Benevolent Societies, Dallas County, Texas

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Celebrate American Anniver-
sary in Grand Style
at De Soto.

    The Odd Fellows of De Soto celebrated the birth of their order in the United States by giving a grand picnic at Morris' Grove. This lodge branched off from the Lancaster lodge in 1887 with a membership of five. It now has forty members and is reputed to be one of the best working lodges in the state. The officers elective are J. M. Park, N. G.; D. M. Waters, V. G.; C. S. Crave, secretary and J. J. Chastain, treasurer.
     At the picnic grounds, a grand march was formed by the home and visiting Odd Fellows. They marched to the grand stand, where they were received by appropriate music, after which, the first speaker, John T. Witt, was introduced by Mr. E. S. Denguid. Mr. Witt made a telling speech, in which he held forth the beauties of the order in glowing terms. He was followed by Col. S. H. Russell, who, it is needless to say, made an eloquent address. At the close of his speech, the Colonel introduced to the audience, Dr. J. A. Lindsey, of Lancaster, an Odd Fellow for 38 years, and called attention in a few well chosen words to a medal given him by the Grand Lodge of the state for efficient and long labor in the order. Dr. Lindsey was followed by Mr. Geo. White, who, for 37 years, has worked for the good of his beloved order and is, to-day, proud of it. The next feature on the programme was dinner, and in keeping with everything undertaken by the people of this wealthy neighborhood, a success.
     After dinner, Mr. W. Illingsworth, on behalf of the visiting members, made a felicitous address, which was frequently interrupted by loud applause. The crowd dispersed at 6 o'clock, impressed with the hospitality and good fellowship of the people of De Soto.

- July 27, 1891, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 1, col. 3.
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[No Heading]

     The several lodges of the Knights of Pythias of this city united yesterday in memorial exercises. They met at Castle Hall on Main street where the line of march was formed and preceded by a carriage with beautiful floral emblems and a brass band, they marched down Main to the Windsor, across to Elm, and out to Ervay, thence out to the First Baptist Church, were, after beautiful song service and scriptural reading, they listed to an eloquent sermon by Dr. Schofield. After the services in the church, the Knights and their friends took carriages to the cemetery, where flowers in profusion were scattered over the graves of their departed brothers.

- June 13, 1892, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 5, col. 1.
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Knights of Pythias Election.

     At a meeting of K. of P. Oak Cliff Lodge No. 80, on Wednesday night, the following members were elected and installed as officers of the new lodge:
     R. P. Toole, Past Chancellor.
     S. H. Hurlock, Chancellor Commander.
     A. P. Tenison, Vice Chancellor.
     J. O. Gill, Prelate.
     W. D. Henderson, Keeper of Seals and Records.
     R. G. Williams, Master of Exchequer.
     J. I. Walsh, Master of Finance.
     M. G. Knight, Master at Arms.
     ---- Alden, Inside Guard.
     ---- Wilkins, Outside Guard.

- June 27, 1892, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 1, col. 6.
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     Fifty-three little girls at the Reynolds Presbyterian orphanage were made happy Friday afternoon when as many white middy dresses were delivered to the orphanage by the Ancient and Honorable Order of the Blue Goose.
     The letter accompanying the gift read: "The Pond of the Blue Goose Order has, from time to time, enjoyed being helpful to institutions such as yours, and takes keen pleasure in relieving distress and alleviating suffering whenever it is possible to do so, and having a feeling that some of the little girls in your institution might enjoy a present in the way of a new dress, we are sending you fifty-three dresses for your little girls, and we want you to accept them with our very kindest regards and with the assurance that it gives us just as much pleasure to present them as it does for you to receive them."

- April 5, 1924, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 2, col. 2.
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