Fisher Station Reunion, Dallas County, Texas

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Fisher Station Reunion

Added February 8, 2004:
Sunday School Picnic.

     The Orphan's Home and Pleasant View Sunday schools had a union picnic in Nelson's pasture, on White Rock creek Saturday, which was a most extensive and enjoyable affair, between 700 and 800 persons being in attendance. There was much music and an abundance of everything good to eat. Will Coe says there was so much to eat, and it was so invitingly served, that a man could eat enough to founder him, unless he watched himself.

- July 17, 1893, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 8, col. 1.
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Added February 7, 2004:

     Out at the Pleasant View chapel, five miles east of Dallas, the Baptists are holding the most enthusiastic meeting ever held in that neighborhood, according to Col. Tom Fisher, who is a zealous worker. Revs. Goode and Butler are conducting the services and they are saving six sinners every night. That is the average. Col. Fisher is delighted with the plan of salvation outlined and predicts every man, woman and child in the Pleasant View neighborhood will adopt the plan.

- July 29, 1893, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 8, col. 1-2.
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Free Entertainment Promised to All.
All Urged to Come to Accustomed
Place of Worship in Years
Gone By.

     Interesting indeed will be the reunion of the former pastors, members and friends of Pleasant View Missionary Baptist church, the oldest church, it is declared, in Dallas county. The reunion will be held at the church at Fisher Station, six miles north of Dallas, August 12-14. The program and announcement follows:

Sermon by Brewer.
     Commencement sermon Friday, the 12th, at 8:30 p. m., by ex-Pastor J. W. Brewer, of Enlo, Texas; W. H. Day of Alpha, Texas, alternate.
     Saturday, 13th, at 9:30 a. m.-- Song and devotional services by L. S. Darling of Garland, Texas.
     10 a. m.-- Welcome address by present pastor, W. T. Compere of Station A, Dallas; response by ex-Pastor J. A. Moore of Clarksville, Texas.
     Song by choir and congregation.
     11 a. m. -- Sermon by ex-pastor G. W. Good of Cundiff, Texas; E. S. Haynes of Durant, Okla., alternate.
     Old-time song; free expressions; adjourn for dinner and social interval at the church.

Church Past-Future.
     2 p. m. -- Song and prayer service by former member, W. E. Bryan of Dallas.
     First subject-- A paper on the Church Past, by ex-Church clerk, J. E. Fisher of Dallas, followed by Sen. Deacon L. K. Spillman of Calhoun, Texas, and others. Old time song.
     Second subject-- A paper on the Church Future, by former member, Judge Kenneth Foree of Dallas, followed by ex-Sen. Deacon H. B. Beckner of Cleburne, Texas, and others. Old time song, free expressions, by any and for all.
     Evening lunch and social interval at the church.
     8:15 p. m.--Devotion services by ex-Deacon J. M> James of Garland, Texas.
     Sermon by one of the preachers ordained by this church, A. B. Kirk of Blossom, Texas, or J. T. Pinson of Dallas, alternate. Old time song, remarks and benediction.

Sunday Program.
     Sunday, 14th, at 9:30 a. m. -- Song service, assisted by East Dallas church choir, and prayer services by former member, Frank Morgan of Hempstead, Texas.
     First subject. -- The teaching department of the church, by ex-S. S. Superintendent J. C. Yarbrough, of Dallas, and others. Song.
     Second subject--The spiritual strength of the church, by Father H. Y. Lively, of Mesquite, Texas, and others. Song.
     11 a. m. -- Sermon by ex-Pastor Ell Ratcliff, of Ratcliff, Ky., and Father R. C. Buckner of Dallas, alternate; followed with the choir and congregation, singing, "The Old-Time Religion;" then free expressions, adjournment for dinner and social interval at the church.

Woman's Sphere in Church.
     2 p. m.--Song and prayer services by ex-S. S. Superintendent Robert Cole of Ysleta, Texas, and Former Member Andrew Glinn of Dallas.
     First subject---Women's sphere in the church, by former members, Sisters L. C. Sparks of Garland, Maggie Winn of Farmersville, Edna Foree and others. Song.
     Second subject--The older members' sphere in the church, by former members, Jeff Starns of Forney, Texas, William Strait of Farmers Branch, Texas, and others. Song.
     Third subject--The younger members' sphere in the church, by ex-Pastors W. S. Kendrick of Bryan, and Frank Morgan of Hempstead, Texas, and others. Old-time songs, expressions and adjournment for evening lunch and social interval at the church.
     8:15 p. m.--Devotional services by E. C. Bramblett of Alpha, Texas.

Closing Features.
     Closing sermon by ex-Pastor R. F. Butler of Station A, Dallas; J. A. Moore of Clarksville, Texas, alternate. Parting song, expressions and dismissal prayer.
     Thus ends a valuable program, which will be a blessing to participants and attendants, and to God's glory, if the former pastory, members and friends will come and bring the presence of the Lord with them, as they formerly did. So, we most earnestly urge all to arrange their protracted and other meetings, all business and home affairs, so as to come and greet each other, with us, at your accustomed place of worship in years gone by.

Free Entertainment.
     Free entertainment to all. Those coming by private conveyance can help much by bringing their usual provision boxes and baskets, and horse feed for themselves and others. All coming by rail will get off at Fisher Station, on the Katy, and those by interurban, will be met at the Katy stop at 6:30 p. m., Friday, Saturday and Sunday; also, at 8:30 a. m. on Saturday and Sunday. Those from a distance will please inform J. E. Fisher, 492 North Haskell avenue, Dallas, Texas, of their coming, when and where to meet them. Come, brethren, sisters and friends to this Mothers' call and talk, sing and worship with us this once more. The church has planned our annual protracted meeting to commence with the close of the church reunion, and desire all to remain who can. Finally, brethren, come to this social and spiritual feast, and do us good and glorify our Lord.
     We have many special friends, whose names are not on this family program, whom we wish to be with us and take part and be free in all exercises. By pastor, committee and church.
                                             W. T. C
OMPERE, Pastor,
     June, 1910.

- July 17, 1910, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 17, col. 4-6.
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Added June 7, 2004:
Home-Coming to
Launch Church's
Eighty-Third Year

     Celebrating its eighty-second birthday, Pleasant View Baptist Church at Fisher Station, North Dallas, will hold open house to members, former members and visitors, Sunday.
     The service will open at 10 o'clock with a Sunday school session, followed at 11 o'clock by the annual sermon, which will be delivered by the Rev. William Ryan, a former pastor, who was reared in that vicinity. Dinner will be spread on temporary tables erected alongside the church building. Re-assembling at 2 o'clock, a service of song, prayer and short reminiscent talks will be held.
     Mrs. Hampton Fisher, secretary of the church, is in charge of the arrangements, assisted by Mr. J. E. Huffman, chairman of the board of deacons.

- June 16, 1929, The Dallas Morning News, Sec. II, p. 1, col. 4.
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