Index of Birth Parents, Dallas County, Texas, 1904

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Abbott, H. and K., Letot, Sept. 19, a girl.
Abernathy, Della, Calhoun, a girl.     
Ablon, George and Rosa, 206 Caroline street, a boy.     
Adair, J. F. and Annie, near Hutchins, a boy.    
Adams, George R. and Irene L., Dallas, a girl.    
Adams, James and Lizzie, Dallas; a boy.     
Adams, S. R. and Lula, Dallas, Sept. 15, a boy.    
Adams, Will and Florence, Dallas, a boy.     
Adams, William and Mary, 234 Latimer street, Oct. 2, a girl.    
Adcock, Frank and Maggie, Sowers; a girl.    
Alexander, J. B. and Rillie, Duncanville, a girl.     
Allcorn, Mr. and Mrs. E. M., 355 Worth street, 3 girls.
Allen, David and Nancy J., Lancaster, a boy.    
Allen, J. D. and Monta, near Lancaster, a girl.     
Allen, J. W. and Minnie, Oak Grove, a girl.    
Allen, M. L. and Sarah, Sowers, a boy.     
Allen, Perry and Sarah, near Lisbon, a boy.     
Allison, Joseph L. and Rosie Lee, Houseley, a boy.     
Allison, Thomas J. and Addie, 206 Thomas avenue, Oct. 4, a girl.     
Alston, R. B. and J., near Rowlett, a girl.     
Anderson, Boyd and Ona, Oak Cliff, a boy.     
Anderson, C. T. and Dena J., Housley; a boy.
Anderson, Jerry Ebben and Gertrude, 119 Pecan street, June 8, a boy.     
Anderson, Robt. L. and Jessie May, 516 South Harwood street, a girl.     
Anderson, Sam A. and Mary, Houseley, a boy.     
Appel, John and Margaret, 112 Cleveland street, Dec. 28, a girl.     
Apple, John and Marguerite, 112 Cleveland street, a girl.     
Ardrey, Herbert D. and Minnie, 860 Swiss avenue, Aug. 27, a boy.     
Armbuster, Joseph and Maria, 417 Live Oak street, a boy.     
Armstrong, J. A. and J. P., near Pleasant Valley, a boy.     
Arnold, J. S. and Annie D., 417 Grand avenue, Dallas, a girl.     
Ash, Bud and M. E., Mesquite, Aug. 7, a boy.     
Ashley, J. B. and Vady, Wilmer, a boy.     
Ashner, Lee and Josie, 110 Pocahontas street, a boy.     
Ashworth, B. M. and Emma, city, a girl.     
Askins, Alph and Fannie B., 169 Worth street, Sept. 21[?], a girl.     
Attebery, M. O. and Edna, Oak Cliff; a girl.     
Atwell, James and Bennie, 115 Smith street, June 2, a boy.     
Austin, Fred and L., Dallas, a boy.     
Autrey, A. V. and Ina, 260 Caroline street, a girl.     
Axe, John and Lena, near Garland, a girl.     
Axe, William and Clara, Garland, Oct. 22, a girl.     

Bailey, E. J. and Josie, West Dallas, a boy.     
Bailey, R. A. and R. A., near Lancaster, a boy.    
Bailey, Susie, 325 Central avenue, a girl.     
Bailey, W. O. and M. M., near Lancaster, a girl.
Baird, T. E. and N. O., 623 Ross avenue, a girl.    
Baker, J. T. and Georgia, Cedar Hill, a boy.     
Baker, O. A. and Addie, Dallas, a boy.     
Baker, R. T. and Maggie, Dallas, a boy.     
Balden, Perney and Laura, 149 Lawrence street, a boy.     
Ball, Robert and Mattie, Farmers Branch, Jan. 5, a boy.     
Ballard, Edgar and Hattie, Seagoville, Aug. 5, a boy.    
Bannert, William and Johnnah, 233 McKinney avenue, Oct. 12, a boy.     
Barber, Joe and Lena, Grand Prairie, a girl.     
Barchardt, Fred and Czonina, Mesquite; a boy.    
Barham, Clayton O. and Grace, Dallas; a boy     
Barnes, Caroline Lee Barnes and Dollie, Dallas, Sept. 6, a boy.    
Barnes, H. P. and Kattie, Dallas, a girl.     
Barnes, William and Francis, near Garland, a girl.     
Barnett, R. A. and Emma, Oak Cliff, a boy.    
Barnhill, J. M. and Della, Carrollton, a boy.     
Barrett, William D. and Bettie M., 117 Dexter street, Dallas, a girl.     
Barta, Charley and Mary, Kleberg, a girl.     
Barta, Louie and Nellie, near Kleburg, a boy.     
Bartlett, Gustave and Adeline, Dallas, a girl.    
Bartley, P. M. and M. E., Dallas, a boy.     
Barton, Charles A. and Addie, Sowers, May 21, a girl.     
Barton, J. B. and Lucy, Sowers, Oct. 9, a boy.     
Baskel, A. S. and Fannie, 6 Lee street, a girl.     
Bass, Vernon and Bettie, Rylie, a girl.     
Bassett, Boyce and Florence, Garland, a boy.    
Bates, A. L. and Lizzie, Cedar Hill, a girl.     
Baxley, C. E. and Mandy, Carrollton, a boy.    
Beach, Fred A. and Mary Ethel, 181 Harwood street, Dallas, a boy.     
Bean, George and Anna, New Hope, a boy.     
Beardon, J. C. and L. V., near Garland, a girl.     
Beaty, G. S. and Ola, 425 Browder street, a girl.    
Beaty, W. E. and Vernon, Oak Cliff, a girl.     
Beavers, Charley and Maud, Sowers; a boy.    
Beeker, George and Amelia, Dallas, a boy.     
Beesley, E. A. and Julia, near Wheatland, a boy.     
Behrens, J. and S. B., New Hope; a girl.     
Beilharz, Theodore and Laura, corner Swiss and Texas streets, a boy.
Belding, Sam and Nellie, Coppell, a girl.     
Bell, Anderson and Nelly, Feris street, Dec. 31, a girl.     
Bell, Andrew and Nellie, Ferris street, a girl.     
Bell, Joe and Alice, near DeSoto, a boy.     
Benedict, Charles and Lillie, Sowers, Oct. 3, a boy.   
Benners, Wm. and Mrs., Oak Cliff, a girl.     
Bennett, Arthur F. and Lida F., Elam Station, Oct. 4, a girl.    
Bennett, E. D. and Emma, 219 Dickerson street, a boy.     
Bennett, Ed and Maud, Cedar Hill, a boy.     
Bennett, J. E. and G. H., Dallas, a boy.     
Bennett, Milton and Maude, near Mesquite, a girl.     
Bennett, T. H. and Carrie, Mesquite; a boy.     
Bennett, Thomas and Lona, Lawson, a boy.    
Bennett, Vesta and Inez, Cedar Hill, a boy.    
Bennifield, S. S. and S. A., near Pleasant Valley, a boy.    
Bens, Henry and Emma, Kleberg, a boy.     
Benson, T. D. and Ida, Rylie, a girl.     
Benton, Forest and Mary, Lancaster, Sept. 11, a boy.     
Bernhard, J. V. and A. B., De Soto, a boy.     
Berry, C. W. and Laura, McKee street, two girls.     
Berry, Edlom F. and Lottie M., 213 Colby street, Dallas, a girl.     
Berry, R. E. and Moola, Mesquite, a boy.     
Bert, P. B. and Bertha E., 590 McKinney avenue, Oct. 7, a girl.   
Bestendorff, Henry and Lena, Dallas; a boy.     
Bibby, Joseph and Lizzie, Park avenue, May 3, a girl.     
Biell, George and Hanna, St. Paul's, May 26, a girl.     
Biggs, W. A. and Jessie B., 197 Beaumont street, a girl.     
Bilenstein, Frank and Agatha, near Rowlett, a girl.     
Bilenstein, Mart and Mary, near Rowlett, a boy.     
Billows, Lee and Lizzie, near Lancaster, a boy.    
Birdsong, D. L. and Gertrude, Second avenue, a boy.    
Birdwell, R. W. and Fannie, East Dallas, Oct. 21, a boy.
Bishop, W. M. and K. E., Dallas, a girl.     
Black, Norris and Annette, city, a boy.     
Blackmon, Claude and Rhodie, Dallas, a girl.     
Blackmon, M. G. and Callie, Farmers Branch, a boy.     
Blackwell, N. T. and Mattie, Swiss avenue, a girl.    
Blake, H. W. and S. B., Dallas, a boy.     
Blake, Will and Sindey, near Dallas, a girl.    
Blakeley, P. and M., near Richardson, a boy.     
Blaser, E. M. and D. S., West Dallas, a boy.
Blessing, Thad and Mary, Estelle, a girl.     
Block, I. F. and C. A., Dallas, Sept. 8, a boy.    
Blocker, W. R. and Elein, near De Soto, a boy.     
Blurdon, J. C. and L. V., Dallas, a girl.     
Bohanon, John and Mary, Carrollton, a girl.     
Boice, Edmund A. and Sophia, 17 Sixth street, Station A, Sept. 21, a boy.     
Boisden, Elisa and Minnie, 237 Nettie street, a boy.     
Boll, Charles and B. M., 278 Park street, a girl.     
Boll, Robert and Mattie, Farmers Branch, a boy.    
Bolston, Jim and Annie, 104 Paris street, May 21, a boy.     
Bone, E. E. and Eva, Dallas, Aug. 7, a boy.    
Borchardt, T. and A., Mesquite, a girl.     
Boren, W. A. and Alice, 457 McKinney avenue, Jan. 5, a girl.     
Boren, W. A. and Alice, city, a girl.     
Boskins, S. H. and Minnie, near Sowers, a boy.     
Bowden, Frank and Myrtle, Housley, a boy. 
Bowman, N. H. and I. S., Dallas, a girl.       
Boyd, Frank and Pearl, Lancaster, a girl.     
Boyd, James and Eliza, Wilmer, Sept. 6, a girl.     
Boyken, Charles and Francis, Housley, a boy.     
Bradshaw, David A. and Lula, Grand Prairie, Sept. 26, a girl.     
Bragg, J. A. and E. F., near Irving, a boy.     
Bragg, J. A. and E. F., near Irving, a girl.     
Bragg, James and Ida, near DeSoto, a boy.    
Brandfield, J. S. and Siloma, Dallas, a girl.     
Brannon, Oscar and Grace, near Dallas, a boy.    
Brannon, Wesley and Cora, 113 Dewey street, a boy.    
Braswell, W. T. and Dora, Letot, a boy.     
Bratcher, B. F. and C. B., Dallas, Aug. 9, a girl.     
Bratcher, Newman Alexander and Emma Francis, near Lisbon, a boy.     
Bray, T. A. and Eva, Cedar Hill, a girl.    
Bray, Tom and Mary, 748 Commerce street, a girl.
Brecht, Henry and Louise, Dallas, a boy.
Breeding, John and Rosa, 159 Canton street, a girl.     
Brenhan, E. A. and Minnie S., 143 Holmes street, Dallas, a girl.     
Bridgeman, C. L. and L. L., Garland, a girl.     
Brigham, George and Laura, McCoy street, a boy.
Brighow, Effie, Carrollton, a girl.     
Briley, C. E. and E. D., 648 Harwood street, a girl.     
Brisentine, J. D. and Mary, Mesquite, October 12; a boy.    
Brison, Jim and Lula, Oak Cliff, a girl.     
Britton, Jeff D. and Carrie, near Orphans Home, a boy.    
Britton, T. N. and Mary D., 309 Wall street, Sept. 5, a girl.    
Broadnax, James and Maggie, 205 Snodgrass street, a boy.     
Brochiero, O. and Elizabeth, 150 South Ervay street, a girl.    
Brogan, W. P. and Annie, Dallas county, a girl.    
Brown, Allan and Pinkie, near Garland, a girl.     
Brown, Conrad and Annie, Browder street, a boy.    
Brown, E. and Annie, Cochran's Chapel, a girl.     
Brown, E. F. and Emma, city, a boy.    
Brown, G. H. and Jennie, Mesquite, a girl.    
Brown, G. W. and Finny, Calhoun, a boy.     
Brown, J. H. and Mrs., Carrollton, a girl.     
Brown, James C. and Emma N., 371 Cedar Springs road, a girl.    
Brown, Joe and Edner, Garland, a girl.     
Brown, L. L. and B. J., near Cedar Hill, a girl.     
Brown, Sam and S., near Cedar Hill; a boy.     
Brown, W. H. and Elva, Lake and Payne street, a boy.     
Brown, William and Maud, Lancaster, Sept. 6, a boy.    
Bryan, Joe and Kate F., 1013 Elm street, a girl.     
Bryant, Ed and Lellion, 276 McKinney avenue, a boy.     
Buchanan, J. W. and Minnie, 375 Lucille street, a girl.     
Buckholtz, H. and Fannie, 618 Elm street, Aug. 17, a boy.    
Buell, Frank T. and Marion, Dallas, a girl.     
Bullock, Jack and Minnie, 83 Cockrell street; a girl.     
Bullock, John and Myrtle, 190 Hall street, a girl.     
Bullock, W. P. and Minnie, Oak Cliff, a girl.     
Burch, Dee and Lucy, Dallas, a girl.     
Burch, Robert and Lucy, Hansley, a girl.    
Burgess, Jessie C. and Flora B., Coppell, Aug. 20, a girl.     
Burke, A. and M. A., Lisbon, a girl.     
Burney, D. and Lee, Garland, a girl.     
Burns, J. O. and Emily, 756 Bryan street, a girl.     
Burns, J. O. and Emily, 756 Bryan street, Jan. 2, a girl.    
Burns, Sam and Lula, city, a girl.     
Burns, Will and Mrs., Hutchins, a girl.     
Burnsed, S. A. and Olie, 412 Swiss avenue, a boy.     
Burton, L. and Ava, 237 Santa Fe avenue, a boy.     
Burton, W. H. and Cora, 573 Juliette street, a boy.     
Busby, Calvin and Julia, Sowers; a girl.     
Busby, M. L. and M. C., near Cedar Hill, a girl.     
Buschon, Tom and Lee, Dallas, a boy.     
Bush, Henry J. and Ader L., near Lancaster, a girl.     
Bushart, John D. and Deila, Rylie, a boy.     
Butler, J. M. and Mrs., Seagoville, boy and girl.     
Butler, J. M. and P. M., Seagoville; a boy and girl.     
Butler, W. N. and Minnie E., Dallas county, a boy.     
Byers, Frank and Ella, McKinney avenue, a girl.     

Cade, Al and Fannie, Rylie, a girl.     
Cagle, J. E. and Eula L., near Rowlett, a girl.    
Cahill, Pat and Mary, Oak Cliff, a boy.     
Cain, Claude and Lola, 237 Park avenue, a boy.     
Caldwell, Dean and Sarah, near Cedar Hill, a boy.     
Calinay, Joe and Malindy, Rose Hill, Sept. 14, a boy.   
Calvert, Elias and Bertha May, Dallas; a girl.     
Calvin, Charles and Sallie, Garland, a girl.     
Cammack, R. B. and Lillian, Dallas; a boy.     
Camnefax, Henry and Mattie, West Dallas; a girl.     
Campbell, Alexander and Mary, 325 Bryan street, a girl.    
Campbell, J. W. and Achie, Commerce and Kelly avenue, Dallas, a girl.    
Campbell, W. H. and Mary, 338 Corinth street, a girl.     
Campbell, Wade and Mattie, Duncanville, a boy.     
Canady, Ross and Effie, West Dallas, a boy.     
Canine, David and Mattie, near Housely, a boy.     
Cannefox, Benjamin and Annie, Dallas, a boy.     
Cantral, Ed and Maud, 691 Commerce street, a girl.     
Cantrell, Luke and Bessie, Dallas, a boy.     
Capps, Mallie C. and Ethel, Mesquite, Sept. 25, a boy.     
Carl, W. A. and C. A., Dallas, Sept. 17, a girl.     
Carroll, John and Lillie, Dallas; a boy.    
Carter, John S. and Lillie, Dallas, a boy.     
Carter, R. A. and Maggie, city; a boy.     
Casey, J. W. and Maud, Mesquite, Sept. 25, a girl.     
Cash, Ben D. and Janet H., 363 Routh street, a girl.     
Cash, Peter and Mamie, Dallas, a boy.     
Casler, Charles and Beulah, Dallas, a boy.     
Castleman, Albert T. and Emily, near Cedar Hill; a boy.     
Cates, W. M. and A., near Lawson, a boy.     
Catto, John and Elizabeth, 102 Crutchfield street, a girl.     
Catts, Horace Maples and Carrie Belle, Dallas, Aug. 15, a boy.     
Cavender, L. L. and Jennie, Cedar Hill; a girl.     
Cavender, R. C. and M. J., Cedar Hill, a boy.     
Cawthorn, W. P. and Maggie, Sachse, a girl.     
Cecel, W. M. and Altha, Oak Cliff, a boy.     
Chace, Chas. and Lillie, 274 Alamo street, a boy.     
Chaffin, William A. and Della, Elam Station, June 6, a boy.    
Chambers, George H. and Sallie, near Cedar Hill, a boy.     
Chambers, Thomas and Delia, 520 Flora street, a boy.    
Chambless, W. P. and Alice, near Lawson, a boy.    
Chandler, John and Mary, 138 Wichita street, a girl.     
Chapman, B. F. and Ella, Wilmer, a boy.     
Chapman, George and Kittie, near De Soto, a boy.    
Chapman, George and Kitty, De Soto; a boy.     
Chapman, J. W. and Hattie, Mesquite, June 1, a girl.     
Chapman, R. G. and Ruth, Mesquite, a girl.     
Chase, J. H. and Josie, near Mesquite, a boy.     
Chatman, W. T. and Mary, 515 Commerce street, Dallas, a girl.     
Cherry, H. L. and Alin, 193 Leonard street, Dallas, a boy.     
Chiles, Wheeler and Myrtle, Rowen street; a boy.     
Chilton, J. E. R. and Evangaline, 617 Ross avenue, a boy.
Clark, E. S. and M. L., 290 Griffin street, a boy.     
Clark, Roland C. and E. V., Mesquite, a girl.     
Clark, W. H. and Jennie, 795 Ross avenue, a boy.    
Clinton, Walter and Letitia, 2 miles west of Alpha, a boy.     
Clongle, Clarence and Burnette, Mesquite, a girl.     
Clouse, J. A. and Ida B., 123 Bookhout street, Sept. 27, a girl.    
Clower, Benjamin and Francis, Dallas, Sept. 12, a boy.     
Coats, M. A. and Addie, near Mesquite, a boy.     
Cobb, John and Mollie, Lisbon, a boy.     
Cobb, W. E. and Lee, near Lancaster, a boy.     
Cockles, Springer and Beatrice, Moody Lane, a boy.     
Coit, Thomas and Laura, near Alpha, a boy.    
Cokehart, Dan and Maggie, 301 Wall street, a girl.     
Cole, Bascom and Virgie, West Dallas, October 15; a boy.    
Cole, D. E. and N. B., Lawson, a girl.    
Cole, N. and Jennie, Exall Lake, a boy.     
Cole, R. D. and Annie, Lancaster, Aug. 31, a boy.     
Coleman, Ben and Julia, Housley, a girl.     
Coleman, O. L. and Andrye, 377 Young street, Sept. 19, two girls.   
Collier, W. D. and Henrietta, Trip, May 31, a boy.     
Colliett, F. and L., Cochran's Chapel, October 17; a boy.     
Combell, John and Lizzie, near Richardson, a girl.     
Combs, H. V. and Alma, 331 South Preston street, Aug. 23, a girl.     
Comfort, B. D. and M., Dallas, a boy.      
Conley, H. L. and Mary L., Sowers, June 3, a boy.    
Conley, Own [Owen?] and Annie, near Garland, a girl.    
Conn, C. and Ester, 171 Highland street, October 17; a boy.     
Conner, James and Sallie, 114 Duncan street, Dallas, Aug. 23, a girl.    
Conner, Tom and Myrtle, city, a boy.     
Conner, Will and Dorotha, near Garland, a girl.     
Conners, J. J. and Susie R., Oak Cliff, a girl.     
Connolly, W. C. and Eulalie, Dallas, a boy.     
Cook, C. C. and Lula B., 375 State street, a girl.     
Cook, G. S. and Mabel, 129 Nussbaumer street, a boy.     
Cook, George and Stella, Lancaster, June 5, a girl.     
Cook, H. L. and Jessie, 225 Olive street, a girl.     
Cook, N. B. and Marie, 843 Floyd street, May 27, a girl.     
Cooper, Dr. M. C. and Genevieve, Dallas, Aug. 7, a girl.     
Cooper, William and Fannie N., 188 Cedar Springs street, Sept. 16, a boy.    
Coots, Andy and Josia, Mesquite, Sept. 1, a boy.     
Corey, Thomas B. and Pearl, Oak Cliff, a girl.     
Corley, Otis and Mattie, Garland; a girl.    
Cornelius, Will D. and Elizabeth, 1103 Commerce street, Oct. 21, a girl.     
Corpening, R. I. and Elsie, 257 Reiger street, a boy.     
Corsey, F. D. and Lillie, Wheatland, Sept. 12, a boy.    
Cowan, Fred and Lillie, 297 Hawkins street, May 24, a boy     
Cox, Charley H. and Minnie J., Orphans Home, a boy.     
Cox, Jim and Mary, near Garland, a boy.     
Cox, Jim and Mary, near Garland; a boy.    
Cox, L. M. and Sarah, near Sowers, a boy.     
Cox, Walter and Lear, Farmers Branch, a boy.     
Crabtree, Noah and Ella F., 350 Grand avenue, Dallas, a girl.     
Cragg, A. M. and Lucy, Pleasant Grove, Sept. 15, a girl.     
Crane, Val and Katie, 287 Wall street, a boy.     
Cravens, Charles and Mary, Oak Cliff, a boy.    
Crawford, Ed and Lucy, Sowers, a boy.
Crawford, John and Lulu, Dallas county, a girl.     
Cray, E. J. and Allie L., near Mesquite, a girl.    
Creecy, Robert and Rosa, Mesquite; a girl.     
Crenshaw, N. R. and N. C., near Grand Prairie, a boy.     
Cressley, William Mereur and Minnie, 240 Exposition avenue, Sept. 24, a boy.     
Crogg, J. T. and Susie, Elam, a girl.     
Cross, Charley and Maud, Farmers Branch, Oct. 11, a boy.    
Crosslord, Wiley and Cleveland, Rockdale, a girl.     
Crouch, E. R. and Ruth, Lancaster, a boy.    
Crouch, F. and F. E., near Lancaster, a boy.     
Crum, Will and Nanie, near Lancaster, a boy.    
Crump, E. J. and Ada, Kleburg, a boy.     
Crumpley, Harry and Florence, Housley, May 27, a boy.     
Cullen, C. W. and Sallie E., Dallas, Sept. 4, a girl.    
Cullum, T. M. and Lillian, 346 Routh street, a boy.    
Culmore, A. and J., 407 Swiss avenue, a boy.     
Culverston, C. E. and R. J., Lawson, Aug. 18, a boy.     
Cummings, Arthur J. and Lena, Dallas; a girl.
Curl, John and Alice, Oak Cliff, a girl.     
Curry, J. H. and F. F., Rowlett, a boy.     
Curtis, John and Minnie, Dallas, a girl.     
Curver, M. G. and M. E., 8 Cockrell avenue, a girl.     
Cutler, Will and Olive, Lancaster, Sept. 8, a girl.     
Cypert, George F. and Lola, 139 South Haskell avenue, a girl.    

Dailey, Emmett and Ada, Reinhardt, a girl.     
Daniels, Alvie H. and Oberla, near Alpha; a boy.     
Daniels, Billy and Ella, Caruth Switch, a girl.     
Daniels, Mr. and Mrs. F., 256 Young street, a boy.     
Daniels, Richard and Minnie, 150 Young street, April 26, a boy.
Dargan, Leon and E. A., 253 North Harwood street, a girl.     
David, Kaufman and Annie, Dallas, Sept. 10, a boy.     
Davidson, James B. and Minnie A., Wilmer, a boy.     
Davis, Benjamin and Addie, Orphans' Home; a boy.     
Davis, C. H. and R. L., Mesquite, a girl.     
Davis, Frank and Jonnie, 407 Hall street, a girl.     
Davis, L. B. and Fannie L., Rowlett, a girl.    
Davis, T. B. and Emma V., near Lancaster, a girl.     
Davis, W. C. and A. N., Wheatland, a boy.     
Davis, Will and Eva, city hospital, a girl.     
Davis, Willie and Florence, Carrollton, a boy.     
Dawdy, J. B. and L. A., Kleberg, a boy.     
Day, J. C. and Bettie, Reinhart, a girl.     
Day, Zack and Jennie, Alpha, Oct. 2, a girl.     
De Grazier, James and Mattie, Dallas; a girl.    
Deacon, H. and Elizabeth, Fairmount avenue, a boy.     
Dean, Jeff and Martha, Grand Prairie, a girl.     
Deaton, Tom and Kate, Dallas, a girl.     
DeBorde, Norman and Hester, Dallas, a boy.    
Decker, W. S. and Althea, Oak Cliff, a girl.     
Degn, H. C. and D. D., 181 Grand avenue; a boy.     
DeJarnette, Thomas and Nancy, Farmers Branch, a boy.     
DeLorenzi, Albert and Maria, Dallas, a boy.     
Delaney, Ed and Lisa, city; a boy.     
Dennis, William and Minnie, near Rylie, a boy.     
Denton, Noah and Sallie, near Coppell, Sept. 6, a girl.     
Derrick, Jim and Kate, Sowers; a girl.    
Deutch, Bernhard and Annie, 1__ Houston street, a girl.     
De__ar, B. and J. R, city, a girl.     
Dimitri, D. and Anna R., 178 Second avenue, Sept. 7, a boy.    
Doering, G. W. and Lizzie, Bell and Central avenue, a boy.     
Doll, George W. and Kathrine E., Dallas, Sept. 6, a girl.    
Donsky, Jake and Gussie, 177 Caroline street, Oct. 14, a girl.    
Dougherty, D. and Nellie, Dallas, Sept. 13, a girl.     
Dougherty, John L. and Ruzela C., Grand Prairie, June 8, a girl.
Douglas, W. H. and Bell S., 139 Nussbaumer, a girl.     
Dowdy, John S. and Rosa A., Elam; a girl.     
Drake, S. B. and Bertie, near DeSoto, a boy.     
Drehr, Conrad and Mattie D., 325 Thomas street, Dallas, a boy.     
Droza, Emil and Millie, Kleberg; a girl.    
Duckworth, Jno. and Mrs. Lisba, near Mesquite, a girl.    
Duff, J. H. and Mrs., Oak Cliff, a boy.     
Duke, Green W. and Annie M., 573 Masten street, a girl.   
Dulaney, Alonzo and Cora, near Pleasant Valley, a girl.     
Duncan, M. J. and Clara, 235 First avenue, a girl.     
Dunham, John and Annie, Oak Cliff, a girl.     
Dunn, John and Nannie, Dallas, a girl.     
Dunne, Charlie and Lottie, Lancaster, a boy.     
Dunnon, Walter and Daisy, 383 Caruth street, a boy.     
Durham, David and Nan, near Richardson; a girl.    
Durham, Jesse and Ada, Oak Cliff, a boy.     
Durham, Will and ____, Richardson, a boy.     
During, Andrew and Mattie, near Houseley, a boy.     
Durrett, W. G. and Wm. A., 289 San Jacinto street, a girl.     
Duty, John T. and Laura, Farmers Branch, a girl.     
Dwist, Edward and Lena, 323 Cadiz street, September 27, a boy.     

Eagle, J. S. and Anna B., Dallas, a girl.     
Eakins, J. A. and Nellie, 166 McKinnon; a girl.     
Echols, R. B. and A. M., Orphans Home, a girl.     
Echols, T. J. and K. M., Farmers Branch, Oct. 14, a boy.     
Eckenfels, Frank and Pauline, Dallas, a boy.     
Edwards, John W. and Alice, Grand Prairie, Aug. 9, a girl.    
Edwards, Lee and Mary N., 310 Floyd street, a boy.     
Edwards, W. B. and Alice, Kleberg, a boy.     
Elder, George and Mary, Hawkins and Cottage Lane, a girl.     
Elliott, George and Bessie, Sowers, a girl.     
Ellis, Charley and Maude, 723 Main street, a boy.     
Ellis, J. H. and Mollie, near Dallas, a girl.     
Ellis, L. C. and Pearl, Dallas, a boy.     
English, H. and Beulah, West Dallas, a girl.     
English, J. L. and Jennie, city; a girl.     
Estes, Samson and Mary, Lisbon, Sept. 6, a boy.     
Evans, O. V. and J. J., Dallas, a boy.    
Evans, Paul Pruett and Effie, Dallas, a girl.     
Ewalt, S. W. and W. S., Sowers, a boy.     
Ewing, Boyd and Ethel, Lancaster, Sept. 10, a boy.    

Fack, John and Rachel, near Richardson, July 29, a girl.     
Fain, L. H. and Susie, Dallas, July 22, a girl.     
Fane, Herschel and Eller, Dallas county, Oct. 23, a boy.     
Fanney, Avery Bob and, Duncanville, Sept. 16, a girl.     
Fanning, Patrick and Maggie, 555 Bryan street, June 15, a girl.    
Faraes, G. W. and M. A., Dallas; a boy.     
Farley, Mike and Annie, 704 Peabody street, a boy.    
Farrell, R. L. and Clara, 398 Duncan street, a boy.    
Favar, Charles A. and Mary, Dallas, Sept. 13, a girl.     
Fay, John and Matilda, Crowdus street, a girl.     
Featherstone, Herbert and Hillie,155 Mulberry street, a girl.    
Fenrye, Sidney and Callie, 139 Convent street, May 31, a girl.     
Ferguson, R. E. L. and S. F. M., Lawson--twins--boys and girl.     
Ferrell, J. W. and Mollie, 403 Dawson street, a boy.    
Field, Tom and Jennie, Farmers Branch, a boy.     
Fielding, Charles F. and Matilda L., 151 Gaston avenue, a boy.     
Fields, Alonzo and Tine, Richardson, a boy.     
Fields, William and Claudie, Dallas, a boy.     
Finer, C. S. and Dora, 1163 Pacific avenue, a girl.     
Finley, G. W. and Lizzie, Seagoville, May 16, a girl.     
Finley, W. R. and Laura Gaston, 515 Swiss avenue, a girl.     
Firrin, Philip and L., Sowers; a boy.    
Fischer, George and Lena, Dallas; a boy.     
Fisher, Dick and Susie, 174 Swiss avenue, May 23, a boy     
Fisher, O. W. and Pearl, Letot, Aug. 24, a boy.
Fisher, Sigmund and Minnie, 170 Carter street, Dallas, a boy.    
Fisher, William and Nannie, Wilmer, a boy.     
Fitzgerald, Exter and Nannie, 305 Williams street, a boy.     
Fitzhugh, Plano and Cora, near Lancaster, a boy.     
Fitzpatrick, John and Maggie, 554 South Austin street, a girl.     
Flagg, E. P. and Margaret E., 231 Tenth street, Aug. 21, a girl.    
Flanders, W. S. and Nellie B., Dallas, a boy.     
Fletcher, T. W. and Effie, Oak Lawn, a girl.     
Flook, Charles and Cautice, near Garland, a boy.     
Florae, H. M. and Constance, Hall and Wellborn streets, a girl.     
Flowers, B. R. and L., near Garland, Jan. 12, a girl.
Flowers, B. R. and Lina, Garland, a girl.     
Floyd, Bee and Lena, Kleburg, a girl.     
Floyd, E. O. and Daisy I., 212 Monroe street, Dallas, a boy.
Ford, Jesse F. and Laura G., 132 Haskell street, a boy.    
Ford, Seth and Vivian, 234 Gaston avenue, a boy.     
Foster, Ed and Bertha, Dallas, a girl.     
Foster, William and Sallie, Calhoun, a boy.     
Francis, R. S. and W., 190 Beaumont street, a girl.     
Frank, Henry and Annie, 151 McKinney avenue, Aug. 30, a girl.
Frank, Henry and Annie, Dallas, Aug. 30, a girl.    
Frazier, Bob and M., Dallas, a girl.     
Frazier, Frank and Lela, 117 Lincoln street, a girl.     
Freder, Will and Eliza, Sowers, a girl.     
Freedman, Ike and Bessie, 236 Caroline street, a girl.     
Freeman, W. T. and Alice, West Dallas; a boy.     
French, Leslie and Mabel, Dallas, a boy.     
Frilsch, John and Eunice, 157 Cochran street, a girl.     
Frye, L. H. and Amanda, Mesquite, a boy.     
Fulbright, G. G. and Eda, Grand Prairie, Sept. 3, a girl.     
Fulkerson, Otis and Lielie May, city; a boy.
Fuller, W. A. and Claudie, Sowers, a girl.     
Fuqua, John and Lou, Alpha, Aug. 26, a girl.    
Furlow, Mack and Willie C., 625 Washington avenue, a girl.     

Gaber, Richard and Alice, Dallas; a girl.    
Galipp, H. C. and Annie, Dallas county, a girl.    
Galsford, Stanley and Marie, Dallas, a girl.     
Gardner, Henry and Pearl, 10 West Canal street, Sept. 22, a boy.    
Garner, J. M. and Eula E., 183 Chestnut street, a girl.     
Garner, John and May, 215 Simpson street, Dallas, a girl.     
Garrett, J. R. and E. L., Mesquite, July 31, a boy.     
Garrison, J. D. and S. J., Pleasant Valley, a boy.    
Gassett, W. G. and Mary, near Mesquite, a girl.    
Gaston, George H. and Lucy, St. Joseph street, a boy.     
Gaston, Robert and Sallie Ball, Dallas, Sept. 15, a girl.     
Gebhart, J. C. and Myrtle, Oak Lawn, twin boys.     
Geebe, C. B. and Emma, 150 Patterson avenue, a girl.     
Geib[?], Emmett and Anna, 124 Hayes street; a boy.     
Gennano, L. D. and Carrie, 173 Lawrence street, a girl.     
Gentry, L. W. and E. B., Dallas, a boy.     
Gentry, M. P. and Julia May, Dallas, Sept. 7, a boy.     
George, J. W. and Ella B., Oak Cliff, a girl.    
Gerth, H. R. E. and L. M., 104 Watt street, a boy.    
Gilbert, Frank Yell and Bessie, Dallas, a boy.     
Gilbert, Robert and Emma, Dallas, a boy.     
Gilliam, Jack and Mattie, a girl.     
Gillum, E. J. and A. M., Farmers Branch, a girl.    
Ginning, Samuel and Allie, 827 Commerce street; a boy.    
Girdly, Ed T. and Telia, Mesquite, Aug. 27, a boy.    
Givens, J. D. and L. G., near Lisbon, a boy.     
Gladney, Robert W. and Mrs., near DeSoto, a boy.     
Gober, Richard and Alice, Dallas, a girl.     
Goforth, L. and Lulie, near Calhoun, a girl.     
Goforth, W. S. and Carrie, Lancaster, a boy.     
Goldberg, Max and Blanche, 368 North Harwood street, May 28, twin girls.     
Goldbery, John and Fanny, Ross and Bell street, a girl.     
Goldman, Jack and Lillian, 114 Smith street, Aug. 28, a boy.
Goldsmith, Ed and Josie, Garland; a girl.    
Goldsmith, Ike and Sadie, 171 Olive street, a girl.     
Gomer, Nathan L. and Nonnie, Grand Prairie, a girl.     
Gonzales, Joe and Maggie, 815 Main street, June 7, a girl.    
Good, Sam L. and N. L., near Lisbon, a girl.     
Good, W. L. and Ida, Farmers Branch, Sept. 6, a girl.     
Gooden, D. J. and Ophelia, 215 Wichita street, a boy.     
Goodlie, A. S. and Addie, 162 San Jacinto street, a boy.     
Goodrich, John G. and Jennie, 1172 Elm street, May 25, a boy.
Goodwin, A. J. and Lydia, 531 Akard street, a girl.     
Gordon, Jack and Lillie, Oak Cliff, a boy.     
Gordon, Robert G. and May Connor, 253 Cadiz street, Dallas, a boy.    
Goss, Sheperd and Ella, West Dallas, Sept. 13, a boy.     
Grace, William R. and Elizabeth, 157 Floyd street, October 18; a boy.
Graham, R. E. and Florence, Ross avenue, a boy.
Grasty, J. Milton and Irene, West Dallas, October 24, a boy.    
Graul, John P. and Maude, 606 South Lamar street, a boy.     
[Graves] Grove, Mack and Bertha, Garland, September 29, a boy.    
Gray, C. C. and Lucile, 112 Ferris street, a boy.     
Gray, Robert A. and Nellie G., 174 Ferris street, a boy.    
Green, D. and Alice, Oak Cliff, a boy.     
Green, E. M. and Monta, 169 South Akard street, a girl.     
Green, E. M. and Monta, 169 South Akard street, a girl.     
Green, Gus and Pearl, Oak Cliff; a girl.     
Green, Joe and Emma, Garland, June 11, a boy.     
Green, John and Susan, Garland, a boy.    
Green, R. E. L. and B. E., 165 Magnolia street, a girl.     
Green, W. and Maggie, Carrollton, a girl.    
Green, William and Maud, Letot, Aug. 30, a girl.
Green, William F. and Susie, 501 Hickory street; a girl.     
Greenwall, John and Addie, near Lancaster, a girl.   
Greenwold, J. E. and Olin, near Seagoville; a boy.    
Greer, C. L. and Nora, Dallas county, a boy.     
Greer, Charles L. and Martha E., 199 Orleans street, a boy.    
Greer, Cody and Ida A., Reinhardt, a girl.     
Gregston, Theodore and Minnie, Hutchins, a boy.   
Griffin, Angus and Claudia, Oak Cliff, a girl.     
Griffin, J. H. and Effie, Oak Cliff, a girl.     
Griffin, J. H. and Rebecca, Pleasant Valley, a girl.    
Griffin, Lewis and Hattie, near Garland, a girl.     
Griffin, T. J. and R. J., near Sachse, a girl.     
Griffin, Thomas and Mattie, 114 Burns street, October 17; a boy.    
Grimes, J. F. and Pearl, DeSoto; a girl.     
Grisham, Neal and Ludie, near Richardson, a girl.  
Grizzard, J. H. and Nelmer P., Oak Cliff, a boy.    
Grogan, Lon and Elsie, Kleberg; a boy.     
Grovely, J. B. and M. E., Frankford, a boy.    
Grove[Graves], Mack and Bertha, Garland, September 29, a boy.    
Gulledge, J. C. and Harriett, Carrollton, a girl.     
Gumm, Vaychel and Clara, Dallas, R. F. D. No. 5, Aug. 27, a boy.     
Gunning, Sam and Allie, 837 Commerce street, a boy.    
Gwinn, R. E. and Helen, 242 Reiger avenue, a boy.     

Hackenberger, A. L. and Jessie C., Dallas, Aug. 3, a girl.    
Hahns, John and Mary, 197 Santa Fe avenue, a boy.     
Halden, John and Anna, 227 Carroll street, a boy.     
Haley, B. F. and Della, Sowers, a boy.     
Haley, Benjamin and Ada, Garland, Aug. 2, a girl.     
Hall, A. P. and B. T., South Park, a boy.     
Hall, Jim and Annie, Mesquite, Sept. 4, a girl.    
Hall, R. E. and Geneva, Dallas, Sept. 15, a girl.     
Hall, W. J. and Effie, 123 Kentucky street, June 10, a girl.    
Hall, Wm. H. and Alice F., 102 Woodside street, Dallas, a boy.    
Ham, J. H. and Maggie, Cochran Chapel, July 19, a girl.    
Hambrick, John C. and Cordia Hill, Haskell avenue, Dallas, a boy.    
Hamilton, J. Mat and Allie, Garland; a boy.     
Hamilton, William and Mary, Arlington, a boy.     
Hamm, G. E. and A. B., Dallas, a girl.     
Hancock, Alex and Pearl, Dallas, a girl.    
Haney, Antony and Sarah, Dallas county; a boy.     
Haney, T. H. and Mary, near Mesquite, a girl.     
Hanig, Edward and Lena, Dallas, Sept. 4, a boy.     
Hann, C. and Mary, Dallas, a boy.     
Harben, Sam P. and Annie, Richardson, May 22, a boy.     
Hardie, John and Lucy, Oak Cliff, a boy.     
Harison, Ras and Mary, 417 South Preston street, June 3, a girl.     
Harmon, John and Lillie, Kleberg; a girl.    
Harper, A. L. and Flossie, 120 Park avenue, a girl.     
Harper, Sam H. and C. M., 199 Hall street, a boy.     
Harrington, Joe and Mattie, Cedar Hill, a girl.     
Harris, A. H. and Ida, 1052 Elm street, a girl.     
Harris, Ike and Jennie, 114 Cadiz street, a girl.     
Harris, Ike and Jennie, 114 Cadiz street, Jan. 14, a girl.    
Harris, Mose and Matilda, near Garland, a girl.     
Harrison, G. W. and L. P., West Dallas, a girl.     
Harriston, P. B. and Mary, Eagle Ford; a girl.    
Hart, J. D. and Francis, 323 Griffin street, a boy.     
Hart, Sterling M. and Mamie, Hill avenue, a boy.     
Hartsfield, James M. and Maggie R., Dallas, Sept. 12, a boy.    
Harwell, J. C. and M. M., near Cedar Hill, a boy.     
Harwood, R. B. and Lucy, Dallas, a boy.    
Harwood, W. E. and Augusta, 379 South Ervay street, a girl.     
Haskell, Joe and Fannie, Seagoville, May 7, a boy.     
Hasper, Mireth and Annie, near Mesquite, a boy.     
Hatch, W. A. and Mary C., 493 Swiss avenue, Oct. 3, a girl.     
Hatten, John and Maggie, Lancaster, a girl.     
Haughton, L. H. Olivia, 144 Cottage avenue, Dallas, a boy.     
Havy, T. A. and Gillian, Dallas; a boy.     
Hayes, Henry and Mandy B., 152 Reagan street, a girl.     
Haygood, Franklin and J. J., near Lisbon, a girl.     
Haygood, William and Bessie, Carrollton, a girl.     
Haynes, A. D. and Viola, Dallas, a boy.     
Haynes, John and Susie, 129 Young street, a girl.
Haynes, W. M. and Jeanette, 358 Hickory street, a boy.     
Heads, Walter and Nancy, Carrollton, a boy.     
Heafer, H. W. and Mittie P., Dallas, a girl.     
Heigert, William and Lena, Dallas, a girl.    
Hellner, E. B. and Lula, West Dallas, a girl.     
Helmle, Carl and Valerie, Oak Cliff, a boy.     
Hempel, P. and M., Romine street, a boy.     
Hemphill, S. W. and C. B., 158 Bellvue street, a boy.     
Henall, A. G. and M. J., near Oasis, Sept. 4, a girl.     
Hendricks, A. N. and Mollie, Cedar Hill, a boy.    
Henley, Tom and Maggie, Lancaster, a boy.     
Henley, Tom and Maggie, near Lancaster, Jan. 12, a boy.     
Henry, Abner and Lizzie, Farmers Branch, September 29, a boy.    
Henry, Arthur and Anne, near Lancaster, a girl.     
Henry, Charles F. and Ollie, West Dallas; a girl.     
Henry, J. T. and Zada, Oak Cliff, a girl.     
Hensley, Reubin and Lola, near Pleasant Valley, a girl.     
Henson, P. P. and Ada, 480 Lucile street, Oct. 22, a girl.     
Herd, S. S. and Lillian, 739 Juliette street, a girl.     
Herley, Tom and Maggie, Lancaster, a boy.     
Hermichel, C. F. and Maggie, Dallas, Aug. 11, a boy.     
Hickerson, C. F. and Clara V., Dallas, a boy.     
Hickerson, G. C. and Nellie, Cedar Hill; a boy.     
Hicks, Jim and Sue, Housley, a boy.     
Higgins, Tom and Lucilla, 217 Crowdus street, a boy.     
Hill, A. C. and Mary, 279 Central avenue, May 23, a girl.     
Hill, Brice and Della, near Richardson, a girl.     
Hill, Calvin and Laura, Richardson, Sept. 15, a girl.     
Hill, Claud and Mary, Dallas; a girl.    
Hill, G. J. and Anne, Duncanville, May 25, a girl.     
Hill, V. R. and Julia, near Mesquite, a girl.     
Hill, W. T. and Rusha, Fisher, May 29, a boy and a girl.
Hilton, D. K. and Myrtle, 476 Dawson street, a girl.     
Hinckley, Frank B. and Lessie, Dallas, a boy and girl.     
Hine, John and Mary, Sowers, a girl.     
Hipwell, H. R. and Katie, 1121 Colonial avenue, Oct. 6, a boy.    
Hodge, Jessie and Georgie, Noel Junction, Aug. 7, a girl.    
Hodges, Walter and Kate Annie, 115 Pauline street, Sept. 27, a boy.
Hogan, J. A. and Rena, Lancaster, a boy.     
Hokinson, M. H. and Mabel G., West Dallas, May 31, a boy.
Holbers, P. G. and Anine, Lancaster, Sept. 1, a boy.    
Holland, James J. and Sadie, Oak Cliff, a boy.     
Hollingsworth, Charles Frank and Lucy, near Lisbon, a boy.    
Holloway, H. C. and M. C. A., Dallas, a girl.    
Holloway, T. T. and S. H., Dallas, a boy.     
Holt, J. M. and Mattie L., Pleasant Valley, June 13, a boy.     
Hood, R. T. and Alma, near Coppell, a girl.     
Hook, J. C. and Lella, 474 South Central avenue, a girl.     
Hopkins, Dora and Mollie, Duncanville, a girl.     
Horn, Bob and Jane, Meadow Station, a boy.     
Horn, Levi and Anna, Mesquite, a girl.    
Horn, T. G. and Mary, Lancaster, a girl.     
Horn, Thomas H. and Mary E., Dallas, a boy.     
Horton, Adolphus B. and Rebecca, 112 Logan street, Dallas, a girl.     
Hoss, W. R. and Hattie, 127 Wall street, a girl.     
Hottsclaw, Ed and Jane, Sowers, June 2, a boy.     
Houck, Harry and Milia, 215 Cockrell street, a girl.     
Houston, Alfred and Maud, Irving; a boy.    
Houston, Alfred and Maude, near Irving, a boy.    
Howard, S. A. and Dora, Dallas, a girl.     
Howard, W. E. and A. T., 379 South Ervay street, a girl.    
Howell, S. B. and Amelia, Lancaster, a boy.    
Hubbard, James and Odelia L., 425 South Harwood street, Sept. 28, a girl.   
Hubbard, William E. and Maude, Grand Prairie, a boy.     
Hudgins, Robert and Bertha, Dallas, a girl.     
Hudson, Henry and Cora, near Lancaster, a boy.    
Huedepohl, Ernest A. and Katie, 615 Elm street, a boy.     
Huffman, William and Lula, 216 Ferris street, a girl.     
Huggins, Dolar and Annie, 160 Lake avenue, a boy.     
Huggins, Henry and May, 148 McKinnon street, a girl.     
Hughes, F. J. and Rosa L., 144 Caddo street, Dallas, twins, two girls.    
Hughes, Tom and Mary, Fairland, a girl.     
Hugna, J. E. and Dona, Estelle, Oct 5, a girl.
Hulse, Alva and Buelah, 191 Chestnut street, a boy.    
Hummell, William and Carrie, 326 Preston street, a boy.     
Humphreys, J. C. and Emma, Mesquite, Sept. 25, a girl.    
Hunnicutt, C. H. and Clara, Dallas, a boy.     
Hunt, C. E. and Arsalie, 327 San Jacinto street, a boy.     
Hunter, Charley and Nora, 479 Dawson street, a boy.     
Hunter, Lewis and Pauline, 251 Merlin street, June 15, a boy.     
Hussey, J. R. and T. E., Maple avenue, a boy.     
Hyde, H. P. and M. E., Exall Lake, a boy.    

Ingley, M. L. and Nancy, Rowlett, Aug. 31, a boy.    
Isabel, Robert and Martha, near Dallas, a boy.     

Jackson, Charlie and Lula, Dallas, Sept. 15, a girl.    
Jackson, Henry and Eva, Garland, a girl.     
Jackson, J. H. and Ada, Farmers Branch, a boy.    
Jackson, William and Mary, Farmers Branch, a girl.    
Jackson, William and Mary, Farmers Branch; a girl.     
Jacobs, N. and I., near Rowlett, a girl.     
Jameson, W. J. and J. H., Dallas, a boy.     
Jarrard, D. M. and Mrs., city, a boy.    
Jerger, F. and A. H., Dallas, a boy.    
Jerger, F. and Alma, Dallas; a boy.     
Jerichow, William and Sophie, Oakland avenue, June 7, a girl.
Jobson, M. L. and Mollie, near Mesquite, a boy.     
John, Emil and Anna, 174 Caruth street, a boy.     
Johnson, A. L. and M. E., 157 Carroll avenue, a girl.     
Johnson, B. P. and Mattie, Dallas, a girl.     
Johnson, C. M. and Nellie, 234 Park street, a girl.     
Johnson, D. C. L. and Viria C., 101 Word street, Dallas, a boy.     
Johnson, Edward and Hilda, 1025 Main street, a girl.    
Johnson, Elvin and Mollie, near Cedar Hill, a girl.     
Johnson, Frank and Myrtle, Dallas, a boy.     
Johnson, George and Harriett, 315 Magnolia street, a boy.    
Johnson, H. and Mary, Sowers, Aug. 29, a boy.    
Johnson, Henry and Mattie, 94 Powhattan street, a boy.     
Johnson, J. F. and Sallie, near DeSoto, a girl.     
Johnson, J. Roll and Alice, Ross avenue, a boy.     
Johnson, Kenneth and Maggie, 290 Griffin street, a girl.    
Johnson, T. J. and Inez, near Grand Prairie, a boy.    
Johnson, Tom and Vera, 219 Collins street, a girl.     
Johnson, W. H. and Lula, 230 Kentucky street, a girl.    
Johnston, Dan and Mary, Grand Prairie, Aug. 9, a girl.     
Jones, A. D. and Birdie, near Lawson, a boy.     
Jones, Charles R. and Birdie, Ewing avenue, Oak Cliff, June 15, a girl.     
Jones, E. V. and M. M., 128 Duncan street, a boy.     
Jones, Earnest L. and Lessie, [gender of child not given]     
Jones, James and Laura, 375 State street, Aug. 27, a boy.  
Jones, Jes and Sallie, White Rock, a boy.    
Jones, John and Ella, near Mesquite; a girl.     
Jones, Mollie, 500 Flora street, a girl.     
Jones, Robert and Lee Anna, 548 Marilla street, April 29, a boy.
Jones, W. M. and Osee, 531 Ross avenue, a boy.     
Jordan, Gus and Dora, Grand Prairie, June 7, a girl.    
Joyce, Robert and Hope, near Hutchins, a boy.    
Justice, Will and Ada, Farmers Branch, a boy.     

Karlen, G. and Christine, near Dallas, a boy.    
Kavanagh, J. E. and T. E., Dallas; a boy.     
Kavanaugh, J. D. and S. E., Dallas, a boy.    
Kays, Z. B. and M. F., Farmers Branch, a girl.     
Kaywood, Mack and Lelia, Duncanville, Sept. 21, a girl.    
Kear, W. F. and Fay, Dallas, a girl.     
Kearney, Andrew J. and Alice, Trip; a girl.     
Keebaugh, Emett and Eva M., Dallas; a girl.    
Keeling, Truell and Mary, Irving, a boy.     
Keener, James and Ermon, Farmers Branch, June 3, a boy.     
Keiling, T. and M., Irving, a boy.     
Kellar, Gus and Regina, 101 South Haskell avenue, a boy.     
Kelly, George and Laura, Hutchins; a boy.     
Kelly, George and Mrs., Wilmer, a boy.     
Kelly, John and Georgia, Garland, Sept. 11, a boy.     
Kenard, Walter and Mary Etta, Dallas, October 11, a girl.    
Kendrick, Thomas and Antonie, 413 Caruth street, October 12, a boy.     
Kent, T. J. and A. T., near Richardson, a boy.     
Kern, C. and Annie, Carrollton, a girl.     
Kerr, C. M. and Maud, Wilmer; a girl.     
Kerr, K. and R. B., Cedar Hill; a girl.     
Kerr, Neal and Minnie, 127 Carter street, a girl.     
Ketcham, Frank O. and Mattie W., 183 Harwood street, May 24, a girl.     
Kignor, Alfred B. and Amanda, 115 Sydney street, October 22; a boy.    
Kincaid, A. J. and Altha, 133 Worth street, a girl.    
King, Henry and Maud, city, a boy.     
King, J. T. and Virgie, near Lisbon, a boy.     
King, James and M. A., near Cedar Hill, a girl.     
King, Jim and Zephie, West Dallas, Oct. 8, a girl.   
King, Sam and Rachel, 294 Junius street, Dallas, a girl.     
Kinmon, Fred and Sidney, 674 Elm street, a girl.    
Kirby, H. E. and Mary I., corner Annex and Mesquite road, Dallas, a boy.    
Kirby, J. F. and Bertha, near Pleasant Valley, a girl.     
Kirby, Thomas T. and Myrtle, Rowlett, a girl.
Kirkpatrick, Amonette and A. N., 785 Live Oak street, a girl.    
Kirksey, Charles and Josie, Dallas, a girl.     
Kit, Jesse B. and Gera, Kit; a girl.    
Kittrell, George and M. E., 578 Fairmount street, a boy.   
Kleber, F. M. and Abbie M., Dallas, a girl.      
Kluth, Otto and Josie, 179 Dexter street, a girl.     
Knott, E. S. and Annie, near Wilmer, a girl.    
Knott, Fred and May, 174 Crutchfield street, a girl.     
Knowles, Will and Josie, Eagle Ford; a boy.    
Knox, Calhoun and Judith, Caddo street, a boy.     
Kolaczkowski, F. C. and A. D., Elam, Aug. 28, a boy.

La Rue, Jeff L. and Ida, Pleasant Valley, Sept. 15, a boy.     
Lacy, Charles and Florence, 54 Cadiz street, Dallas, Aug. 24, a boy.    
Lacy, Nelson and Lillie, 187 Polk street, a girl.
Lagow, R. W. and Annie, Orphans Home Station, Sept. 9, a boy.    
Lain, Sam and Minnie, Grand Prairie, Aug. 2, twins, two boys.     
Lair, Ross and Jessie, Dallas, Aug. 28, a girl.     
Laird, A. S. and Jamie, South Harwood street, a girl.     
LaLenby, Mitchell and Lula, near Calhoun, a girl.     
Lamley, C. F. and Allie, 155 Carroll avenue, a boy.     
Lander, Albert W. and Lee, New Hope, a boy.     
Lane, Frank and Ellen, Dallas, Sept. 13, a boy.    
Laneton, Maynard and Ethel, Dallas, a boy.     
Lang, Mr. and Mrs. George, Dallas, a boy.     
Langford, Hugh and Eula, city, a girl.     
Lannom, Robert and Beulah, Pleasant Valley, Sept. 11, a boy.
Larkin, James and Eva, West Dallas, October 19; a boy.    
Larkin, Thomas and Annie, Cockrell street, a girl.     
Lassater, E. W. and Lorene, Lawson, a girl.     
Laumonth, Soney and Francis, Dallas, Sept. 13, a girl.
Lawhon, John and Flora, near Lancaster, a girl.     
Lawrence, Silas and Annie, Dallas; a boy.     
Lawson, Robert and Blanche, Oak Cliff, a girl.     
Lawther, Joseph and Alma, Dallas, May 17, a boy.     
Layton, Albert and Bessie, McKinney avenue, Sept. 13, a girl.    
Leatherwood, J. B. and Dora, 204 Cedar Springs road, a girl.     
Leatherwood, P. C. and Joanna, near Lancaster, a boy.     
Lebonitz, Harry and Ida, 153 Cedar Street, a boy.     
Lebough, Charles and Heny, 560 Fairmount street, a girl.     
Ledbetter, Dancy and Eleanor, Oak Cliff, Aug. 31, a boy.     
Lee, Ernest and Carrie, near Coppell, a boy.    
Lee, James and Ella, 189 Highland street, a boy.     
Lee, M. M. and I., Elam; a boy.    
Leevan, Nathan and Bessie, 123 Cedar Springs street, a boy.     
Lefeaver, Earl and Emma, 107 Highland street, a girl.    
Lemons, W. A. and Judith, Pleasant Valley, a boy.    
Leone, C. M. and Daisy, 204 Peak street, a girl.     
Lesenbury, Richard and Etta, 113 Polk street, Dallas, a boy.     
Lester, Silas and Emma, Wilmer, a boy.    
Lett, S. G. and Nora, Dallas; a girl.     
Lewillin, Dwight and Adelia, 1185 Commerce street, a girl.    
Lewin, Emile and Rosa, 215 Porter street, a boy.    
Lewin, L. and Lena, Dallas, a boy.     
Lewis, Harry and Collette, Merlin street, a boy.     
Lewis, M. S. and Alice, 125 Shotwell street, [gender of child not given]    
Lewis, M. S. and Alice, 126 Shotwell street, a boy.     
Lewis, Phil and Emma, Dallas county, a girl.     
Lewis, R. H. and Lizzie, College street, a boy.     
Lewis, Wilson and Rachel, Mesquite, a boy.     
Lindsay, Robert and Edith, 118 Trinidad street, a boy.     
Lindsay, W. H. and K. M., Oak Cliff, a boy.     
Lindsey, Robert and Margaret, 11 Cockrell avenue, Dallas, a girl.    
Lindsley, Joseph Worcester and Hattie, 1277 Commerce street, June 5, a boy.    
Linskie, Mr. and Mrs. Robert, Dallas, a boy.     
Lipscomb, A. B. and M. W., Dallas; a boy.     
Little, Abe and Mary, Housley, Aug. 22, a boy.     
Little, Carson and Ella, Wilmer, a boy.     
Little, Charles and Mary, West Dallas, a girl.     
Little, Gray and Bertie, 147 Texas street, a girl.     
Little, J. M. and Amanda, Wilmer, a boy.     
Littlepage, C. L. and Bertha, Lemmon avenue, a girl.     
Littleton, Mose and Eva, 261 North Pearl street, Dallas, a girl.     
Loahn, Richard and Augusta, 234 Caroline street, a girl.    
Lockmiller, J. H. and L. E., near Rowlett, a boy.     
Locombo, J. M. and Jennie, Sowers, Sept. 9, a girl.     
Loerwall, Frank A. and Mary, 441 Lucille street, a boy.     
Long, Houston and Addie, 305 Williams street; a boy.     
Long, Robert F. and Mollie, 876 Main street, a girl.    
Lorch, Ike and Lena, 773 South Ervay street, Dallas, twins (one male and one female)     
Loter, Charles and Fannie, Cedar Hill, a boy.     
Lothridge, Arthur and Etta, Garland, May 19, a girl.    
Low, C. L. and Ina, Rylie; a girl.    
Lowry, R. L. and Bessie, Oak Cliff; a boy.    
Lucas, Albert and Dioce, 265 Swiss avenue, a boy.     
Lucas, C. W. and L., Dallas, a girl.    
Lucas, John and Minnie, four miles north of Coppell, Aug. 11, a girl.     
Lucas, John and Minnie, near Coppell, Aug. 28, a boy.     
Luck, H. J. and Anna Bell, Dallas; a girl.     
Lumley, William H. and S. F., Lawson; a boy.    
Lummers, J. W. and Maud, Grand Prairie, Sept. 7, a boy.     
Luna, Walter B. and Alice Hunter, 270 Annex avenue, Dallas, a girl.     
Lunay, Joe and Bessie, city, a boy.    
Lusey, W. K. and Jessie, Dallas, a girl.     
Lusk, Thomas and Algie, Sowers, a girl.    
Lynch, Bob and Emma, West Dallas, a boy.     
Lynch, James and Ethel, near Mesquite, a girl.     

Mackintosch, T. and S., 247 Sutton street, a girl.    
Madderson, James and Emma, 115 Gano street, a girl.     
Mahoney, J. P. and Nannie, 235 Browder street, a boy.     
Mally, Ben and Etta, 732 Main street, a boy.     
Mann, A. N. and Maud B., 119 Highland street, a girl.     
Mann, Tom and M. G., Dallas, a boy.    
Manning, W. W. and Eugenia, Dallas, a girl.     
Manning, W. W. and Eugenia, Dallas, a girl.     
Marlowe, Amory G. and Olyvia, 120 Cottage Lane, a boy.     
Marsh, Hal and Carrie, Farmers Branch, a girl.     
Marshall, John W. and Lula, Elam Station, Oct. 2, a girl.
Marshall, W. E. and Jamire, Rylie, a girl.     
Marsham, William and Izora, near Orphans Home, a boy.    
Martin, B. F. and Ena, Garland, a boy.     
Martin, J. L. and Jimmie, Carroll avenue, a boy.    
Martin, James H. and Sadie L., Oakland avenue, Dallas, July 10, a girl.    
Martin, John and Martha, Reinhardt, June 6, a boy.     
Martin, William and Janie, Mesquite, June 3, a boy.     
Mason, Fred and Hattie, Pleasant Valley, a boy.     
Mason, James H. and M. C., Lawson, Aug. 18, a girl.    
Masters, Tom R. and Mary B., 304 Flora street, a boy.          
Matheson, Mr. and Mrs., Commerce street; a boy and girl.    
Matney, Thos. B. and Anna J., 323 Leonard street, a boy.     
Mattasolio, John and Josie, 131 Main street; a boy.     
Maupin, J. H. and Florence, Rowlett, a boy.    
Mawdy, John and Della, near Mesquite, a girl.     
Maxwell, Chas. W. and Julia, city, a boy.     
May, Will E. and Minnie, West Dallas; a boy.     
Mays, J. T. and Nannie, 360 Flora street, Sept. 29, a girl.    
McAdams, T. C. and Elizabeth, near Rylie; a girl.    
McBaker, Robert and Jessie, Flora street, a girl.     
McCallum, Homer and Mattie, near Garland, a girl.     
McCallum, W. W. and Georgia, Pleasant Valley, a girl.     
McCane, J. D. and M. A., Mesquite, Sept. 4, a boy.    
McCarley,  A. J. and Georgia, Armstrong avenue, a girl.     
McClara, J. J. and May, Ross avenue, Sept. 27, a boy.     
McClure, J. W. and J. S., 327 North Harwood street, a boy.
McClure, Mr. and Mrs., 327 South Harwood street, a boy.     
McCollough, Jiles and L. A., Sowers, a boy.     
McCorley, W. B. and Ida, 521 Corinth street, a girl.     
McCoy, A. B. and Emma, 131 Lake avenue, a boy.     
McCoy, Murrel and Delphis, Dallas, Sept. 8, a girl.     
McCullough, W. B. and Annie, Dallas, a girl.     
McCutchen, Bedford and Leona, Kit, a boy.     
McCutcheon, Thomas and Annie, Mesquite, a boy.     
McCutcheon, V. W. and Ethel, near Dallas, a boy.     
McDaniel, E. E. and May, 470 Fairmount street, a girl.    
McDaniel, E. E. and May, 470 Fairmount street, Jan. 12, a girl.    
McDermett, J. L. and Nora, Dallas, Aug. 6, a boy.     
McDonald, D. A. and Gertrude, near Hutchins, a girl.    
McDonnell, J. R. and Mrs. Clyde, 347 San Jacinto street, Dallas, a boy.     
McDowell, A. and Angia, near Garland, a boy.     
McDowell, Arthur and M., 651 North Haskell avenue, a boy.     
McDowell, J. P. and Elizabeth, Farms Branch, July 24, a boy.     
McElroy, W. J. and Laura, Ovilla, a girl.    
McElroy, W. J. and Laura, Ovilla, a girl.    
McEntee, J. P. and M. E., near Rowlett, a boy.
McGee, J. M. and Nannie, Garland, Sept. 17, a boy.     
McGhee, Arthur and Lee Anna, Hutchins, a girl.    
McGhee, W. S. and Myrtle, Lawson, a boy.     
McGough, John H. and Louise, Rural Route No. 5, a girl.     
McGuffey, Guy and Maud, 109 Shotwell avenue, Aug. 28, a girl.   
McHall, J. A. and Constance, 303 Fairmount street, a boy.     
McKay, Peter and Nancy, Calhoun, September 24, a boy.    
McKee, T. B. and Etta, Dallas, a boy.     
McKenzie, Ernest and Maud, Lawson, a girl.     
McKenzie, O. E. and Jessie M., Cedar Hill, a girl.     
McKinney, J. B. and Hester, 483 Haskell avenue, a boy.     
McKinney, Reuben and Lizzie L., Dallas, a girl.     
McKinstry, Albert and Mollie, Mesquite, June 9, a girl.    
McKnight, Tom and Anna, Lancaster, Sept. 1, a boy.    
McLean, J. N. and M. E., 125 Oak street, a boy.     
McLemore, J. E. and Latta D., 212 Peabody street, Dallas, a girl.     
McMillan, J. J. and E. J., 134 Olive street, a girl.     
McMillan, W. J. and L. E., near Grand Prairie, a girl.     
McMillen, C. R. and Edith, Dallas; a girl.     
McMillian, Elmer Allen and Katie, Dallas, a boy.     
McNight, Charles H. and Minnie, Lancaster, a boy     
McNutt, Hugh and Sadie Rice, Dallas, Aug. 5, a girl.     
McTuffey[?], P. and Jessie, Dallas, a girl.    
McVey, James and Sallie, Oak Lawn, Sept. 12, a boy.    
Medcalf, Robert and Ellen, 279 Elm street, a girl.     
Melear, W. P. and Lizzie, Grand Prairie, a boy.    
Melton, Ben M. and Lottie, 327 Grand avenue, a boy.    
Menor, D. L. and M. A., 182 Caroline street, a girl.     
Mercer, James and Minnie Lucile, Dallas, Aug. 2, a girl.     
Merrill, J. E. and Ida, near Garland, a boy.     
Merritt, William and Minnie, 230 South Lamar street, a girl.     
Mesefield, Tom and Katie, Duncanville, a girl.     
Messengel, H. M. and Ona, near Sachse, a girl.     
Metz, Allen and Alice, 150 Cabell street, Sept. 30, a boy.     
Meyer, Lee and Sallie, Five Mile, a girl.     
Meyers, Walter and Myrtle, Rose Hill, a girl.     
Milam, Louis and Donie, near Lancaster, a girl.    
Milam, W. L. and Nellie, 637 Ross avenue; a girl.     
Miller, A. J. and M. J., Hutchins, a boy.     
Miller, C. and Lula, 712 Flora street, a boy.     
Miller, George and Sallie, Garland; a boy.     
Miller, J. K. and Mattie, Dallas, a boy.    
Miller, J. N. and M. A., near Lancaster, a boy.     
Miller, L. Z. and Mrs. Nora, near Lawson, a boy.     
Miller, Lewis W. and Roxie V., Duncanville, a girl.     
Miller, O. B. and Lucy, Elam, a boy.
Miller, W. S. and Cecelia, Oak Cliff, a boy.     
Miller, W. S. and Cecilia, Park street, Oak Cliff, Jan. 6, a boy.    
Mills, John R. and S. O., Mesquite, Sept. 9, a girl.     
Miner, Alfred and Maud, 123 Peak alley, June 1, a boy.     
Miner, J. H. and Belle, 109 Noble street, a boy.     
Minor, George and Ella, Reinhart, a girl.    
Mitchell, W. A. J. and Jane, Sowers, a boy.     
Mitchell, W. R. and Stella, near Lancaster, a boy.     
Mittenthal, Nathan and Emma, Browder and Marilla streets, a girl.     
Mobly, B. F. and Ollie, Cedar Hill; a girl.     
Montgomery, J. M. and M. C., Kleburg, Sept. 30, a girl.     
Montgomery, John and Kate, 423 Preston street, a girl.     
Monzingo, J. H. and Lizzie, Garland; a boy.     
Monzingo, J. H. and Lizzie, near Garland, a boy.   
Moody, D. C. and Ethel, Lancaster; a boy.    
Moon, William and Luna, Carrollton, a boy.     
Mooney, W. W. and Nora Estes, 268 Bryan street, May 28, a girl.
Moore, Beverly and Maggie A., 150 Lake avenue, a girl.    
Moore, C. W. and Hattie, 1165 Commerce street, Aug. 22, a boy.     
Moore, D. R. and Mary L., Dallas, a girl.     
Moore, Jerry and Della, near Garland, a boy.     
Moore, John and Louise, 201 Junius street, May 23, a girl.     
Moore, John D. and Ollie E., 147 Lake avenue, a boy.     
Moore, Lee and Dora, Garland, a boy.     
Moore, Lindly and Aveline, 448 Bryan street, a girl.     
Moore, Thomas C. and Margarette, 416 State street, Sept. 27, a girl.
Moore, W. H. and May A., West Dallas, a girl.     
Moorehead, Unis and Georgia, Rylie, a boy.     
Moral, Nick and Engelene, Eagle Ford, a boy.    
Morgan, George T. and Annie A., 120 Gaston avenue, a boy.     
Morgan, Henry and Hattie, 120 Nussbaumer street, Dallas, a girl.     
Morgan, Huse and Jennie, South Dallas, May 31, a boy.     
Morgan, J. P. and Mary, Dallas, a boy.  
Morris, Eriam and Elsie, city, a boy.     
Morris, George and Mrs. George, Mesquite, a girl.     
Morris, J. W. and Dora, Dallas, a boy.
Morrow, C. J. and Maggie, Trip; a boy.    
Morrow, J. G. and Theresa, 453 McKinney avenue, a boy.    
Morrow, J. G. and Theresa, 453 McKinney avenue, Dec. 22, a boy.    
Morton, P. N. and Eliza, near Garland, a boy.     
Mosely, Sam and Dixey, Lisbon, a girl.     
Mueller, Henry and Anna, 124 Horton street, a girl.     
Mueller, Henry and Anna, 124 Horton street, Jan. 6, a girl.     
Mullen, Conway and Leola, Corinth street, a boy.     
Mullen, J. C. and Velma M., Hutchins, a boy.     
Muller, Jno. A. and Lela, 389 Dawson street, a girl.     
Muller, Louis A. and Beatrice, 113 Greenwood street, May 19, a boy.    
Mundane, Bun and Della, Cedar Hill, Oct. 3, a boy.     
Murphy, Thomas and Ella, West Dallas, a boy.    
Murphy, William and Emma, 600 Fairmount avenue, a girl.     
Murton, Willie and Anna D., 351 Hall street, a girl.     
Myers, K. H. and Fannie, Carrollton, a girl.     
Myers, L. A. and Eugenia, Carrollton, Sept. 11, a boy.     
Myers, Will and Dora, Housley, a girl.     

Nance, J. A. and M. L., DeSoto, a girl.     
Nance, Q. and C. E., Duncanville, Sept. 14, a boy.    
Nance, Will and Addie, 211 Crowdus street, a girl.     
Nargas, B. and L., Elam, a girl.     
Neal, G. W. and Maud, Dallas, boy twins.     
Neal, Jack and Mary E., Rowlett, a girl.     
Necey, Will and Hattie, 463 Austin street, a boy.     
Neeley, Will and Hattie, city, a boy.     
Neely, C. B. and H. E., 614 Ross avenue, a girl.     
Neely, Gus and Myrtle, Dallas, a girl.     
Neese, Otto and Martha, Lawson, a boy.     
Nelson, Henry and Gussie, 239 Convent street, a boy.     
Nelson, Joe C. and Honey Eva, Lancaster avenue, May 19, a boy.     
Nelson, Walter and Magie, 229 Carroll street, a boy.     
Nesbit, John S. and Susan L., 385 Lucille street, Oct. 3, a boy.
Newman, John and Ula, Mesquite, a girl.     
Newman, S. R. and F. A., Pleasant Valley, a girl.     
Newsome, Grover C. and Lon, 375 State street; a boy.     
Newton, Ernest and Lula, 120 Alamo street, a girl.     
Newton, William and Leta, 111 Lake avenue, a girl.     
Ney, Abe and Hattie, 110 Pocahontas street, a girl.     
Nichols, W. W. and Martha Jane, Rowlett, Sept. 6, a girl.     
Nix, J. L. and N. V., near Lisbon, a girl.     
Nix, L. B. and Alice, Seagoville, a boy.     
Noles, Wm. and Jennie, 172 McKinnon street, Dallas, a girl.
Norris, G. W. and M. A., Dallas, a boy.
Noven, Emile and Oma, 874 Commerce street, a boy.     
Nuss, Henry and Lennie, 122 Bogel street, Dallas, a girl.     

O'Conner, John and Marma, 339 Bookhout street, a boy.     
O'Conner, John and Noma, 331 Bookhout street, a boy.     
O'Connor, John F. and Lida, Dallas, Aug. 29, a boy.     
O'Honlon, J. E. and M. J., near Lancaster, a girl.     
O'Neal, H. H. and Margaret, near Cedar Hill, a girl.     
O'Shea, Con and Sarah, 580 Lamar street, Dallas, Sept. 18, a boy.   
O'Toole, Pat and Mollie, 147 St. George street, a girl.     
Oechslen, Chas. and C. J., Dallas, Aug. 6, a boy.     
Oliphant, J. M. and Catherine, 149 Nussbaumer street, June 8, a boy.     
Olison, J. H. and Lottie, Dallas, a boy.     
Oliver, T. G. and Veo, 283 North Harwood street, a boy.     
Oliver, W. H. and Lillie, Dallas, a girl.     
Owens, H. and Retta, 474 Main street, a boy.    

Packer, Mose and Sarah, Five Mile; a girl.     
Padgitt, Joe and Effie, Dallas, a boy.     
Page, Eugene and Clara, Lancaster, Sept. 11, a girl.     
Pague, H. C. and M. F., Elam, a girl.     
Palumbo, Joe and Rosa, city, a girl.     
Parish, Earnest and Mattie A. M., Dallas, Aug. 2, a girl.     
Parker, Jesse W. and Lena M., Mesquite, Aug. 27, a boy.     
Parker, Jim and Francis, near Mesquite, a girl.     
Parker, Sam and M. B., near Cedar Hill; a boy.    
Parker, T. H. and Clinta, Dallas a boy.     
Parkinson, Francis and Mary, 249 Latimer street, Aug. 21, a girl.    
Parks, Dr. S. N. and A. B., DeSoto, a girl.     
Parks, George T. and Nellie, Lancaster, a girl.     
Parsons, C. A. and Mayme, 623 Cedar Springs street, a girl.     
Paschall, A. L. and Leona, Mesquite, a girl.     
Paschall, Eddie and Ethel, Mesquite, Oct. 4, a girl.    
Pass, Will and Clara, near Garland, a girl.   
Pater, J. D. and Dora, Dallas, a boy.     
Patterson, A. J. and N. E., near Pleasant Valley, a boy.     
Patterson, J. T. and Rose, State and Haskell avenue, a girl.
Patterson, Walford and Allie, Wilmer, a boy.     
Payne, H. E. and M. F., Elam, Jan. 12, a girl.     
Payne, John T. and Hettie W., 382 Thomas avenue, a girl.     
Payne, M. H. and Maud, Dallas, Sept. 16, a girl.    
Pea, George and Ellen, near Rowlett, a girl.    
Peck, Richard Teal Peck and Emma, near Lisbon, a boy.     
Pedigo, L. E. and Lena, 182 Collin street, a boy.     
Peet, Robert and M. E., Dallas, July 11, a boy.     
Pemberton, Erwin and Ella, near Sowers; a girl.     
Pemberton, Gid and Eva, Sowers, Oct. 1, a girl.    
Pendergrass, Mat and Joe Bell, Oasis, a girl.    
Pendleton, J. and A., 218 Lucile street, a girl.     
Perkins, James William and Mary Emma, Dallas, a Sept. 2, a girl.     
Perkins, Jno. and Pearl, Dallas, July 29, a boy.     
Perry, J. H. and M. L., Duncanville, a boy.     
Perry, W. and Jennie, Carrollton, a boy.     
Peterman, Frank and Lizzie, 349 Commerce street, a boy.    
Peters, T. E. and Malta, Oak Cliff, a girl.    
Peters, T. E. and Mattie, 6 Park street, a girl.     
Peters, W. H. and Minnie, Dallas, a boy.    
Peterson, John and Lear, Blanchard avenue, June 11, a boy.
Philbrick, Alphonso and Lillie, 136 Bookhout street, a boy.     
Phillips, James and Nellie, Dallas, a girl.     
Phleffler, Jim and Lula, Calhoun, a girl.     
Pickett, James and Mattie, Garland, a boy.    
Pickett, Sam and Onna, near Garland, a girl.     
Pierce, Frank and Lella, 139 Lear street, a girl.     
Pierson, N. C. and Irene, 699 Haskell avenue, a boy.    
Pipkin, William and Mary, 460 Cole avenue, a boy.     
Pippue, Nute and Lizzie, 242 Nettie street, a girl.     
Pistole, Charlie and Mary, Housley; a boy.    
Pistoles, T. J. and Mercides, near Garland, a girl.     
Pittman, Greek and Lillie, Altonta, a boy.     
Pitts, C. E. and Irene, Mesquite, a girl.     
Pitts, James and Annie, near Lancaster, a girl.     
Plantz, M. P. and Mary, 155 Sumpter street, a boy.
Plummer, Claude and Bessie, near Coppell, a girl.     
Pollard, Glenn and Alma, 394 Williams street, a girl.     
Porter, John and Mrs., near Lancaster, a girl.   
Porter, Thomas Benton and Cora Pearle, De Soto, Sept. 22, a boy.     
Potter, J. H. and Cora Lee, Oak Cliff, a boy.     
Potts, H. W. and Lydia M., 310 Floyd street, a boy.    
Powell, John and Mrs., 325 Hawkins street, a boy.    
Powell, Will and Josie, Lancaster, Sept. 10, a boy.    
Powers, L. J. and Sallie, 342 Swiss avenue, a girl.     
Prater, Jack and Carrie Lou, near Coppell, a boy.     
Pratt, John E. and Ida H., Elam, Aug. 19, a boy.    
Preuss, Miss Nelmar
Prewitt, R. M. And Della G., 79 Cockrell avenue, Sept. 20, a girl.
Prewitt, R. M. And Ella G., 76 Cockrell avenue, Sept. 20, a girl.   
Prewitt, Walter and Cary, 508 Lamar street, a boy.    
Price, J. P. and Maggie, near Mesquite; a girl.     
Pritchard, John A. and Lilly V., Lancaster, a girl.    
Pritchett, J. A. and Minnie, 116 Porter street, Dallas, a boy.     
Pruess, B. R. and Virginia, 366 Carroll avenue, a girl.    
Putman, Lee and Liza, 323 Snodgrass street, a boy.     
Putnam, George Henry and Mamie, 542 South Harwood street, Dallas, Sept. 10, a girl.     
Pyles, W. B. and Mary Elizabeth, Lisbon, Sept. 1, a girl.     

Rainey, Floyd and Julia, Garland, a boy.     
Rainwater, John T. and Parlee, near Grand Prairie, a boy.     
Ramsey, Robert R. and Ella, Cedar Hill, Aug. 8, a girl.     
Range, Alphonso and Henrietta, 258 Exposition avenue, a boy.    
Rape, C. W. and Ida, Cedar Hill, June 8, a girl.     
Ratliff, John and Sarah, Dallas, a girl.     
Ravenscroft, R. L. and Minnie May, 130 Tilson street, Dallas, a boy.    
Rawlins, Claude L. and Mamie, Hutchins, a boy.     
Rawlins, Earl and Man I., Lancaster, a boy.    
Ray, G. H. and Bell, 329 Worth street, a girl.    
Ray, John and Georgia, Oak Cliff, a boy.     
Ray, M. W. and Theo., De Soto, Sept. 19, a girl.     
Raynor, Nathan and Kate, 178 Park alley, a boy.     
Reamer, Charles and Allie, 629 North Harwood street, a boy.     
Rebell, George and Katherine, 554 Elm street, a girl.     
Redden, S. M. and Nora B., near Grand Prairie, a boy.    
Reddick, C. B. and Babel, Farmers Branch, a boy.     
Reed, Arthur and Ella, Kit; a girl.     
Reed, Frank and Emma, Dallas; a girl.     
Reed, Jack and Ella, Kleberg; a boy.     
Reed, James A. and Dora, Orphans Home Station, Sept. 12, a girl.     
Reeder, J. O. and Lizzie, Farmers Branch, Aug. 8, a girl.     
Reeves, Alonzo and Mollie, city; a girl.     
Reeves, Tom and Lue, Dallas a girl.     
Reeves, Wess and Alice, near Hutchins, a boy.     
Reik, Ferdinand and Eugenia, Kaufman road, Aug. 30, a girl.     
Reilly, James M. and Bonnie, 102 Holmes street, a boy.     
Rhodes, J. F. and Eula, Dallas; a girl.     
Rice, Alford and Emma, Garland, a girl.     
Richards, G. H. and Cora, Rowlett, a boy.     
Richardson, Ed and Willie, 409 Hall street, a boy.     
Richardson, H. and K. Pistoll,, a boy.     
Rikes, W. H. and Rosie, Rylie; a girl.     
Ritchie, R. F. and Mary Etta, Dallas, a girl.     
Roach, J. J. and Ada, Lancaster, a girl.     
Robert, Ernest M. and Anna C., 207 Swiss avenue, a girl.    
Robert, Walter and Mattie C., Lancaster, a boy.     
Roberts, James and L. L. U., near Rowlett, a boy.     
Roberts, L. W. and Katie, 157 Allen street, a boy.     
Roberts, R. J. and Emma, near Cedar Hill, a boy.     
Roberts, T. D. and Emma, Cedar Hill, a girl.     
Roberts, W. A. and Grace, 125 Highland street, a girl.
Roberts, W. A. and Lucy , near Hutchins, Dec. 30, a girl.
Robertson, Clarence and Leila, 252 Crutcher street, Jan. 9, a boy.     
Robertson, Clarence and Lelia, 252 Crutcher street, a boy.    
Robertson, J. D. and Tennie B., Pleasant Valley, Sept. 15, a boy.     
Robertson, W. E. and Georgia, Elam, Aug. 28, a boy.     
Robinson, Fens and Birdy, Seagoville, May 10, a boy.     
Robinson, George and Pecola, 112 Polk street, a girl.     
Robinson, L. C. and Oleo, Dallas, Sept. 8, a girl.     
Robinson, Le and Mary, near Seagoville; a girl.     
Rockett, J. W. and Jennie, Lancaster, a boy.     
Rodgers, U. S. and Hettie J., near Lisbon, a boy.    
Roe, David and Viola, West Dallas; a girl.     
Roe, Tom and Beulah, near Coppell, a boy.     
Roseberry, Ambrose and Maggie, near Irving, a girl.     
Rosenbaum, John B. and Winnie A., near Rowlett, a girl.     
Rosenboro, Steve and Nancy, Mesquite, a girl.     
Rosenthall, R. F. and A., 262 Good street, a girl.    
Ross, Wm. Turner and Hattie, Dallas, Aug. 6, a boy.     
Rowdon, Tom and Mattie, Dallas, Aug. 23, a girl.
Runge, Julius and Bettie, Mesquite, June 1, a girl.     
Rupard, Jasper and Annie, near Garland, a boy.    
Russell, Hendrix and Roy, September 21, a boy.     
Russell, J. E. and Leona, Hutchins, a girl.     
Ryer, Joseph and Mary, 164 Wall street, a boy.     

Sachs, Harry and Bertie, 171 Marion street, a boy.     
Sachse, T. M. and Nor, Sachse, Sept. 15, a boy.     
Salmons, Patrick and Hattie, Garland, a girl.     
Sanders, A. C. and Victoria, city, a girl.    
Sanders, J. P. and Delia, Lancaster, Sept. 10, a boy.     
Sanders, Sidney and Laura, Lancaster, a boy.     
Sanders, William H. and Elizabeth, 184 Floyd street, Oct. 28, a boy.     
Sanderson, W. H. and Annie, Oak Cliff, a girl.     
Sandifer, Joe and Julia, Garland, Sept. 15, a girl.     
Sandifer, Sam and Mattie, Garland, June 8, a boy.
Saner, R. E. L. and Irene, 217 Annex avenue, a girl.     
Sanford, J. Q. and J. M., Carrollton, Sept. 1, a girl.     
Saunders, H. C. and Mattie, Dallas, two boys.     
Sawyer, Clarence and Nanie, 229 Camp street, a boy.     
Sawyer, Clarence and Nannie, Camp street, Dec. 18, a boy.     
Scheffler, John and Minnie, 94 Powhattan, a boy.     
Schibler, Arnold and Annie, Dallas, a girl.     
Schroeder, Ed and Maggie, 175 Caruth street, Dallas, a boy.    
Schultz, B. A. and Bertha A., near Dallas, a girl.     
Scofield, J. R. and Pearl, 170 Richardson street, a boy.     
Scofield, J. R. and Pearl, 170 Richardson street, a boy.     
Scot, Walter and Lula, Garland, Sept. 6, a girl.     
Scott, A. K. and Lucy, near Lancaster, a boy.    
Scott, Andy and Annie, West Dallas; a boy.    
Scott, E. B. and Degmar L., Dallas, July 23, a boy.     
Scott, H. T. and M. T., 138 Richardson avenue, a girl.     
Scott, Thomas and Annie, Dallas, Aug. 1, a girl.     
Scott, Trinity and Myrtle, near DeSoto, a girl.    
Scott, W. R. and Temmie, Dallas, Aug. 9, a girl.
Scroggins, J. F. and Eda, near Lisbon, a boy.     
Seaberry, W. O. and Ethel, 100 Jefferson street, Oak Cliff, a girl.     
Seaton, Ernest and Pearl, 148 Hill street, a boy.     
Seaton, J. R. and Rosa, Mesquite, a boy.     
Seebaugh, E. S. and N. M., Dallas, a girl.    
Seeliger, Herman and Caroline, 741 McKinney avenue, a girl.     
Serkes, Peter and Mary, 156 Bourbon street, a girl.
Servin, Ed L. and Annie, Mesquite, June 2, a boy.     
Sexton, A. J. and Maggie, 133 Roll [Boll?] street, a girl.     
Sexton, Ed and Jessie, Grand Prairie, Sept. 15, a boy.    
Seymour, William P. and Pauline, 782 Main street, a girl.     
Sharp, M. F. and S. A., near Cedar Hill, a girl.     
Shepard, John L. and Mrs. Nancy, near Rylie, a boy.   
Shipley, Jr., Thomas and Pearl , near Garland; a girl.    
Shirley, P. S. and Henrietta, Dallas, Aug. 29, a boy.     
Shuford, E. G. and Tina, 153 Patterson avenue, a girl.     
Shugart, M. B. and Violet, Pleasant Valley, Aug. 30, a girl.     
Shumate, F. H. and Dora, 229 Marilla street, a boy.     
Sigler, G. M. and Ida, Ewing avenue, Sept. 18, a girl.    
Sills, W. B. and Rebecca, Dallas, a boy.     
Simmons, Joe and Josie, Letot, Sept. 7, a girl.     
Simms, Joe M. and Elvira, Oak Cliff; a boy.     
Simms, Lawrence and Lillie, 132 Clark street, a girl.     
Simpkins, W. S. and Margaret, 196 North Haskell, September 30, a boy.
Simpson, Jesse and Maggie, Dallas, a girl.     
Sims, C. C. and Laura, Lisbon, a boy.     
Sims, George and Nettie, Duncanville, a boy.     
Sims, W. H. and Minnie, near Rowlett, a boy.     
Skidmore, Claude and Jenny, 108 McKee street, a boy     
Skiles, Mersh and Fanny, near Richardson, a boy.     
Slate, Harry and W., 593 N. Washington avenue, Dallas, a girl.     
Slater, Bud and Daisey, Hutchins, a boy.     
Sledge, Jack and Lizzie, 199 Haskell avenue; a boy.     
Sleggman, E. and M., West Dallas, a boy.     
Slusher, Calvin and Fannie, Sowers, a girl.    
Small, S. and Nancy Jane, Grand Prairie, a girl.     
Smallwood, Ed and Georgia, near Seagoville; a girl.    
Smith, A. J. Jr. and Donie, Carrollton, June 6, a boy.     
Smith, Chesley and Gertrude, Duncanville, a girl.    
Smith, Dave and Gussie, Garland, Sept. 21, two girls.    
Smith, E. T. and Lora, Lancaster, June 13, a boy.     
Smith, Ed M. and Opha, Holmes street, a girl.     
Smith, George and Ada, Wall and Forest avenues, May 29, a boy.     
Smith, George W. and Effie, 239 North Lamar street, Dallas, Aug. 29, a girl.   
Smith, J. L. and Evalina, Orphans Home, a boy.     
Smith, Jeff and Mattie, 245 McCoy street, June 15, a girl.     
Smith, Kinsey and Cornelia, Grand Prairie, Aug. 3, a girl.     
Smith, Lee and Katherine, Union Bower, a boy.     
Smith, Ollie and Josephine, city, a girl.     
Smith, R. H. and M. R., Cedar Springs avenue, Jan. 15, a boy.    
Smith, R. H. and Minnie[?] L., Cedar Springs road, a boy.    
Smith, Thomas and Mattie, 284 Snodgrass street, Sept. 16, a girl.    
Smith, Tom and Moddie, Sachse, a girl.     
Smith, W. B. and Millie, 466 Flora street, September 29, a boy.     
Smith, W. H. and V. E., Dallas, Aug. 25, a girl.    
Smith, Walter and Annie, Betterton Circle, Oak Cliff, June 6, a girl.     
Snow, J. A. and Rosetta, near Mesquite, a girl.     
Solomon, Rylie and Lucy, Housley, a girl.     
Sonatte, N. J. and Rosie, Irving, a girl.     
Southern, J. B. and Mittie, 596 South Lamar street, a girl.    
Sparkman, August and Evie, Letot, a girl.     
Sparkman, Hardie and Mazie, Letot, a girl.     
Spence, J. A. and Josie, near Pleasant Valley, a girl.     
Spence, Wendell and Stella, Dallas, Aug. 24, a boy.     
Sprague G. A. and Minnie, Station A, Dallas, a boy.     
Spurgeon, T. E. and D. L., 430 Thomas avenue, a boy.     
St. Clair, J. W. and Mary, 464 Masten street, a girl.     
Stacy, J. W. and Emma, De Soto, Sept. 17, a girl.    
Stanley, W. A. and Mattie, Richardson, a girl.    
Stark, J. H. and Hattie, Lawson, June 9, a boy.     
Starnes, A. L. and Celeta, Orphans Homes, a girl.     
Starnes, O. L. and Celeste, Orphans Home, a girl.     
Starr, C. E. and Anna, Dallas, a girl.     
Staten, E. S. and Margaret, 854 Ross avenue, a girl.    
Steadman, J. D. and E. F., Grand Prairie, a girl.     
Stedham, Howard and Lola, South Harwood street, a girl.     
Stegmon, Fritz and Ethel, South Dallas, a girl.    
Steigar, Alva and Mrs. Delia, near Mesquite, a girl.     
Stemmons, Leslie A. and Bettie Storey, Oak Cliff, a boy.     
Stephens, Berry M. and Otter H., Dallas, a boy.     
Stephens, Richard and Ida, 302 Snodgrass street, a boy.     
Stine, Sam and Ida, Dallas, a girl.     
Stone, Sam D. and Annie, near Rowlett, a girl.     
Storr, W. J. and M. J., 269 Gillespie avenue, a boy.     
Story, W. Y. and Lizzie, Sowers, Oct. 2, a girl.     
Stout, G. J. and Lillie, near Wilmer, July 29, a girl.     
Stover, Bruce and Cora, 141 St. George street, a boy.    
Straight, Ed and Katie, city, a girl.     
Strait, W. G. and Luranah, three miles southeast of Alpha, a girl.    
Strichcomb, Lee and Nora, West Dallas, a girl.     
Strickland, W. M. and Altie, 313 Allen street; a boy.     
Stripling, Green and Nancy, near Lisbon, a girl.     
Strother, J. R. and S. J., near Garland, a girl.     
Stuart, Ainsley and Julia, Dallas, Aug. 5, a girl.     
Stuart, Thomas and Bessie, Dallas, a boy.     
Stubbs, J. T. and Alice, Oak Cliff, twin boys.     
Sty, Harry and Marion, 186 Cabell street, a boy.     
Sullivan, L. D. and M., Simond, a boy.    
Sullivan, T. R. and Ida May, near Red Oak, a girl.     
Summers, H. C. and Etta, Oak Cliff, a boy.
Summers, John and Maggie, near Mesquite, a boy.     
Surles, W. and A., near Oak Cliff, a boy.     
Swadley, J. F. and Sallie, Grand Prairie, a boy.     
Swindell, J. L. and Mrs., Carrollton, a girl.    
Symns, Henry and Evie, 368 Allen street, Oct. 21, a girl.    

Talbot, Ed and Carry, Garland, Aug. 10, a girl.     
Tate, Wesley and Ida, Irving, May 29, a girl.     
Tatum, John and Ella, Dallas, a girl.
Taylor, Fred H. and Mamie, 611 Bryan street, a boy.    
Taylor, Gilbert B. and Sarah Ann, near Rowlett, a boy.     
Taylor, H. B. and Willie, Grand Prairie, Sept. 6, a girl.     
Taylor, Hurbert and Martha, near Sowers, a girl.     
Taylor, L. N. and Ada, Dallas, Aug. 12, a boy.    
Taylor, Lige and Maud, Sachse, a girl.     
Taylor, Paul H. and Virginia, Dallas, Sept. 16, a girl.     
Taylor, William and Carrie, 164 Fuqua street; October 17; a boy.     
Temafski, J. and S., 132 Alamo street, a girl.     
Terell, J. H. and Maggie, Dallas; a boy.     
Terrell, J. H. and Maggie, Dallas, a boy.     
Terry, T. V. and Pearl, Garland, October 6, a boy.     
Teters, J. C. and Minnie, near Mesquite, a girl.    
Thomas, Henry and Annie, Dallas, Sept. 10, a boy.     
Thomas, J. P. and Maggie, Dallas, a girl.     
Thomas, S. P. and Mattie, Kaufman road, May 17, a girl.     
Thomas, V. L. and Ollie, West Dallas, a girl.     
Thompson, Andrew and Willis, Seagoville; a girl.    
Thompson, E. C. and L. A., Pleasant Valley, June 4, a boy.     
Thorp, John and Lola, Dallas, a girl.     
Thrift, W. W. and Margaret, near Garland, a girl.    
Thulus, Albert and Georgia, West Dallas, a girl.     
Tierney, J. F. and M. E., Oak Cliff, a boy.     
Tiner, R. G. and Lillie, 237 Santa Fe avenue, a boy.     
Tison, William and Nora, College avenue, September 30; a girl.     
Todd, A. L. and Almeda, Pleasant Valley, a girl.    
Todd, G. P. and Minnie, Peak street, a boy.     
Tomilson, W. H. and Francis, near Rowlett, a girl.     
Tompson, G. P. and Nannie, Kleberg, a boy.     
Toomey, Prescott and Mary, 113 Cora street, a girl.     
Tosch, A. F. and Blanche, Mesquite, Sept. 28, a boy.
Townsel, Silas and Emma, Garland; a girl.     
Townsend, James and Hattie, 617 Main street, a girl.    
Trevathon, John and Nettie, 324 Williams street, a girl.     
Trotter, John and Anna, Centerville, a boy.     
Trotter, John and Anna, Centerville, a boy.     
Trousdale, W. H. and Grace, 156 Convent street, a boy.     
Tsukahara, Kinta and Hana, Honey Springs, Sept. 8, a girl.     
Tucker, G. D. and Rosa, Lawson, a boy.     
Tucker, W. S. and M. C., near Pleasant Valley, a boy.     
Tucker, Wesley and Jesse, near Trip, a boy.     
Tuley, W. M. and Susey, near Cedar Hill, a boy.     
Turner, J. D. and Cora, 56 St. George street, Oak Cliff, June 10, a girl.    
Turner, O. E. and Daisy, Carroll avenue, Aug. 26, a boy.     
Turner, T. E. and G. G., near Sachse, a boy.    
Tye, L. M. and Johanna E., 211 South Haskell avenue, Sept. 17, a girl.    
Tyson, R. R. and Mary, 344 Williams street, Sept. 1, a girl.    

Ulrich, S. P. and M. C., Dallas, a boy.     
Underdown, Lee and Fannie, Lancaster, a boy.     
Underwood, Lee and Fannie, Lancaster, a boy.
Underwood, Lee and Fannie, near Lancaster, Jan. 13, a boy.    

Van Meter, J. F. and M. J., West Dallas, a boy.     
Van, Harry and Della, Kleberg; a girl.     
Vance, John and Emma, 136 Louise street, a girl.    
Vance, Porter and Georgia, 166 Collins street, a boy.     
VanDusen, M. W. and Florence A., 838 Main street, a boy.    
VanWort, W. H. and E. B., 825 Bryan street, a boy.     
Vaughn, W. H. and Clara, Dallas, a girl.     
Vehye, John and Mattie, 128 Hall street; a girl.    
Vencill, F. G. and Laura, Vencill's Ranch, Aug. 29, a boy.
Vick, Andrew and Sallie, Garland, September 23, a girl.     
Vilbig, August and Kate, 475 Live Oak, a boy.     
Viley, Henry and Maggie, Dallas, a boy.     
Viley, Henry and Maggie, Dallas; a boy.     
Vincel, Wade and Myrtle, Letot, a girl.     
Von Mourick, F. N. and F., 352 Wood street, a girl.    
Vorheesil, J. and M., DeSoto, a boy.     

Wafford, Daniel and Mollie, Rylie, a boy.     
Wagner, Fred and Cora, near Rowlett, a boy.     
Wagoner, George and Candace, 257 Merlin street, a girl.     
Wain, Will and Laura, 188 Cockrell street, Oct. 5, a boy.    
Walcott, Sr., O. P. and M. A., near Lisbon, a boy.    
Walker, C. W. and Beulah, 170 Porter street, a girl.     
Walker, E. A. and Mary, city hospital, a boy.     
Walker, John B. and Estella B., 345 Flora street, Dallas, Sept. 18, a boy.    
Wallace, Barney and Minnie, near Housely; a girl.     
Wallace, Charles S. and Sadie Gregg, 200 Corinth street, Dallas, a boy.    
Wallace, Luke and Jennie, 302 South Preston street, a boy.     
Wallace, Robert and Julia, 476 South Austin street, a boy.    
Waller, J. W. and Ellen, Lancaster, a boy.     
Wallstein, S. and L., 253 Adair street, a boy.     
Walters, W. F. and Theora, 349 South Lamar street, Dallas, a boy.     
Ware, Tom and Lu, Garland, Aug. 3, a girl.     
Warmick, Jr., Z. E., and Tishue, Grand Prairie, a boy.     
Warner, Frank and Eva, near Coppell, a girl.    
Washington, Jeff and Henrietta, near India, a boy.     
Watkins, W. J. and Susan, 235 Texas street, a boy.     
Watson, J. E. and Ollie, near Cedar Hill, a boy.     
Watson, John and Cathie, city; a boy.     
Watson, W. H. and L. C., Dallas, a boy.     
Watterson, L. and Nettie, a boy.
Watts, Elmo and Ella May, Kentucky street; a girl.     
Weaver, Jim and Mabel, 402 Latimer street, June 7, a girl.     
Webb, A. J. and Elizabeth, near Grand Prairie, a boy.    
Webb, James and Emma, near Mesquite, a boy.     
Webb, Oliver B. and Annie H., at New Orleans, La., June 12, a son.
Webber, Oscar and Sophia, 461 Holmes street, a girl.     
Weber, Fred and Lucy, 185 Carroll street, a girl.     
Webster, Felix and Emma, Rowlett, a girl.     
Weiner, J. B. and Edith E., near Cedar Hill, a girl.    
Weir, C. N. and A. N., West Dallas, a girl.     
Weir, C. W. and A. N., West Dallas, a girl.     
Weir, C. W. and A. U., West Dallas, Jan. 10, a girl.     
Welch, C. R. and A. M., Farmers Branch, Aug. 20, a boy.   
Welch, P. M. and Eliza, near Mesquite, a girl.     
Welch, W. R. and W. P., Goat Neck, Aug. 8, a boy.     
Weller, H. O. and Bixie, 520 McKinney avenue, a girl.     
Wells, C. E. and Ida, Jefferson and Good streets, June 3, girl.    
Wells, Ernest Horace & Cola, 348 Martin street, Dallas, a boy.     
Weltner, John B. and Edith E., near Cedar Hill, a girl.     
West, R. B. and Annie, near Lancaster; a girl.     
West, W. R. and Annie, 193 Hall street, Sept. 18, a boy.     
West, Will and Martha, Kit, a boy     
Westbrook, W. L. and Sarah Jane, Cole street, a girl.     
Whally, A. L. and Pearl, Wheatland, a boy.    
Whatley, J. J. and Tildie, Coppell; a girl.     
Whatley, W. J. and Lucy A., Rowlett, a girl.     
Wheatley, Hugh and Ida, Eagle Ford, October 6, a girl.     
White, Harry and Gusta, 212 Boll street, October 21, a girl.
White, M. R. and S. J., near Seagoville; a boy.     
White, W. W. and Blanche, 149 Marilla street, a boy.     
Whiteley, A. J. and E. B., Pleasant Valley, June 11, a girl.     
Whitman, S. W. and Josey, Rowlett, Sept. 9, a boy.     
Whitson, W. A. and Mollie, Mesquite, a boy.     
Whitson, W. A. and Mollie, Mesquite, a boy.     
Whittington, Wray and Julia, West Dallas, a girl.      
Wilder, J. B. and Mattie A., near Cedar Hill, a girl.     
Wiliams, Henry H. and Nannie, 704 Cedar Springs street, a girl.     
Wilkerson, E. A. and Betty, New Hope, a boy.     
Williams, Aaron and Emma, 724 Cochran street, September 29, a boy.     
Williams, Austin and Lizzie, Reinhardt, a girl.     
Williams, C. L. and Annie, Lucille street, a boy.     
Williams, E. M. and Viola, Grand Prairie, Aug. 30, a boy.     
Williams, J. I. and Mollie, Garland, a girl.    
Williams, Joe and Nannie, Dallas county, a girl.     
Williams, John and Lillie, Wall street, a girl.     
Williams, S. J. and Sarah Jane, near Rowlett, a boy.     
Williams, Sam and Ola, 140 Greenwood street, a boy.     
Williams, Tom and Ida, near Lancaster; a boy.    
Williams, W. P. and Ella, Kit, a boy.     
Williamson, R. F. and Maggie, 188 Leonard street, a girl.
Williford, W. G. and Gertrude, Rowlett, a boy.     
Willis, Charles A. and Estelle, 260 Crockett street, a boy.     
Willis, Charley and Rena, Sachse, a girl.     
Wills, Joe and Amada, Dallas, Sept. 2, a girl.    
Wills, P. L. and Maud, 466 San Jacinto street, a girl.     
Wilmans, Hall and Edith, 789 McKinney avenue, a girl.     
Wilson, B. H. and Florence, 237 Gaston avenue, a boy.     
Wilson, Ben and Maggie, Pleasant Valley, Aug. 29, a boy.    
Wilson, E. and Louise, 215 Bryan street, June 14, a girl.     
Wilson, F. J. and Roxie, Lancaster, a girl.     
Wilson, J. L. and Annie, 455 Pearl street, Dallas, a girl.     
Wilson, Robert A. and Annie E., 214 Junius street, a girl.    
Wilson, Robert E. and Leota B., 142 Carter street, a boy.    
Wilson, William and Effie, 592 Live Oak street, Sept. 28, a girl.
Wilson, William and Norma, Baptist Memorial Sanitarium, Sept. 26, a girl.    
Wilson, William J. and Lulu, Lisbon, a boy.     
Winder, William and M., Dallas, a girl.     
Winn, Harrison and Crecie, near Lisbon, a boy.     
Winn, Reuben and Emma, 469 Juliette street, Sept. 19, a boy.     
Winn, Sam and Mattie, 116 Jackson alley, a girl.     
Winters, W. T. and Nellie, Reinhardt, July 27, a boy.     
Wishom, W. R. and M. E., Seagoville, a boy.     
Witt, William and Emma, Wilmer, a girl.     
Wokaty, Frank W. and Annie, Dallas, June 3, a boy.     
Womack, Henry and Lylian, Noell Junction, Oct. 3, a girl.     
Womack, J. W. and Sarah, 162 Sumpter, a boy.    
Wommack, Isaac N. and Delia, Grand Prairie, Sept. 16, a girl.
Wood, David and Alice, Pleasant Valley, a girl.     
Wood, G. B. and Minnie E., Dallas, a boy.     
Wood, J. W. and Ida W., Pleasant Valley, a boy.     
Wood, John L. and Mary Ellen, near Cedar Hill, a boy.     
Woodfork, Lennox and Nora, West Dallas, October 1, a boy.    
Woods, Andrew and Jennie, West Dallas; 2 girls.     
Woody, Alf and Ella, Kaufman road, a girl.     
Wooley, Z. W. and Pinky, near Mesquite, a girl.     
Woolsey, Fred and Ida, 15 Cochran street; a girl.     
Wooten, W. H. and E. L., Lawson, a girl.     
Worley, W. B. and Mattie, Lancaster, a boy.     
Worley, W. B. and Mttie, near Lancaster, Jan. 13, a boy.    
Worthy, James L. and Mrs., Grand Prairie, a boy.    
Wright, J. L. H. and Olivia, Oak Cliff; a girl.     
Wright, John F. and Lillian, Dallas, a girl.     
Wright, M. L. and Viola, near Irwin, a girl.     
Wright, Ray B. and Jessie Neal, 114 Woodside avenue, a boy.    
Wright, W. G. and Annie, Dallas, a girl.     
Wunderlich, George H. and Annie, 374 Routh street, a girl.     
Wyland, Pat and Ella, Connor street, June 8, a girl.     
Wylie, Joseph S. and Olivia, 348 Grand avenue, June 6, a girl.    

Yeseing, Henry and Anna, near Alpha, a girl.     
Young, A. W. and Nelda, 397 Dawson street, Dallas, June 3, a girl.    
Young, James and Ada, one-half mile north of Cedar Hill, Aug. 7, a boy.     
Young, James and Lelae, 644 North Harwood street, Dallas, a girl.     
Young, John M. and Birdie J., a 1 1/2 miles north of Cedar Hill, a boy.     
Young, Otho and Mabel, Lancaster, Sept. 11, a boy.     
Young, W. F. and Rosa M., 287 Germania street, a girl.    
Young, W. R. and Dollie, 245 McKinney avenue, a girl.     

Zachary, John and Anna, 176 McKinnon street, a girl.    
Zeylin, E. R. P. and M. T. G., 404 Corinth street, a boy.    
Zimmerman, Joe and Dora, Dallas, a boy.