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A Golden Wedding.

     Uncle Charlie Barnard, who lives near Lancaster, will celebrate his golden wedding next Saturday night. He came to Dallas county in 1847, and settled on the place where he now lives. His children and grand children have grown up around him there and the old pioneer is young and spry yet.

- September 1, 1891, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 1, col. 2.
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The First Sheriff of Dallas County Cele-
brates His 78th Year.

     Mrs. Ben Tanner returned yesterday from Lewisville, Denton county, where, on Wednesday, she attended the celebration of her father's -- Mr. Wormley Carter -- birthday anniversary. Mr. Carter came from Kentucky in 1845 and located in Dallas county, in which he was the first sheriff, and where he lived until 1882, when he went to Lewisville, his present home.
     Mr. Carter, who is in fine health, has never worn spectacles, and can still see to shoot squirrels with a rifle, and he still retains all his teeth sound, and has never given up a cent to a dentist. Mr. Carter's birthday comes on Emancipation Day, and he always says "the negroes and I have a great time," and it is said that there is neither a negro or white man in all North Texas that can beat Mr. Carter dancing a jig or a hornpipe.

- June 21, 1894, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 5, col. 1-2.
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Added May 23, 2004:

     Mr. J. R. Lancaster and wife celebrated their golden wedding yesterday at the home of Rev. R. H. H. Burnett, in Oak Cliff. Four children and sixteen grandchildren were present, besides a large number of relatives and friends. Mr. and Mrs. Lancaster were married in Shelby county, Kentucky, May 15, 1845, and came to Texas in 1860 from Missouri. An unusual feature of the occasion was the presence of two half sisters of Mrs. Lancaster, and a cousin, who were present at the wedding fifty years ago. The town of Lancaster, in this county, was named for Mr. Lancaster.

- May 16, 1895, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 2, col. 4-5.
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     In prime physical and mental condition, Joseph T. McFarland has celebrated his ninetieth birthday and expects to be sound and well when he passes the century mark. Mr. McFarland was born in Cadiz, Ky., Aug. 7, 1824, and when quite a young man, moved to Allen county, where he married Miss Emily A. Worden, daughter of a pioneer and much respected family living north of Scottsville. Mr. McFarland is a farmer by occupation and knows how to make a living on the hill sides of Kentucky. In 1880, he moved with his family of wife, three boys and two girls, to Texas and settled on a farm six miles north of Dallas. He followed farming with his sons until they engaged in the drug business and other lines in Dallas, where he has made his home with his younger son, John C. McFarland, since the death of his wife in 1893.
     Friday, August 7, at the home of his son, John C. McFarland, 5367 Columbia avenue, all of his children except Mrs. W. L. Spencer, who resides in Glasgow, Ky., were present, as were all the grand-children and great grand-children. Under the direction of his daughters, Miss Mattie McFarland, who resides with him, a cake of ninety good wishes were expressed for many returns of the day.
     Because of an accident to his hand, blasting rock near Scottsville, when a mere boy, he was incapacitated for military service in the Civil war, but his labor and means went to the support of the cause he loved. He has been a life-long democrat and has voted for every presidential candidate of the Democrats since he reached his majority, four of those candidates have been elected and he declares that none has given him greater cause for thankfulness than Woodrow Wilson.
     Strong, also, are his religious principles, he has been an active member of the Baptist church for seventy years, and in his days, has ridden many miles to attend religious service, or to do a good turn for his fellow men. He has never had a severe spell of sickness in his life, and is clock-like in the regularity of his habits.
     His children are Henry S. McFarland, of Dallas; Amanda, now Mrs. J. T. Pinson, wife of a Dallas minister; Laura T., now Mrs. W. L. Spencer of Glasgow, Ky.; Miss Mattie McFarland of Dallas, J. R. McFarland and J. C. McFarland, well known business men of this city.

- August 10, 1914, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 5, col. 1.
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     Mrs. Annie E. George celebrated the ninety-fifth anniversary of her birth Friday at the home of her son, Attorney John W. George, 501 East Ninth street, Oak Cliff. Mrs. George, although of advanced age, has an unusual vitality. She was born in Fulton, Mo., Oct. 5[?], 1882 [1822]. She came to Texas in 1861 and settled near Lancaster. In 1894, she came to Dallas. Her five children were at the reunion Friday. They are: Rev. Benjamin Y. George, Elmwood, Ill.; Mrs. C. L. Garrett, Oak Cliff; A. M. George, Denton, W. L. George, Fort Worth, and John W. George, of Dallas. The Rev. Mr. George is the eldest, being seventy-five years old and John W. George, the youngest, age fifty-seven.

- October 7, 1917, Dallas Daily Times Herald, Sec. I, p. 18, col. 1.
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Lancaster Couple Observed Their
66th Wedding Anniversary Sunday




Special To The Times Herald
     Lancaster, Texas, Aug. 15.--Mr. and Mrs. John A. Rogers were given a very pleasant function at the home of their daughter, Mrs. C. L. Hayden, Sunday afternoon, the occasion being the sixty-sixth anniversary of their wedding. Some forty of their neighbors and old friends were invited and cream and cake were served.
     Mr. Rogers was born in Preston county, West Virginia, May 4, 1836, and was 87 years old last May. He has been a very active man until within the last few years, when he retired from business, and with his wife, has been at home with their daughter. Mrs. Rogers was born in Clairmont county, Ohio, Dec. 7, 1836, and was 86 years old on her last birthday. They were married in Litchfield, Ill., Aug. 13, 1857. Mr. Rogers was in the war between the states and is drawing a pension, [and is] able to come down town and [fill] out his own pension papers. Mr. and Mrs. Rogers occasionally attend church services.
     They came to Texas in 1878, and made Lancaster their home. Their wedding and birthday anniversaries are always made happy occasions by their daughter and granddaughters, Mrs. R.[?] L./H.[?] L. Ellis and Mrs. Georgia Hayden. They both delight in telling stories of their early life, and Mr. Rogers is very fond of a joke, even when it is on himself.

- August 15, 1923, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 10, col. 3-4.
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Golden Wedding
Anniversary Held




Special to the News.
LEN ROSE, Somervell Co., Texas, Feb. 27.-- Dr. and Mrs. E. D. Langley celebrated their golden wedding anniversary here last Tuesday, Feb. 23. Dr. Langley and Miss Mattie Taylor were married in Lancaster, Dallas County, Feb. 23, 1876.
     They have two children, Will H. Langley of Dallas and Mrs. R. L. Eshleman of Glen Rose, both of whom attended the celebration.
     Among those present at the wedding fifty years ago were Mrs. C. R. Brotherton of Dallas and Mrs. J. E. Crabtree of Lancaster. Among those attending the wedding anniversary celebration were Mr. and Mrs. E. A. McAdams of Corsicana, Mrs. E. A. Hauser and son, Billie, of Dallas; Mrs. Will H. Langley, Mary Edith Langley, E. D. Langley Jr., Will Irvine Langley of Dallas, Mrs. E. Buck of Dallas, Mrs.. W. L. Halloway of Wichita Falls, Mrs. R. A. Brotherton, Ben and Tom Brotherton, Mrs. H. A. Brotherton of Dallas, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Rippy of Denton and their two daughter, Alma B. and Eva Frances; R. G. Langley of Ponder, Texas, Miss Josie Sanders of Lancaster and Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Boulter of Fairy.

- February 28, 1926, Dallas Morning News, Section VI, p. 3, 2.
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     Mr. and Mrs. G. O. Hambrick, 3013 Adolph street, quietly observed their sixty-ninth wedding anniversary at their home Thursday. Mr. Hambrick was 91 years of age on March 25, and Mrs. Hambrick will be eighty-five years old on her next birthday. Both were born and raised in Franklin county, Virginia, where they were united in marriage on April 1, 1857. They attended the same school and Mrs. Hambrick, who was Maranda Akers, became a bride when only a few months past fourteen years of age. Mr. Hambrick had just turned twenty-one when he claimed his schoolgirl bride. Mr. Hambrick served on the Southern side during the four years of the Civil war while his young wife, with two small children, kept "the home fires burning." Twelve children, six boys and six girls, were born to the couple, nine of whom are still living.
     While Mr. Hambrick suffered a severe attack of flu during February, he won over the malady and feels so well now, that he walked from his home to the courthouse a few days ago. Considering their advanced age, both are in very good physical condition and apparently will see a number of other wedding anniversaries.

- April 2, 1926, Dallas Daily Times Herald, Section I, p. 14, 3-4.
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[Note: a photograph of Mr. and Mrs. Hambrick accompanied the above article]


     The "party" promised to the oldest married couple in Dallas by R. B. Ellifritz, manager of the Adolphus, will take place next Friday evening. The long-married pair will be guests of the hotel. Following the dinner, a short entertainment will be given for them. Mayor Louis Blaylock, C. B. Gillespie, Dr. J. B. Cranfill and other old-timers will be present and will make "I remember when" talks. Dr. Cranfill has promised to bring along his "fiddle" and play some of the tunes that seldom have been heard in the last thirty years.
     All of the old couples who have entered the married couple contest , and all of their friends, are invited to attend the "party." There will be no charge for the "party," and all old-timers and pioneers are welcome.
Rev. and Mrs. T. M. Post of 511 North Patton avenue are now leading in the contest with a record of sixty-five married years on March 20.
     Special mention is made of Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Cunningham of Bowie. They are not eligible, because they do not live in Dallas, having moved away many years ago. They have run up a total of sixty nine years and six months, which is more than four years above anything Dallas has yet shown.
     Jacob C. Bohart, of 1525 Haskell avenue, announces a sixty-one-year run of matrimony, and there are two new applicants claiming sixty years each--Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Johnson, 5611 Hudson street, and Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Dixon, 1401 South Akard. There were several friends who entered Mr. and Mrs. Dixon's names.
     Many couples with fifty-odd years to their credit have considered themselves married a long time and entered the contest. New entries in the fifty-year class are Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Rust, 210 South Waverly drive, fifty-seven years; Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Gallie, fifty-four years; Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Patton, 2500 Second avenue, fifty-six years; Mr. and Mrs. James E. Payne, fifty-eight years; Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Dalton, 700 West Seventh street, fifty-nine years.
     Reports have been made that there is a married couple living in Dallas for almost seventy years, but no official notice of this couple has yet been received.

- January 23, 1927, Dallas Daily Times Herald, Sec. IV, p. 8, col. 2-3.
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To Celebrate Golden Wedding



     Christmas day has a double significance to the Rev. and Mrs. O. S. Thomas, 2719 Oak Lawn avenue, and, especially Christmas day this year. Tuesday afternoon, from 3 to 6 o'clock, the couple will hold open house. The occasion will be, in addition to observance of Christmas, the celebration of their golden wedding anniversary.
     The Rev. Mr. Thomas has been a Methodist minister fifty-two years. Of this period, forty-seven have been spent serving pulpits of the North Texas conference. He has served two Dallas churches as pastor, the Oak Lawn and one in East Dallas, which later disbanded. For the first ten years of the existence of S. M. U., he was its financial commissioner.
     The Rev. Mr. Thomas married Miss Jennie Bell of Meridian, Miss., fifty years ago, Tuesday. The couple have four sons, two of whom, O. S., Jr. and C. H. Thomas, live in Dallas. O. E. Thomas lives in Kaufman and H. P. Thomas, in Wichita Falls.

- December 23, 1928, Dallas Daily Times Herald, Sec. I, p. 3, col. 4-5.
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     Mr. and Mrs. John Schaffner, 4115 Munger avenue, will celebrate their golden wedding anniversary Thursday. Natives of Switzerland, they were married in St. Louis in 1884 and returned to Switzerland in 1887. They came to Dallas in 1888, where they have since resided.
     Their children are Oscar J. Schaffner of Dallas, Mrs. A. C. Bowlden of Irving, Mrs. Roy Rambo of McKinney, Mrs. A. L. Atkins and Mrs. T. F. Vaughan of Dallas. Eight grandchildren are living. They are Mrs. J. C. Collier of Irving, Tex., Audrey Evelyn and Doris Jean Atkins, Geraldine, Mary Alice and Virginia Vaughan, and Oscar Joe Schaffner of Dallas.
     Their great-grandchildren are: Marjorie Ann and Leta Lee Collier of Irving, Tex. Oscar Joe Schaffner also will celebrate his ninth birthday Thursday.

- June 4, 1934, Dallas Daily Times Herald,
Sec. I, p. 7, col. 2.
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To Observe Wedding Anniversary

Celebrating the golden wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. M. H. Peterman, 3604 San Jacinto Street, relatives and friends of the pioneer Dallas couple will gather Tuesday at an open house at the home of a son, Maurice H. Peterman, 5230 Monticello Street. Mr. Peterman was born in Toronto, Canada, in 1861, and Mrs. Peterman in Dallas, Oct. 6, 1866, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Frichot, residents of the early French colony in Dallas. Their children are Fred F., Charles F., Maurice H. and Chris. F. Peterman, Mrs. George T. Carsey and Miss Lauretta Peterman, all of Dallas. With the exception of one year, the elder Peterman couple has resided in Dallas since their marriage.

- January 3, 1937, Dallas Daily Times Herald,
Sec. I, p. 13, col. 2-3.
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Observe Golden Wedding

     Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Tomlinson will celebrate their fiftieth wedding anniversary Wednesday night with a family dinner at the home of their son, J. Randolph Tomlinson, 2738 Ivandell Boulevard. Children who attended the dinner, beside the son, are two other sons, H. C. Tomlinson of Billings, Okla; L. G. Tomlinson of Dallas; six daughters, Mrs. M. Smith, Fort Worth; Mrs. R. T. Johnsey, Ada, Okla; Mrs. T. J. Whitaker, Mrs. E. W. Johns, Mrs. H. F. Yeargan, Jr., and Mrs. C. O. Sanstad, all of Dallas.

- January 27, 1937, Dallas Daily Times Herald,
Sec. I, p. 4, col. 3-4.
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     B. C. Odom, 2508 Maple Avenue, a resident of Dallas for thirty-one years, Wednesday, celebrated his seventy-fifth birthday. He received the congratulations of many friends during the day.
     Mr. Odom served for some time as principal of the Fair Park School. Later, he engaged for eighteen years in Christian Science work, retiring from this activity in 1926.
     Mr. Odom has been married three times. His first marriage was to Miss Currie Tarver of Belton in 1895. His second wife, in 1903, was Miss Belle Burford of Sherman. In 1924, he married Mrs. W. L. Hall of Dallas.

- February 17, 1937, Dallas Daily Times Herald,
Sec. I, p. 15, col. 4.
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     Mrs. E. M. Powell was the guest of honor at a reception given by C. H. Seabrook, J. M. Hefner, Charles H. Dillon of Dallas and Mrs. A. W. Heyer of Fort Worth, Saturday night on the lawn of her home, 6944 Lake Shore Drive, in celebration of her eightieth birthday.
     Mrs. Powell, widow of the late E. M. Powell, came to Dallas as his bride in 1883. They made their home on the corner of North Akard and Munger until the recent widening of North Akard street, caused the demolishment of the house.
     About 150 guests called. Presiding at the tables were Miss Dorothy Decker, Mrs. J. M. Hefner.

- July 10, 1938, Dallas Daily Times Herald, Sec. I, p. 3, col. 3.
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They May Well
Sing "Together"


 - Times Herald Staff Photo.

Those couples who have lived together for half a century may well celebrate their golden wedding anniversaries, but those who have spanned out six decades as partners are even better qualified to sing the popular song, "Together." In that class are Mr. and Mrs. John Hoeny, 3920 Gilbert, pictured above. They are 79 years young each, and were married at Effingham, Ill., when they were 18, on Aug. 10, 1878. They came to Weatherford in 1883 and to Dallas in 1898. Mr. Hoeny owned and edited successively, the Weatherford Sun and the Abilene Reporter in the old days. They are to observe their sixtieth anniversary next Wednesday.

- August 4, 1938, Dallas Daily Times Herald, Sec. I, p. 14, col. 4-5.
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Country Doctor Recalls Buggy
Days on His 85th Anniversary


      Still carrying on a medical practice he began fifty-two years ago in Southeastern Dallas County, is Dr. R. H. Lasater, who celebrated his eighty-fifth birthday this week by playing host to his seven living children, fourteen grandchildren, two great-grandchildren and other relatives with a dinner at his home at Lawson.
     Dr. Lasater came to Dallas County fifty-eight years ago, settling first at Lancaster. Two years later, he moved to his present location, then known as Haught's Store and also as Slapfoot. He obtained his medical education at the Memphis (Tenn.) Hospital Medical College.
     Four types of conveyances have been used by Dr. Lasater in his career as a general practitioner. At first, he answered calls on horseback, carrying his medicines in saddlebags. Next, he used a two-wheeled cart, then a buggy and later, an automobile. He still drives his own car on daylight calls, but allows others to drive for him at night.
     In the early days, it often would take him several days to get back home when he started his rounds.
     Thrown on his own resources in those days, he originated a number of remedies which have appeared to be very effective, which he plans to preserve for the attention of other physicians, he said.
     Though he refers to himself as one of the old school of general country practitioners, Dr. Lasater has kept abreast with medical progress, being a member of the American Medical Association and the Texas and Dallas County Medical Societies. He has been a reader of The Dallas Morning News for fifty years.
     His children attending the birthday dinner were E. W. Lasater, E. P. Lasater, R. L. Lasater and L. F. Lasater, and Mrs. Ida E. Hutton, Mrs. Mary F. Reaves and Mrs. Harold E. Pennington, all of Dallas.

- August 20, 1938, The Dallas Morning News, Sec. I, p. 7, col. 3-4.
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To Celebrate Anniversary

     Mr. and Mrs. Samuel R. Jared, 1510 Morrell Street, will celebrate their fiftieth wedding anniversary Sunday with a homecoming of their children and open house from 2 until 5 o'clock. Mr. and Mrs. Jared were married May 12, 1889, in Putnam County, Tennessee, and came to Texas in 1901. They have lived in Dallas since 1922. They have seven living children and nine grandchildren. Among those expected to attend the celebration Sunday are Mr. and Mrs. John Preston Jared and children, Greenville; Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Harrell and sons, Wolfe City; Mr. and Mrs. Claude D. Stephenson and children, Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Young and son, Mr. and Mrs. V. H. Lindsey and Mrs. T. J. Robinson, all of Dallas. A son, James C. Jared of Los Angeles, Cal., will not be able to attend.

- May 14, 1939, Dallas Daily Times Herald,
Sec. I, p. 10, col. 2-3.
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