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Catholic Burial Ground Now



Father Martiniere Laid Out Seven
Acres in 1875.



Demands of Future Generations Are Con-
sidered--Work on New Catholic

     Thirty-four years ago, or, to be more exact, in 1875, Rev. Father Martiniere, now vicar general of the Catholic diocese of Dallas, purchased between four and seven acres of land in the vicinity of what is now Hall street in North Dallas, and laid out the first Catholic cemetery in this city. It was thought at that time, and Father Martiniere believed likewise, that a tract of ground of the dimension given, would suffice as the burial grounds for Catholics of Dallas for several generations to come. Even the most far-sighted of our citizens did not realize that in thirty-four years, the city would become the metropolis of the Southwest with a population of over 100,000. Catholic institutions and population have grown with the city. There is a necessity for a new cemetery, for the one laid out by Father Martiniere has only a few lots left, and these are being reserved for members of certain families. A new cemetery will have to be purchased at once.

Conference Was Held.
     At the residence of Bishop E. J. Dunne in West Dallas, was held several days ago, a meeting attended by laymen and priests from all portions of the city. At this meeting, it was the consensus of opinion that work should begin at once towards securing a new burial grounds for the future. It is contemplated to purchase a tract of 100 acres, and that efforts will be made to make it one of the most beautiful cemeteries in the country are assured. Several locations are under consideration, but no definite news will be had for several weeks yet.

As to Catholic Orphanages.
     Just as soon as adequate water facilities have been secured, and workmen will start at once to dig for water, the work of erecting a new Catholic orphanage on a portion of the old Packard estate south of Oak Cliff, which was purchased for that purpose, will begin. Bishop Dunne said to-day, that he was unable to state just exactly as to the amount to be expended in the erection of an institution of the kind, but that the orphanage would be of sufficient size to fill the wants of several generations to come.

- June 9, 1909, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 2, col. 5.
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