Dallas Sanitarium, Dallas, Texas

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(The Dallas Sanitarium was located on West
Colorado ave., at the northwest corner of
Ballard ave., in Oak Cliff. In 1927, Dr. J. H.
Groseclose was the superintendent.
Source: 1927 Worley's Dallas City Directory, p. 812)

Hospital Room
To Be Dedicated
To Aged Divine

     "The Uncle Bud and Aunt Mary" room at the Dallas sanitarium will be one of the most attractive of all the pleasant rooms in that sanitarium when it opens about May 1.
     And "Uncle Bud" is lying ill and very old in the Baptist sanitarium at Harlingen, fighting death until he can be assured that "his" sanitarium is actually open and running, serving the sick of Dallas.
     "Aunt Mary" has already gone. She died about two years ago, asking with her last breath that Uncle Bud work for the completion of the sanitarium.
     Their name, used so seldom, is Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Sherwood, and Uncle Bud is a superannuated preacher. They lived in Terrell, where Aunt Mary became sick and, since there was no hospital handy, died in her own home.
     "Give my $200 insurance to the sanitarium, the hospital on a hill," she begged Uncle Bud, "and work the rest of your life, so that when other old women are sick and dying, they can go there for their last days, or can be made well there."
     And so, Uncle Bud went on a crusade for $10,000. He gave the first $200 and asked that ninety-eight other men match him. He made a good start, collecting about half of his proposed endowment fund for his room, when pellagra brought him down.
     Other men have taken up his work, however, and when all of the $10,000 has been given, there will be an "Uncle Bud and Aunt Mary" room for superannuated preachers and their wives, a room that looks out over the woods and the hills, a room in which some other "Uncle Bud" and "Aunt Mary" can be at peace.

- January 23, 1927, Dallas Daily Times Herald, Sec. II, p. 3, col. 8.
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