Floyd-Taylor Cemetery, Dallas County, Texas
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Map Showing Location of Floyd-Taylor Cemetery
(Updated April 18, 2004)

     Submitted by Paula J. Dodd (GGGGrand-daughter of George Floyd, GGGrand-duaghter of Charles Floyd, GGrand-daughter of Oscar Matlock Floyd, Grand-daughter of *Arthur Tom Floyd):
     Floyd-Taylor Cemetery (an area 142 ft x 148 ft, as surveyed) First known/recorded burial, 1862; but George Floyd had a son, Henry O. Floyd, who died shortly after the family arrived in Texas from Illinois in 1848. He died between 1848-1850. Henry was between 19-20 yrs. old, and was not listed on the 1850 Census. The family feels confident that Henry is buried in the Floyd-Taylor Cemetery. The last burial recorded was around 1945.
     Old family stories, say that the cemetery was setup on a burial ground pre-dating Texas Statehood. The cemetery lies in the original abstract 463 of the George Floyd land grant from Peters Colony, per Survey 89-C on May 11,1853. The survey lines were gerrymandered in 1905. Key to locating the survey lines is the location of the spring in Floyd Branch - 20 ft. west of the Highway 342 bridge over the branch.
     The Cemetery is in the Smith-Elkins Survey, adjacent to the George Floyd Survey line in southeast Dallas. The cemetery is at the back of property (according to tax records - which is owned by E
NSEARCH) This location is 1400 ft east of Lancaster Rd. (State Highway 342), along the fence line to a grove of large trees, in a field and very remote; and about 1200 ft south of Cedardale Rd. Map showing cemetery location, here.

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Aunt Betty
Betty Ann Taylor
Wife of
J. E. Crabtree
b. July 10,1866
d. March 3, 1945

Resting after a lifetime
spent helping others.

 James Harvey TAYLOR
b. February 11,1823
d. May 25, 1912


Sarah Alsena HARRIS
wife of James H. Taylor
b. June 23, 1829
d. October 30, 1909

b. August 31, 1895
d. September 3, 1895

Lottibet SANDERS
b. September 21,1900
d. July 24,1902

***Double Stone*** Children of:
P. G. and N. G. Sanders

***Spelling might be incorrect -- DEAN family in area***

Dora A. DEAM
Wife of P[hilip]. G. Deam
(dau. of James H. & Sarah
(Harris) Taylor; sister of Betty Taylor Crabtree)
b. April 10, 1871
d. January 17,1905

b. December 16, 1866
d. March 6, 1912

 Thomas H. HARRIS
(son of Alex H. Harris)
b. November 19, 1802
d. June 10, 1872

Martha E. HARRIS
Wife of Thomas H. Harris
b. June 9, 1805
d. July 4, 1861

 Nancy (Harris) MATLOCK (?)
d. August 1862
(etched on concrete)

Infant daughter of
Alfred Byrum FLOYD &
Kate C. (Bass) Floyd
b. September 5, 1882
d. March 4, 1883

Charles Augustus FLOYD
husband of Angeline
b. June 28, 1840
Green Co., Ill
d. March 4, 1894

 Angeline Elizabeth (MATLOCK)
wife of Charles A. Floyd
b. November 18, 1847
d. October 11, 1916

Augusta M. (Floyd) GIFFORD
(Aunt Gustie - Sister of
Oscar Matlock Floyd)
Wife of W. R. Gifford
1875 - 1917

Little Charles Arthur FLOYD
son of Oscar Matlock and
Arsana Irena (Morris) Floyd
b. June 13, 1906
d. March 30, 1913

Oscar Matlock FLOYD
husband of Arsana
b. April 29, 1868
d. August 27, 1941

Arsana Irena (Morris) FLOYD
wife of Oscar Matlock Floyd
b. April 26, 1876
c. March 26, 1926

Lannie A. (Floyd) BURDEN
Wife of Henry Burden
b. July 14, 1878
d. September 29, 1901

Lannie Irene BURDEN
daughter of H. & Lannie
A. Burden
b and d September 23, 1901

 Mother and Infant Daughter

b May 21, 1871
d July 20, 1941

Son of John and Matilda Greenwell
b. August 8, 1888
d. July 14, 1899

Lillian ROGERS
daughter of J. V. and L. L. Rogers
b. January 9, 1900
d. January 11, 1900

daughter of W. G. & Martha Barnes
b. April 24, 1893
d. January 24, 1894

Bascum Earle FLOYD
son of King David and Maude Floyd
b and d August 7, 1907

Floyd Family Descendants would like to thank the Lancaster Genealogical Society, the Lancaster Historical Society and Members - Alfred M. Cook and Welton R. Frail for their survey on 3 January 1986. The family has updated this list as complete as possible for future records. These are only the names that can be made out, time has taken a toll. There were said to have been forty plus burials at the Floyd-Taylor Cemetery. A special THANK YOU to our cousin, Ms. Eunice M. Sandling (Grand-daughter of Oscar Matlock Floyd), of Lancaster, TX for all of her research and labor of love.

The Dodd Family
 Dallas, TX
 January 2004