Carrollton, Dallas County, Texas

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Crops and Picnic.

     CARROLLTON, June 8, 1888.--On last evening, our hearts were made glad with a nice gentle rain. The corn crop is all that we could ask. The oat crop is magnificent. The cotton crop has been damaged some by worms, to what extent, we don't know. About one-half the wheat crop is harvested on last Saturday. The base ball club and others gave a picnic, and a large crowd attended and all had plenty to eat.

- June 11, 1888, The Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 1, col. 4.
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They Make a Slim Haul.

     Burglars visited Carrollton Saturday night and raided two business houses. They raided W. T. McKamy's drug store and secured $65 or $70 by blowing open a safe which contained it. They also visited George Meyers' dry goods store, but got no swag that round. Mr. Meyers has sleeping apartments over the store and was awakened during the night by a noise in the store room. He got out of bed and went down stairs to investigate, when he found the burglars in the act of blowing open his private safe, which contained $300. When Mr. Meyers entered the store room, the burglars abandoned their work and made a hasty exist through a window, leaving the proprietor in possession of the fie)d[?] and their tools. Some papers they left behind in their hasty retreat lead the authorities to believe they are from Fort Worth.

- December 22, 1890, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 1, col. 5.
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Carrollton News.

Southern Afternoon Press.
ARROLLTON, Tex., June 5. -- Married at the residence of the bride's mother on the 3rd inst., Miss Ellen Niley to Dr. N. L. Blackburn.
     Wheat is being harvested very fast this week. The yield will be greater this year than for many years past. Threshing will commence in a week or ten days.
     The farmers are getting their crops in good condition and will need rain soon. Corn is suffering for want of it now.
     W. F. Perry is visiting friends at Carrollton.

- June 5, 1891, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 8, col. 1.
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City Notes.

     The store of W. C. McKamy at Carrollton was burglarized of a large amount of goods Tuesday night. No clue.
     The gin house of A. H. Letot, on Missouri, Kansas & Texas, ten miles north of the city, was burned last night. Ninety bales of cotton were consumed. Loss $9000; no insurance.

- December 3, 1891, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 5, col. 3.
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     Petitioners of justice precinct No. 2 have filed a petition with the county commissioners court asking that the place of holding the court be changed from Carrollton to Farmers Branch.

- March 2, 1892, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 2, col. 3.
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Real Estate Transfers.

     L. C. Myer and wife to E. M. Forlines, February 19, 1894, 2 acres in Carrollton, $750.

- August 20, 1894, The Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 6, col. 2.
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Added March 29, 2004:

     A. W. Perry and wife to Richard M. Thompson, November 2, 1894, lots 5 and 7, 11 and 12, block 3, of Carrollton, $80.

- February 13, 1895, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 8, col. 3.
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Added April 10, 2004:

Very Dry Season Up About Car-

     F. N. Oliver, a farmer near Carrollton, is in the city to-day. He says rain is badly needed in his section. The surface water has disappeared and the wells and cisterns have gone dry, and people for miles around are hauling water for all purposes from Perry's Springs, which appear to be inexhaustible. He says rain must come before the farmers can do anything in the way of planting.

- March 6, 1895, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 6, col. 5.
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Added April 13, 2004:

     A. H. Lucas to D. C. Perry, March 15, 1895, part of J. M. Myers survey.

- March 22, 1895, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 6, col. 1.
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Union Baptist Church at Carrollton to
Celebrate Its Semi-Centennial.

     The oldest Baptist church, it is claimed, in Dallas county, is at Carrollton. It is known as Union church and the congregation will celebrate its semi-centennial on May 8, 9 and 10. All ministers who have been pastors of the church are invited to participate.

- May 8, 1896, Dallas Morning News, p. 10, col. 4.
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     S. A. Allen to A. T. Myers, lot 13, block B, Carrollton, $300.

- August 26, 1902, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 8, col. 3.
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Petition Signed by Leading Citizens
Asking For Election Presented to
Judge Corley.

     Signed by the leading citizens of Carrollton, a petition asking that County Judge Corley call an election at Carrollton for the purpose of voting to see whether or not the town shall incorporate, was filed with the commissioners' court Saturday afternoon. Judge Corley will call the election for three weeks hence and the election notices will be posted according to law. Carrollton is one of the leading towns in the northern part of the county and it is said great interest concerning the incorporation of the place is being taken.

- May 18, 1913. Dallas Daily Times Herald, Sec. I, p. 4, col. 7.
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Carrollton Plans
To Build Warehouse

     That Carrollton will build a cotton warehouse, capable of housing three thousand bales of cotton, was the statement of John T. Rislen, publisher of the Carrollton Chronicle, who was a business visitor in Dallas Tuesday. Mr. Rislen told of a meeting held at Carrollton Monday. This meeting was presided over by C. E. Hudson of Dallas, and it was decided then to build the warehouse. A committee is now at work, he said, getting data relative to the construction of the building. Last year, Carrollton marketed 3500 bales of cotton.

- August 19, 1914, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 11, col. 4-5.
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     Carrollton Dam, one of the main sources of the city water supply, will be completed sometime during the coming week, according to Engineer John Young, in charge of the city work at this place. Commissioners inspected the work Friday. The dam is the largest of the series which hold the river water for city consumption. It holds water from Denton creek and Elm Fork and has a storage capacity of 180,000,000 gallons, almost as much as Bachman's reservoir. The dam, when complete, will have cost the city $34,000.
     The dirt was washed out from under the aprons of the dam during the high water of a year ago, but additional concrete work now being put in making wash outs and heavy seepage almost impossible. Great concrete retaining walls on either side of the dam proper are driven down deep into the shale. The engineering work is some of the best to be seen in Texas.
     Engineer John Young, after completing the Carrollton dam work, will be engaged in the construction of the sewage disposal plant.

- September 26, 1914, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 5, col. 1.
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     Chas. G. Skinner announces the opening of Willow Lake, located one mile west of Carrollton on Highway No. 40. This was once a private lake, but is now open to the public.
     Mr. Skinner has made extensive improvements since making it a public lake, installing barbecue pits for the benefit of picnickers and adding boats and other equipment.

- June 3, 1934, Dallas Daily Times Herald, Sec. IV, p. 5, col. 7.
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