Store Fixture Bracket/J. R. Palmenberg's Sons, N. Y., 1894

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     Below are photos of a store fixture bracket that was found on the west bank of Duck Creek in December 1964, approximately 1/8 of a mile east of the Garland Memorial (Pioneer) (Masonic) Cemetery, located at Garland and Miller Roads in Garland. The bracket was discovered in what appeared to be an old trash dump. A depression in the banks of the creek (portions of the depression still remain) at the site suggests this was the location of an early crossing.
     The main part of the bracket is 17 inches in length, and the combined weight of the three pieces is a little over one pound. It appears to be chrome-plated bronze.
     A patent (#517,190) (see patent drawing and description) was issued by the U. S. Patent Office to Raymond P. Palmenberg (born ca. 1860 in New York) on March 27, 1894. He was a son of Vienna-born Joseph R. Palmenberg, whose three sons (Raymond P., Emil T. & William F.) were in business as late as 1901, as "J. R. Palmenberg's Sons," selling "display fixtures and forms."  The sales office was located (in 1901), at 710 Broadway, while the factory was located at 89 and 91 West Third Street.

(Sources: 1880 New York Census Soundex, E. D. 640, sheet 4, line 1; Trow's 1900/1901 General Directory of the Boroughs of Manhattan & Bronx, p. 1018; Annual Report of the Commissioner of Patents for the year 1894, p. 247)


Close-up Photo Showing Detail


Sam Street's Map of Dallas County, 1900

U. S. Geological Survey Topographical Map, 1986

 The red "X's" mark the spot where the bracket was found.