Canadians, Dallas County, Texas

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Canadian Prospectors Among Us.

     Mr. J. B. Davis and family, W. A. Wade, Esq., and T. W. Killenbank, from Gray county, Ontario, Canada West, have arrived here. These gentlemen are prospecting for a colony of immigrants--farmers from that country. In passing through Texas, so far, they express themselves as highly pleased, and will report to their friends, accordingly, in Canada. The farmers of Canada are a hardy, virtuous class, intelligent, honest class, and will form a very desirable element in this state. Those of English descent have the sturdy, manly qualities of their country men in the old country, and, like all of that nation who have colonized any part of the world, will bring with them the sound and upright principles of the English. THE HERALD hopes that every facility will be given our Canadian visitors to see this section of Texas under as favorable auspices as possible.

- January 5, 1875, Dallas Daily Herald, p. 4, col. 1.
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