Births, Dallas County, Texas, 1909

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     To Amoz and Della Harrell, March 14, a boy.
     To Will and Anna Thomas, March 26, a girl.
     To Ed and Leonora Burnette, March 12, a girl.
     To E. M. and Mary Riley, March 1, a girl.
     To Joe and Ella Robberson, March 23, a girl.
     To A. and Bessie Stults, March 14, a boy.
     To Tom and Ann L. Hudgins, March 28, a boy.
     To Sam and Fannie Rosa Stein, March 26, a boy.

- April 4, 1909, Dallas Daily Times Herald, Sec. II, p. 4, col. 4.
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To O. T. and Josephine Harrison, April 2, a girl.
To Hollie and Ida G. Beeman, March 25, a girl.
To Julius and Jessie Bray, April 5, a girl.
To James and Bertha Wells, March 26, a girl.
To Frank and Mrs. Amato, April 3, a girl.
To J. D. and Lester Walker, March 27, a boy.
To O. J. and Martha Jordan, April 2, a girl.
To R. W. and F. M. Mayo, March 4, a girl.
To Richard and Mildred Hughton, March 5, a girl.
To Charles and Mamie Smith, March 22, a boy.
To Jess and Willie Davis, March 23, a girl.

- April 6, 1909, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 2, col. 2.
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