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Election Proclamation--Change in
the Street Railway Line.

     The city council of East Dallas met in regular session Saturday night and, among other things, provided for the auditing of the city's books before they are turned over to the old city.
     Teachers' salaries for the scholastic month just ended were allowed.
     An ordinance was passed dividing the city into three wards to give it representation in the Dallas city council under the act of the legislature annexing it to the city. The boundary lines of the new wards, as they will be represented in the city council, are as follows:
     No. 10--Commencing at the west line of East Dallas, where the same intersects the limits of old Dallas in the center of Flora street, as shown by the official map; thence north 45 degrees east along the northwest boundary line of East Dallas to the north corner of the city; thence south 45 degrees east down the center of an unknown street to the center of the proposed extension of Swiss avenue; thence with the center of Swiss avenue south 45 degrees west to the western limits of East Dallas; thence with the limits of old and East Dallas to the place of beginning.
     No. 11---Commencing at the center of Swiss avenue, where the city of East Dallas intersects the line of old Dallas, as shown by the official map; thence north 45 degrees east with the center of Swiss avenue to the northeast limits of East Dallas; thence south 45 degrees east with the northeast limits of the city of East Dallas to a point where the center of Elm street may intersect the limits of said city; thence west with the center of Elm street to the eastern line of the city of Dallas, where it intersects the line of East Dallas, as per official map; thence north about 15 degrees west with said city limits to the place of beginning.
     No. 12--Beginning at the center of Elm street, where the eastern limits of Dallas cross the same as shown by the official map; thence east along the center of Elm street to a point where it may intersect the eastern limits of East Dallas; thence south and west along the present boundary of East Dallas to where it now intersects the limits of the city of Dallas; thence about north with the eastern limits of Dallas, as shown by the official map; to the place of beginning.
     The mayor was instructed to issue his proclamation for the election of two aldermen from each ward, which proclamation appears elsewhere in this paper.

- November 4, 1889, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 5, col. 3.
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Wind, Rain and Lightning Cause Damage in Various Parts of the City -- Loss to Fair Park Estimated at
Five Thousand Dollars.

     Shortly before 12 o'clock to-day, a windstorm, accompanied by rain and considerable lightning, struck East Dallas, and left property damage to the extent of several thousand dollars in its wake. The wind was from the northeast and blew for several minutes with considerable velocity.

Fair Grounds Damage.
     The heaviest damage seems to have been on the Fair grounds. The grandstand at the race track was blown down and the roof turned completely over. A large section of the roof struck the pagoda of the scenic railway, wrecking it considerably. Pieces of the roof were blown across Grand avenue and into neighboring yards. Captain Sydney Smith, secretary of the State Fair association, estimates the damage in the loss of the grandstand at $5000. Water was blown into the Fair grounds skating rink, and damaged it considerably. Large sections of the fence, especially on the north side, were blown down. A large part of the eastern part of the grounds is covered with boards and shingles from the damaged buildings.

At Cycle Park.
     A part of the fence around Cycle Park was blown down and the theater otherwise damaged. Manager McAdams has a large force of men at work and announces that he will have all in readiness for to-night's show at his theater.

Negro Skating Rinks.
     Lincoln Park and Skating Rink, across Grand avenue from the race track, was slightly damaged. Lumber used in finishing the park was scattered over the entire grounds in the enclosure.
     The negro skating rink on Commerce was blown down, but is being put up again this afternoon.

Horses Runaway.
     Several teams in the vicinity of the Fair grounds, became frightened and ran away. A buggy, belonging to Harry Peterman, hitched near the Fair grounds entrance, was overturned.
     Lightning struck a large oak tree in front of 228 Junius street, rending it to splinters, almost, and scattering limbs and splinters over a block or more of the street. A number of trees in this vicinity, as well as other parts of East Dallas, were badly twisted and damaged by the wind.

Work of Lightning.
     Lightning struck a large dynamo belonging to the Dallas Electric company, near the Katy railroad, damaging it considerably. The armature of this machine was burned in the accident.
     A telephone pole at the northeast corner of Germania and Adolph streets, was struck by lightning and the wires in that neighborhood are torn down.
     A portion of the east fence of Gaston park was blown down.
     A large crowd of small boys flocked to East Dallas after the storm, and it required the united efforts of several policemen to keep them from wading in the water, which flowed in torrents, and in which many wires, charged with electricity, lay.

Roof Blown Off.
     The roof of a barn on Commerce, near Bopp street, was blown off during the storm. Several houses in this vicinity were damaged.
     The fire department was called to the Fair Grounds in response to a telephone alarm. The firemen made the run in a blinding storm of wind and water. It was discovered that a transformer, fastened to an electric light pole had caught fire, presumably from an overcharged wire. The damage was slight.
     Assistant Chief Myers said to a reporter: "In all my experience, I have never made a run to a fire in a more severe storm. The wind from the northeast was so severe, that it almost took our breath and the horses could make but slow time."

Runaway Accident.
     A team of mules, attached to a heavy dray, became frightened near the Fair Grounds entrance during the storm, and ran up through the grounds. The negro driver was thrown to the ground, the mules got loose from the wagon, and continued their run about the grounds for some time.

The Rainfall.
     It was reported this afternoon from the waterworks pumping station, that the rainfall at that place amounted to one-tenth of an inch. It was much heavier in the city and nearly all the creeks and branches were out of their banks, while the streets in some vicinities, resembled small rivers.

Two Women Receive Shocks.
     Lightning struck a large tree near the building at 156 Lawrence street, completely demolishing it. Mrs. Mary Nichalson and Mrs. Jessie Baker, seated in the house, some four feet away, were considerably shocked by the bolt. The ground was considerably torn up around the base of the tree.

- June 25, 1906, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 7, col. 1-2.
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