Births, Dallas County, Texas, 1903

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(Note: July 12 was the first issue of the Herald in which the births
were published, per the state lesgislative act requiring births to be
filed with the county clerk]


     The following births in Dallas county were reported to County Clerk Frank Shanks during the past week:

Female, white, Edward Martin and wife
Female, white, Wm. Bell and wife
Male, white, J. D. Buanto and wife
Female, white, C. E. Page and wife
Male, white, J. M. Armstrong and wife
Male, white, A. Hewey and wife
Female, white, W. L. Peacock and wife
Male, white, J. Stevenson and wife
Female, white, W. Russell and wife
Male, white, J. P. Freeman and wife
Male, white, L. Barrantine and wife
Female, colored, A. Welch and wife
Female, white, Joe J. Hoops and wife
Male, white, W. A. Strain and wife
Female, white, F. D. Potter and wife
Male, white, O. H. Britain and wife
Female, white, C. Murry and wife
Female, colored, J. E. Holmes and wife
Male, white, B. F. Glidwell and wife
Male, colored, H. M. McMillon and wife
Male, white, P. H. Felker and wife
Male, white, I. F. Medlin and wife
Male, white, W. Brown and wife
Female, white, W. L. Vaughan and wife
Male, whtie, I. F. Burford and wife
Male, white, W. Moore and wife
Male, colored, P. Johnson and wife
Male, white, N. G. Osborn and wife
Male, colored, P. Smith and wife
Male, white, H. R. Rainey and wife
Female, white, E. Joplin and wife
Male, white, S. S. Olinger and wife
Female, white, A. J. Heflin and wife
Male, colored, J. Dunn and wife
Male, white, J. F. Trammell and wife
Male, white, J. M. DeFall and wife

- July 12, 1903, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 20, col. 2.
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     The following births throughout the county were reported to County Clerk Frank Shanks last week:

Male, J. H. and Bertha V. Young
Female, M. C. and Minnie Presley
Male, C. and Laura Cunningham
Male, James F. and Rebecca Hughes
Male, Charles and Jane Drake
Male, Dan and Tabitha Davis
Male, Millard and Alice Sweatt
Male, Volney and Kittie Evers
Female, W. C. and Luella Cullom
Male, J. R. and Nannie Duncan
Female, Tom and Issie Harston
Female, E. Blaser and wife
Male, Charles and Maude Holley
Male, J. N. and Mattie Gilmore
Male, C. C. and Sallie Huffhines
Female, Robert and Lena Jett
Female, Wm. L. and Valley Martin
Male, Thomas W. and Celia Combs
Male, John J. and Emma Sparkman
Male, Wm. A. and Susie Barrett
Male, G. V. and Maud Linthicum

- July 19, 1903, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 4, col. 7.
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     The following births throughout the county were reported to County Clerk Frank Shanks during the week:

Male, John B. and Nellie Moore
Female, Flemy P. and Laura Cartlet
Female, John and Hulda Rheinlander
Female, Charles and Lena Anderson
Female, E. T. and Jennie Turner
Male, I. L. and Omar Williams
Female, Joe and Effie Bryant
Male, Delaney and Julia Gott
Female, John and Pearl McClusky
Male, William B. and Beulah Gibson
Female, D. J. and Maggie Tydings
Female, Tilden and Jennie Crosby
Male, G. K. and Ollie Hobbs
Male, Robert and Mamie Shadix
Male, Henry L. and Sarah Edgar
Male, C. E. and Mollie Stat
Male, John H. and Ellen Weatherford
Male, J. P. and Edythe Archer
Male, Charles and Anna Moss
Female, John and Martha Attenburg
Male, John and Emma Felles
Male, T. R. and Carry Payne
Female, Walter and Lillie Holman
Female, G. B. Bardy and wife
Female, Otto A. and Mamie McCallum
Female, Maor M. and Minnie Chapman
Male, Jene and Idell Riley
Male, C. C. and L. E. Mason
Female, C. L. and M. L. Baker
Female, W. A. and Clara Gary
Female, R. L. and S. Page
Female, Edward and Lou Bell
Male, Will and Lucy Claridy
Female, Charles N. and Elizabeth Watts
Female, Walter V. and Mollie Moreland
Male, J. W. and Nannie Clifton
Male, Felix and Angie Jackson
Female, Louis G. and Emma Stark
Female, Frank B. and May Knight
Male, Guy and Helen Gentry

- July 26, 1903, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 14, col. 3.
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     The following births throughout Dallas county were reported to County Clerk Shanks last week:

Male, Mr. and Mrs. Boyd
Male, Howard and Kate Bass
Male, E. H. and Sarah Vance
Male, Charles H. and Calley Smith
Male, Joe and Kate Thomas
Female, David M. and Emma Compton
Male, T. J. and Mary Corder
Male, C. L. and Mollie Rollins
Male, William J. and Arteley Blakeley
Female, Eugene and Bell Fagg
Female, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Medlock
Male, J. W. and Lena Cluck
Male, Cornelius A. and Ellie Vernoy
Male, Enoch and Rocie Anderson
Female, Richard A. and Onnie Owens
Male, Louis and Tillie Vandeworth
Female, J. N. and Nellie Williams
Female, John H. and Rosa Schmitt
Female, Robert and Augustus Morrison
Female, W. W. Cook and wife
Male, N. H. and Maggie Haynes
Female, G. W. Journey and wife
Female, Thomas and Emma Fast?/East?
Female, Bud Sharp and wife
Male, William J. and Kathrine Moore
Male, James and Bertha Luna
Male, John and Anna Jordan
Female, Paul and Grace Spikes
Female, R. L. and Georgie Mullins
Female, Robert and Maggie Bridges
Female, Howard B. and Elnora Criswell
Twins, female, Leslie Terry and wife
Male, Ed and Elsie Godwin
Female, Fred and Bell Bantz
Male, Jesse and Lena Sanders
Female, Emanuel and Ella Avery
Male, Charles T. Plant and wife
Male, Walter and Sudie Ward
Twins, male and female, Frank and Melia Robertson
Female, John and Eva Hammer
Male, Harry and Cora Joplin
Female, John and Female Riddle
Male, Ed and Jessie Vanston
Male, B. V. and Minnie Coates
Male, T. L. Rose and wife
Female, W. H. Kemper and wife
Male, E. McDonald and wife
Male, Mr. and Mrs. Mason
Male, A. Smith and wife
Male, A. J. and Mollie Little.

- August 2, 1903, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 8, col. 4-7.
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     The following births in Dallas county were reported to County Clerk Shanks during last week:

Male, Foster and Mamie Brown
Male, Sam and Minnie Freese
Male, William B. and Ada Tucker
Female, O. O. and Lucy Fields
Female, Ambrose and Cora Jones
Male, William and Ula Lichter
Female, W. W. and Amanda Williams
Male, George D. and Ella Boyd
Male, George and Gussie Lawrence
Male, Baxter and Mary B. McCorley
Female, James A. Harris and wife
Female, A. P. and Mary V. Lesley
Female, S. N. and R. A. Baldwin
Female, Will and Lena Day
Male, W. M. and Matilda Patterson
Female, B. and F. E. Lynch
Male, S. L. and R. E. Hillhouse
Male, Lee and Lizzie Gracey
Female, J. A. and Effie Williams
Female, I. H. and Allie Taylor
Male, Charlie and Liddie Ranay
Female, B. and F. Ingram
Female, Wyndham and Ross G. Robertson
Male, Edward and Edna Burson
Female, J. D. and N. A. Lindsley
Female, J. B. and Mattie Sharp
Female, Cy and Georgia Elliot
Male, Jene and Lou Homes [Holmes?]
Female, C. D. and S. E. Henderson
Female, Joseph and Sarah Schmitt
Male, William D. and Elizabeth Barrett
Female, Harry and Annie Gilchrist
Male, E. L. and Genevieve Willett
Male, Ben Davis and wife
Female, W. F. Watson and wife
Female, Robert and Nancy Foreman
Male, N. J. and Eleanor Cunningham
Male, A. M. and Nettie Stout
Male, Price and Annetta Shirley
Male, Aaron and Mollie Howard
Male, T. F. and J. E. Lawson
Female, Mr. and Mrs. Wertheimer
Male, Granville and Lulu Edson

- August 9, 1903, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 19, col. 3-4.
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     The following Dallas county births were reported to County Clerk Frank Shanks last week:

Male, J. I. and M. F. Jones
Male, James and Martha Walls
Female, Abe and Annie Thomas
Male, Oscar and Ethel Walford
Female, W. D. and F. H. Smith
Female, Alvin and Rachael Jett
Female, William A. and Anna Sanders
Female, J. H. and Carrie Cravens
Female, George and Emma Hopper
Male, E. W. and Nora Brooks
Female, John and Annie Stone
Male, Joseph and Nellie Morgan
Female, J. S. and L. E. Jaques
Male, G. and N. Ashby
Male, W. G. and I. Reeves
Female, C. and A. Price
Female, L. D. Story [all given]
Male, G. W. and L. Hamilton
Female, C. and M. Swindells
Male, C. and L. Schonfelder
Female, Samuel and Minnie Goldsmith
Female, Thomas A. and Sidonie Briggs
Female, Michael and Mary Coerver
Male, A. H. and Lily Payne
Male, Weldon and Eliza Scaggs
Male, William and Lula Prichett
Male, Charles and Mary Reab
Female, John Conner and wife
Female, Charlie and Nannie Burns
Female, Jeff and Lon Tillison
Male, John and Eliza Motley
Female, John and Pearl Fagan
Male, Joe and Mary Milton
Male, D. D. and Martha L. Simmons
Male, J. L. and L. P. Chase
Male, J. O. and M. J. Johnson
Female, Alexander and Annie Ratner
Male, I. and Goldy Darasky
Female, E. and N. Sardwick
Male, J. Randolph and wife
Male, G. and M. Allen
Female, R. R. and M. D. Stone
Male, A. R. and J. L. Richardson
Female, E. R. and E. L. Upham
Female, O. and O. McIntosh
Male, P. C. and M. McD. Gerhart
Male, W. and M. Shugurt
Male, D. F. J. and R. R. Hall
Female, E. and M. Donohoe
Female, E. and V. Goad
Male, W. R. and A. McNeal

- August 16, 1903, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 13, col. 5-6.
- o o o -


The following birth certificates were filed with County Clerk Frank R. Shanks during last week:

Female, W. S. and Sallie Freeman
Female, Will and Maggie Yates
Female, Thomas and Effie Long
Male, J. A. and Sarah V. Fuller
Female, Ed Tafts and wife
Female, H. A. and E. Barger
Female, Robt. and L. A. Hutson
Twins, George and Jennie Tucker
Female, E. H. and W. A. Tucker
Female, A. J. and Bertha Miller
Female, George and Lula Wilson
Female, T. S. and E. Tilley
Female, John C. and Mollie P. Wysor
Female, Will and Nellie Enchert
Male, Thomas and Emma Ross
Male, Jim and Birdie Burkhalter
Female, Taylor and Mary J. Tarpley
Male, Swain and Jessie Talley
Female, Newton and Rosa Record
Twins, William and Mandy Dunlap
Male, L. R. and Maggie Anderson
Female, D. and M. I. Wooten
Male, W. E. and Ida M. Hinson
Male, Tom Garrett and wife
Male, Rudolph and Teresa Bohney
Male, O. L. and Helena Hanfler
Male, P. H. and Lue Reeves
Male, Tom W. and Lula Coats
Male, James and Leata Acklin
Male, Henry and Harlie[?] Sims
Female, John and Abbie Lowery
Male, R. B. and Annie Sowers
Male, M. E. and Ellen Joyce
Male, F. M. and Mary Hall
Male, Allen and Myrtle Nix
Female, William Crozer and wife
Female, H. R. and L. L. Burford
Male, M. A. Draper and wife

- August 23, 1903, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 13, col. 2.
- o o o -


     The following births have been recorded in the office of County Clerk Frank Shanks during last week:

Female, S. F. and Elizabeth Brown
Female, J. M. and Mannetta Mosley
Female, Dick and Emily Davis
Male, Edgar and Ella Curry
Female, L. D. and Lena Harris
Male, A. and Susie Ragland
Female, Felix H. and Virdie Scott
Male, J. H. and Mollie A. Krurdy
Male, Luther and Lenna Jones
Female, Henry and Minnie Sullivan
Male, O. L. and Helen Haufler
Male, Samuel E. and Myrtle V. H. Puckette
Male, William L. and Eliza Knight
Male, S. and Esther Solomon
Female, Gilbert and Augusta H. Davidson
Female, J. C. and G. D. Crabb
Male, W. and S. Tuggle
Male, A. P. and N. M. Bell
Female, A. B. and Mary Fant
Female, H. and F. Gum
Male, Randal and Lottie M. Wilson
Female, Richard and Maggie Cox
Female, Henry and Ola Gibson
Male, Fred and Ella B. Voorhees
Male, Henry and Ida May Sale
Male, L. R. and F. T. Carruth
Male, W. H. and Florence Babb
Male,A. L. and Jessie C. Hackenberger
Male, Julius L. and Jessie B. Bray
Female, Frank and Amanda Schrieber
Female, J. E. and Ollie Macon
Male, William and Eleanor Cunningham
Male, J. N. and Maud Thompson
Female, J. A. and Lillian Lewis
Female, J. T. and Jennie Davis
Female, Ned and Ada Williams
Male, Eaton and Annie Koger
Female, Frank and Annie Horton
Male, H. C. and Margaret Coke
Female, Frank and Ola Watson
Male, J. C. and Adelphine Lindsay
Female, W. A. and Julia E. Javender
Male, F. B. and Minnie Dunlap
Male, J. C. and Ida Mittenthal
Male, R. D. and Dixie Grand
Female, William and Addie Goodnight
Male, John and Sally Jarriett
Male, James Grisel and wife
Male, William and Jane Wood

- August 30, 1903, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 8, col. 2.
- o o o -


     Following is a list of the certificates of births in Dallas county, which were filed with County Clerk Frank Shanks during last week:

Male, Geo. and Rena Sims
Male, William and Georgia Chapman
Female, Oscar and Jane Moore
Female, John T. and Mary Meiers
Male, George W. and Mary Lloyd
Male, Sam and Neisa Worland
Male, C. E. and P. E. Ross
Male, Ellis and Ella Willis
Male, Will and Lucy Walker
Female, LeRoy and Jessie Nall
Female, Monroe and Lula Watkins
Male, C. G. and Della Thomas
Male, John B. and Katie Housman
Male, Charles and Mattie Weathered
Male, G. H. and F. V. Coyle
Male, Humphrey and Hattie Dixon
Male, John and Delia Thomas
Female, Charles and Florence Peters
Female, Will and Anna Sears
Female, Wiley and Edna Sparkman
Female, Paul and Mary Speaker
Female, J. W. and L. M. Payne
Male, Fred F. and Mattie E. Mayfield
Male, Jessie and Jennie McNeil
Female, Earle and Dora Mosier [Mosler?]
Female, William and Jennie Smith
Female, Jacob and Margarette Boll
Female, C. F. and Laura C. Kramolio[?]
Female, William and Nettie Herring
Female, James and Nannie Hicks
Male, J. S. and Vida Hardwick
Female, A. L. and Cora Boardner
Male, Robert T. and Ruth Chappell
Male, Ernest and Nellie A. Birket
Female, Tom and Emma Hutchins
Female, William A. and Mannie Moffett
Male, Harry and Lula Rogers
Female, Sloan and Ora Jackson
Male, Henry and Maggie Goodnight
Female, I. J. and Fannie Pringle
Male, C. D. and Hattie Lowry
Female, M. P. and Lavinia Exline
Male, Francis E. and Mary Shoupe
Female, B. F. and M. Beulah Harris
Male, C. B. and Cora V. Davis
Male, Thomas and Rosa Shelton
Female, Joe and Mattie Jones
Female, L. B. and Maud Lowery
Male, E. A. and Sophia Boice
Male, Neal and Fannie McAdams
Male, John and Carrie Dixon
Male, Abe and Mossie Evans
Female, Alex A. and Fannie R. Wolf
Female, J. W. and Annie Davis
Female, William and Maggie Lewis
Female, L. W. and Sue M. Cartwright
Male, Linden and Annie Tyler
Male, J. T. and Ophelia Smith
Male, M. B. and Nanny Langley
Female, J. F. and Jennie Harriet

- September 6, 1903, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 6, col. 4-5.
- o o o -


     The following certificates of births in Dallas county were filed in the county clerk's office last week:

Male, John and Jennie Irwin
Female, Albert Etheridge and wife
Female, Joe and Nettie Green
Male, Jim and Lizzie Bishop
Female, John and Lee Crosby
Male, Thomas and Lillie Cooper
Male, Tom and Veire Smith
Male, J. F. and M. E. Ramsey
Female, W. M. and Vollie Taylor
Female, Tom and Nettie Phillips
Male, Thomas and Arminta Cole
Female, Joseph and Ida Marsh
Male, P. W. and Agnes Knittell
Female, Arthur and Luella Mortimer
Male, B. F. and Jessie T. Moore
Male, John Glynn and wife
Female, Lee and Maggie Gracion
Male, W. F. and Sarah A. Wolf
Female, Archie B. and Myrtle White
Male, David and Pricilla Trees
Male, F. A. and Fannie Hunter
Female, Henry and N. E. Hopkin
Male, A. M. and Alice Hutchins
Female, Jeff and Edna Hunt
Male, R. G. and Tennie Williams
Female, W. M. and Bettie Ekles
Female, Henry and Lola Killett
Female, S. R. and L. M. Brown
Female, Thomas B. and Lillian McCorley
Female, William and Arizona Johnson
Female, P. W. and Mary Sanders
Male, Charles G. Beckenback and wife
Female, Walter and Jessie Stogdal
Female, Ed and Telia Girdly
Male, W. P. and Cora B. Williams
Male, John P. and Lottie Hill
Male, Mannie and L. Freeman
Female, Mr. and Mrs. Hise
Male, R. L. and Mary Park

- September 13, 1903, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 8, col. 4.
- o o o -


     The following births throughout Dallas county were reported to the office of County Clerk Frank Shanks, last week:

Female, William H. and Alice Keenan
Male, William R. and Julia Dixon
Male, George P. and Laura Worthington
Female, Will H. and Leta M. Littlehold[?]
Female, Melvin and Ella Bly
Male, John and Allen Andrews
Female, J. C. and Clara L. Sale
Female, S. S. and Annie Self
Female, William E. and Myrtle Greiner
Female, Rufus and May Still
Female, C. and H. Johnson
Female, J. R. and Lettie Jennings
Male, John and Mattie Dickinson
Male, Charles and Lonellen Rogers
Male, J. R. and Laura Williams
Male, U. T. and Nanny Gill
Female, Edward and Cora Carter
Male, J. D. W. and Belle Barton
Male, E. D. and Lula E. Evans
Male, Neil G. and Mary Newland
Female, William and Jennie Spann
Male, Ralph and Jennie Lee
Female, W. W. and Jennie D. Jernigan
Female, V. F. and B. A. Beach
Female, Cal and Cora Brown
Male, Isaac and Mary Coyt
Female, Charles F. and Melissa E. Williford
Male, W. M. and Bertha Smith
Female, J. O. and Lon England
Twins, Joseph and Jennie Lindenblatt
Female, R. B. and Josephine Corley
Female, Bob and Mary Cody
Male, Fred and Mary Grice
Male, Herman and Marie Boehle
Female, Sidney J. and Alice Peirce
Male, Tom L. and Lillian Cooper
Male, W. M. and Nettie Witt
Female, John and Neoma Blackmsn
Male, James M. and Nellie C. Fine
Male, George A. and Henrietta Talbert
Male, Gus and Cora Vorlen [Vorien?]
Male, Ed and Bertie Crozier
Female, J. A. and Daley Pelton
Male, John and Florence Bethurum
Female, John Henry and Florence Smith
Male, Joe and Annie Rawlins
Male, S. J. and M. H. Houghton
Female, Dexter S. and Nina Smith
Male, S. P. and Bettie Cox
Male, John J. and Dora Lang
Female, O. T. and Josephine Packwood
Male, Jacob and Anna Veiner
Male, F. J. and Cora Rohling

- September 20, 1903, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 13, col. 1-6.
- o o o -


     The following births were recorded in the county clerk's office last week:

Male, Thos. and Laura eDan
Female, West and Lela Miller
Female, Robert and Cordelia Pharris
Female, James and Luella McCullough
Male, J. F. and Virginia York
Female, M. F. Horton and wife
Male, Sam T. and Ida Vanston
Female, Angelo and Ruby DeStefano
Female, Jim and Annie Steele
Female, Ladd and Millie Thomas
Male, Wesley and Bertha Wade
Male, Joseph and Allie Goss, 2 [twins?]
Female, Tulla A. and Annie Summers
Female, Jim and Sue Malone
Female, Henry and Alonzora Pierce
Female, Robert and Viola Johnson
Male, H. B. and Irene C. Martin
Female, W. C. and Ione McCahan
Female, James and Stella McGriffey
Male, William and Anna Horne
Female, John Smith and wife
Female, Ed and Emma Grissom
Female, Charley and Annie Gates
Male, John E. and Theresa Boyd
Male, Charles and Josie Davis
Female, Frank and Ellen Cody
Male, W. S. and Minnie Copeland
Female, W. H. and May L. Kendall
Female, C. H. and Lucile Smith
Female, Peter and Maggie Cole
Female, George H. and Hattie Patrick
Female, Frank and Addie Summers
Male, Ed and Dosia Jones
Male, E. L.and Birdie Cullum
Male, Edmond and Ida McNeese
Male, John E. and Luella Wolfe
Female, John and Ettie Lively
Female, Yale L. and Sadie McGee
Female, Jacob and Mollie Mantel
Male, J. R. and E. C. Bennett
Male, William and Belle Lacy
Male, Emmett and Mary Baynes
Female, Persly and Fanney Todd

- September 27, 1903, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 12, col. 4.
- o o o -


     The following births in Dallas county were filed in the county clerk's office during last week:

Female, George W. and Lela Slater
Female, James and Callie Hastings
Male, W. A. and Ora Hutsell
Female, Joseph and Angelina Mandobar
Female, C. W. and Ettie Barton
Male, Joseph and Sephino Palstine
Female, Edward R. and Jessie Reeves
Male, Phillips and Nonie Lively
Male, Marshall and Nannie Dabney
Female, J. H. and Sarah F. King
Female, James and Mary Melton
Female, Charlie B. and Ophelia Chick
Female, J. S. and Daisy Smith
Male, Henry and Rebecca Grinstein
Female, James and Ollie Saunders
Male, John T. and Ellen Hitt
Male, Walter and Mary Watts
Female, L. G. and Alice Brown
Male, W. S. and Ina Knight
Female, James O. and Jennie Carroll
Female, Earl R. and Teany Dee
Female, John and Isabell Turley
Female, John and Maud Rule
Female, Mart and Annie Taylor
Female, G.D. and Jennie Marshall
Male, William and Azlees Dunn
Male, D. E. and Mary Myer
Male, Frank and Corinee Nye
Female, A. S. and Emma Doerr
Female, Lee and Lillie Williams
Female, W. D. and Mariah Chapman
Female, T. J. and Cortie Sewell
Female, A. L. and Pearl Beesley
Female, N. E. and Maggie Fitzhugh
Female, Frank and Josie Gilmore
Male, John C. and Esther Corder
Female, William and Florence Perrigo
Female, Robert and Elsie Nicholson
Female, Guy and Ella Gamble
Male, Isadore and Lillie M. Frankel
Female, C. E. and L. E. Brown
Female, T. P. and Ida Thornton
Male, R. G. and Emma Smith
Male, Edgar and Juanita Godley
Female, L. M. and Amanda Green
Female, Juan and Lila Lacy
Male, Jerry and Sarah Brown
Female, John and O. McCann
Male, M. W. and A. A. Davidson
Female, Dr. J. H. and Annie Smart
Female, L. M. and M. U. Haynes
Female, P. J. Linthicum
Male, Oliver and Nellie Mayes
Male, Martin and Eula Anderson

- October 4, 1903, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 6, col. 4-5.
- o o o -


To Alf and Alice Woody, near Dallas, Oct. 6, a girl.
To Walter and Mattie Tiller, Birmingham avenue, Sept. 30, a girl.
To F. M. and Etta Sewell, Birmingham avenue, Sept. 30, a girl.
To Odie and Ethel Parks, Dallas, Sept. 28, a boy.
To Birt and Carrie Miller, 778 Main street, Oct. 2, a girl.
To A. M. and Aletia Elkins, Santa Fe avenue, Sept. 25, a boy.
To Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Smith, West Dallas, Oct. 5, a boy.
To J. M. and Sallie G. Allen, Eagle Ford, Sept. 28[?], a boy.
To W. G. and Carra Wilson, New Hope, Sept. 26, a girl.
To James and Pennell Hall, New Hope, Sept. 26, a boy.
To. J. B. and Beulah Ridmund [Redmund], Millers Switch, Oct. 7, a girl.
To J. A. and Fannie Harley, 111 Seegar street, Oct. 7, a boy.
To Ben and Susie Waggoner, 140 Cochran street, Oct. 3, a boy.

- October 9, 1903, Dallas Morning News, p. 12, col. 6.
- o o o -


     The following certificates of birth were filed in the county clerk's office during the week ending October 10:

Male, Stewart and Addie Lesley
Male, G. M. and Emma Deane
Male, Harry W. and Mabel Campbell
Male, Tom and Fannie Miller
Male, Julius and Mary Corder
Male, Albert and Etta Marks
Male, H. A. and L? A. Greene
Female, Will and Amelia[?] Thompson
Male, John and Georgia Keller
Female, William and Lizzie Lindsay
Female, W. I. and Maud Purnell
Male, James and Sidney Henshaw
Female, J. J. and Margarette Morgan
Female, T. M. and C. Maddox
Female, F. and L. Dillworth
Male, M. and I. Record
Male, L. and A. Phillips
Female, E. and D. Holbrook
Female, W. and M. Tiller
Female, A. and A. Woody
Female, F. M. and E. Sewell
Male, O. and E. Parks
Female, B. and C. Miller
Male, A. and A. Elkins
Male, W. D. and D. Smith
Male, J. and S. Allen
Male, J. and P. Hale
Female, W. J. and C. Wilson
Female, J. B. and B. Redmond
Male, B.[?] and S. Waggoner
Male, L. A. and F. Hailey
Male, B. and A. Fuller
Female, W. E. and A. E. Hofford
Female, N. H. and M. M. Moore
Female, A. and M. Smith
Male, W. C. and E. E. Hooten
Female, J. and S. Monk[?]
Female, J. E. and C. Burnett
Male, F. and W. Clark
Female, R. and M. Smith
Male, J. E. and S. L. Bennett
Female, W. H. and Lillie Roberts
Male, J. R. and E. Wood
Female, F. R. and M. Pucket
Male, C. C. and B. Greer
Male, G. and A. Collett
Male, A. and F. Goran
Female, W. M. and Bennie Westbrook
Female, W. E. and M. Burton
Male, J. R. and L. Roper
Male, T. P. and C. R. Gorden
Male, E. and A. Lorenz
Male, P. B. and E. Sprague
Female, A. M. and I. Bean
Male, W. A. and M. E. Youngblood
Male, J. N. and L. Harper
Female, A. L. and F. E. Egan
Female, C. C. and M. D. Swearingen
Female, W. and R. M. Stone

- October 11, 1903, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 8, col. 4.
- o o o -


     The following births were recorded at the office of County Clerk Frank Shanks during the week:

Male, J. W. and N. Eads
Female, C. T. and E. Orr
Male, S. and E. Williams
Female, L. C. and D. L. Cade
Female, W. R. and A. E. Taylor
Female, J. W. and M. Womack
Female, J. and L. Dansby
Male, I. and J. Powell
Female, E. F. and M. Pennebacker
Female, C. L. and L. L. Kribs
Female, John Hudnall and wife
Female, W. C. and L. Davis
Male, C. and A. Goforth
Male, R. D. and E. Pitts
Female, G. H. Crouch and wife
Male, J. and A. Bellew
Male, J. and Z. Johnson
Male, M. G. and M. E. Payne
Female, W. and M. Hammon
Female, C. M. and P. Wiseman
Female, Fred Holliman and wife
Female, C. C. and E. Roessler
Male, I. and A. Record
Female, W. R. [and?] M. Miller
Male, W. C. and S. L. Sypert
Male, V. and M. Littlejohn
Female, J. and S. Hamlin
Female, W. S. and V. Hawkins
Male, G. F. and M. Spence
Male, A. and E. Morgan
Male, P. H. and M. M. Hughes
Male, A. and N. Fan
Male, M. and M. Brown
Male, L. and E. Graves
Female, E.[?] and M. Buford
Male, W. D. and M. E. Warne
Male, J. F. and R. Drennan
Female, N. and E. Anderson
Female, G. and O. Durham
Female, P. and M. Bashears
Male, J. E. and _____ Payne
Female, E. P. and I. Payne
Female, M. and N. Green
Male, D. E. and M. E. Fowler
Female, A. I. and E. D. Crow
Female, A. and A. Brandenburger
Female, A. F. and M. Z. Pickett
Male, O. and F. Bass
Female, C. and L. Horten
Male, W. L. and F. M. Yates
Male, J. W. and Susie Whalen
Male, W. L. and S. White
Male, C. I. and P. L. Green
Female, W. and L. Rainey
Male, J. A. Jr., and M. Nelson
Female, J. and M. Bridges
Male, Dr. A. E. and E. Flowers
Male, C. E. and R. A. Baker
Male, A. T. and E. A. Jones
Male, W. B. and I. P. Fraser

- October 18, 1903, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 9, col. 4.
- o o o -


     The following births were recorded at the office of County Clerk FrankShanks during the week ending October 24:

Female, J. W. and N. Williamson
Male, C. and A. Patterson
Female, G. and L. Knisel
Female, J. R?/B? and M. McElroy
Female, F. E. and B. Ingalls
Male, W. and N. Allen
Male, H. and S. A. Binford
Male, W. W. and G. Rowe
Female, E. and T. Polley
Female, W. R. and E. Poynter
Female, D. and M. Cole
Male, G. W. and M. V. Richards
Male, H. P. and L. Tipton
Male, J. A. and M. Mabra
Female, C. H. and E. Edwards
Female, M. and D. Chapman
Male, L. S. and I. Fisher
Female, H. and A. Runderson
Female, E. E. and M. Douglas
Male, J. J. and E. M. Wileman
Female, J. S. and S. D. Buchanan
Male, E. D. and K. Mims
Female, L. and K. Herrin
Male, C. and L. Wallace
Male, D. and C. Rogers
Male, J. R. and L. Eldridge
Male, A. A. and C. E. Anderson
Male, C. and K. Goad
Male, L. and A. Lancier
Female, C. and L. Overton
Female, J. E. and L. E. Witherspoon
Female, C. N. and D. E. Arlington
Female, A. and E. Hunt
Male, D. B. and H. Erminger
Female, C. E. and H. G. Hocker
Female, J. D. and A. Newman
Female, J. L. and M. M. Lynch
Female, A. and M. Loving
Female, R. E. and H. M. Beard
Male, J. B. and E. Owens
Female, C. O. and M. Adkins
Male, E. L. and L. Wasser
Female, R. C. and D. Hester
Male, J. and A. Martin
Female, I. and L. Roberts
Male, T. and M. McMillan
Female, W. C. and M. Roberts
Male, S. and M. Marton
Female, A. R. and L. Phillips

- October 25, 1903, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 24, col. 2.
- o o o -


     The following births were recorded in the office of County Clerk Frank R. Shanks during the week ending October 31:

Male, E. R. and S. Terry
Female, N. and L. Lacy
Male, J. L. and E. Johnson
Female, L. and L. Wood
Female, F. and A. Howard
Male, S. and S. Smith
Male, E. B. and R. L. Mitchell
Male, J. Baker and wife
Male, Z. and E. McCoy
Female, W. J. and I. Powers
Female, J. and E. Nash
Male, G. E. and L. P. Ugland
Male, W. and C. Edger
Male, W. N. and E. Howell
Female, M. and L. Gaddis
Female, N. and P. Pomanlin__
Female, A. and H. Rohling
Female, M. and L. Persky
Female, W. G. and A. M. Schllepake
Female, E. C. and M. Sandkuhl
Male, J. and L. Lang
Male, A. E. and N. M. Martin
Female, C. F. and A. Wilson
Female, J. A. and E. Poindexter
Male, R. L. and B. Cox
Female, M. and M. Brass
Male, P. and B. Danna
Male, A. D. and A. M. Reynolds
Female, W. H. and M. Mils [Mills?]
Female, W. and K. Harris
Female, P. F. and E. L. Swann
Male, J. and F. O'Bannon
Male, R. L. and A. Williams
Male, A. G. White and wife
Male, J. L. and C. Harmon
Male, R. E. and M. Russell
Male, I. and T. Stokes
Male, R. C. and A. B. Austin
Female, R. C. and M. I. Dunlap
Male, R. and E. Cooper
Male, I. C. and W. B. West

- November 1, 1903, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 9, col. 2.
- o o o -


[Note: A weekly birth report was not published by the Dallas Herald for the week ending November 7. The Dallas Morning News did publish a birth report, though it appears to be births within the Dallas city limits.

To William M. and Mary Mayben, Fairland and Central, Nov. 4, a boy.
To Cave Elmo and Josie Cheaney Palmer, 413 Routh street, Nov. 2, a boy.
To John and Rosa Johnson Cotman, 104 Sumpter street, Nov. 3, a girl.
To Martin T. and Amber Estes Scott, 544 Bryan street, Nov. 6, a boy.
To C. T. and Willie R. Bailey, 420 Dawson street, a boy.

- November 8, 1903, Dallas Morning News, p. 40, col. 3.
- o o o -


     The following is the county birth record for the week ending Nov. 14:

Joe Rusek and Josie Rusek, boy, Nov. 8; near Dallas.
Jobe and Myrtle Burns, boy, Nov. 8; 212 Snodgrass street.
R. A. and Maggie Daniels, girl, Nov. 9; near Wheatland.
John Padget and Sallie Padgett, girl, Oct. 26; Garland.
Fred Wallace and Amanda Wallace, Oct. 27, girl; near Lisbon.
Chas. E. and Mary Hall, Oct. 31, girl; near Mesquite.
Albert Craft and V. Craft, Nov. 4, girl; Farmers Branch.
Lycurgus and Jesse Crosby, boy, Nov. 4; Lisbon.
J. T. and Willie Peeler, Nov. 5, girl; Oak Cliff.
Edward and Corinne Nelson (c), Nov. 8[?], boy; Dallas.

- November 15, 1903, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 9, col. 2.
- o o o -


     The following certificates of birth were registered in the county clerk's office for the week ending Nov. 21:

Ben E. and Sadie Cabell, boy, Oct. 11, 194 Portland street.
J. M. and May Claxton, boy, Oct. 20, 148 Mosley avenue.
Albert and Rose Ferrin, girl, Oct. 25, Sowers.
J. F. and S. M. Dunkie, girl, Oct. 26, Cornish Switch.
Priestly and Emma Tompkins, girl, Oct. 29, Sowers.
Will and Nettie Fitznier, girl, Nov. 5, 125 McCoy street.
Louis and Mary Buford, boy, Nov. 6, Sowers.
J. D. and Jessie F. Fouraker, boy, Nov. 8, Oak Cliff.
Charles and Lilie Pickle, girl, Nov. 8, Richardson.
J. S. and Mattie Johnson,, boy, Nov. 14, 418 N. Pearl street.
C. L. and Minnie Eastey, girl, Nov. 14, Lancaster.
W. M. and May E. Shope, girl, Nov. 11, Oak Cliff.
Joe and Anna Senswall, boy, Nov. 12, 114 Colby street.
John and Maggie Holden, girl, Nov. 12, Lancaster.
Martin and May Kettles, boy, Nov. 13, Oak Cliff.
W. P. and Ellen Ponder, boy, Nov. 14, Lancaster.
Marion and Lucy F. Arthur, boy, Nov. 11, 167 Chestnut street.
J. M. and Mattie Sloan, boy, Nov. 12, Pacific avenue.
James and Beatrice Roach, girl, Nov. 14, 549 Central avenue.
E. E. and Leona Wilcox, girl, Sept. 16, 226 Peabody avenue.
P. L. and Alice Dickey, boy, Oct. 30, 164 Second avenue.
Wm. S. and Mattie Holbrook, boy, Nov. 8, 1275 Commerce street.
Jack and Nettie Houston, boy, Nov. 9, near Sachse.
J. C. and Mary Clarke, boy, Nov. 1, South Ervay street.
C. C. and Lillie Davis, girl, Nov. 1, 126 Duncan street.
John and Ruth Sockwell, girl, Nov. 5, 276 Swiss avenue.
M. C. and May A. Hatcher, boy, Nov. 8, 126 Duncan street.
Willie and Edna Morris, girl, Nov. 9, 176 Williams street.
Ed and Belle Ainsworth, girl, Nov. 9, Mesquite.
James A. and Mrs. Hunter, boy, Nov. 16, 222 Park street.
William and Marie Steer, boy, Nov. 10, 535 Corinth street.

- November 22, 1903, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 9, col. 4.
- o o o -


     The following certificates of birth were filed at the county clerk's office for the week ending Saturday, November 28:

R. F. and F. N. White, Nov. 11, boy, near Pleasant Valley
James and Grace Dechman, Nov. 11, boy, 136 Third avenue
F. H. and M. L. Spence, Nov. 13, boy, near Pleasant Valley
J. N. and Nannie Lillard, Nov. 16, girl, Reinhardt
J. B. and Lizzie S. Foot, Nov. 17, boy, near Pleasant Valley
Ed and Cora English, Nov. 18, girl, Lisbon
Ezra and Florence Dee, Nov. 18, girl, 231 Caroline St.
Isadore and Bessie Pliner, Nov. 10, boy, Dallas
L. H. and Nora R. Haynes, Nov. 12, girl, Dallas
Charles Henry and Mollie Higby, Nov. 13, girl, 106 Bellview street
Guy and Edna S. Vickery, Nov. 14, boy, 1088 Pacific avenue
J. R. and Ida Crawford, Nov. 15, girl, near Seagoville
Adolphus and Lula Brouzuer, Jr., Nov. 17, boy, 333 Oak Grove
H. H. and Fannie Rogers, Nov. 17, girl, near Lancaster
Abe and Fannie Stone, Nov. 19, girl, 266 San Jacinto St.
J. W. and Willie Myrtle Haley, Nov. 21, girl, Park avenue
W. C. and Cappie Broadhurst, Nov. 22, girl, Farmers Branch
Ned and Lizzie Herrington, Nov. 8, boy, Wilmer
James and Ola Campbell, Nov. 17, boy, Wilmer
E. S. and Mary Mays, Nov. 19, boy, Wilmer
T. A. and Leona Fallen, Nov. 20, girl, Wilmer
J. H. and Nannie Prince, Nov. 21, girl, Wilmer

- November 29, 1903, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 9, col. 2.
- o o o -


     The following certificates of birth were recorded in the county clerk's office for the week ending Saturday, December 5:

To Louis A. and Oldnan Tillman, a boy, Nov. 21.
To Jim and Allie Cundiff, a boy, Nov. 22, Seagoville.
To Elmer and Mollie Burham, a boy, Nov. 29, Farmers Branch.
To John C. and Antonette Lankford, a girl, Nov. 26, Dallas.
To P. A. and Mattie Boyle, a girl, Nov. 15, Dallas.
To Frank and Ella Blankenship, a girl, Nov. 17, 178 Akard street.
To Bob and Amanda Winn, a girl, Nov. 20, Centerville.
To Graham and Iva Anthony, a girl, Nov. 23, 294 Exposition avenue.
To Robert G. and Mattie Cameron, a boy, Nov. 23, Pleasant Valley.
To John and Ida Echols, a girl, Nov. 23, Mesquite.
To Fred and Julia Harris, a boy, Nov. 24, 326 North Masten street.
To H. L. and S. A. Ragsdale, a girl, Nov. 27, Pleasant Valley.
To F. B. and T. C. Terry, a girl, Nov. 30, Lawson.
To William and Hosie Wright, a boy, Nov. 30, Dallas.
To F. A. and Laura Sandel, a boy, Nov. 25, Oak Cliff.
To Edgar and Mary Johnson, a boy, Nov. 26, Dallas.

- December 6, 1903, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 12, col. 2.
- o o o -


     The following certificate of births were filed in the county clerk's office for the week ending December 12:

To George and Mary Dorety, a girl, Nov. 22, Dallas county.
To J. and Lula Seely, a boy, Nov. 25, near Oak Cliff.
To J. H. and Carrie Martain, a girl, Nov. 26, Oak Cliff.
To J. H. and C. M. Posey, a girl, Nov. 27, Cedar Hill.
To A. and Ethel Burks, a girl, Nov. 29, Dallas.
To Elmo and Gracie Young, a girl, Dec. 2, near Lancaster.
To V. C. and Mattie Mousner, a boy, Dec. 4, Lancaster.
To William and Ruth Lush, a boy, Dec. 4, Sowers.
To T. H. and Julia Harris, a girl, Dec. 4, Trinity Mills.
To E. B. and Nellie Fergerson, a boy, Nov. 26, Dallas.
To John N. and Clara Harris, a girl, Nov. 30, near Mesquite.
To F. P. and Ella James, a boy, Dec. 2, Dallas.
To Levi and Della Prack, a girl, Dec. 7, Grand Prairie.
To L. S. and Mary Spradlin, a girl, Nov. 17, Union Bower.
To J. F. and Ling Smith, a girl, Nov. 30, 694 Juliette street.
To J. W. and Mary Fugitt, a girl, Nov. 30, Dallas.
To Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Fort, a girl, Nov. 30, Dallas.
To N. S. and Rosa Parker, a boy, Dec. 3, Dallas.
To Thomas and Emma O'Neal, a girl, Dec. 8, Dallas.
To M. A. and Martha Wayland Carpenter, a boy, Nov. 23, Dallas.
To W. C. and Berta Neadham, a girl, Dec. 1, Noel Junction.
To James M. and Fannie Williams, a boy, Dec. 1, 134 Crockett street.
To J. Henry and Minnie Brown Poythress, a boy, Dec. 4, 969 Ross avenue.
To John V. and Maud Ford, a boy, December 5, 740 South Lamar street.

- December 13, 1903, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 27, col. 2.
- o o o -


     The following certificates of birth were filed in the county clerk's office for the week ending Saturday, December 19:

To George and Daisy Lewis, a girl, Dec. 3, near Trip.
To William and Sue Thompson, a girl, Dec. 3, New Hope.
To J. W. and Lucy McDaniels, a girl, Dec. 5, Lawson.
To D. W. and Iva Daley, a boy, Dec. 10, Dallas.
To Sim and Sarah Warrick, a boy, Nov. 15, Reinhardt.
To Sylvester and Belle Hart, a girl, Nov. 19, Garland.
To J. H. and Sue Cheshier, a girl, Nov. 28, De Soto.
To Ike and Mary Nafer, a girl, Nov. 30,. Garland.
To Fred and Hattie Sieler, a boy, Nov. 30, Dallas.
To William and Drucilla Gentry, a boy, Dec. 1, Dallas.
To Lee and Ophelia Whatley, a boy, Dec. 2, Lancaster.
To Wesley and Annie McCartie, a boy, Dec. 4, Dallas county.
To Hardy and Eva Perry, a boy, Dec. 4, Dallas.
To Louie and Thenie Behrens, a boy, Dec. 5, Mesquite.
To Will and Eddie Henry, a boy, Dec. 6, Dallas.
To C. P. and Callie Bolster, a girl, Dec. 6, Dallas.
To R. A. and Callie Beckner, a girl, Dec. 6, Lancaster.
To Otis and Annie Pates, a girl, Dec. 8, Dallas.
To Charles and Carrie O. Barry, a girl, Dec. 8, Dallas.
To W. Z. and Henrietta Pierce, a boy, Dec. 9, Carrollton.
To G. W. T. and Effie May Kirklin, a girl, Dec. 9, Dallas.
To Charles O. and Isabella Huckaby, a boy, Dec. 10, Dallas.
To Roy and Willie Norman, a girl, Dec. 10, Lancaster.
To Walter W. and Onna Herring, a boy, Dec. 10, Dallas.
To R. W. and Mamie Jerrell, a boy, Dec. 12, Dallas.
To W. H. and Tessa Putman, a girl, Nov. 23, Seagoville.
To Thomas and Nora Wenson, a boy, Dec. 12, Sachse.
To Frank and Estelle Lemons, a girl, Dec. 11, Sachse.
To R. D. and W. Townsend, male twins, Dec. 12, Dallas.

- December 20, 1903, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 12, col. 2.
- o o o -


     The following certificates of birth were filed in the county clerk's office for the week ending Saturday, December 26:

To Charlie and Mary Webb, a girl, Nov. 13, Maple avenue.
To J. A. and E. M. Boyd, a boy, Nov. 21, Dallas.
To John and Minnie Renfro, a girl, Dec. 11, Wilmer.
To J. M. and S. J. Prince, a girl, Dec. 13, near Lancaster.
To B. M. and Ella Burris, a girl, Dec. 14, near Lancaster.
To Charlie and Nellie Rule, a boy, Dec. 14, Dallas.
To Robert and Mattie Piggins, a boy, Dec. 14, Dallas.
To Mr. and Mrs. Bill Page, a girl, Dec. 17, Housley.
To Richard H. and Lillie Tomlinson, a girl, Dec. 19, Dallas.
To R. A. and Josie Jones, a boy, Dec. 19, Dallas.
To Gean and Nora I. Nailor, a girl, Dec. 12, Centreville.
To T. P. and M. J. Floyd, a boy, Dec. 12, Dallas.
To Daniel and Jennie Vinson, a boy, Dec. 13, Dallas.
To H. P. and May Knight, a girl, Dec. 14, four miles south of Oak Cliff.
To C. L. and Nannie Jones, a boy, Dec. 20, Oak Cliff.
To Herman and Julia Boecker, a girl, Dec. 14, one mile south of Simonds.
To John A. and Beatrice Ludwig, a boy, Dec. 18, Dallas.
To G. M. and Georgia Ann Williams, a girl, Dec. 12, Dallas.
To Thomas and Myrtle Allen, a boy, Dec. 13, New Hope.
To Alfred M. and Mandie S. Jones, a girl, Dec. 14, South Park.
To S. J. and Maud Penn, a boy, Dec. 17, Florence Hill.
To H. A. and Cora Reeves, a boy, Dec. 18, Dallas.
To Oscar and Georgia Bennett, a boy, Dec. 18, Cedar Hill.
To H. A. and Carrie Money, a boy, Dec. 19, Dallas.
To Herman H. and Minnie A. Dieterich, a boy, Dec. 20, South Park.
To Sam M. and Mary Geren, a boy, Dec. 20, Dallas.
To Summers and Sallie Landers, a boy, New Hope.

- December 27, 1903, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 13, col. 4.
- o o o -


     The following certificates of birth were registered at the county clerk's office for the week ending Saturday, January 2, 1904:

To Frank and Rosa Demar, a girl, Dec. 5, 115 Boll street.
To R. W. and Mening Ratcliffe, a boy, Dec. 12, Hutchins.
To Moses and Annetta Payne, a girl, Dec. 17, Dallas.
To Henry S. and Madge Bunch, a girl, Dec. 17, 237 Wall street.
To Anson and Maggie Douglass, a girl, Dec. 18, Hickory and Orleans street.
To P. B. and M. M. Hiegle, a girl, Dec. 22, 115 Vera street.
To Jim and Agnes Tyre, a boy, Dec. 25, near Lawson.
To W. R. and Agnes Wilson, a boy, Dec. 25, 152 Chestnut street.
To H. A. and Tinnie Briesenbier, a girl, Dec. 26, Dallas.
To Monroe and Mollie Thedford, a girl, Dec. 26, Seagoville.
To George and Ophelia Gumpert, a boy, Dec. 27, Seagoville.
To Charles A. and Addie Logan, a boy, Dec. 17, Coppell.
To Henry and Bell Hooper, a boy, Dec. 22, Coppell.
To W. N. and Rosa Russell, a boy, Dec. 22, Coppell.
To John and Della Ramsey, a boy, Dec. 26, Garland.
To Clarence and Anna Waller, a boy, Dec. 26, Oak Cliff.
To Jim and Maggie Briener, a girl, Dec. 27, Lancaster.
To Martin and Lottie Jordan, a boy, Dec. 27, 176 Dexter street.
To T. E. and Stella Cheshire, a boy, Dec. 28, De Soto.
To John and Theodosia King, a boy, Dec. 29, Garland.

- January 3, 1904, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 23, col. 2.
- o o o -


To J. G. and Theresa Morrow, 453 McKinney avenue, Dec. 22, a boy.
To Anderson and Nelly Bell, Feris street, Dec. 31, a girl.
To Clarence and Nannie Sawyer, Camp street, Dec. 18, a boy.
To John and Margaret Appel, 112 Cleveland street, Dec. 28, a girl.

- January 17, 1904, The Dallas Morning News, p. 40, col. 7.
- o o o -