles F. (Barlett, Parker & Co.), res 632 Ross ave.
Parker, Elisha J., agent, W. H. Tompkins, res 610 Ross ave, bet Crockett & Leonard.
Parker, Jane (c), res 205 Juliette.
Parker, John, groceries & provisions, 909 Main, res same.
Parker, Joseph W., telegraph operator, home w/ E. J. Parker.
Parker, Lucius C., res 544 Ross ave, cor Pearl.
Parker, Mrs. Mary M. (wid), res 510 S. Houston, bet Polk & Wood.
Parker, Mrs. R. Mary (wid), res 609 Cedar Springs, bet Caroline & Highland.
Parker, Theodore F., newspapers & periodicals, LeGrand Hotel, bds 510 Houston.
Parker, William S., miller, res 205 Walnut, cor N. Houston.
Parker, Zachariah, agent, American Bible Society, res 3 S. Harwood.
Parkey, Jacob B., carpenter, res ss Main, bet Dove & S. Leonard.
Parry, William E., land agent, res 121 Florence, cor Good.
Parsons, Ellen (wid), res ss Main, bet Ervay & St. Paul.
Parsons, Mrs. Julia H., bds James E. Howard.
Parsons, Robert, musician, res cor Commerce & Preston.
Pastell, Thomas W., runner, National Hotel.
Patrick, George W. (Patrick & Webster), boarding house, 1114 Elm, bet S. Harwood & Cabell.
Patrick & Webster (George W. Patrick & Joseph Webster), land agents, office 1114 Elm.
Patterson, James M., res 243 Patterson ave, cor N. Sycamore.
Patterson, Jennie, wks Maxime Guillot.
Patterson, Richard (c), porter, Arthur B. Taber.
Patterson, William H., drug clk, Ervay & Connor, bds Windsor Hotel.
Pattison, Frederick R., dealer in rustic work, 1312 Elm, res same.
Patton, Mrs. Minerva M. (wid), res 1057 Elm, bet S. Harwood & Live Oak.
Paul & Boyer (John Paul & John E. Boyer), contractors, carpenters & builders, ns Main, bet S. Sycamore & Poydras.
Paul, John (Paul & Boyer), res es Victor, bet Cottage Lane & San Jacinto.
Payne, Coleman G., attorney, office 209 S. Jefferson, rooms same.
Payne, David M. (Payne & Payne), res outside city limits.
Payne, John W. (Payne & Payne)(, res outside city limits.
Payne & Payne (John W. Payne & David M. Payne), attorneys, office 205 Main.
Peacock, Ammie, painter, bds J. L. Peacock.
Peacock, Jacob L., painter, res 116 Caroline, bet Ashland & Cedar Springs.
Peacock, John S., watchmaker, bds J. L. Peacock.
Peak, Junius, City Recorder, bds Thomas Field.
Peak, William W., Justice of the Peace, office over 214 Main, res near Fair Grounds, one & [one] half miles e of Court House.
Pearsons, Archibald A., millinery, ladies' furnishing goods, 712 Elm, res same.
Pedranzie, J., waiter, Windsor Hotel.
Pencil, William L., with E. F. Redfield & Co., bds D. Cooper.
Pendleton, Fannie (c), res ss Pacific ave, bet Live Oak & S. Sycamore.
Pendelton, Miss Sarah M., clk, Downing & Bates, bds J. C. Downing.
Penniman, Henry, cotton buyer, rooms H. Ervay.
Pennoyer, John, laundry, 317 Caruth, res same.
Penrey, John, clk, A. J. Jenkins.
Penry, Silas B., res ss Monument, bet Good & Cantegral.
Pense, M.J., printer, "Texas Baptist."
Penton, Harry, clk, M. Mayer, res 615 Veale.
Penton, John, carpenter, res 615 Veale, bet Young & Marilla.
Pepper, C. H. (Whitla & Pepper), res Capitol Hotel, Marshall, Texas.
Percifield, Miss Julia A., home w/S. E. McIlhenny.
Perkins, William (c), res ss Live Oak, bet Crockett & Pearl.
Perroncel, Charles, bar-tender, Windsor Hotel, bds same.
Perry, David P. (Perry & Doran), res New Orleans, La.
Perry & Doran (David P. Perry & William Doran), agents, Howe Sewing Machines, office 808 Main.
Perry, George W., clk, National Hotel.
Perry, Mary J. (wid), res 1015 Elm, bet Live Oak & S. Harwood.
Perry, Richard (c), Proprietor, Magnolia House, ns Camp, bet Griffin & N. Lamar.
Perry, William (c), res ws Good, bet Ross ave & Flora.
Peterson, Christian F., cigar maker, factory & res 807 Wood, bet Akard ave & Ervay.
Peterson, John, lab, bds Cincinnati House.
Peterson, Ludovick, gunsmith, C. B. Griffen, rooms at store.
Peterson, Ole M., clk, Nichols & Co., rooms 416 Elm.
Petrie, Charles, stage manager, Thompsons' Varieties.
Petty, Jonathan, wood-yards, res 1015 Young.
Petty, Jonathan, Jr., livery stable, ns Camp, bet Griffin & N. Lamar, bds J. Petty.
Pfaffle, Edward F. (Ott & Pfaffle), rooms 724 Elm.
Pfleger, Eugene, sausage maker, bds Frank Hamm.
Phalan, David, car repairer, H. & T. C. R'y, res ne cor Dove & Lloyd.
Phares, Hugo, guard County Jail, bds W. M. Moon.
Phares, L. W., dentist, office over 614 Elm, res San Jacinto, city limits.
Phares, Mrs. Mary E., teacher, preparatory department, Dallas Female College.
Phares, Thomas A., clk, Main Street R'y Co., bds C. E. Keller.
Phares, William S., policeman, res 1519 Main.
Phelan & Co. (William & Francis Phelan), portable engine & boiler manufacturers, office & works nw cor Ross ave & Orange.
Phelan, Francis (Phelan & Co.), res nw cor Ross ave & Orange.
Phelan, John, apprentice machinist, Phelan & Co.
Phelan, William (Phelan & Co.), res nw cor Ross ave & Orange.
Phifer, George W., clk, Recorder's Court, res se cor S. Harwood & Polk.
Philibert, Mrs. Elizabeth (wid), res s end Market.
Phillips, Jordan H., watchmaker, J. W. Webb, res 883 Pacific ave.
Philo, Adams, stone-cutter, res ns Commerce, bet Cabell & St. Paul.
Philp, Joseph, clk, Huey & Philp, rooms 608 Elm.
Philp, Simon (Huey & Philp), res 335 Pearl.
Pickens, William, machinist, C. S. Mitchell & Co., bds National Hotel.
Pickett, Miss Mattie, res S. Harwood, bet Columbia & Pierce.
Pickett, Miss Prenie, res es S. Harwood, bet Columbia & Pierce.
Pierce, John F. (E. F. Redfield & Co.), rooms sw cor Commerce & S. Market.
Platas, Herman, cigars & tobacco, 506 Main.
Platz, Anthony J. (Tony), Barber, Shops & Bath Rooms, ws S. Lamar, bet Camp & Elm & 706 Main, res ws Austin, bet Wood & Polk. See advt.
Plondke, Julius (L. Caperan & Co.), rooms at store.
Plouman, George H. (White & Plouman), res 315 Caruth.
Plum, Edward, baker, Alfred Kent, bds same.
Poe, Garrett (c), waiter, LeGrand Hotel.
Poelman, John H., gardener, res 306 Cochran.
Poelman, Joseph, gardener, bds J. H. Poelman.
Pointer, Mrs. Obedience (wid), res 508 Ross ave, cor N. Harwood.
Pol, Constantine K., Merchant Tailor, LeGrand Hotel, cor Main & Austin, bds Windsor Hotel.
Polachek, Alex., clk, Goldsmith, Rosenthal & Co., bds J. Goldsmith.
Poland, John S., res 408 Griffin, bet Collins & Caruth.
Polder, Jacob (Stoeckle & Polder), bds J. Shiveley.
Politzer, Louis, gent's furnishing goods, 712
1/2 Main, res Jackson, near Jefferson.
Pollard, Elizabeth (wid), home w/Z. Jones.
Pollard, William J., res 88 Bryan, bet N. Harwood & Masten.
Polser, Joseph, butcher, res ns Main, bet South Leonard & Lloyd.
Porter, Andrew J., State agent, Wire Plow Co., res ns Pearl, bet Cora & Live Oak.
Porter, James H., harness & saddle manufacturer, shop 210 S. Houston, bds J. D. Keaton.
Porter, Passel (c), wks N. E. Craddock.
Porter, Shedrick (c), res ss Live Oak, bet Pearl & Crockett.
Post, Thomas B., bds H. C. Hoskins.
Poth, Jacob, tailor, John W. Miller, bds William Tell House.
Poth, John, tailor, Zimmerman & Co., bds William Tell House.
Potter, Alexander (William Potter & Son), res 952 Wood.
Potter, Charles, clk, J. A. Drake, home w/William Potter.
Potter, George, cigar maker, E. M. Kuhn.
Potter, John, farmer, bds Campbell House.
Potter, John, law student, bds William Potter.
Potter, Thomas, clks & bds P. W. Linskie.
Potter, Witlrid (McKean & Potter), res over 710 Market.
Potter, William, carpenter (Wm. Potter & Son), res over 710 Murphy.
Potter, William & Son (William & Alexander), carpenters & builders, shop 710 Murphy.
Potts, John H., groceries, provisions, wines & liquors, 619 Elm, rooms at store.
Potts, S. S., clk, J. Menczer, res 619 Elm.
Powell, E. M. (Powell & Gage), bds St. Charles Hotel.
Powell & Gage (E. M. Powell, E. L. Gage), Real Estate agents surveyors, 507 Main. See advt.
Powell, John B., res 114 Bryan, bet Olive & North Harwood.
Power, Henry C., res ws Good, bet Flora & Juliette.
Powers, Miss Kate, res ns Cora, near Crockett.
Powers, Miss Maggie, res ns Cora, near Crockett.
Poynor, Charlotte T. (wid), boarding house, 1344 Pacific ave.
Poynor, David A., civil engineer, bds Mrs. C. T. Poynor.
Poynter, Marcellus, res 1136 Commerce.
Prather, Philip, boarding house, 104 N. Lamar, cor Hord.
Prather, William H., tax collector, res 103 Ross ave, cor North Lamar.
Preston, John A., bds Robert Harnsburger.
Preveaux, Lewis, res 754 Wood.
Prewitt, Thomas, carpenter, bds Levi W. Clines.
Price, Eliza, wks Simon Philp.
Price, Isaiah (c), waiter, LeGrand Hotel, bds Thomas Cheets.
Price, Joseph C., lab T & C. R'y, res 1214 Commerce.
Prince, John E., traveling agent, B. F. Avery & Sons, bds St. Charles Hotel.
Pringle, Henry, proprietor, St. Louis Beer Cellar, basement, nw cor Main & Austin, res ss Browder, bet Park & Marilla.
Priot, John, brick manufacturer, res 139 N. Harwood, cor Bryan.
Proffett, James, teamster, res 135 Olive, bet Live Oak & Bryan.
Prosser, Erastus R., teamster, res ns Pacific ave, bet Magnolia & N. Sycamore.
Pruitt, Mrs. Mary A. (wid), home w/B. F. Ball.
Puckett, Andrew, home w/John Alcott.
Puckett, Miss Georgie, milliner, A. A. Pearson, home w/John Alcott.
Puckett, Miss Jennie, home w/John Alcott.
Puckett, Miss Julia, milliner, A. A. Pearson, home w/John Alcott.
Puckett, Robert, home w/John Alcott.
Pummer, Charles, blacksmith, bds Mrs. J. Pummer.
Pummer, Johanna (wid), res w end Pocahontas.
Purnell, James E., bartender, Julius C. Bogel, res cor Ervay & Elm.
Pursell, Charles, lab, res 1131 Young.
Putty, Thomas J., real estate agent, res 1454 Elm, bet S. Leonard & Lloyd.
Putz, Joseph, clk A. A. Pearson.
Putz, Miss Leontine, clk A. A. Pearson, home w/Joseph Putz.
Pyatt, Benjamin F., wks T. & P. R'y, bds Union Hotel.

Quick, Mrs. Lucy P. (wid), home w/Mrs. Lucy P. McDanniel.
Quihleny, Joseph, lab, res es Akard ave, bet Park & Marilla.
Quillman, George N., transfer owner, res 905 Young, cor Akard ave.
Quinn, John A., plasterer, home w/Mark Z. Quinn.
Quinn, Mark Z., Shirt Manufacturer, 107 S. Lamar, res ss Polk, bet Preston & Cabell. See advt.
Quinn, Miss Mary B., home w/Mark Z. Quinn.
Quinn, Morris, carpenter, bds Timothy Daly.
Quint, Alden P., res 625 Live Oak.
Quinton, John, blacksmith & horseshoer, shop 206 S. Houston, res over shop.

Ragan, Mrs. C. (wid), home w/S. L. May.
Ragan, Laura, res ns Pacific ave, bet Bryan & Live Oak.
Ragan, Marcus B., res cor Cedar Springs & Buena Vista.
Rainle, Mrs. Amelia (wid), res 212 Wood.
Raines, George W., wks T. & P. R'y, bds Union Hotel.
Rainey, Hugh H., cotton buyer, officer over 413 Elm, res ws N. Sycamore, bet Emma & Patterson ave.
Rains, Hugh B., civil engineer, ne cor Elm & Market.
Rains, Isam (c), res cor Good & Cochran.
Rains, Milly (c), res ss Polk, near Poydras.
Rainwater, David T. (D. T. Rainwater & Co.), res ns Wood, bet Akard ave & Ervay.
Rainwater, D.T. & Co. (David T. Rainwater, ------ Co.), grain dealers, elevator & office, ne cor Lamar & Wood.
Rainwater, Miss Violet, bds D. T. Rainwater.
Rainwater, William A., carpenter, bds D. T. Rainwater.
Ralston, J. B., traveling agent, Stone & Keating, res Ross ave.
Ramsey, Bartlett Y. (Ramsey & Helm), res 711 Live Oak.
Ramsey & Helm (Bartlett Y. Ramsey, Charles W. Helm), attorneys, office 610 Main.
Ramsey, Henry (c), teamster, res ws N. Jefferson, bet Calhoun & Cochran.
Ramsey, Joseph, driver, Ogden & Wolff, res Live Oak.
Ramsey, Miss Mary A., pleating, 807 Main.
Ramsey, Thomas, stock dealer, res 322 Live Oak.
Randall Grain Separator Co., Moses D. Garlington, President; William H. Thomas, Treasurer; Benjamin P. Jett, Secretary & Manager; Thomas Uhl, Henry S. Ervay, Thomas J. Stratton, W. H. Halsell, Stockholders; office & manufactory, 205 Main.
Randall, Nancy (c), res ss Polk, bet Poydras & S. Lamar.
Randall, Savannah (c), home w/Peter Bradford.
Randall, Mrs. V. A. (wid), res ns Caruth, bet Orange & Masten.
Randall, W. G., dry goods, Fort Worth, res 511 Elm.
Ranft, John G., carpenter, res 1106 Jackson, bet St. Paul & Ervay.
Ranft, Lizzie, wks William Walker.
Rankin, William, ice dealer, res 16 Polk, cor Austin.
Ratterree, Hyder, cotton classer, F. E. Daniels, bds Lamar House.
Rauch, Jacob (Dallas Flouring Mill Co.), res 314 Pacific ave, cor S. Market.
Rawlings Hotel, ne cor Main & S. Leonard, William H. Stegall, proprietor.
Rawlings, Roderick D., deputy County Clerk, office Court House, res ws N. Harwood, bet Ross ave & Cochran.
Rawson, Spencer, tinner, Park Bros., res 943 Elm.
Ray, Adrian, clk, Moses Burk.
Ray, J. D., millright, bds Washington House.
Ray, Thomas, clk, Goldsmith, Rosenthal & Co.
Ray, William A., res 328 Pearl.
Ray, William H., boot & shoemaker, 106 S. Sycamore, bet Elm & Main, res same.
Rayfield, William, clk, M. Mayer.
Raymond, Dan (c), res 265 Peak, cor Juliette.
Ream, Erastus P., canvasser, Perry & Doran.
Reamer, Jonn D., brick-layer, res 46 Alamo, bet Cedar Springs & McKinney road.
Reames, Thomas P., book-keeper, Clark & Boyd.
Recard [Record?], Ann (c), res ns Park, w of Akard ave.
Reck, Charles E., res 749 Ross ave, cor Good.
Reckerd, John W., res ne cor Bone & Williams.
Rector, Isaac (c), bds Henry Richardson.
Rector, John (c), wood-sawyer, res ws H. & T. C. R'y, bet Main & Commerce.
Redfield, Edwin F. (E. F. Redfield & Co.), res 402 Bryan, cor Crockett.
Redfield, E. F. & Co. (Edwin F. Redfield & John A. Pierce), dealers in pianos, organs & musical merchandise, sw cor Commerce & S. Market.
Redle, Romwald, barber, E. Fretz, bds W. Redle.
Redle, William, musician, res cor S. Harwood & Wood.
Redstein, Joseph, groceries & provisions, nw cor Austin & Polk, res same.
Reeb, Christian, mason, res 630 Bryan, bet Good & Cantegral.
Reeb, Christopher, clk, Goldsmith, Rosenthal & Co.
Reed & Lathrop (Lyman C. Reed & Seth Lathrop), books & stationery, 505 Main.
Reed, Lyman C. (Reed & Lathrop), res 1136 Jackson.
Reed, Mrs. Louisa L. (wid), home w/Seth Lathrop.
Reed, Silas, bds George W. Evans.
Reese, Ed. (c), brick mason, res ns Patterson ave, bet Griffin & Magnolia.
Reese, Eurotas H., clk, Frank Dellaccio, bds T.J. Reese.
Reese, Herman, merchant tailor, res 738 Wood.
Reese, Miss Susan, milliner, bds Tremont House.
Reese, Thos. J., brick-layer, res es Highland, bet Cedar Springs & Ashland.
Reichard, Charles, painter, bds H. T. La Rue.
Reichenstein & Bohny (Louis Reichenstein & Leopold F. Bohny), proprietors, "Tivoli Hall" saloon, 606 Main.
Reichenstein, Louis (Reichenstein & Bohny & Reichenstein & Stevens), general agent, E. Annheuser & Co., St. Louis, office, 606 Main.
Reichenstein & Stevens (Louis Reichenstein & A. T. Stevens), proprietors, Texas Ice Co., office & Ice house opposite H. & T. C. R'y freight depot.
Reinecke, Theodore, cigars & tobacco, 309 Main, res same.
Remly, James, carpenter, bds James G. Brown.
Remond, Emil, brick-layer, res ss Floyd, bet William Tell & Cantegral.
Renker, John R., proprietor, "Pacific House," 512 Pacific ave.
Renner, Lashly, farmer, res w end Columbia.
Resley, Arthur, wks John A. Moninger, rooms 308 Main.
Retge, August, carpenter, shop, ss Main, bet Austin & Market, res ns Jackson, bet Kendall & Poydras.
Reynolds, James S., commercial agent, 601 Elm, cor S. Lamar, res ne cor Pacific ave & Harwood.
Reynolds, John, wks John Shea, bds same.
Reynolds, Joseph, shoemaker, Harry Bros.
Rhoades, Jacob, scroll-sawyer, Clark & Boyd, res 313 Crockett.
Rhodes, Joseph, street car-driver, Ervay Street R'y.
Rhodes, Samuel, abstracts of titles, bds J. K. Elliott.
Rhodes, S. E., street car-driver, bds Crutchfield House.
Rice, Hudson, bds Mrs. Sarah Beeler.
Rice, J. Oliver, clerk, Fred Manget.
Richards, Benjamin B., Commercial Agent, Woolen goods & teas, office 701 Elm.
Richards, Frank, carpenter, res S. Lamar, e of Columbia.
Richards, John R., proprietor, Continental House, ns Main, bet Ervay & S. Sycamore.
Richardson, David, bds Wm. A. Jones.
Richardson, David L., book-keeper, C. S. Mitchell & Co., bds J. L. Neel.
Richardson, Edward H. (Stribling & Richardson), res ns Juliette, bet Peak & Good.
Richardson, Henry (c), res 505 es R. R., s of Commerce.
Richot, Achille, foreman, F. Michel's brick-yard, res Bryan.
Richardson, George Owen, teacher, colored school, res es Burford, bet Bryan & San Jacinto.
Rick, George, furniture & house furnishing goods, 802 & 804 Elm, res 222 Park.
Ricks, Robert (Dakan & Ricks), rooms at store.
Riddell, Miss Alice, home w/A. J. Blake.
Riddell, Miss Huldah, home w/A. J. Blake.
Riddick, Miss Harriet, assistant teacher at Fourth Ward Public School, res J. Giles.
Riddle, John, carpenter, bds Crutchfield House.
Ries, Henry C. (Ries & Niemeyer), rooms 110
1/2 S. Lamar.
Ries & Niemeyer (Herman C. Ries & Charles Niemeyer), merchant tailors, 110
1/2 S. Lamar, bet Elm & Main.
Rigging, Frank, wks Hinchman & Bryant, bds D. Bryant.
Rigging, Royal T., wks Hinchman & Bryant, bds D. Bryant.
Riley, George W. agent, Combination Door Lock & Bell, res ns Hord, bet Griffin & Magnolia.
Riley, John, wks T. & P. R'y, bds Union Hotel.
Riley, Kate, wks American House.
Riley, Mrs. Mary (wid), res s end city limits.
Riley, Michael, boot & shoemaker, 1130 Elm, res same.
Riley, Patrick, teamster, res near Water Works.
Riley, Teodore F., bar-tender, W. C. Whiteman, bds same.
Ripley, Paul M., clk, R. V. Tompkins, res 219 Bryan, corner Pearl.
Riste, Thomas J., surgeon, dentist, 629 Elm, res Swiss.
Ritchey, Mrs. Nancy R. (wid), home w/L. M. Spencer.
Ritchie, Charles, carpenter, res H. & T. C. R'y, near Swiss.
Robbins, Arthur F. (Nichols & Co.), bds Mrs. M. E. Davenport.
Robbins, Mrs. M., rooms Mrs. S. C. Newport.
Roberts, Alfred, res sw cor Pacific ave & Market.
Roberts, Mrs. A. N. (wid), res nw cor Camp & Sycamore.
Roberts, Miss Ida, home w/Thos. H. Nelson.
Roberts, James B., Editor & Proprietor, "Morning Call," office over 607 Main, bds James Noble. See advt.
Roberts, John, bds Henry T. LaRue.
Roberts, John P., fruit dealer, res ws Wood, bet S. Market & Austin.
Roberts, Lacy, carpenter, bds Mrs. A. N. Roberts.
Roberts, Mrs. Mary (wid), home w/Thos. H. Nelson.
Roberts, Oscar, bds Mrs. A. N. Roberts.
Roberts, William, lab, res ns Pacific ave, bet Bryan & Live Oak.
Robeson, John H., clk, R. V. Tompkins, res sw cor Carter & Caruth.
Robertson, Charles A., book-keeper, R. V. Tompkins, bds Windsor Hotel.
Robertson, Laughlin J., boiler maker, Phelan & Co., bds Pacific House.
Robertson, Sawnie (Eblen & Robertson), res 913 Ervay.
Robertson, A. Cornell, machinist, Hoffman & Garside.
Robinson, Aleck (c), porter, M. K. Thorbum, res ns Juliette, bet Good & Boll.
Robinson, Anna (wid), home w/J. Tenison.
Robinson, John, stair builder, res 1050 Wood.
Robinson, Samuel (c), 606 Leonard, bet Flora & Juliette.
Robinson, William A., clk, Connor & Walker, bds Lamar House.
Rodgers, Eri, home w/Alex. White.
Rodgers, George B., carriage maker, with R. H. Rodgers.
Rodgers, James M., with R. H. Rodgers.
Rodgers, Ranzil H., Carriage Maker & Blacksmith, shops ns Pacific ave, bet Austin & N. Market & cor Austin & Ross ave, res 403 Pacific ave, cor Market. See advertisement.
Rodgers, William A., hardware cutlery, 506 Elm, res 52 Masten.
Roe, Michael, Proprietor, "Old Corner" Saloon & Boarding House, Elm, near H. & T. C. R'y, res same.
Rogers, Albert (c), butcher, res ns San Jacinto, bet Leonard & Burford.
Rogers, Allen, home w/Henry B. Stone.
Rogers, Henry, teamster, res s city limits, near Water Works.
Rogers, Judge (c), porter, H. E. Tuttle.
Rogers, P. R., general western agent, Memphis & Charleston R. R., res ws Carter, bet Collins & Hord.
Rood, William C., bds Commercial Hotel.
Root, D. N., well borer, bds S. P. Depler.
Root, Edward E., res ss Swiss, bet Hawkins & Good.
Roseberry, Sonora (c), res 1120 Jackson.
Rosenfield, Morris, clk, A. Israelsky, res ns Caruth, bet N. Lamar & Carter.
Rosenfield, Yetta, res ns Caruth, bet N. Lamar & Carter.
Rosenthal, Abraham, clk, Sanger Bros., res 830 Jackson, cor Akard ave.
Rosenthal, Eugene S., hide dealer, res 830 Jackson, cor Akard avenue.
Rosenthal, Mrs. Rachel (wid), res 830 Jackson, cor Akard ave.
Rosenthal, Morris (Goldsmith, Rosenthal & Co.), res ws N. Harwood, bet Live Oak & Bryan.
Rosenthal, William, peddler, res 214 Wood, cor S. Jefferson.
Ross, Andrew J., res 349 Ross ave, bet Orange & Masten.
Ross, William W., proprietor, "Central Garden," res 349 Ross ave, bet Orange & Masten.
Rosseau, Lawrence, printer, Texas Baptist, bds J. C. McNealus.
Rosser, Robert S., res 925 Commerce, bet Lane & Ray.
Roushey, John, wood worker, Clark & Boyd.
Rowan, Charles T., groceries & provisions, nw cor Main & S. Sycamore, res same.
Rowley, Fayette R., Manager, Russell & Co., Office under Windsor Hotel, also (Zimmerman & Co.), res se cor Cadiz & Evergreen.
Royer, Joseph, gardener, res ss Elm, bet Ervay & St. Paul.
Royer, Julius, notary public, 107 S. Lamar, res ss Elm, bet Ervay & St. Paul.
Ruan, William A., book keeper, bds National Hotel.
Ruckstool, Joseph L. (Ruckstool & Wild), res 1116 Elm.
Ruckstool & Wild (Joseph L. Ruckstool, Alfred Wild), proprietors, "Stock Yard
Exchange" saloon, 1116 Elm. See advertisement.
Rudow, Charles, merchant tailor, 206 S. Market, bet Main & Commerce, res same.
Ruedy, Frank, blacksmith, William Long, res 936 Elm, bet S. Sycamore & Ervay.
Ruedy, Mrs. Mary, midwife, res 936 Elm.
Ruff, John A., clk, W. M. C. Hill, res 753 Pacific ave.
Rumpeltin, F. Aug. (Rumpeltin & Langenbach), bds Metropolitan Hotel.
Rumpeltin & Langenbach (F. Aug. Rumpeltin, Julius Langenbach), proprietors, "Tivoli" lunch stand, 606 Main.
Rush, Charles, driver, Texas Express Co., bds Delmonico restaurant.
Rush, Michael, adjuster, Singer Manufacturing Co., res 936 Elm.
Russell, Miss Amanda, home Jacob Menczer.
Russell, Miss Ann, dressmaker, 603 Elm, up stairs, res 6 Olive.
Russell & Co., Manufacturers Engines & Threshers, Massillon, Ohio, office ns Commerce, bet S. Lamar & Austin, Windsor Hotel building, Fayette R. Rowley, manager.
Russell, James E., farmer, res 6 Olive, bet Pacific ave & Live Oak.
Russell, John, carpenter, bds J. E. Russell.
Russell, John S., moulder, bds R. P. Carson.
Russell, Joseph D., farmer, res 9 Caroline, bet Cedar Springs & McKinney road.
Russell, Thomas, steward, Windsor Hotel, bds same.
Russell, Vinet S., traveling agent, Russell & Co., rooms sw cor Wood & Austin.
Russey, Merrill W., brick manufacturer, yard, Flora, bet Peak & Good, bds A. J. White.
Rust, Charles, teamster, res 707 Bryan.
Ruth, Thomas (c), res ns Bryan, near Good.
Ryan, J. H., civil engineer, T. & P. R'y, bds Windsor Hotel.
Ryan, J. J., carpenter, bds Rawling's Hotel.
Ryan, John, bds John Moran.
Ryan, Michael, lab, bds James Morrissey.
Ryant, John, bds L. H. Burton.
Ryas, James, student, bds O. P. Levlin [Levlon].
Ryell, Joseph, carpenter, bds European House.
Rylander, Charles A., res ss Collins, bet Magnolia & Grifin.

Saccro, Frank, groceries & provisions, 738 Main, res same.
Salisbury, Byington, general agent, North American Ice Co., Ice House, s end S. Lamar, res 402 Austin, cor Jackson.
Sample, William T., cotton buyer, office 413 Elm, res ns Ross ave, bet N. Harwood & Masten.
Sam Shong, Chinese laundry, 110 S. Sycamore.
Sanders, Lytle, traveling agent, Stone & Keating, bds Robert W. Sanders.
Sanders, Robert W., wood turner, Clark & Boyd, res 1108 Elm, near S. Harwood.
Sanderson, Robert, bricklayer, res 419 Bryan.
Sane, Charles E., pressman, "Dallas Commercial," res 738 Wood.
Sanford, Harrison R., res es Duncan, near Main.
Sanford, William (c), bds Richard Perry.
Sanford, William (c), home w/Emily Bates.
Sanger, Alexander (Sanger Bros.), bds National Hotel.
Sanger Bros. (Isaac Sanger, N. Y. Sanger, Alexander Sanger, Dallas, Samuel Sanger, Lehman Sanger, Waco), wholesale & retail dealers in dry goods, clothing, boots, shoes, hats, etc., 509 & 511 Main & 510 & 512 Elm.
Sanger, Isaac (Sanger Bros.), res New York City.
Sanger, Lehman (Sanger Bros.), res Waco, Texas.
Sanger, Philip (Sanger Bros.), res 822 Ervay.
Sanger, Samuel (Sanger Bros.), res Waco, Texas.
Santos, Henry V., brakeman, home w/Mrs. L. Liddell.
Sartori, John, fruits & confectionery, 104 South Sycamore, res same.
Saucier, Marie E., groceries & provisions, ne cor Ross ave & Leonard, res same.
Saunders, Marcus, engineer, Dallas & Wichita R'y., res sw cor Jackson & Preston.
Saunders, Rufus K., Jr., operator, Western Union Telegraph office, bds Lamar House.
Sawyer, Silas, proprietor, Granger House, 905 & 907 Main, bet Ervay & S. Sycamore.
Scales, Charles, student, bds Geo. M. Swink.
Schaberg, John, baker, bds European House.
Schaub, Adam, res Patterson ave.
Scheleto, John, miller, res es N. Jefferson, bet Calhoun & Cochran.
Schenck, James W., manufacturer artificial stone, office & res, 738
1/2 Main.
Schenck, Mrs. M. J., agent, White & Wilson sewing machines, 738
1/2 Main.
Schenck, Gustav, with Fred Nierstheimer, res same.
Schenk, Mrs. Louise (wid), res ns S. Market, bet Jackson & Wood.
Schercer, Richard, carpenter, res 412 Wood.
Schiff, Gustav, physician & surgeon, office 610 Main.
Schilling, John, Bookbinder & Ruler, 609 Main, res S. Lamar, s of Columbia. See advt.
Schmid, Joseph B., carpenter, Clark & Clark, rooms 110 Patterson ave.
Schmidt, Charles F., engineer, res ns Jackson, bet Lane & Ervay.
Schmidt, George, waiter, Windsor Hotel, res ns Wood, bet S. Market & S. Jefferson.
Schmidt, J., shoemaker, bds John Brach.
Schmidt, Jeff, carpenter, bds Germania House.
Schmuker, Mary, wks L. C. Reed.
Schneider, Augustus, book keeper, Schneider & Davis, bds Lamar House.
Scheider & Davis (Jules E. Schneider & Alfred Davis), wholesale grocers, tobacco & cigars, 514 & 516 Elm.
Schnsok, Joseph, shoemaker, bds Metropolitan Hotel.
Schoellkopf & Doelling (G. H. Schoellkopf & George Doelling), leather & shoe findings, saddlery hardware, hides, wool, pelts & furs, 643 Elm.
Schoellkopf, G. H. (Schoellkopf & Doelling), rooms store.
Scholes, Mrs. Alice (wid), res ss S. Jefferson & Wood.
Scholes, Charles, tinner, H. W. Harry & Bro., bds St. Charles, rooms at store.
Schrage, William, saddler, Lehman & Nothaf, res Polk.
Schreck, Leo, baker, Floweday & Co.
Schreffler, William J., carpenter, res ss Wood, near Poydras.
Schretor, William, salesman, D. M. Osborne & Co.
Schroeder, Lebrecht, agent, E. G. Childs, bds H. S. Ervay.
Schroeder, William, clk, res 410 Polk, bet Austin & S. Market.
Schultice, Miss Nellie, home w/Chas. W. Isham.
Schultice, Mrs. Sarah, home w/Chas. W. Isham.
Schumaker, Ben (c), res ss Cochran, bet Good & Boll.
Schwenson, John, lab, bds Germania House.
Schwing, Sarah J. (wid), res ns Live Oak, bet Pearl & Crockett.
Scott, Rev. Almond (c), Pastor, Free Will Baptist Church, res 521 Cochran.
Scott & Co. (William Scott & Eldon W. Smith), livery, sale & feed stable, 108 S. Jefferson, bet Elm & Main.
Scott George W., bds Joseph D. Russell.
Scott, Hugh, home w/Mrs. J. A. Cox.
Scott, Lily, bds Maggie Cain.
Scott, Miss Mattie, home Mrs. J. A. Cox.
Scott, James M., driver, Main Street R'y.
Scott, John, hide buyer, A. W. Littlehale & Bro.
Scott, John S., driver, San Jacinto street car, res ns Main, bet S. Sycamore & Ervay.
Scott, Orry, res ns San Jacinto, bet Crockett & Leonard.
Scott, Thomas P., clk, bds Commercial Hotel.
Scott, Walter, apprentice boiler maker, Phelan & Co.
Scott, William, farmer, res ws Griffin, bet Patterson ave & Camp.
Scott, William (Scott & Co.), bds J. C. Bogel.
Scott, William T., brick-mason, res s end city limits.
Scriber, Robert D., wks King's Broom Factory, res same.
Scripture, R., book-keeper, S. H. Cockrell & Co., bds Mrs. S. H. Cockrell.
Scruggs, James B. (C. S. Mitchell & Co.), res 903 Wood.
Scruggs, Rev. Luther, res se cor Boll & Ross ave.
Scully, John, lab, res 1334 Elm, bet S. Leonard & R. R.
Sears, Mrs. Carrie (wid), bds Mrs. Fannie Dodd.
Seastrunk, Samuel, res 326 Caruth, cor Magnolia.
Seay & Morrow (Robert B. Seay & David H. Morrow), attorneys, 301 Main, up-stairs.
Seay, Robert B. (Seay & Morrow), res 234 Masten.
Seegar, Eugene, carrier, "Dallas Commercial," res 903 Ross avenue.
Seegar, John A., surgeon, dentist, 611 Elm, up-stairs, res 903 Ross ave.
Seidenbeutel, Morris, saloon-keeper, res ns Commerce, bet Field & Murphy.
Seixas, Alfred D., clerk, Bartlett, Parker & Co., res 204 Live Oak.
Sellars, James O., silversmith, bds Mrs. Sarah J. Fox.
Sellars, Ned (c), chair bottomer, res ss Cochran, bet Peak & Good.
Selsor, John A., lab, res ss Carondolet, bet N. Market & Austin.
Semmett, John, wks Union Hotel.
Sering, August, tailor, L. Ax, boards Lone Star House.
Sessions, Eugene, groceries & provisions, 301 Wood, sw cor S. Jefferson, rooms same.
Sevier, Shepherd (c), expressman, res 935 Jackson, bet Lane & Ray.
Sevier, Walker (c), bds Shepherd Sevier.
Seward, Horatio L., Deputy U. S. Marshal, res 903 Wood, cor Akard ave.
Seydel, James H., bds J. C. Seydel.
Seydel, John C., res 405 N. Harwood.
Seydel, Thomas A., bds John C. Seydel.
Seyle, Edwin C., printer, "Christian Preacher," bds C. M. Wilmeth.
Shaffner, George, clk, R. V. Tompkins, res ns San Jacinto, bet Good & Boll.
Shamber, Jacob, painter, bds E. J. Stang.
Shankey, John, groceries, etc., ns Elm, near Live Oak, res same.
Shanks, Frank, printer, "Herald."
Shanley, John, brick-layer, res ss San Jacinto, cor Germania.
Shanley, John, Jr., brick-layer, bds John Shanley, Sr.
Shanly, Thomas, wks T. & P. R'y, bds Tremont House.
Shannon, Denman W., res ns San Jacinto, bet Cantegral & Germania.
Shannon, James, mason, bds American House.
Sharpnack, F. A., with Russell & Co., bds Windsor Hotel, rooms sw cor Austin & Wood.
Shares, William H. (c), res es Veale, bet Marilla & Young.
Sharp, Adam, res ss Patterson ave, bet N. Sycamore & Oleander.
Sharp, James R., home w/August Adleta.
Sharp, Mrs. Jane (wid), res ss Austin, bet Polk & Wood.
Shattuck, George H., assistant teacher, Union Bethel (c) School, rooms w/Rev. J. H. Bryan.
Shaw, William B., salesman, Boals, Bushong Co., bds Elm Street House, rooms 643 Elm.
Shea, Ed. (Shea & Gordon), bds LeGrand Hotel.
Shea & Gordon (Ed. Shea & P. S. Gordon), groceries & provisions, 509 Elm.
Shea, John, Proprietor, Union Saloon, Pacific Avenue Opposite Union Depot, res ns Swiss, bet Hawkins & Crockett.
Shea, William, bar-tender, John Shea, bds same.
Shedrick, Isaac (c), waiter, LeGrand Hotel.
Sheehan, Patrick, policeman, res 1013 Wood.
Sheets, Andrew B., carriage maker, Worden & Smith, res sw cor S. Jefferson & Wood.
Sheffield, Benjamin F., real estate, res over 501 Elm.
Sheffield, Miss Lydia, clk Goldsmith, Rosenthal & Co.
Sheldon, Pinckney B., attorney, officer over 201 Main, cor Houston, res 415 Griffin.
Shelley, Leana (c), res w side R. R., bet Cottage Lane & Swiss.
Shelley, Joseph, teamster, res es N. Market, bet Carondolet & Walnut.
Shepherd, Abram L., res ss Wood, near Akard ave.
Shepherd, Alexander H., res se cor Preston & Commerce.
Shepherd, Charles, vegetable dealer, City Market, cor S. Sycamore & Main, res 310 & 312 Commerce.
Shepherd, Christian, lab, res ns Park, bet Browder & Ervay.
Shepherd, Mrs. Matilda G. (wid), boarding house, 310 & 312 Commerce.
Shepherd, William H., carpenter, home w/Mrs. M. G. Shepherd.
Sheppard, James, printer, "Texas Baptist," bds W. C. Gobel.
Sheppard, James, res 77 Cochran.
Sherman, Mrs. Mary (wid), res Austin, e of Columbia.
Shields, George, commission merchant, res ns Ross ave, bet N. Harwood & Masten.
Shields, K. (K. Shields & W. W. Young), Paints, Oils, window-glass, wall-paper, etc., 703 Main.
Shields, Kane (K. Shields), bds St. Charles Hotel.
Shiffer, Jacob L., clk D. B. Heller, bds same.
Shillato, John G., miller, S. H. Cockrell & Co.
Shimp, Orlando, brick-layer, bds Lashley Renner.
Shirley, William, painter (Emerson & Shirley), bds E. E. Emerson.
Shivley, John J., boarding house, ss Commerce, cor Poydras.
Shivers, Thomas B., clks, and bds James J. Carnes.
Shivers, Mrs. T. J. (wid), home w/James J. Carnes.
Shone, William J., Books, Stationery, Wall Paper, Picture frames, etc., 507 Main, res 216 Swiss. See advt.
Shook, William K., res 14 Cora.
Short, J. Jackson, teamster, res ws Caroline, bet Ashland & Cedar Springs.
Shreenan, Frank, lunch stand, Union Depot, res 51 Swiss, bet Hawkins & Crockett.
Shriner, W., waiter, Windsor Hotel.
Shulz, William B., res ns Camp, bet Magnolia & N. Sycamore.
Shumaker, Van B., book-keeper, res 1019 Main, bet Ervay & St. Paul.
Shumate, Felix H., groceries & provisions, ns S. Lamar, bet Commerce & Jackson.
Shutte, William H., carpenter, res 1314 Commerce, bet Preston & Cabell.
Shwarts, Abe, cotton buyer, office 502 Elm, cor Austin, bds Mrs. R. Coleman.
Sickles, William C., real estate agent, office 211 Main, res 128 Ross ave.
Sigire, Dan, home w/Frank Saccro.
Sigire, Frank, bds F. Saccro.
Sigire, Miss Pauline, home w/Frank Saccro.
Silberstein, Ascher (Silberstein & Hirsch), res se cor Poydras & Commerce.
Silberstein & Hirsch (Ascher Silberstein & Leopold Hirsch), livery & sale stable, sw cor Main & Poydras.
Siler, William, bus & transfer proprietor, res ws S. Houston, bet Polk & Columbia.
Silke, Edward, dairyman, res e of H. & T. C. R'y, near Taylor.
Simmons, James W., salesman, Schnieder & Davis, res 1108 Commerce.
Simon, A., peddler, bds Commercial Hotel.
Simon, Fred, res se cor S. Jefferson & Polk.
Simon, James (c), res ss Juliette, bet Good & Peak.
Simon, Joseph, Cigars, Tobacco & Notions, ne cor Main & Murphy, bds Henry LaRue.
Simon, Solomon M., clk, Sanger Bros., res 207 N. Jefferson.
Simon, William (c), res ss Juliette, bet Good & Peak.
Simpson, Andrew (c), res es S. Lamar, e of Columbia.
Simpson, James B. (Bookhout & Simpson), res sw cor Main & S. Harwood.
Simpson, Thomas M., engineer, home w/R. S. Rosser.
Sinclair, Alexander, cashier, H. & T. C. R'y, freight depot, bds Windsor Hotel.
Sinclair, James D., dealer in hand stamps, res se cor S. Leonard & Main.
Singer Manufacturing Co., General Office Northern Texas, 701 Main, cor Poydras, Daniel Bacon, general agent. See advt.
Sinker, Davis & Co., machine works, Indianapolis, Ind., A. J. Hanson, manager, office Camp, near Lamar.
Sizer, Haller G., cashier, Schneider & Davis, res 211 Live Oak.
Sizer, James S., office, 405 Main, up stairs, res 121 Live Oak, cor N. Harwood.
Skaer & Co. (Jacob Skaer, Edward C. Pfaffle), candy manufacturers, 724 Elm.
Skaer, Jacob (Skaer & Co.), rooms 724 Elm.
Skavo, Vincent, clk, Joe Abozzo, bds same.
Skelton, Isaac K., engineer, Clark & Clark, res ss Cora, near Crockett.
Skelton, Richard, bds I. K. Shelton.
Skinner, Amanda, housekeeper, John D. Curtis.
Skolefield, Felix B., clk, Oliver Chilled Plow Works, bds Commerce.
Skyrme, John, clk, Boals, Bushong & Co., bds Commercial Hotel, rooms over store.
Slater, Ed. D., traveling agent, C. H. Edwards, res ss Jackson, bet Lane & Ray.
Slater, John H., bridge builder, res 33 Miranda.
Slaughter, C. C., Vice-President, City Bank, res East Dallas, outside City limits.
Slaughter, John H., Proprietor, American House, ss Main, bet Preston & Cabell. See advt.
Slayter, Charles, engineer, Charles Warner.
Slayter, Henry C., engineer, S. H. Cockrell & Co., res 141 Cochran.
Slight, L.A., agent, Herring's safes, bds National Hotel.
Slocum, Seth, mechanic, res s end City limits, near H. & T. C. Railway.
Smalley, Fred. J., baker, P. H. Cleber, bds same.
Smalley, William, wks Southwestern Stoneware & Pipe Co.
Smith, Alexander, draughtsman, Jones & Murphy, rooms at office.
Smith, Alex. (Worden & Smith), bds Frank Austin.
Smith, Rev. Andrew P., D. D., Pastor, First Presbyterian Church, res ns Ross ave, bet Boll & Good.
Smith, Benjamin K. (M. L. Fleishel & Co.), res Longview, Texas.
Smith, Charles (c), express wagon, res ns Juliette, bet Good & Boll.
Smith, Mrs. Charlotte T. (wid), home w/E. J. Smith.
Smith, Colonel (c), bds N. Collins.
Smith, David (c), res ss Camp, bet Griffin & Magnolia.
Smith, DeWitt C., clk, John E. Meyer, res 516 San Jacinto.
Smith, Dixie, lab, bds S. P. Cross.
Smith, Edward (Smith & Willett), res over 910 Elm.
Smith, Edward J. operator, Western Union Telegraph office, res 630 Ross ave.
Smith, Mrs. E. J. (wid), res ss Main, bet Ervay & St. Paul.
Smith, Edwin, res es Olive, bet Live Oak & Bryan.
Smith, Eldon W. (Scott & So.), bds J. C. Bogel.
Smith, Fannie (c), res ss Live Oak, bet Pearl & Crockett.
Smith, Mrs. Frances A. (wid), home w/John R. Spencer.
Smith, Frost B., assistant baggage master, Union depot, res 1354 Elm, bet S. Leonard & Lloyd.
Smith, George (c), restaurant, ns Main, bet S. Sycamore & Poydras, res same.
Smith, George, waiter, Windsor Hotel.
Smith, George W., bds LeGrand Hotel.
Smith, Mrs. Harriet (wid), res 1121 Young.
Smith, Henrietta C. (wid), res ws Duncan, near Main.
Smith, Henry (c), res 105 Juliette.
Smith, Isaac L., res & Boarding House, ns Swiss, near Union depot.
Smith, James K., proprietor, Campbell House, 1025 Main, bet Ervay & St. Paul.
Smith, James M., res es Magnolia, bet Hord & Collins.
Smith, James P., local editor, "Herald," bds National Hotel.
Smith, J. D., book keeper, Padgitt Bros., bds National Hotel.
Smith, John, agent, bds J. D. Keaton.
Smith, John, lab, bds Cincinnati House.
Smith, Miss Juliette, home w/Rev. A. P. Smith.
Smith, Lizzie (c), res 408 Columbia.
Smith, Lucas F. (Hirt & Smith), bds Lamar Hotel.
Smith, Mary (wid), res ss Main, bet S. Leonard & Dove.
Smith, Miss Melissa, printer, Norton's Intelligencer, bds Mrs. M. L. Smith.
Smith, Mrs. M. L. (wid), res 715 Elm.
Smith, Napoleon G., horse trainer, bds D. E. Andrus.
Smith, O. W., traveling agent, B. F. Avery & Sons, bds Sydney Smith.
Smith, Philip, carpenter, bds Pacific House.
Smith, Robert, cancer doctor, res ss Columbia, e of South Harwood.
Smith, Samuel G., clk, Dargan & Trezevant, res cor Good & San Jacinto.
Smith, Sydney, superintendent, B. F. Avery & Sons' plows, depot & office, se cor South Market & Commerce, res St. Louis, bet Portland & Evergreen.
Smith, Timothy (c), res ss Polk, near Poydras.
Smith, Thomas H., res 754 Ross ave, bet Boll & Good.
Smith, Thomas E., manager, LeGrand Hotel, cor Main & Austin, Del. Brown & T. E. Smith, Jr., clerks.
Smith, W. C., wks National Hotel.
Smith & Willett (Edward Smith, Joseph Willett), Undertakers, office & ware rooms, 910 Elm. See advt.
Smith, William (c), res 10 Griffin.
Smith, William, shoemaker, F. H. Page.
Smith, William H., butter, eggs, cheese & poultry, 402 Main, cor S. Market, res Bryan, bet Austin & Hall.
Smith, William H. W., clk, J. Tenison, res ns Caruth, bet Orange & Masten.
Smith, William L., brick layer, res 112 Corsicana.
Smith, William R., capenter, res ns San Jacinto, bet Association & Germania.
Smith, William R., waiter, Delmonico restaurant.
Snodgrass, E. L., clk, Marsalis & Howard, rooms [at] store.
Snodgrass, Henry, retired, res s end Akard ave, s City limits.
Snodgrass, Tilghman E., clk, R. V. Tompkins, res s end Akard ave, s City limits.
Solomon, Isaac, boarding house & res, 134 Ross ave.
Sommerford, William E., wks Ayres & Gaston's livery stable.
Soper, Charles W. (Soper & Weber), rooms over 501 Elm.
Soper & Weber (Charles W. Soper, Charles Weber), barbers & bath rooms, 414 Elm.
Sorley, William B. (Alford & Sorley), rooms 409 Elm, bds LeGrand Hotel.
Souter, Charles A., jeweler, 410 Elm, res 413 Polk.
Southwestern Stoneware & Pipe Co., Alfred O. Brown, President; Arthur H. Bourne, Superintendent; Mark Crocker, Secretary; main office & works, Ft. Scott, Kansas; Texas branch office & works, 108, 110 & 112 Main. See outside back cover.
Spain, Thomas, clk, A. Marks, bds Windsor Hotel.
Sparks, Alfred (c), res ss Juliette, bet Boll & Good.
Sparrow, John A., printer, Carter & Gibson.
Spatholt, Frederick (Jones & Spatholt), rooms at office, bds R. Jones.
Speiden, Thomas C., wks, Murphy & Brownlee, res 403 North Lamar.
Spellman, John, machinist, res 348 Ross ave, bet Oleander & Magnolia.
Spence, James, bds A. F. Hardie.
Spencer, Cal (c), bds S. Cage.
Spencer & Co. (Harvey A. Spender & Eugene B. Stork), managers, Commonwealth Land Office, Texas agents, North German Lloyd Steamship Line & European Parcel Express, office 627 Elm.
Spencer, Harvey A. (Spencer & Co.), res 921 Wood.
Spencer, Lewis M., res ns Bryan, bet Association & Hall.
Spencer, John R., printer, "Herald," res 733 Wood.
Spencer, John W., deputy sheriff, office over 304 Main, res 835 Live Oak.
Spieden, John R., wks Merchants' Restaurant.
Speigel, George, cigar maker, E.M. Kuhn, res 616 Wood.
Spikes, Bunell (c), porter, A. Miller barber shop, bds A. Miller.
Spikes, Monroe (c), barber, A. Miller, res San Jacinto, near H. & T. C. R'y.
Spitz, Joseph, res ws Magnolia, bet Ross & Patterson aves.
Spitzer, Joseph B., Proprietor, "California" Wagonyard, dealer in groceries, etc., nw cor N. Lamar & Hord, res same.
Spivey, Casper, expressman, res 1149 Young, bet Ervay & S. Harwood.
Spivey, Rev. James A., res se cor Masten & McKinney ave.
Spray, Jesse, express wagon, res es McKinney road, n of City limits.
Springfield, Jordan (c), laundryman, LeGrand Hotel, res se cor S. Jefferson & Pacific ave.
Spruill, Vollie C., res nw cor S. Houston & Columbia.
Spurgeon, Henry, teamster, res 852 Elm.
Squire, Samuel, clk, rooms Richard Schercer.
Squires, Samuel, conductor, transfer line, bds St. Charles Hotel.
Staggs, Ezekiel E., bricklayer, res 871 Pacific ave, bet Bryan & Live Oak.
Stafford, James, miller, bds Tremont House.
Stalman, Henry, bds European Hotel
Stamps, James (c), waiter, LeGrand Hotel.
Stanford, Thomas W., res ne cor St. Louis & Evergreen.
Stang, Charles, lab, bds E. E. Hawkins.
Stang, Elvin J., blacksmith, res es Alamor, near Ashland.
Stang, Michael, blacksmith, res 113 McKinney road, bet Buena Vista & Pacific.
Starcke, Max H., drug clk, R. F. Eisenlohr, bds same.
Stare, Elias A., carpenter, res ws Olive, bet Live Oak & Pacific.
Stark, John C., proprietor, "Wichita Exchange," saloon sw cor S. Lamar & Pacific ave, res 44 Emma, near Sycarmore.
Starks, Henry (c), drayman, res 113 Peak, bet Flora & Juliette.
Starr, Frank, cook, Union Hotel, res 23 Swiss, near Crockett.
State Savings Bank, 612 Main, E. H. Gruber, President; Samuel Laighton, Cashier; W. R. McEntire, J. S. Mayfield, S. T. Stratton, E. H. Gruber & Samuel Laighton, Directors.
St. Charles Hotel, se cor Commerce & S. Jefferson, N. F. Miner & Co., proprietors.
Stearne, Stephen, clk, bds M. Mayer.
Stebinger, Daniel, millwright, bds "William Tell House."
Steele, W. C., teacher mathematics, Dallas Female College.
Stegall, Thomas (c), porter, John Haag.
Stegall, William H., proprietor, Rawlings Hotel, ne cor S. Leonard & Main, res same.
Steinman, Charles, clk, Schoellkopf & Doelling, rooms store.
Stemmons, John M., Attorney, office 205 Main, res 27 Pearl.
Stephens, Charles F., Books, Periodicals, Stationery, etc., 513 Main, res sw cor Good & San Jacinto.
Stephens, T., waiter, Windsor Hotel.
Stephenson, Charles B., cotton buyer, office over sw cor Main & S. Lamar, res nw cor Ross ave & Boll.
Stephenson, J. Wesley, plasterer, res 732 Wood.
Stephenson, Peter S. (Kelly, Crim & Stephenson), res McKinney ave.
Sterling, Bell, res 21 Pearl.
Stern, Herman, stock dealer, res 953 Elm.
Stern, Samuel, clk, M. Mayer, bds same.
Sterrett, William G., attorney, office 602 Main, res 414 Bryan.
Steussy, C. Fritz, clk, res 410 Austin, bet Jackson & Wood.
Stevens, Albert (c), porter, Shea & Gordon, res 916 Jackson, bet Akard ave & Ervay.
Stevens, Arthur T. (Reichenstein & Stevens), Texas Ice Co., res ns Columbia, bet Preston & Cabell.
Stevens, Harry H., attorney, office 204
1/2 Commerce, bet S. Houston & S. Jefferson, bds St. Charles Hotel.
Stevens, Joseph W., painter, res 1304 Elm.
Stevens, Miss Lizzie, clk, Goldsmith, Rosenthal & Co.
Stevens, Theoderick N., carpenter, Clark & Clark, bds Cooper's Elm.
Stevens, Theodosa, bds American House.
Stevenson, Mrs. Sallie E. (wid), res sw cor Jackson & Akard ave.
Stewart, Miss Catherine, res ns S. Houston, bet Wood & Polk.
Stewart, H. B., wks E. R. Bradbury, bds same.
Stewart, James E., huckster, bds John Lucas.
Stewart, Joseph, lab, bds Joseph H. Crawford.
Stewart, J.R., grain dealer, bds National Hotel.
Stewart, Ole, brakeman, H. & T. C. R'y, bds Rawling's Hotel.
Stewart, Robert (c), porter, China Hall.
Stewart, Samuel M., bds V. B. Shumaker.
Stewart, Sanford A., fruit dealer, res 17 Cedar Springs, bet Caroline & Highland.
Stewart, William L., dentist, over 504 Elm, rooms same.
Stigall, Ann (c), res es N. Harwood, bet Cochran & Ross ave.
Stigall, Belle (c), home w/ Nelly Stigall.
Stigall, Nelly (c), res 431 Cochran, bet Pearl & Leonard.
Stillman, Almerran A., book keeper, A. M. & W. W. Orr, bds same.
Stiner, Edward, foreman, Clark & Clark planing mill, res 119 Swiss.
Stith, Donald D., railroad engineer, rooms 602 Main.
Stith, Mrs. Sarah E. (wid), home w/ Mrs. O. Pointer.
St. James, Henry L., Proprietor, Dallas Novelty Iron Works, ss Wood, near Poydras, res 610 Wood.
Stoeckle, Edward (Stoeckle & Polder), res Elm.
Stoeckle & Polder (Edward Stoeckle, Jacob Polder), barbers, shop 706 Main.
Stokes, Mrs. E.J., home w/J. H. Gray.
Stokes, Robert, res ns Collins, near N. Lamar.
Stokey, William, carpenter, res ws Cantegral, s of Floyd.
Stone, Charles (Stone & Gluck), bds W. H. Thacker.
Stone, Delila (c), res 539 Cochran, bet Leonard & Pearl.
Stone, Edward L., carpenter, res 216 Ross ave.
Stone & Gluck (Charles Stone, Solomon Gluck), clothing, hats, caps & gents' furnishing goods, 407 Main.
Stone, Henry B., book keeper, R. E. Bell, res 404 N. Lamar.
Stone, John (Stone & Keating), res Ross ave.
Stone, John B., res ns Commerce, bet Murphy & Masten.
Stone & Keating (John Stone, C. A. Keating), agricultural implements, cor S. Jefferson & Elm.
Stone, Moses B., carpenter, shop & res es Griffin, bet Camp & Ross ave.
Stooke, William H., clk, A. Kent, bds same, 1135 Elm.
Storey, John C., dentist, 610 Main, res 312 Live Oak.
Stork, Eugene B. (Spencer & Co.), res 840 Elm.
Storman, Jacob, groceries & provisions, cor Griffin & Camp, res same.
Storr, Rainer, clk, J. Menczer, bds Mrs. Mary Smith.
Stowe, William N., cotton buyer, office 105 Camp, res Ervay, cor Marilla.
Strange, H. Beverly, cashier, Adams & Leonard bank, bds J. B. Trotman.
Stratton, Steuben T., Secretary, Dallas Flouring Mill, res ne cor Patterson ave & Oleander.
Stratton, Thomas J. (Randall Grain Separator Co.), res Richardson, Dallas County, Texas
Stribling, C. H. (Stribling & Richardson), res nw cor Bryan & Victor.
Stribling & Richardson (C. H. Stribling, E. H. Richardson), groceries & provisions, nw cor Bryan & Victor & ns Juliette, bet Peak & Good.
Strong, J. W., book agent, res outside City limits.
Struck, Charles, bartender, Reichenstein & Bohny, rooms R. Schercer.
Stuart, James H., engineer, T. & P. R'y, res ns Pacific ave, bet Hawkins & Good.
Stuart, Jeff A., clk, R. V. Tompkins, bds LeGrand Hotel.
Stuart, John R., book keeper, D. T. Rainwater & Co., bds National Hotel.
Stussy, Fritz, clk, J. Menczer.
Sues, Meyer, clk, J. H. Bensadon, res 804 Jackson.
Suhler, Rev. Aron, Rabbi Jewish Synagogue and (Alterman & Suhler), res 320 Cadiz.
Sullivan, Daniel, res nw cor Masten & Cottage Lane.
Sullivan, Daniel, wks Lamar House.
Sullivan, Eugene, lab, bds A.J. Brooks.
Sullivan, Hannah (wid), res 322 Burford.
Sullivan, Thomas, res ns Cottage Lane, bet Burford & Leonard.
Sumner, Augustus (A. Sumner & Co.), res St. Louis.
Sumner, A. & Co. (Augustus Sumner, John Alcott & David H. Throope), pianos & organs, ns Commerce, bet S. Houston & S. Broadway.
Surber, Rev. Greener L., Pastor, First Christian Church, bds R.M. Gano.
Sutton, Mrs. P. (wid), dressmaker, res ss Elm, bet Murphy & S. Sycamore.
Sutton, William H., physician & surgeon, office & res ss Elm, bet Ervay & St. Paul.
Swain, Henry, restaurant, ss Elm, bet Preston & McKinney, res same.
Swain, James F., mailing clerk, "Herald," bds LeGrand Hotel.
Swain, P. C., blacksmith, and bds E. F. Camuse.
Swan, John, bds George B. Edwards.
Sweeten, Mary (wid), home w/Mrs. Kate Denny.
Sweeton, Socrates, traveling agent, Singer Manufacturing Co., rooms same.
Sweitzer, William, barber, Soper & Weber, bds Catherine Sweitzer.
Swett, Leroy (Cavander & Swett), res 112 N. Jefferson, bet Walnut & Carondolet.
Swindell, Evan (c), res ns Miranda, bet Good & Hawkins.
Swink, George M., res 1208 Jackson, bet S. Harwood & Cabell.
Swink, William H., cook, Metropolitan Hotel, bds same.
Swor, P. G., clk, Cahn & Bro.

Taber, Arthur B., agent, Deere, Mansur & Co., Agricultural Implements, main office, 405 Elm, warehouse & salesroom, 313 Elm, res sw cor Corsicana & Evergreen.
Tackle, John, res 315 N. Lamar.
Taggart, William H., clk, Stone & Keating, res 303 S. Lamar, cor Commerce.
Talbort, Mrs. Virginia (wid), res 1220 Commerce, bet S. Harwood & Cabell.
Talbott, Charles, clk, bds E. R. Hardcastle.
Talbot, George C., machinist, C. S. Mitchell & Co., bds Thurmond House.
Talkington, John V., wks Duncan's Feed Store, res 1116 rear Elm.
Tally, Peter H., cotton buyer, bds R. A. Hughes.
Tarrant, Ella O., res Commerce, cor S. Broadway.
Tate, Mary (wid), res ss Wood, near Poydras.
Tatum, Isaac I., res 313 Austin, cor Jackson.
Tatum, John H., clk, Williams & Tolliver, res 313 Austin.
Taylor, Allen (c), waiter, St. Charles Hotel.
Taylor, Benjamin F., draughtsman, 711 Main, bds Elm.
Taylor, Charles (c), wks Loeb & Burgower, res N. Lamar.
Taylor, Jeremiah (c), res 127 Peak, cor Juliette.
Taylor, John (c), rooms w/Richard Perry.
Taylor, John W. (c), porter, A. Miller's barber shop, bds Magnolia House.
Taylor, Lucinda (c), res ne cor Preston & Commerce.
Taylor, Lucinda (c), res ns Miranda, bet Good & Hawkins.
Taylor, Van (c), bds Anthony Butts.
Taylor, William, carpenter, bds John J. Shivley.
Taylor, William B., feather renovator, 411 S. Market, bet Wood & Jackson.
Taylor, Willis (c), waiter, National Hotel.
Teat, Martha D. (wid), res ss Collins, bet N. Lamar & Carter.
Temby, Joseph W., traveling agent, res 215 Masten, cor Bone.
Temby, Miss Josephine M., home J.W. Temby.
"Temperance Watchman," office 605 Main, Jo. A. Kirgan, publisher.
Tenison, Albert P., clks & bds William H. Tenison.
Tenison, John, clk, William H. Tenison, bds same.
Tenison, John, hardware, and wagon wood work, 515 Elm, res 303 Griffin.
Tenison, William H., groceries & provisions, sw cor Highland & McKinney ave, res ws Highland, bet McKinney road & Cedar Springs.
Terrell, W. Edgar, res 515 S. Jefferson, cor Polk.
Terry, Caroline (c), res Cochran, bet Boll & Good.
Terry, Charles M. (C. M. Terry & Co.), res es S. Houston, s of Columbia.
Terry, C. M. & Co. (Charles M. Terry & Charles A. Carlin), proprietors, City Flouring Mills, foot of Houston.
Terry, Isam (c), res ns San Jacinto, bet Leonard & Burford.
Terry, T. G. & W. H. (Thomas G. & William H.), groceries & provisions, sw cor Commerce & S. Houston.
Terry, Thomas G. (T. G. & W. H. Terry), res es Columbia, bet S. Houston & Jefferson.
Terry, William H. (T. G. & W. H. Terry), bds T.G. Terry.
Teubner, John, fitter, Schoellkopf & Doelling, res ns Main, e of Lloyd.
"Texas Baptist," R. C. Buckner, editor & proprietor, 605 Main; B. H. Carroll, Waco, associate editor; W. F. Wells, business editor & manager.
Texas Express Co., W. R. Cornish, agent, ns Main, bet Poydras & Sycamore.
"Texas Volksblatt," German Weekly, Published on Thursdays, Altermann & Suchler, editors & proprietors, office 605 Main. See advt.
Thacker, James E., clk, Agency, R. G. Dun & Co., res 913 Elm.
Thacker, William H., Deputy County Clerk, office Court House, res 913 Elm.
Thacker, Mrs. W. H., proprietress, Elm Street Boarding House, 913 Elm.
Thayer, Alvin E., clk, E. M. Kahn & Co., res ns Hord, bet Griffin & Magnolia.
Thevenet, Michel, book-keeper, Exchange Bank, res 325 Bryan.
Thiesfeldt, Henry, tinner, Huey & Philp, res ns Caruth, near N. Lamar.
Thomas, Mrs. Fannie (wid), bds Mrs. Eliza Kimball.
Thomas, Isam (wid), home w/W. H. Thomas.
Thomas, Jacob A., butcher, Thomas & Mixson, bds Germania House.
Thomas, Jeff. D., clk, J. H. Potts, home McKinney ave.
Thomas, James F., commission agent, res 1431 Elm.
Thomas, John W. (Thomas & Mixson), res one and a half miles, e of city limits.
Thomas, J. Pink, res 848 San Jacinto, bet Crockett & Pearl.
Thomas, Julia (c), res 106 Pacific ave.
Thomas, Lloyd S., manager, Charles Warner's lumber yard, office cor Orange & Cochran, res 116 Cochran.
Thomas, Mrs. M. C. (wid), res ss Elm, near St. Paul.
Thomas & Mixson (John W. Thomas & A. W. Mixson), meat market, Stall No. 8, City Market, cor Main & S. Sycamore.
Thomas, Pascar (c), drayman, res 503 Cochran.
Thomas, Richard (c), rooms w/Richard Perry.
Thomas, William, hostler, D. G. Lindsey, rooms at stable.
Thomas, William, res 305 Crockett.
Thomas, William, President, Exchange Bank & Treasurer, Randall Grain Separator Co., res 39 Cochran.
Thomas, William, Surgeon, Dentist, 701 Elm, bds Granger House. See advt.
Thompson, Miss Armenia, home w/Z. Parker.
Thompson Bros. (James D. & Thomas W.), dry goods, clothing, boots & shoe, 503 & 505 Elm.
Thompson, Candus (c), res ws Austin, s of Columbia.
Thompson, Charles W., foreman, C. Warner's lumber yard.
Thompson, David, res 404 Griffin, cor Collins.
Thompson, David, jr., bds David Thompson, Sr.
Thompson, Harry (c), res rear 509 Columbia.
Thompson, Hartley B., clk, Wm. H. Bicknell, bds same.
Thompson, James, dry goods, bds David Thompson.
Thompson, James D. (Thompson Bros.), res Bryan.
Thompson, James L. (J. L. Thompson & Bro.), res McKinney ave, outside city limits.
Thompson, Jefferson, traveling agent, Memphis & Charleston R. R., bds LeGrand Hotel.
Thompson, J. L. & Bro. (James L. & Samuel D. Thompson), groceries & provisions, 703
1/2 Elm.
Thompson, John, bds David Thompson.
Thompson, John, res sw cor Commerce & S. Jefferson.
Thompson, John A., Proprietor, "Doll" Billiard Parlor & Sample Rooms, 608 Main, bds LeGrand Hotel. See inside back cover.
Thompson, John B., clk., Thompson Bros.
Thompson, John W., attorney, 201 Main, res ne cor Evergreen & Corsicana.
Thompson, John W. proprietor, Thompson's Theatre, 714 Main, res nw cor S. Jefferson & Jackson.
Thompson, Miss Louisa, home w/Z. Parker.
Thompson, Lucy, chambermaid, LeGrand Hotel.
Thompson, Martin, brick moulder, E. R. Bradbury, bds same.
Thompson, Mrs. Mary (wid), home w/Mrs. S. H. Cockrell.
Thompson, Opie (c), home w/S. Miller.
Thompson, Samuel D. (J. L. Thompson & Bros.), res McKinney ave., outside city limits.
Thompson, Thomas W. (Thompson Bros.)
Thompson, William J., farmer, res 214 Live Oak.
Thompson, William M., clk, Thompson Bros.
Thorburn, Miles K., Grain, Produce & Commission merchant, es S. Market, bet Elm & Pacific ave, res 1414 Bryan. See advt.
Thorburn, Henry C., book-keeper, M. K. Thorburn, bds same.
Throope, David H. (A. Sumner & Co.), res ns Commerce, bet S. Houston & S. Broadway.
Thruston, Stephen D., physician & surgeon, office over 210 Main, res 1105 Elm.
Thurmond, Felix G., attorney, 311 Main, rooms cor S. Market & Pacific ave.
Thurmond, James M. (Thurmond & Willard), rooms cor S. Market & Pacific ave.
Thurmond & Willard (James M. Thurmond & Ezra Willard), attorneys, 311 Main.
Tibbett, Mary (c), res ns Pacific ave, bet Live Oak & Bryan.
Tibbett, Nathaniel (c), res ns Juliette, bet Good & Boll.
Tichenor, James L., fruits & confectionery, Elm, near H. & T. C. R'y, res Elm, e city limits.
Tillman, Emanuel (Tillman & Friend), res ss Jackson, bet Ervay & Akard ave.
Tillman & Friend (Emanuel Tillman & Alexander M. Friend), wholesale wines, liquors & cigars, 413 Elm.
Tindell, George, carpenter, res 221 Camp, bet Griffin & Magnolia.
Tindell, Mrs. Isabella (wid), home w/George Tindell.
Toelaer, Robert R. H., Cotton Buyer, office, 105 Camp, bds W. N. Stowe.
Tolliver, David (c), res ns Miranda, bet Hawkins & Good.
Tolliver, Zac (Williams & Tolliver), bds Windsor Hotel.
Tomme, Parker, fruit stand, res 110 S. Houston.
Tompkins, Richard V., Machinery & Commission Merchant, sw corner, S. Lamar & Commerce, res 921 Young.
Tomson, John, water hauler, res ns Cora, near Crockett.
Tooley, James A., Printer, "Dallas Commercial," res East Dallas.
Tooley, John T., teacher, First Ward Public School, res ns Floyd, near Cantegral.
Tooley, William J., carpenter, res ss Elm, bet Ervay & S. Sycamore.
Townsend, Mrs. Ada M. (wid), res 409 N. Lamar.
Townsend, Rev. Samuel (c), Pastor, Evening Chapel Methodist Church, res ws Boll, bet Juliette & Flora.
Townsend, Wales J., book-keeper, Marsalis & Howard, res ne cor Bryan & Leonard.
Tracey, C., clk, Sanger Bros., rooms Commerce, near Houston.
Trammell, John, tinner, res ns Young, bet Akard ave & Lacy.
Trammell, William, tinsmith, Bartlett, Parker & Co.
Travers, Miss Ella, home w/J. B. Crookston.
Travis, James P., collector, res ns Main, bet S. Leonard & Lloyd.
Tremont House, 802 Main, William McCormick, proprietor.
Tremoulet & Hans (Louis Tremoulet & Nick Hans), carpenters, builders & cabinet makers, 722 Main.
Tremoulet, Louis (Tremoulet & Hans), bds Cincinnati House.
Treutle, August, restaurant, 820 Elm, res same.
Trezevant, John T. (Dargan & Trezevant), res se cor Patterson ave & Oleander.
Tribute, Sarah (c), res 511 Austin.
Trigg, Walter, salesman, Padgitt Bros., bds W. C. Padgitt.
"Triitly [Trutly?] House," John Brack, proprietor, 929 Main.
Trobber, William, fisherman, res cor Cottage Lane & Leonard.
Trosclair, John, wks & lives w/Dr. F. E. Hughes.
Trotman, John B., res 601 Market, cor Polk.
Trotman, Thomas B., commercial traveler, res 601 Market.
Trousdale, Alexander C., carpenter, res 506 Polk, bet Austin & S. Lamar.
Trusheim, John, clk, Schoellkopf & Doelling, res 218 Live Oak.
Trusler, Theodore, wks King's Broom Factory, res same.
[Trutly?] "Triitly House," John Brack, proprietor, 929 Main.
Tucker, Charles Fred, attorney, office over 608 Main, res 204 Carter.
Tucker, Ferd N., office 109 Camp, res 403 Poydras.
Tucker, Paschal P., clk, City Bank, rooms same.
Tunnell, John D., wks Southwestern Stoneware & Pipe Co.
Turley, John (c), res S. Lamar, e of Columbia.
Turley, William E., carpenter, Clark & Clark, bds 1113 Pacific ave.
Turner, Alfred (c), res 603 Bryan.
Turner, Charles E. (C. E. Turner & Co.), res cor Ervay & Cadiz.
Turner, Charles E. & Co. (Charles E. Turner & John Turner), real estate & general agents, office 201 Main.
Turner, J., bds A. C. Ardrey.
Turner, John (C. E. Turner & Co.)
Turner, John C., sign painter, H. Hamilton, res ns Live Oak, bet Elm & Pacific ave.
Turner, John D., bds J. W. Stephenson.
Turner, Mrs. Nannie (wid), home w/W. Clark.
Turner, Nettie (c), bds Julia Thomas.
Tuttle, Herbert E., Proprietor, LeGrand Hotel Bar, LeGrand Hotel, cor Main & Austin, bds Mrs. S. May. See inside front cover.
Twohig, John, carriage painter, William Long, bds same.
Tyre, Joseph, res 315 N. Lamar.

Uhl, Thomas (Randall Grain Separator Co.), res Dallas county.
Ullmann, Julius L., res cor Camp & Lamar.
Ullmann, M. & Co. (Moses Ullmann), Wholesale Dealers in groceries & liquors, nw cor Camp & Lamar, branch store, 796 Elm, Morris Lewis, agent.
Ullmann, Moses (M. Ullmann & Co.), rooms over store.
Ullmann, Samuel, clk. M. Ullmann & Co., rooms over store.
Underhill, Thomas S., attorney, office 701 Main, up stairs, res Swiss.
Underwood, Franklin H., res 216 Carter, cor Collins.
"Union Hotel," at Union Depot, Cleveland & McGregor, proprietors.
"Union Intelligencer," a daily evening paper, A. Ban. Norton, editor & proprietor, office 748 Ross ave.
Urry, Andrew, lab, res 1418 Elm, bet S. Leonard & Lloyd.
Utterback, Charles, porter, Ogden & Wolff, res Jackson.

Valentine, Mary (c), chambermaid, Lamar House.
Valkus, Gus, job printer, "Dallas Commercial," res Ross ave.
Vallie, Miss Emilie, home w/John LaBounty.
Vandenbosch, Colette (wid), res 305 Wood, bet S. Jefferson & S. Market.
Vanderdoes, Philip, printer, "Herald," bds John R. Spencer.
Vanderhulst, Louis, proprietor, "City" barber shop, ns Elm, bet H. & T. C. R'y & S. Leonard, res same.
VanDeryee, Albert S., home w/Robert L. James.
VanSlyke, John S., salesman, Schneider & Davis, res 20 Masten.
Vanston, James T., bds Henry T. LaRue.
Vaughn, William L., deputy sheriff, bds W. M. Moon.
Veatch, John S., res 8 Cochran.
Venn, Henry, lab, res w of Ervay, near s City limits.
Verhine, Miss Annie, res sw cor Main & Duncan.
Verhine, Miss Fannie, home w/Miss A. Verhine.
Verhine, Jesse, butcher, J. A. Carter & Co., bds J. A. Carter.
Verveka, John, blacksmith, Victor Doerle.
Vestal, William D., proprietor, City laundry & res 504 Jackson, bet S. Houston & S. Market.
Vickery, John, moulder, Hoffman & Garside.
Vierkant, Mrs. Ottillie (wid), res 1135 Elm, bet Pearl & S. Harwood.
Vilbig, John C., boot & shoemaker, shop 812 Elm, res Ross.
Villianer, Lebrado, res ns Ross ave, bet Griffin & Magnolia.
Vincent, William T., clk, Sanger Bros., res 212 Ross ave.
Vinson, L. J. H., bds S. H. Nance.
Vreeland, Charles E., res 750 Ross ave, cor Good.
Vuhl, Max, clk, res 409 Polk, bet Austin & S. Market.

Waddell, Mrs. Eleanor G. (wid), home w/J. G. Leigh.
Wade, Frank (c), res ns Good, bet Bryan & San Jacinto.
Wade, Melvin (c), res 608 Leonard.
Wade, Samantha (c), res Juliette, bet Good & Pearl.
Wadleigh, J. B., agent, St. Louis, Iron Mountain & Southern R. R., 515 Main, bds Mrs. C. Gorham.
Wadsworth, Robert B., clk, A. Griffeth & Co., bds Mrs. E. A. Marshall.
Waespi, Jacob (Hirt & Waespi), res 812 Main.
Waggener, Richard H. (Wallace & Waggener), res ns San Jacinto, bet Masten & N. Harwood.
Wagner, Henry, saloon & beer bottling establishment, 933 Elm, res same.
Wagner, John W. (c), bds Emma Adams.
Wagner, Lewis, groceries & provisions, se cor S. Jefferson & Main, rooms same.
Wahl, Mrs. Alida (wid), bds Mrs. Anna Judson.
Wakefield, Thomas A., printer, "Herald."
Walch, Katie, chambermaid, National Hotel.
Walden, Evart J., flour, feed & grain, 835 Main, res 618 Browder.
Walden, John W., book keeper, M. Ullman & Co., res nw cor Oleander & Patterson ave.
Walder, Henry, policeman, res 1141[?] Young.
Walkens, Henry, carpenter, res 231 Patterson ave, bet Magnolia & N. Sycamore.
Walker, James H., res ss Main, bet McKinney & S. Harwood.
Walker, Mrs. Jane (wid), res s of Commerce, near e City limits.
Walker, John W., bds William Booso.
Walker, Mrs. Lucy, bds William Booso.
Walker, Sophia (wid), res 127 Bryan.
Walker,Thomas (Connor & Walker), res 809 Ervay, bet Canton & Park.
Walker, William, boarding house, es Masten, bet Cottage Lane & San Jacinto.
Wallace, Theodore F. (Wallace & Waggener), res 246 Park.
Wallace & Waggener (Theodore F. Wallace, Richard H. Waggener), groceries & provisions, 412 Elm.
Waller, John G., res 415 Wood, cor Austin.
Walter, Daniel, shoemaker, Martin & Son, bds A. J. Brooks.
Walter, William J., associate editor, "Herald," res 804 Browder.
Walters, Samuel C., traveling agent, C. H. Edwards, bds same.
Walton, Franklin B., physician & surgeon, office 711 Main, up-stairs, res Young, near Browder.
Wantz, Armand, blacksmith, Wm. Long, bds Cincinnati House.
Ward, Pleasant P., res 136 Good, bet Swiss & Live Oak.
Ward, William D., groceries & provisions, sw cor Ross ave & Leonard, res same.
Wareham, James H. (J. A. Carter & Co.), bds John A. Carter.
Warfield, Lilly B. W. (c), res 110 S. Leonard.
Warner, Charles, lumber, lathes, shingles, sash, doors, and blinds, planing mill, yard and office, cor Orange & Cochran, res Wood County.
Warren, Mrs. Emma (wid), wks M. Mayer.
Warren, Monroe, res H. & T. C. R'y, near Swiss.
Warren, Wiley J., bartender, N. E. Craddock.
Warren, William, bartender, N. E. Craddock.
Warwick, James (c), bell boy, LeGrand Hotel.
Washington, George (c), porter, J. C. Bogel.
Washington, Lewis W. (c), barber, A. Miller, bds Magnolia House.
Waters, David, painter, William D. McSirley.
Waters, Henry (c), res 316 S. Market, cor Jackson
Watkins, Benjamin F., clk, F. M. Ervay, res 311 Elm.
Watkins, Buck (c), wks Union depot, res H. & T. C. R'y, near Swiss.
Watson, Ed. (c), driver, H. W. Harry & Bro., lives T. C. Harry.
Watson, Seaborn H., farmer, res 412 Ross ave, cor Masten.
Watson, Tobias (c), res ss Bryan, bet Good & Boll.
Watt, Mrs. Minerva, home w/Mrs. Obedience Pointer.
Watts, William T., res 209 Live Oak, bet Olive & N. Harwood.
Weakley, Lewis (c), fireman, "Dallas Commercial," bds John Wood.
Wears, Dietrich, tailor, res 210 Live Oak.
Weathersby, Seburn C., clk, F. Beaumont, bds same.
Weatherford, Hardin, lab, res rear 722 Jackson.
Weatherford, William, lab, home w/H. Weatherford.'
Weaver, Rev. Abram, res 935 Ross ave, bet. R. R. & Cantegral.
Webb, Charles (c), res ss Juliette, bet Boll & Good.
Webb, Charles B., track layer, D. & W. R'y, res 203 Pacific ave, cor N. Houston.
Webb, Charles W., manager, Baptist Book Depository, 605 Main, res ns Elm, bet good & Cantegral.
Webb, John W., jewelry, watches, clocks & silverware, 505 Main, res 900 Young.
Webb, Miss Loretta L., teacher, 3rd Ward Colored Public School, res Olive.
Webb, Pink (c), res ns San Jacinto, near Crockett.
Webb, Thomas A., clk, County Collector, bds Philip Prather.
Webber, Frank, horse trader, bds Mrs. S. May.
Webber, George S., carpenter, res sw cor S. Harwood & Pacific ave.
Weber, Charles (Soper & Weber), res 515 S. Houston.
Weber, Jacob, Dyeing, Cleaning & Scouring, 812 Main, res same.
Weber, Joseph, blacksmith, wagon making & repairing, nw cor Elm & S. Sycamore, bds Tremont House.
Webster, Miss Anna, home w/Perry Webster.
Webster, George A., Agent, American Sewing Machine Co., office 806 Main, res same.
Webster, Geo. W., res ns S. Houston, s of Columbia.
Webster, Joseph, home w/Perry Webster.
Webster, Perry, groceries & provisions, 1138 Elm, res same.
Wegil, Frank, shoemaker, F.H. Page, bds S. P. Cross.
Weimiller, Frank, clk, res ss Park, w of Akard ave.
Wellborn, Chapley B., Attorney & Real Estate Agent, 107 S. Lamar, res 211 S. Harwood. See advt.
Wellborn, Chapley M., clk, C. B. Wellborn, bds same.
Wellborn & Leake (Olin Wellborn & William W. Leake), attorneys, office nw cor Elm & Austin, up-stairs.
Wellborn, Olin (Wellborn & Leake), res 227 Cadiz.
Weller, Benjamin O., tobacconist, res 534 Pearl, bet Cochran & Ross ave.
Weller, Mrs. B. O., teacher, private school, 542 Pearl, bet Ross ave & Cochran.
Wells, Aaron, apprentice, "Texas Baptist," bds W. C. Gobel.
Wells, Thomas W., barber, J. Fahrlander, bds same.
Wells, William F., business editor & manager, "Texas Baptist," 605 Main, bds W. C. Gobel.
Welsh, Edward, bds William Siler.
Weltman, Hyme, notion stand, bds I. Solomon.
Weltman, Leah (wid), home w/I. Solomon.
Werner, Valentine, architect & builder, res 320 Pearl.
Wesson, George, agent, res 112 N. Jefferson.
West, Mrs. Fannie, res ns Pacific ave, bet Live Oak & Bryan.
West, Marion, street car-driver, res w end Pocahontas.
West Robert H., Judge, County Court, bds Windsor Hotel.
Western Union Telegraph, Office ns Main, bet S. Sycamore & Poydras, up-stairs, Joseph S. Burton, manager.
Wesfall, Blanche (wid), home w/John Kirchner.
Westfall, Mrs. M. J. (wid), res ss Camp, bet Griffin & Magnolia.
Weston, Miss Josie, home w/George Beeler.
Weston, William W., clk, Wm. A. Rogers, rooms 506 Elm.
Whalen, James, brakeman, T. & P. R'y, bds C. S. Bergen.
Wheadon, J. J., clk, Windsor Hotel.
Wheat, Clayton M. (C. M. Wheat & Co.), Dallas Cement Co., office, 611 Main.
Wheat, C. M. & Co. (Clayton M. Wheat & Wm. H. Wilson), real estate & general agents, office 611 Main. See advertisement.
Wheat, Frank, professor penmanship, Dallas College Male & Female.
Wheat, Harry, clk, Windsor Hotel.
Wheeler, Harry, carpenter, bds Timothy Daly.
Wheeler, John, watchman, S. H. Cockrell & Co. flouring mills.
Wheelock, William K., Passenger & Ticket Agent, H. & T.C. R'y, res cor Pacific ave & Pearl.
White, Alexander (White & Plowman), res 403 N. Harwood.
White, Andrew J., plasterer, res 201 Flora, cor Peak.
White. David H., city collector, Singer Manufacturing Co., res ns Elm, bet Sycamore & Live Oak.
White, Fred, bds Lamar House.
White, John R., law student, White & Plowman, bds Alexander White.
White, John T., mechanic, bds D. H. White.
White & Plowman (Alexander White & George H. Plowman), attorneys, 511 Elm.
White, Rev. Richard (c), Pastor, Free Mission Baptist Church, res ws S. Lamar, s of Columbia.
White, Robert M., law student, White & Plowman, bds Alexander White.
White, Sage N., waiter, Union Hotel.
White, Volney T., Soap Manufacturer, res Austin, east of Columbia.
White, Zach T. (Z. T. White & Co.), rooms se cor S. Harwood & main.
White, Z. T. & Co. (Zach T. White & Leo J. Mahoney), plumbers, gas & steam fitters, office 205 S. Lamar, bet Commerce & Main.
Whiteman, Theodore, ticket & freight agent, T. & P. R'y, res 929 Wood.
Whiteman, W. C., proprietor, "First & Last Chance" saloon, ss Main, bet Preston & H. & T.C. R'y, res same.
Whitla & Pepper (W. H. Whitla & C. H. Pepper), Proprietors, Windsor Hotel. See inside front cover.
Whitla, W. H. (Whitla & Pepper), Windsor Hotel.
Whitlock, Miss Fannie, bds R. N. Williams.
Whitman, Mrs. Elvira E., dress maker, res 208 N. Lamar, bet Hord & Collins.
Whitredge, W. D., rooms 612 Main at Hamilton Oil Works.
Whitsel, William, bds John R. Davis.
Whorton, James M., clk, T. Billington, res Griffin.
Wickard, Thomas, cooper, Karney J., Kivlen.
Wiessmann, George, teamster, res 702 Bryan, bet Cantegral & Germania.
Wiggins, Cicero (c), second cook, Windsor Hotel.
Wiggins, William E., clk, Reed & Lathrop, bds Paul Furst, Elm.
Wignall, Thomas, clk, M. Ullmann & Co., bds Cincinnati House.
Wikle, Frank, printer, bds Mrs. R.J. Coleman.
Wilber, Charles F., wks Granger House.
Wilcox, Charles F., wks Granger House.
Wilcox, Charles K., physician & surgeon, res over 806 Main.
Wilcox, J. Philip, watchmaker, J.M. Oram, bds Paul Furst.
Wilcox, Mrs. Mary J. (wid), home w/Charles K. Wilcox.
Wilcox, Miss Mary M., home w/Charles K. Wilcox.
Wilcox, U. F., agent, "Charm" Baking Powder, res 77 Cochran.
Wild, Alfred (Ruckstool & Wild), res 1116 Elm.
Wilkerson, Charles A. (Wilkerson Bros.), bds Union Hotel.
Wilkerson Bros. (Henry C. & Charles A. Wilkerson), proprietors of the "Y" saloon, Pacific ave, opposite Union Depot.
Wilkerson, Henry C. (Wilkerson Bros.), bds Union Hotel.
Wilkes, William F., clk, J. L. Thompson & Bro., bds S. D. Thompson.
Willard, Ezra (Thurmond & Willard), res 123 N. Harwood.
Willerford, John W., wood worker, res ss Elm, bet Ervay & St. Paul.
Willett, Joseph (Smith & Willett), res 1
1/2 miles out McKinney road.
Willhite, Alexander (c), res ws Pearl, bet Ross ave & Cochran.
Wilhite, Lucy (c), home w/Alexander Willhite.
William Tell House, Edward Kuehlthan, Proprietor, nw cor Commerce & S. Market.
Williams, Betty (c), res ss Camp, bet Griffin & Magnolia.
Williams, Caroline (c), res ss Cochran, bet Peak & Good.
Williams, Charles, gas fitter, Z. T. White & Co.
Williams, Charles H. (Williams & Lenway), res Swiss.
Williams, David A., Attorney, office 213 Main, bds Robert N. Williams.
Williams, D. B., traveling agent, bds J. L. Neel.
Williams, George W., painter, bds Wm. T. Camp.
Williams, Henry, butcher, Thomas Williams, bds same.
Williams, Henry (c), porter, A. Griffeth & Co.
Williams, Henry (c), res ns Pacific ave.
Williams, Jacob L. (Williams & Tolliver), res 1207 Jackson.
Williams, James Mc, steward, City Hospital, 616 S. Lamar, cor Columbia.
Williams, John, brakeman, H. & T. C. R'y yard.
Williams, John (c), wks Jacob Menczer.
Williams, John P., clk, home w/Mrs. Robert N. Williams.
Williams, John T., clk, Lewis Wagner, res Commerce.
Williams & Lenway (Charles H. Williams & Lewis J. Lenway), proprietors, LeGrand Meat Market, 316 Main, cor S. Market.
Williams, Mrs. M. A., res ns Main, bet Ervay & S. Sycamore.
Williams, Mary (c), home w/S. Miller.
Williams, May (c), res es N. Harwood, bet Cochran & Ross ave.
Williams, Moses (c), res ss Live Oak, bet Crockett & Pearl.
Williams, O. W., attorney, bds 104 Lamar.
Williams, Robert B., brakeman, H. & T. C. R'y, bds Rawling's Hotel.
Williams, Robert E., home w/Mrs. R. N. Williams.
Williams, Mrs. Robert N. (wid), res 305 Akard ave, cor Commerce.
Williams, Salina (c), res 1013 Main, bet St. Paul & Ervay.
Williams, Mrs. S. F. (wid), res 402 Pacific ave.
Williams, Scott (c), porter, St. Charles Hotel.
Williams, Thomas, meat market, ss McKinney ave, east of city limits.
Williams, Thomas (c), porter, Lamar House.
Williams, Thomas J., res ne cor Bone & Williams.
Williams & Tolliver (Jacob L. Williams & Zac Tolliver), wholesale & retail druggist, dealers in photographic & dental materials, oils, paints, glass, fancy goods, etc., 409 Main.
Williams, Washington (c), wks Floweday.
Williams, William L., Attorney, office 409 Main, upstairs, res 1031 Elm.
Williamson, Henry C., mechanic, res 1203 Young.
Willig, George, clk, res Swiss, near Good.
Willis, John A., teamster, res 1001 Commerce, cor Ervay.
Willson & Allison (Henry C. Willson, Robt. B. Allison), proprietors, "New Idea"
saloon, 208 S. Houston, cor Main.
Willson, Henry C. (Willson & Allison), rooms 202 S. Houston, cor Main.
Wilmans, Frederick A., druggist, res se cor Boll & San Jacinto.
Wilmeth, Collin M., editor & proprietor, "Christian Preacher," office 609 Main, up stairs, res 743 Bryan.
Wilmot, Byron, res 19 Good, bet Floyd & T. & P. R'y.
Wilmot, Edgar, engineer, T. & P. R'y Co., bds B. Wilmot.
Wilmut, Charles, clk, E. F. Redfield & Co., bds J. Bentley.
Wilson, Anna I., res 1112 Jackson, near St. Paul.
Wilson, Charles, night watchman, Oil Mill, res ns Elm, bet S. Leonard & Monument.
Wilson, George H., proprietor, Lamar House, 714 & 716 Main.
Wilson, Henry (c), porter, Lamar House, res 102 Pacific ave.
Wilson, Miss Inez, bds Mollie Cross.
Wilson, James, res w end Corsicana, w of Akard ave.
Wilson, James, well-digger, bds John Johnson.
Wilson, James Madison, carpenter, res ns Main, e of Lloyd.
Wilson, John (c), waiter, LeGrand Hotel, home w/Fannie Smith.
Wilson, John T., barber, shop 710 Main.
Wilson, John W., home w/Mrs. Nancy J. Wilson.
Wilson, John W. (c), waiter, LeGrand Hotel.
Wilson, Martha (c), res es Live Oak, bet Elm & Pacific ave.
Wilson, Nancy J. (wid), res 28 Miranda.
Wilson, Olaf, telegraph operator, bds European House.
Wilson, Philip, telegraph operator, H. & T. C. R'y freight depot, bds European Hotel.
Wilson, Richard (c), res ss Polk, bet Lacy & Poydras.
Wilson, Wesley, wks Oil Factory, res ss Commerce, near Lloyd.
Wilson, William F., steward, Lamar House.
Wilson, William H. (C. M. Wheat & Co.), bds J. B. Trotman.
Windsor Hotel, ne cor Austin & Commerce, Whitla & Pepper, proprietors, see inside front cover.
Winfield, Charles, harness maker, res 223 Camp, bet Griffin & Magnolia.
Winn, Mrs. Martha A. (wid), home w/Mrs. O. Pointer.
Winston, Val. E., clk, W. M. C. Hill, bds St. Charles Hotel.
Wirley, George J., city editor, "Commercial," bds John F. Wirley.
Wirley, John F. (W. L. Hall & Co.), res 311 Cochran.
Wirley, Samuel W., printer, bds John F. Wirley.
Wisdom, James R., clk. E. J. Walden, res 1021 Main.
Wiss, John E., printer, "Morning Call," bds National Hotel.
Withey, Miss Maud, res ns Commerce, bet Preston & H. & T. C. R'y.
Witt, Wade H., planing mill, res sw cor Ervay & Cadiz.
Witwer, John S., Carriages, Buggies & Plows, 711 Elm, res 739 Ross ave (agent, Studebaker Wagons).
Witwer, Timothy W., tinner, bds J. W. Witwer.
Witwer, Wilbur, tinner, Huey & Philp.
Wohl, Marx, clk, August Israelsky, res ns Polk, bet Market & Austin.
Wolf, Frank, harness & saddles, 414 Elm, res 315 Main.
Wolf, Henry, book keeper, J. Menczer, res Elm.
Wolf, Jacob A., insurance agent, res 213 Live Oak, bet Olive & N. Harwood.
Wolf, J. E. (Dexter & Wolf), res es Browder, bet Young & Marilla.
Wolf, Miss Margaret, home w/Frank K. Wolf.
Wolfe, George P., proprietor, Clark boarding house, ws S. Lamar, bet Elm & Pacific, res same.
Wolfe, Henry, book keeper, bds Mrs. W. H. Thacker.
Wolff, Simon (Ogden & Wolff), res es Oleander, bet Patterson ave & Cottage Lane.
Wolff, William C., attorney, office 105 Camp, res one & one half miles n of Court House, Cedar Springs road.
Womble, Miss Julia, bds John D. Keaton.
Wood, Charles O., cigars & tobacco, 718 Main, res s end Ervay.
Wood, Mrs. Isabel, home w/E. G. Hult.
Wood, John, carpenter, bds American House.
Wood, Joseph W., carpenter, res ss Bryan, bet Oleander & N. Sycamore.
Woodall, Agnes (c), home w/Thomas Woodall.
Woodall, Thomas (c), res ws N. Market, bet Walnut & Calhoun.
Woodman, Benjamin F., carpenter, res 26 Alamo, bet Cedar Springs & McKinney road.
Woods, Laura (c), res 934 Main.
Woods, John, store keeper, Windsor Hotel, bds same.
Woods, John (c), white-washer, res ss San Jacinto, bet Boll & Cantegral.
Woodson, Alvis K., clk, C. J. Dibrell, res 435 Cedar Springs.
Wooward [Woodward?], Harrry S., res 908 Pacific ave.
Woodward, H. M., bds Wm. Booso.
Woolf, Benjamin F. (Woolf & Wooten), rooms at store.
Woolf, John, beer saloon & shooting gallery, 305 Main, rooms same.
Woolf & Wooten (Benjamin F. Woolf, John L. Wooten), base ball practice, 305 Main.
Wooling, Fleming (c), blacksmith, J. T. Carey.
Wooster, Minnie, wks A. D. Seixas.
Wooten, John L. (Woolf & Wooten), res outside City limits.
Word, Jeff. Jr. (Word & Kearby), res outside City limits, East Dallas.
Word & Kearby (Jeff. Word Jr., Jerome C. Kearby), Attorneys, office 209 Main, over Exchange Bank. See advt.
Worden, Charles H., res ws Griffin, near Patterson ave.
Worden, Elwin A., gunsmith, F. Charlut, res 407 Columbia.
Worden & Smith (William W. Worden, Alex. Smith), blacksmiths & wagon makers, shop ne cor Elm & S. Houston.
Worden, William W. (Worden & Smith), res se cor N. Jefferson & Carondolet.
Wordlow, Thomas (c), res 1120 Jackson.
Work, Alpha K. A., attorney, bds J. A. Work.
Work, Charles A., clk, Western Union Telegraph Co., bds J. A. Work.
Work, Jacob A. (J. A. Work & Sons), res 1304 Jackson.
Work, J.A. & Sons (Jacob A. Work, ----- ), Livery, Sale & feed stable, 731 & 733 Main, res 1304 Jackson. See advertisement.
Work, Richard V., bds J. A. Work.
Wray, John E., waiter, Delmonico Restaurant.
Wright, George, wks Dallas Flouring Mill Co., bds Henry Venn.
Wright, James A., clk, A. Israelsky, res se cor Hord & Carter.
Wright, James T., res ss Live Oak, near Germania.
Wright, John W. (Carnes & Wright), res ss Corsicana, bet Evergreen & Ervay.
Wright, J. W., clk, W. H. Howell & Bro., bds Commercial Hotel.
Wright, Nannie, wks Geo. K. Meriweather.
Wright, Newell K., carpenter, res es S. Harwood, n Pierce.
Wroten, Wiley H., clk,. J. H. Potts, rooms over store.
Wunderlich, Theresa, cook, R. F. Eisenlohr.
Wurster, John J., book keeper, res 218 Live Oak.
Wurzburger, Charles, Proprietor, Merchants Restaurant & saloon, 503 Main, res ws Polk, near Austin.
Wuster, John, blacksmith, bds R. Axmann.

X (none)

Yanke, Edward, res ns San Jacinto, bet Germania & Cantegral.
Yarber, Lewis, feed & grain, sw cor Main & Ervay, proprietor, Virginia House, nw cor Ervay & Main.
Yarber, Pinkney, clks & bds Lewis Yarber.
Yarborough, Harriet (c), home w/H. Abercrombie.
Yates, Cass P., fireman, T. & P. R'y, bds M. Saunders.
Yearout, James R., guard, County Jail, bds W. M. Moon.
York, John H., boot & shoemaker, ss Elm, bet Preston & McKinney, res same.
Young, Mrs. Barbara A. (wid), res 405 Commerce.
Young, Ellen, wks William E. Best.
Young & Hill (John W. Young, James C. Hill), proprietors, Main Street Grist Mill, Main, bet Ervay & St. Paul.
Young, John W. (Young & Hill), res 1018 Main.
Young, Margaret J., wks S. Iralson.
Young, Nancy L. (wid), home w/Mrs. Nancy J. Wilson.
Young, Rev. William C., res 1156 Young.
Young, William T., res 505 Bryan, bet Burford & Good.
Young, William W. (K. Shields), res Ross ave.
Younger, George (c), res S. Houston, e of Columbia.
Youngman, Charles, clk, M. Mayer, rooms store, bds Merchants Restaurant.

Zarniko, Hugo, waiter, Rawlings Hotel.
Zaver, Fred., carpenter, res 565 Pearl.
Zelenka, Joseph, shoemaker, ss Ross ave, near Magnolia.
Ziehme, Gotthilf C., bartender, Reichenstein & Bohny.
Ziem, Herman, res ns Main, e of Lloyd.
Zimmerman & Co. (Henry Zimmerman, Fayette R. Rowley), merchant tailors, 711 Main.
Zimmerman, Henry (Zimmerman & Co.), bds J. L. Neel.
Zimmerman, John, cotton buyer, bds National Hotel.
Zimmet, John, res ns Swiss, bet Hawkins & Crockett.
Zingline, Julian M., apprentice saddler, Padgitt Bros., bds A. Mellen.
Zug, George, farmer, res ss Camp, near Magnolia.
Zumwalt, Mrs. Eliza (wid), home w/J. W. Allen.
Zurcke, Thomas, wks Alfred Kent, bds same.

To Morrison & Co.'s Dallas City Directory, 1878-79 (A thru L)