Map of Duck Creek, Dallas County, Texas, 1887

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Map of Duck Creek, 1887



     The first community in the Garland area was Duck Creek which grew up about where present Garland Road crosses Duck Creek. When the Santa Fe Railroad was built in 1882, the community of Embree was established in the neighborhood of the Santa Fe depot shown on the attached map.

     When the MKT Railroad was built in 1886, Duck Creek was moved from its original site to where the Katy depot is shown. There was bitter rivalry between the citizens of Duck Creek and Embree.

     Wise leaders in both communities at last realized they must get together for their common good. They began to talk about uniting the two communities to make one.

     Some of the "die-hards" in Duck Creek community were determined the united town would be named Duck Creek. They had this map drawn up and rushed it to the courthouse to be filed as the town of "Duck Creek." (April 12, 1887)

     A short time later, October 28, 1887, the citizens of Embree voted to incorporate the town of Embree. In 1891, however, the people of Embree voted to disincorporate. Then, on March 31,1891, the citizens of both communities incorporated themselves as the town of Garland.

Map of Duck Creek, Dallas County, Texas, 1887

Source: "It's Our Dallas County"
Citizen Responsibility Series
by: David S Switzer, 1954
Submitted by: M C Toyer