Lumley Cemetery, (Lawson) Mesquite, Dallas County, Texas

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Data from M. C. Toyer

Mapsco 60Z.  Location:  5175 Milam Road.  Last house on west side of road approximately 200 yards from end of pavement (gravel road continues to locked gate).  From house, go north through fence opening, then go west along trail aprox. 150 yards to junked appliances and propane tank, then go south through woods to fenceline.  Cemetery is completely overgrown.  Located one broken marker (3 Aug 2000) with footstone and two additional gravesites marked with bois d'arc wood stakes, head and toe.  The 1975 Cemetery Census lists several graves other than these two.

*Data from Balch Springs Historical and Genealogical Society newsletter, Sep 1975 surveyed Jul 1975, by:  Marie Hughes, Hazel Biggerstaff, Ozelle Sebastian & Exa Thomas.

One stone (Allen R. Winn) found by M. C. Toyer, Thur 3 Aug 2000.

Stone broken, laying on back: Allen R Winn (Wynn),
b. 8/27/1870, d. 1/09/1882(92)
Footstone: A R W

Two unknown gravesites marked with bois d'arc stakes (head & toe)

Documentation with photographs by A. C. Morgan

*Unmarked or lost graves.

*CATES, Lucy A.
Feb 6, 1855 - Jan. 16, 1892
Wife of J. W. Cates
*CARTWRIGHT, Guisse Lois
June 24, 1901 - Nov. 3, 1902
*CULLOM, Celea A.
Nov 9, 1858 - Feb. 10, 1882
Wife of W. G. Cullom

 *LANGLEY, John W.  * 1799 - 1867
Oldest stone in cemetery,
making this cemetery 108 years old (as of 1975)  

*Unknown, Jane E.
April 28, 1807 - July 8, 1882

 *LINDSEY, Augustus
Oct. 27, 1838 - Oct. 14, 1914
"Uncle Gus"
MOON, Charlie
1888 - 1895

Charlie's marker was located in Apr 2002 by A. C. Morgan

 *STANCEL, G.  (C ?)  Sept. 27, 1829 - Sept. 23, 1877

WINN, Ellen R. Aug 27, 1870 - Jan. 9, 1892

This appears to be Allen R. Winn (Wynn) discovered in 2000 by M.C. Toyer).  

 Charlie Moon (overview)

 Charlie Moon (in brush)

 Shed behind house (Cemetery is through timber behind shed)

 View down fence-line toward cemetery (approx. 150 yards)

 Wild flower

Charlie Moon marker w/footmarker