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German Methodist Episcopal Church--Live Oak street. Services every Sabbath at ten o'clock in the morning and half past seven in the evening. C. Albrecht, pastor.

- January 2, 1875, Dallas Daily Herald, p. 4, col. 3.
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Auftgepasst ! Auftgepasst !

     Alle deutsch sprechende Buerger der Stadt Dallas und Emgegend sind freundlichst eingeladen, sich zu einer Massenversammlung am Sonntage, den 31 Januar, um 3 Uhr Nachmittags, in der Turn halle einzufinden, um Gegenstaende von hoechster Wichtigkeit zu besprechen.


- February 2, 1875, Dallas Daily Herald, p. 4, col. 3.
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To Make Merry on the Mai fest

     The Turn-verein, Frohsinn and Gruetli-verein met at Turner hall on Sunday morning to consider their determination to celebrate the Mai-fest in an appropriate manner. The right sort of feeling prevailed, all the organizations having signified their assent to join hands in an attempt to make this year's Mai-fest surpass any previous occasion of the kind in point of elaborate detail. The proper committee will visit the merchants of the city, and get as many of them as possible to lend a helping hand, to aid the celebration and to advertise themselves as well, by wagons for the procession, adorned in a manner appropriate to the different lines of business of the firm whose enterprise are represented. The exact time was not fixed at the conference on Sunday. The committees will meet to-night to prepare the programme, and arrange other details.
     The following is the personnel of all of the committees:
     Executive Committee: L. F. Bohny, Chairman; S. A. Hammersly, Secretary; Charles Meisterhans, Treasurer; Jake Grossman and George Spiegel.
     Arrangement Committee: Augustus Schneider, Chairman; Charles Meisterhans, Emil Fritz, F. Hamm, John Boll.
     Transportation Committee: Dr. Em Tillman, Chairman; A. Sanger.
     Music Committee: Charles Steinman, George Spiegel, Joseph B. Schneid.
     Decoration Committee: C. Hirst, J. Langenbach, M. Davidson.
     Printing Committee: F. Foster, August Schneider, A. Moser.
     Reception Committee: Julius Bogel, J. E. Hess, Seb Schroeder, William Long, --- Stussi.
     Committee on Refreshments; L. f. Bohny, Charles Meisterhans, Joseph B. Schneid..
     Committee on Privileges: Jacob Grossman, S. A. Hammersly, H. C. Ries.
     Finance Committee: F. Muller, Julius Kahn, Antoine Guber.

- March 24, 1880, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 4, col. 2.
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Froshsinn Society.

     The following are the officers elected for the ensuing term: President, D. Schroeder; vice president, F. Mueller; secretary, J. Langenbach; treasurer, M. Starcke; assistant treasurer, Charles Fretz; archivar, G. Finkbeiner. Trustees -- L. F. Bohny , G. Spiegel, O. Schmidt. Committee of amusements -- O. Schmidt, A. Eisenlohr, M. Starcke.

- April 29, 1881, Dallas Daily Herald, p. 8, col. 3.
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Masquerade Ball.

     Arrangements have been concluded by the Dallas Turnverein for a grand masquerade ball on the night of the 26th instant, the proceeds of which are to go to the support of the German-American school, which will be opened as soon as the free schools close.

- February 9, 1886, Dallas Morning News, p. 8, col. 1.
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No Heading.

     The members of the Miene's band and a few other, the party numbering altogether twenty-two, left last night by the way of the Texas & Pacific railroad for Los Angelos. They go to this beautiful city on the sunny slope to reside. What is Dallas' loss is Los Angelos' gain.

- March 23, 1887, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 3, col. 1.
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Hours Were Even

     Julius Berryman, a German of 17 years residence in this city, went to the Central depot...altercation with friend from the "old country."...

- March 23, 1887, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 4, col. 5.
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A Picnic.

     The Turners of Dallas will have a grand German picnic next Sunday at Kidd's springs.

- June 8, 1887, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 8, col. 3.
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[No Heading]

     Charles Moeller was elected a trustee of the Dallas Turn Verein yesterday, vice Frank Hanner, resigned.

- May 14, 1888, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 5, col. 3.
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The U. S. Flag on Top.

     It is said that the proprietor of a German hotel in the east end of the city, this morning raised the German and American flags over his building, but he placed the German flag on the same staff with, and above, the U. S. flag. A detachment of citizens in the neighborhood called on him with the request to reverse the position of the flags. This he refused to do when they informed him if he did not make the change, they would proceed to shoot the German flag to pieces. They appeared so much in earnest that the proprietor finally yielded to their request and placed the U. S. flag first and above the German flag on the staff.

- October 11, 1888, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 5, col. 2.
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[No Heading]

     The Volksblatt (German) yesterday issued the first edition of their Sunday Journal, printed in German.

- October 15, 1888, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 5, col. 2.
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Dallas County
Statistics from the Agricultural Report.

Population in 1880: 38,488 in 1887: 77,323
males: 39,721
females: 37,602

Americans: 53,789
Colored: 8,427
English: 1,896
Germans: 4,332
French, 1,269
Danes: 593
Hebrews: 1,179
Irish: 3,764
Italians: 213
Mexicans: 187
Spanish: 128
Swedes: 615
Norwegians: 49
Poles: 13
Russians: 196
Chinese: 33
Scotch: 429
of all other nations: 211
In the county: 13,779 white families and 1,404 colored families.

- January 29, 1889, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 4, col. 3-4.
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[No Heading]

     The following were, last night, elected officers of Teutonia Lodge, No. 1873 Knights of Honor: O. L. Leiber, dictator; Albert Munster, vice dictator; Wm. Mayer, assistant dictator; J. E. Hess, reporter; F. Foster, financial reporter; Henry Saar, treasurer; A. Steinguide; George Wittrock, chaplain; D. Zweisel, guard; August Meisterhans, sentinel; C. F. Altermann, August Kautzmann and S. Mayer, trustees; August Kautzmann, representative to the grand lodge; J. E. Hess, alternate.

- December 13, 1890, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 4, col. 3.
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A Free-for-All Fight and Man

     Early yesterday morning, in the Union saloon, on the corner of Pacific avenue and Bryan street, there was a free-for-all fight, in which one man was stabbed and another robbed.
     Three Italians by the names of Joe Amatto, Salvador Eamus and Augustine Satalia entered the saloon about 4 o'clock a. m. and ordered drinks. While the bar-tender was dosing out the drinks, the above-named gentlemen claim that the man who received the wounds stepped behind one of them and jerked him off his feet and jumped on him, and that the two remaining, fearing that their companion was about to receive some terrible bodily harm, went to his rescue, one with a knife and the other with a razor, which they wielded with a vengeance.
     Frank Decunte, another Dago, lent his assistance to the under dog, whom the trio were about to wipe out of existence. Another Dago followed Decunte's example, which completed a devil's half-dozen, and the fight went on until everybody had enough and it ended.
     The man who received the wounds is a German, and his name is August Henning. He received three stabs in the right side and a slash across the right shoulder. He bled very profusely, and for a while, he was thought to be mortally wounded, but an examination of the wounds proved them to be of no very serious nature. When last heard from, he was getting along swimmingly, and his friends are in hopes that he will live to blow the foam of many a glass of beer.
     Joe Amatto lost $150 and a silver watch in the shuffle, so he claims, and lays the robbery at the German's door.
     The whole gang are under arrest, and each fellow has his separate tale to tell. One trio charges the other with robbery, while the other flings back the charge of unprovoked assault to murder.

- January 20, 1891, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 5, col. 3.
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Not the Place.

     Recently, an item appeared in these columns with reference to a row that took place in a saloon between three Italians, Joe Amatto, Salvador Eamus and Augustus Satolia and a German, August Henning, in which the latter claimed to have been robbed. It was stated that the row took place in the saloon at the corner of Pacific avenue and Bryan street. This was a mistake, as the saloon was closed at the time, according to its proprietors. The row took place in a First ward saloon in the vicinity of the Alliance building.

- January 23, 1891, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 2, col. 3.
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The German Post Will Issue
a Daily.

     A recent addition to the newspaper gang of Dallas is L. Watermann, the editor and all-around rustler of the German Post, who represents the interest of the late O. Deitzel in the paper. Mr. Watermann is a newspaper man of wide experience, and for more than twenty years, was connected with German dailies in Kansas City, Milwaukee and Cincinnati. He is a staunch Democrat, and all his newspaper life has been spent striving to uphold Democratic journals in the German tongue. He was the nominee of the Democrats of Cincinnati on their legislative ticket four years ago, was elected and counted out by the Republican "Stranglers" of that city. Mr. Watterman's wife, who is an inventor of no mean repute, and his son, a young newspaper reporter of decided ability, will come to Dallas shortly. The Post will issue a daily edition, beginning in April and perhaps at an earlier date.

- February 11, 1891, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 2, col. 1.
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The Societies Which Will Par-
ticipate and the Various

     The executive committee of this year's Maifest, which is to be held at Shady View park on May 24 and 25, had another meeting at Turner Hall on last Sunday. Senator Maetze of Bellville, who had been invited to deliver the German oration, sent his regrets that he was unable to comply with the flattering invitation and wished fair weather and success on May 24 and 25. Mr. Hugo Moeller, the editor of the Texas Post, was therefore chosen as the German orator, Col. Stillwell H. Russell will orate in English.
     Mr. Chas. A. Mangold was elected grand marshal, an excellent selection, as he has, on previous occasions, proven that he is just the man for that responsible position.
     As previously stated, there will be five decorated wagons, contributed by the following societies, each of whom will arrange their own wagon.
     The May queen's wagon by the executive committee.
     Dallas Turn Verein wagon.
     Teutonia Lodge 1873, K. of H. wagon.
     Uhland Lodge 22, Sons of Hermann.
     Frohsinn singing society.
     From the hints received by your reporter, some surprises are in store in the arrangements of the wagons and procession, which it is intended, shall outshine any previous Maifest parade ever held in Dallas.
     The executive committee will hold another meeting at Shady View park next Friday, the 15th, after the sale of privileges.
     Following is the full list of the committees:
     Executive committee, composed of representatives of the various German societies, viz:
     Turn Verein: C. F. Altermann, C. A. Bohny, S. Mayer, Henry Pringle.
     Frohsinn Singing Society: J. B. Geiger, A. Wasmus, Geo. C. Spiegel, Geo. Mayer.
     Uhland Lodge 22, Sons of Hermann: John Windanger, A. Schroeder, A. W. May, G. A. Rosenberg.
     Teutonia Lodge 1873, K. of H., A. Muenster, D. Zweifli, G. Schrade, O. L. Lieber.
     Gruetti Verein, E. Knoepfli, J. Meyer, Samuel Hiltpolt, F. Amsler.
Officers: President, C. F. Alterman; Vice President, Ed Knoepfli; Secretary, ____ eifel; Assistant Secretary, ______ [remainder of paragraph torn)


On Grounds -- The President, C. A. Bohny and John Windlinger.
On Press and Printing -- A. W. May, D. Zweifel, Ed Knoepfli.
On Decoarations -- S. Meyer, S. Hiltpolt, A. Schrade.
On Music--C. A. Bohny, G. Schrade, J. B. Geiger.
On Fireworks--A. Muenster, S. Mayer, A. Schrader.
On Gates--Ed Knoepfli, D. Zweiffel, Chas. A. Bohny, A. W. May.
On Bar -- Henry Pringle, S. Mayer, S. B. Geiger, G. Schrade.
On Games and Prizes -- O. L. Seiber, J. Mayer, S. Meyer, A. Wasmus.
On Ball--Chas. Bohny, G. C. Seigel, A. Muenster, John Windlinger, F. Amsler.

- May 13, 1891, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 6, col. 1-2.
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Interesting Exercises at the
Shady View Park.


     Maifest was inaugurated at Shady View, and hundreds of happy Germans and their children and their friends attended. All the German societies were at the park. The exercises at the park were most interesting and the programme recently published in these columns was carried out to the letter. Mr. C. F. Alterman presided. Mr. Hugo Moeller, the able editor of the German Post, was the orator of the day and made a creditable effort, paying a splendid tribute to the German population of Texas for their thrift, regard for law and patriotism. Mr. Moeller says the German population of Texas numbers 200,000.
     The grand street parade and crowning of the May queen took place to-day and procession was most elaborate and showy. The procession formed at Turner Hall in the following order:
     Mounted police, grand marshal and aides, band, float, May Queen and her court, members of the committee, orators and invited guests in carriages, Gruetlis Verein; float Teutonia lodge 1873, K. of P., members of same in carriages; float, Uhland lodge 22, O. D. H., members of same mounted; float, singing, society Frohsinn; float Dallas Turn Verein, decorated wagons.
     The line of march included the principal streets.
     At the park, Miss P. Kaemnitz was crowned "Queen of the May," Editor Hugo Moeller conducting the coronation ceremonies.
     Col. S. H. Russell delivered a brilliant oration after the May Queen had been crowned. The remainder of the day was passed most pleasantly by the large crowd of spectators.
     At 8:30 this evening, there will be fireworks, tableaux, etc. A cordial invitation is extended to the public to attend and participate in the festivities.

- May 25, 1891, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 7, col. 1.
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German Catholic Paper.

     Mr. P. Reichert of 404 Elm street, this city, an old printer and newspaper man of many years experience, has decided to begin the publication of a German Catholic paper. There is not a German Catholic paper in Texas and Mr. Reichert believes that it is a splendid field.

- September 28, 1891, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 7, col. 1.
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     The Sons of Hermann have elected the following officers for the ensuing year: George Herbold, president; Henry Ebert, vice-president; A. W. May, secretary; Emil Hilger, treasuer; Henry Misselhorn, Joe Baumgartner and Charles Bohny, trustees. The installation of these officers will be conducted next Sunday morning at the Odd Fellows' hall by Deputy Grand President Charles F. Altermann.

- October 7, 1891, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 6, col. 1.
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City Notes.

     At the regular meeting of Uhland Lodge No. 22, Sons of Hermann held yesterday, the following were elected as officers for the ensuing term: H. Ebert, president; Charles Bohny, vice president; Paul Altermann, recording secretary Charles Rossler, financial secretary ; H. Struck, treasurer; C. Lingenfelder and James Bumgartner, trustees; George D. C. Spiegel and John Windlinger, representatives to the grand lodge.

- March 28, 1892, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 5, col. 3.
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The Irish Americans Will Cele-
brate at the Fair Grounds
--The Volks Fest.

     The "Fourth of July," independence day, will be celebrated on an extensive scale in this city and the day is looked forward to with fond anticipation by the patriotic.
     For a month past, the Irish-Americans have been arranging for their celebration at the fair grounds. The programme includes foot races, horse and mule races, climbing the greased pole, catching the greased pig and athletic sports of all kinds. The Sanger Bros.' nine will contest with a crack team from Corsicana. There will be patriotic orations, reading of the declaration of independence and music till you cannot rest. A number of valuable prizes will be competed for.


     The united German societies of the city have also arranged for a Volksfest at Shady View park on July 3 and 4. The German-Americans will also celebrate Independence Day in grand style. Gov. Hogg, Hon. George Clark, Col. A. J. Houston and Gen. Henry 'E. McCulloch have been invited to address the multitude. The officers of the Volksfest are E. Beilharz, president; John Wendlenger, secretary, and Theodore Beilharz, treasurer.

- June 16, 1892, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 1, col. 1.
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Organized in the City Last Night.

     A meeting of the German speaking citizens of Dallas county was held at Turner hall last night, which was largely attended.
     Mr. A. Wytcheski, president of the state organization, called the meeting to order, stating the aims and purpose of the society. Temporary organization was effected by the election of the following officers: A. W. May, president, Ben Fabian, secretary; J. G. Schroeder, treasurer. Mssrs. Hugh Miller, Theo Beilharz and 'G. Sandell, were appointed as a committee on by-laws, to report at the next meeting of the society, which will be held at Turner Hall next Wednesday.

- June 29, 1892, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 8, col. 3.
- o o o -


Election of Permanent Officers
Last Night.

     As previously announced in the TIMES-HERALD, the German-American Club met at Turner hall last night for the purpose of effecting a permanent organization.
     The meeting was called to order by the president, A. W. May, Esq. After routine business, the by-laws were discussed and adopted. An election was then had and the following gentlemen were chosen permanent officers of the club to serve one year:
     A. W. May, Esq., president; Theo. Beilharz and Henry Misselhorn, vice presidents; A. J. Lengel, M. D., recording secretary; Chas. Graenze, corresponding secretary; L. G. Schrade, treasurer; Henry Struck, C. Lingenfelder, W. Heppner, C. Schuessler and M. Biederstaedt, trustees.
     The club then adjourned until the first Sunday in August.

- July 7, 1892, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 8, col. 2.
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City Notes.

     The Volksfest, which was postponed on account of inclement weather, will take place at Shady View park next Sunday and Monday. The festivities, which consist of choice concerts, fire works, tableaux and speeches by prominent orators, will begin Sunday at 2 p. m. A splendid programme has been arranged for both days.

- July 8, 1892, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 8, col. 3.
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City Notes.

     The Dallas Frohsinn Society have asked that a day be set apart as German day at the fair. The fair association have granted the request and the date will be designated later on.

- September 10, 1892, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 5, col. 2.
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     Officers' reports: City auditor on the contract of the German Printing and Publishing company, saying that the tax list published in the North Texas Presse was printed in English.
     Mr. Ben Fabian showed that the list was published in German, but that the type was Latin type. The auditor was ordered to audit.

- September 15, 1892, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 8, col. 1-2.
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     The Frohsinn singing society, with Prof. M. Aronson as director, visited Fort Worth yesterday and gave a concert in that city last night.
     The installation of the newly elected officers of Teutonia Lodge, No. 1873, K. of H., will take place at Turner hall on next Monday at 8 p. m. Hon. A. J. Rosenthal, grand vice-dictator for Texas, and Wm. P. Cole, grand reporter, of this city, will be the representatives, present of the state grand lodge. The installation will be succeeded by a ball and supper, the latter spread by the ladies of the members of the lodge.

- January 9, 1893, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 3, col. 2.
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Added February 9, 2004:

     Teutonia lodge Knights of Honor installed officers last night at Turner Hall: August Kautzman, dictator; Max Stakeman, vice dictator; Julien Bauman, assistant vice dictator; J. E. Hess, reporter; Fred. Forster, financial reporter; J. G. Shrade, treasurer; Adolph Pfeiffer, chaplain; William Boiker, guide; Herman Zeithen, assistant guide, August Meisterhans, second assistant guide; Dave Zweifel, J. G. Schrade, John Windlinger and August Kautzman, trustees; Charles F. Alterman, alternate. A banquet followed, which was a most enjoyable affair.

- January 17, 1893, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 3, col. 2.
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Added January 30, 2004:

     The German-American citizens league will meet at Turner hall to-morrow evening to discuss matters of importance to its members. President A. W. May invites all members to attend and participate in the discussions.

- March 26, 1893, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 2, col. 1.
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     Rev. H. Siegfried, of this city, was elected president of the German Evangelical Synod for the next year, at the recent meeting at Waco.

- April 14, 1893, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 3, col. 2.
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     The grand lodge of the Order of Sons of Hermann will meet in annual session in this city commencing to-morrow. Representatives of about seventy-five lodges in this state will attend. The session of the grand lodge will last about three days, and will be held at the Odd Fellows hall. The members of the local lodges, Uhland lodge No. 22 and Columbia lodge No. 66, have made extensive preparations for the entertainment of their visiting brethren.

- April 17, 1893, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 3, col. 3.
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A Large Number of Delegates Already
in the City -- The Programme Arranged
For the Delegates During Their Stay in
the City -- Banquet To-Night.

     The grand lodge of the Order of Sons of Hermann met in annual session in this city this afternoon. Representatives of about seventy-five lodges in this state are in attendance. The session of the grand lodge will last about three days, and will be held at the Odd Fellows hall. The members of the local lodges, Uhland lodge No. 22 and Columbia lodge No. 66, have made extensive preparations for the entertainment of their visiting brethren, and the reception committees were kept busy last night and to-day receiving the delegates and visitors. Julian Schuetz, the well-known German editor of Austin, is the past grand president. F. Kloepp of Denison, is the grand president; Hugo Becker of Brenham, vice-grand president; J. Bauer, grand secretary and Gus. Heilig is the grand treasurer. This afternoon a grand lodge session was held and the usual committees were appointed. At 8 o'clock to-night, the local lodges will banquet the visitors at Turner Hall. To-morrow will be devoted to business and sight-seeing. Thursday, officers will be elected, and at night, a grand ball will take place at Turner Hall.
     The delegates wear three colored badges, black, red and gold; the members of the local Lodges, red, and the committees, white ribbon.
     Among those in attendance upon the grand lodge are the following:
     Gottfried Marsin, Denison; J. Bardt, San Antonio; R. Fromme, San Marcos; Otto Hanze, Paris; O. G. Neumann, Austin; Wilhelm Treuhardtz, Georgetown; Hugo Becker, Brenham; R. G. Leydler, Weimar; G. W. Geolopp, Cuero; F. A. Finn, Manor; F. W. Levereng, M. D., Taylor; Charles P. Ziegenhaes, Bastrop; Rudolph Gess, Gainesville; F. Kloepp, Denison; G. Herzog, Austin; C. Daesterhoept, Bee Lake; Fred Hoehenz, Schiller; Adolph Weyrich, Boerne; Gustav Bockhaus, Rockdale; Gus Bauer, Denison; Theodore Reisener, Austin; J. H. Rickelman, Sherman; F. Kilhoven, Emil Fondre, Castroville; L. Weete, Columbus; E. Peter, Schulenburg; K. Hertel, Freyberg; William Hagemann, New Ulm; C. Mailander, F. W. Stoltes, Waco; F. Lueders, Waco; Louis Wagener, Siner; J. A. Waltere, Siner; Paul Dipprecht, Seguin; Fritz Pfessen, G. Heilig, La Grange; W. W. Seiterbein, Delta; Joseph Koenig, Amansville; C. H. Shaefner, Swiss Alp; Ferd Koenig, Amansville; Caspar Krigge, Cedar; Fred Frey, Wichita Falls; Albert Buschhaus, Henrietta; Herman Freitag, Taylor; B. Schott, Kerrville; Rudolph M. Flach, Comfort; Ernst Kubere, Flatonia; Albert Zabel, Fort Worth; F. S. Schilling, Breton; F. Roensch, Bellville; A. Jordan, Sealy; William Sehill, Brenham; A. Freitag, Kenny; C. C. Galtner, Industry; Paul S. Rouft, Welcome; Henry Otto, Shelby; Edward Becker, Brenham; William Oldenburg, Galveston; Gus Knoecker, Temple; Joseph Schere, Temple; Jos. Richarz, Giddins; W. H. Dirhr, Hortontown; F. Schroaezloese, Yorktown; J. R. Kellenger, Knell Mount; F. M. Glockner, H. L. Dogener, Louis Huth, jr., F. Ratzler and E. Callsen, San Antonio; Joseph Faust, New Braunfels; W. Eule, Kyle; Ludwig Scharch, Houston; Dr. Paul Dietsche, Victoria; Ernst Dietzmann, San Antonio; Rudolph Tschaepe, Seguin; G. A. Bleinenz, Lockhart; Charles Enderlinx, Luchenbach; Julien Schutze, Austin; W. L. Heuschkel, San Antonio.; Alexander Gletky, Fort Worth; Dr. Max Urwitz, Yorktown; H. Meier, Palestine; P. Bassist, Elgin; Joseph Franzel, Hallettsville; F. Glause, Oak Grove; F. P. Guenther, Moulton.

- April 18, 1893, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 1, col. 5-6.
- o o o -


     The grand lodge of the Sons of Herman had a glorious time at the banquet at Turner Hall last night. About 250 persons attended. To-day, the grand lodge transacted routine business.

- April 18, 1893, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 1, col. 1.
- o o o -


     The united German societies will participate in the grand industrial carnival on the day after the arrival of the steamer H. A. Harvey, Jr., and Ben Fabian would make a royal assistant grand marshal, on account of the superb manner in which he straddles a horse.

- April 29, 1893, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 2, col. 1.
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     St. Paul''s German Evangelical church has elected Rev. J. Jans of Omaha, Neb., as its pastor, and Rev. Henry Siegfried, its late pastor, will go to Taylor on the 14th inst.

     Cole's Select School opened its fifth year in its new location on San Jacinto street last Monday. Almost the full number was present the first day, notwithstanding the hard times. Miss Ziegler, a noted German music teacher, is in charge of the music department.

- September 8, 1893, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 8, col. 1.
- o o o -


     Rev. B. Boezinger, professor at the Fort Worth university, is the guest of Rev. A. Tralger, and will conduct the services both morning and evening at the German M. E. church, corner Live Oak and Olive streets. All are invited.

- September 16, 1893, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 1, col. 2.
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     The Dallas Turnverein and German Ladies' aid society, gave their second lawn party last evening at the Turner hall garden. The grounds were well illuminated and pleasant social reunions took place at the many small tables scattered about the grounds. Refreshments were served, after which the string band in attendance furnished music for a hop which occurred later in the evening in the small hall on the grounds. The arrangement committee was composed of the following ladies and gentlemen: Mrs. M. Stakemann, chairman, assisted by Mrs. C. Bohny, Miss Anna Boll, Mrs. H. C. Ries, Mrs. C. Lingenfelder; Messrs. B. Fabian, M. Stakemann, E. F. Rall, C. Lingenfelder, A. Sawinsky, T. Beilharz, J. Bergener, H. Dierke. The proceeds are appropriated by the expense committee as the object is simply social.

- September 22, 1893, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 5, col. 1.
- o o o -


The Anniversary of The German Land-

     The German-Americans, at Turner Hall yesterday, celebrated the anniversary of the landing of the first Germans in the United States, at Germantown, Pa., Oct. 6, 1683.
     Ben Fabian, editor of the Nord Texas Presse, and president of the German-American league, delivered the opening address, a patriotic effort. Miss Louise Heppner followed with a recitation and A. W. May, lawyer and editor, delivered an address on German Day, which was roundly applauded.
     Songs by the singing societies and by individuals, dancing and refreshments followed.

- October 9, 1893, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 2, col. 3.
- o o o -

[No Heading]

     In Uhland lodge, No. 22, and Columbia lodge, No. 66, both of the Sons of Hermann, officers were installed yesterday by Acting Grand President C. F. Altermann, assisted by A. Zaber of Fort Worth and Messrs. John Windlinger and Henry Musselhorn.

- October 9, 1893, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 8, col. 3.
- o o o -

German Preaching.

     Preaching every night this week, excepting Saturday, at the German M. E. church, corner Live Oak and Olive street; Rev. A. Treager, pastor.

- March 20, 1894, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 8, col. 5.
- o o o -

Added January 25, 2004:




He Says English is Good Enough for the
United States -- How the Delinquent
Tax List of 1892 Was

     At the City Council meeting last night, Mayor Barry submitted the following veto message:
ALLAS, June 11. -- To the honorable City Council: I respectfully object to your action on the 7th instant in awarding a contract to the North Texas German Press for the reproduction in that paper of the official publications of the city for the following, among other reasons:
     1. Our charter requires that the publication shall be made in "some newspaper," and does not contemplate more than one paper, and certainly not a paper printed in a foreign language.
     2. There is no necessity for publications to appear in two papers at the same time.
     3. I find that the greater part of some of the publications heretofore made in this same paper, have not, in fact, appeared in the German language, and if the object of the publication in German is the benefit of the people who cannot read English, it has not been accomplished. For instance, the tax list published in August, 1892, for which $441.75 was paid this paper, except as to the heading and collector's name, appeared in English and was apparently printed upon the same type or plates used by the official organ. Of course, the amount involved by reason of the unusual competition for our printing, is now small, but any contract of this kind we might make now would, hereafter, be used as a precedent for another, just as former contracts are now used in support of this one, hence, I think it would be best to begin to do right now and break a precedent when the amount involved is so small.
     4. I am opposed to the official use of a foreign language. We have our established language and its institutions, and ought to do everything to increase their use and a patriotic sentiment for them. Respectfully,

     There were eight aldermen present and the vote stood four to four, so the veto was sustained.

- June 13, 1894, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 6, col. 5.
- o o o -

Added January 22, 2004:
German Free School.

The German free school at Oak Grove now has all the pupils that can be accommodated, and is said to be flourishing under the management and tuition of Professor Abele.

- June 22, 1894, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 5, col. 1.
- o o o -

Added January 22, 2004:
Sons of Herman.

     The two local lodges of the Sons of Herman will go to Fort Worth, July 8, to assist in the celebration of the anniversary of Fort Worth Lodge No. 33.

- June 26, 1894, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 6, col. 3.
- o o o -


They Celebrate the Institution of Their
100th Lodge in Texas.

     Uhland Lodge No. 22, Sons of Hermann, last night, elected officers for the ensuing six months, as follows: H. Misselhon, president; H. Schultze, vice president; Dr. E. Aronson, secretary; E. Weichsel, financial secretary; C. Lingenfelder, treasurer; H. Ebert, trustee.
     On October 7, the institution of the 100th lodge of Sons of Hermann in Texas will be celebrated by all the lodges in the sate. The first lodge was organized in San Antonio 26 years ago, and the 100th will be organized at Caldwell, Burleson county, October 7. The order has a membership of 3000[?]/8,000[?] in the state.
     On the 6th of October, the German citizens will celebrate the anniversary of the arrival of the first German settlers in America.

- September 26, 1894, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 4, col. 4.
- o o o -

Added March 8, 2004:
German Day.

     Next Monday is German Day at the Cotton Palace, and the singing societies and Sons of Herman of Dallas are making preparations to visit Waco on that day.

- November 21, 1894, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 2, col. 6.
- o o o -

Added March 13, 2004:


The Concert For the Benefit of the
Dallas Turn Verein a Success

     The threatening weather, notwithstanding, a large number of invited guest responded to the occasion and a representative audience of Germans filled the hall for the benefit of the Dallas Turn Verein last Sunday night.
     The hall and stage were handsomely decorated, and appropriate mottoes met the eye. Prof. Schroeder's augmented Military Union Band, in their new uniforms, played a number of selections with perfect precision and skill, receiving the most generous applause.
     The Dallas Frohsinn Singing Society greatly pleased the audience, as it always does.
     A zither solo, by Mr. Charles Roessler, aroused the enthusiasm of all present, and it was regretted that Mr. Roessler did not respond to an encore that was persistently asked for.
     A humorous quartette, the instruments being "Kazoos," was given by four human caricatures, painted on canvass, behind which, the head and arms only protruding, the instruments, were handled by Messrs. Charles Roessler, Mr. Hagedorn, Ju. Franz and J. C. Cole.
     A social hop followed the performance.

- December 11, 1894, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 4, col. 3-4.
- o o o -



It Will Be Dedicated on Next Sat-

     Mr. Simon Mayer, proprietor of Mayer's Garden, with loyal memories of the "Faderland," has had reproduced in facsimile miniature, the historic Castle of Hohenzollern, the home of the rulers of Germany for so many generations, and which is still maintained by the government.
     Mr. Mayer passed his youth near the [site] of this castle, and he is very much pleased with the reproduction of it. The little castle will be formally and duly dedicated by the German societies of Dallas next Saturday evening.

- January 2, 1895, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 6, col. 4.
- o o o -

Added March 19, 2004:

     The Dallas Turn-Verein annual masquerade ball will take place at Turner Hall on the evening of the 29th instant.

- January 9, 1895, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 4, col. 3-4.
- o o o -

Added March 20, 2004:
Dedication of Castle Hohenzollern.

     At Mayer's Garden Saloon to-night. All friends, patrons, and the public, generally, are cordially invited. Grand free lunch,

- January 12, 1895, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 6, col. 2.
- o o o -

Added March 24, 2004:


The Event of the Season in German

     Tuesday, January 29, the Dallas Turn Verein will give their annual grand masquerade ball at Turner Hall. Extensive preparations are being made by he committee for the amusement and entertainment of the members and guests for this occasion, which promises to be the event of the season in German circles.
     The dances will alternate with comical intermezzos, and prizes will be awarded the most grotesque masks.
     The affair will be exclusively attended only by members and invited guests.
     Those provided with invitations can procure tickets at C. N. Hlauber's drugstore, 324 Elm street, William Kern, 364 Main street, and George A. Sandell, over 322 Elm street.

- January 23, 1895, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 1, col. 7.
- o o o -

Added April 13, 2004:


Delegates to the Grand Lodge -- A
Flourishing Order.

     Yesterday, the following officers were elected for the ensuing half year by Columbia Lodge, Sons of Hermann: President, John Windlingen; Vice-President, J. Fisch; Secretary, J. G. Schrade; Treasurer, J. Walpi; Trustee, George Meyer.
     Delegates to the Grand Lodge to meet in Waco, April next, J. G. Schrade and William Lagershausen; alternate delegates, M. Stakemann and Dr. A. J. Lengel.
     The lodge is in a very flourishing condition, adding new members at every meeting and, although but two years old, is to-day, the second largest lodge in the State, as regards membership.

- March 19, 1895, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 6, col. 6.
- o o o -


     An ice cream festival will be given at the home of Mrs. Samuel Peterman, 238 Swiss avenue, for the benefit of the German Ladies' Aid Society.

- August 6, 1895, The Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 6, col. 4
- o o o -

Added June 14, 2004:
Dallas Turnverein.

     At the meeting of the Dallas Turnverein, held at its hall, the following officers were elected for the ensuing term:
     C. F. Alterman, president; A. Schaub, vice president; G. Finkbeiner, secretary; Charles Meisterhans, Jr., financial secretary; E. Beilharz, treasurer; W. Robertson, instructor; Wm. Kern, assistant instructor; Wm. Kern, assistant instructor; Louis Saal, custodian; George Meier, librarian; E. Fritz, Theo Beilharz and Henry Wagner, trustees.

- January 10, 1896, The Dallas Morning News, p. 8, col. 6.
- o o o -


     The German singing societies of the city will give a concert at Tuner hall to-night. The prize songs on the programme for the saengerfest to take place at San Antonio in May will be sung. A number of artists of local repute will appear.

- April 19, 1896, Dallas Morning News, p. 3, col. 1.
- o o o -



Anniversary Entertainment
Well Attended and Highly

     Despite the threatening weather, a large number of German-American citizens assembled at Turner hall yesterday afternoon to celebrate the 214th anniversary of the arrival of the firs German colonists in the United States. The exercises lasted during he entire afternoon, and until a late hour last night, and during that time, it is estimated that nearly 1000 people participated in the festivities.
     The afternoon was devoted to the entertainment and amusement of the children. An open air concert, excellently rendered for their especial benefit, preceded a list of children's games, in which all joined. These lasted for a couple of hours or more, after which, all were gathered into the gymnasium, which opens into the garden and were each given a prize. They were stood up in a row along one side of the room and each given a numbered ticket. When the master of ceremonies called out the number of a ticket, its possessor would walk up and receive an appropriate present. The ages of those in line ranged from 2 to 16 years. All were given presents and all were made correspondingly happy. The children's entertainment was brought to a close just after dark with a magic lantern entertainment, which the children seemed to enjoy hugely.
     The fathers and mothers and grown up sons and daughters, then assembled in the hall and began their enjoyment. Aug. Schneider opened the programme with a speech on "German Day," which was heartily enjoyed and liberally applauded. A series of tableaux pictures followed, which were designed to represent the three most important periods in German history. The first was entitled "Ancient Germany" the second "Life During the Middle Ages," and the third and last, "The Germans of to-day."
     A recitation by F. Zur Windmuehler, and a comic sketch by C. P. Mueller followed the pictures, both of which were seemingly highly enjoyed by the large crowd.
     Several choice vocal selections by a male chorus elected from the Swiss Mannerchor and Frohsin singing societies brought the entertainment to a close, after which, the floor was cleared and dancing was enjoyed.
     The programme was under the supervision of a special committee of thirty-three, representing all the German societies and lodges in Dallas, of which, M. Stakemann was president, F. zur Windmuehler, vice president, J. G. Schrade, Jr., secretary, and D. Ankele, treasurer.

- October 11, 1897, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 8, col. 4.
- o o o -


     Concordia Turn Verein, at its hall on Jackson street, entertained the members and friends of the organization with an old fashioned German social and New Year's eve party last night. The hall was filled to its capacity to accommodate the guests.
     Many of the customs of the Faderland were observed, one of them in particular furnishing considerable amusement. Upon the commencement of the festivities, the names of the ladies present were written on slips which were placed in a hat. The gentlemen present each drew one of these slips, and the lady whose name was written thereon was assigned to his care until midnight. If he left her for an instant without her consent during the time, he was brought before a "kangaroo court," tried and fined heavily. These trials occurred at frequent intervals during the evening and were the cause of much merriment.
     One end of the hall was reserved for the dancers and the other was devoted to games. Refreshments were served during the festivities.
     An interesting feature of the affair was the address of President J. C. Bergermann.

- January 1, 1898, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 5, col. 1.
- o o o -


Sons of Hermann Grand Lodge,
Sangerfest at Galveston.

     The combined lodges of the Sons of Hermann will have public installation of officers, by Grand President C. F. Altermann, at Turner hall Sunday evening. A number of visitors from neighboring towns is expected.
     The singing societies of the city are preparing for the Sangerfest to be held in Galveston, April 25 to 27, insts.
     The grand lodge of the Sons of Hermann in the state will meet in Fort Worth, May 2.

- April 8, 1898, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 8, col. 4.
- o o o -


     The local lodges of the order of Sons of Hermann will combine and publicly install their newly elected officers at Turner hall next Sunday afternoon. Grand President C. F. Altermann will officiate. Delegations of visitors from nearby towns are expected. The state grand lodge of the Sons of Hermann will meet at Fort Worth, May 2.

- April 9, 1898, Dallas Morning News, p. 8.
- o o o -


German Publishers will Prob-
ably Organize During
the Fair.

     The German press has grown to be quite a power in the state, and feeling that there is strength in union, they are about to organize a German press association.
     Mr. C. F. Alterman, editor and proprietor of the Norde Texas Presse, of Dallas, will in a few days, invite the publishers of German papers to visit Dallas on German day at the Fair, the 9th and 10th of October, for the purpose of organizing. Mr. Alterman says he believes the twenty-eight publishers of German papers will find it greatly to their interest to form an association, and he will invite them to a conference in regard to the matter.

- September 18, 1898, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 5, col. 4.
- o o o -


     Forty-fourth district court--Frederick Kneisel, a native of Germany, was admitted to citizenship.

- March 5, 1899, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 6, col. 1
- o o o -



Will Give Entertainment on Next
Wednesday Night.

     On Wednesday, October 9, beginning at 8:30 p. m., the German Frohsinn Singing Society will give an entertainment at Turner hall. The program will consist of songs, orchestral selections and a comic melodrama. The program follows:
     1. Selection by orchestra.
     2. Welcome and commemorative address by Rev. Haas.
     3. Ossian, J. Beschnitt; Frohsinn Male Quartette.
     4. "O, du mein holder abendstern," R. Wagner; bass solo by C. Reeske.
     5. "Still ruht der see," H. Pfeil; Colo Quartette.
     6. Orchestra selection.
     7. "Spatz and Spatzen," J. Zerlett; Frohsinn mixed chorus.
     8. "Ein Schnitz bin ich," C. Kentzer; baritone solo, A. E. Murkus.
     9. Piano solo, William Markus.
    10. Comic melo-drama in four acts.
     The committees for the German Day entertainment are as follows:
     Reception: William Lagerhausen, J. Franz, C. Schablinski, Wakefield, W. Schnielpake, Dr. Arendt.
     Door committee: Hagerdorn, Hendricks, Timm, Herst, Pachmann, Lankau, Wentzel, Scherer, Johann, Schmitz, Reeske, H. Galipp, Sichler, H. Munster, Ankele.
     Decoration committee: Timm, Bartel, C. Schliepake, R. Franz.
     Music committee: Fisher, Pachmann, Reese, Prof. Markus.
     Floor committee: F. Franz, C. Schliepake, Schoeberle.

- October 6, 1907, Dallas Daily Times Herald, Sec. II, p. 1, col. 4.
- o o o -



Sons of Hermann and Auxiliary Plan
Three-Story Building at Main
and Exposition.

     Three Dallas lodges of Sons of Hermann and the one lodge of Sisters of the Sons of Hermann have united in the movement to erect a lodge and club house for the organizations. Property, with fifty feet front on Main and Elm streets, opposite Exposition avenue, was bought yesterday afternoon from Edward Bernier by the Sons of Hermann Home for a consideration of about $5,000. There is a small business house on the Main street end of the lot, which has a depth of 200 feet.
     The plan of the organization is to erect a structure of brick and stone, three stories in height, covering the entire lot. The first floors will be for business houses, the second, possibly for the offices and the third for the lodges. The house is to be planned by architects who are members of the lodges. It is to cost, finished and furnished, about $20,000.
     The officers of the Sons of Hermann Home, the building concern that has obtained a charter from the State, are: C. W. Heppner, president; Edward Bernier, vice president; H. W. Brack, secretary; Hermann Ebert, treasurer.
     Lodges concerned are Columbian Lodge No. 66, Fortuna Lodge No. 119 and Uhland Lodge No. 22, Sons of Hermann, and Germania Lodge No. 5, Sisters of the Sons of Hermann.

- August 7, 1910, Dallas Morning News, p. 6, col. 2.
- o o o -






Over Three Thousand Voices at Concert
Which is Climax to Gather-
ing of German Singers.

Special to the Times Herald.
     Milwaukee, Wis., June 24.--The National German Saengerfest reached its climax tonight when the mixed chorus of 3,400 voices gave the last concert of the triennial gathering.
     Next year's saengerfest city will be selected Sunday morning. Officers will be elected at the same time. Louisville, Ky., is a strong bidder for the saengerfest, and indications point to the re-election of Charles Schmidt of Cincinnati as president.
     Love of his native folk-lore songs caused R. W. Wurzberg, of Dallas, Tex., accompanied by his family, to make the long trip to this city by mule team and covered wagon. He was on the road seven weeks and will return home by rail.
     The great chorus was under the direction of Albert S. Kramer, Max Zach and Herman Zeitz.

- June 25, 1911, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 15, col. 2.
- o o o -



Two Hundred and Fifteenth Annivers-
ary of Landing of First German
Immigrants in United States.

     Last night, in Turner hall, the various German societies of Dallas united in a celebration of the two hundred and fifteenth anniversary of the landing of the first German immigrants in the United States. The Frohsinn Singing Society, the ex-soldiers and the Swiss Male chorus took part in an elaborate program, which consisted of the following numbers:
Overture.....Schroeder's Orchestra
"Heimathsrosen" ...Frohsinn Singing Society
"Festrede" .....Rev. A. Romanowski
Violin Solo --- (a) "Humareske," (b) "Deutscher Tanz," (c) "An Eine Wilde Rose" ... Miss Edith Beilharz
Soprano Solo, "Carmina".....Mrs. W. L. Lichter
"Mei Dirnd'l auf des Alm".....Schaicizer Maennerchor
Piano solo, "Spimerlied auf fliegen der Hollaender"...Miss Irma Beck
"Lebendes Bild".....Verein Deutscher Waffengenossen
"Wes hat die schoensten Lieder"....Schweizer Maennerchor
Bass solo, "Torreador," aus "Carmen".....J. Cole
"Weim nicht die Liebe waer"....Frohsinn Singing Society
March ..... Schroeder's Orchestra

- October 7, 1911, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 4, col. 3.
- o o o -


     That many Dallasites who are subjects of the various European nations now engaged in warfare, may be called on to face service, if they are caught in those countries, is indicated by messages received in Dallas. At least two persons who were employed by a Dallas cotton buying concern, one of them being a native of Germany and the other of Bavaria, who were caught in the old country when war broke forth, are now in the military service of Germany, according to advices received.
     Friends of A. J. Klein and his family are considerably worried over them, as a result of the fact that the family is now in Europe making a tour of the old countries by automobile. Mr. Klein is a well known cement contractor of Dallas, being a member of the Klein Brothers' firm. He and family left Dallas last May for the purpose of making an auto tour of the old countries. A letter was received from Mr. Klein Saturday, which was written from some point in Germany. In this letter, Mr. Klein said they were just preparing to leave by automobile for Rome. It may be that they got out of Germany before war blazed forth.
     Mr. Klein is a subject of Germany, or at least, is of German parentage, and it is possible that he might be called on to fight for the kaiser.
     Gus Bummerstedt, a young German, who was employed as bookkeeper for the Heinken & Voglesang cotton buying firm, left Dallas in April for a visit to relatives in Germany. A message received by the firm informed them that he would not return, as he was now in the German army.
     L. Bicoff, a Bavarian, who also worked for this company, is also back in the old country, and advices received from him are to the effect that he will not return, at least, until the war is over.

- August 5, 1914, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 11, col. 4.
- o o o -

Dallas Men Ready
For German Army

     Probably the first foreign born citizens to report for military duty in European countries will be E. K. Kreinzle, manager of the Norde Texas Presse, Carl Kretzman, cook at the Adolphus hotel, who will leave Dallas Thursday morning for New York to sail for Germany. Mr. Kreinzle is a lieutenant and Mr. Kretzman is a sergeant of reserves in the German army. It is very probable these citizens will be followed by others to the Vaterland.

- August 5, 1914, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 13, col. 5.
- o o o -

Dallas Germans
Leave for Front

     E. K. Kienzle, manager of the Nord Texas Presse, a German publication, will leave Dallas Thursday evening at 8:30 o'clock on the Katy for New York. He will sail for Germany, where he will report for military duty. With Mr. Kienzle, will go A. Kratzmann, chef at the Adolphus hotel.
     E. K. Kienzle is a lieutenant in the German reserves. A. Kratzmann is a sergeant. Dallas French, Swiss and Russians are awaiting orders from their various consulates before reporting for duty. Many will leave for Europe when transportation is provided.

- August 6, 1914, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 5, col. 4.
- o o o -

One Dallas German
Will Not Return

     A few interesting side lights on the European war from the German standpoint were given The Times Herald Saturday night by Paul Latta, 1001 St. Louis street. Mr. Latta has been in the United States for about eight years. He received a letter from his father and sister, who are in Neisse, Germany, urging him to come back to fight for "God, the Fatherland and the Kaiser." Mr. Latta stated that he was in Germany about two years ago and that the German and French troops along the border were almost like brothers, pervious to the war. "The French were drawn into the war on account of the triple alliance," he said. "Statements that the nations were always angry at each other are untrue."
     Mr. Latta also stated that the reports that the German people were in need of men for their armies were untrue. "Only men between the ages of twenty and thirty-eight years are forced to serve in the armies at present. There are many boys between the ages of seventeen and twenty years of age in the armies, and also many men from thirty-nine years to over fifty, but they are all volunteers."
     Mr. Latta said that he would not return to fight, as he was an American now with a wife and children dependent upon him. His father and sister were loud in their praise of the men of their country and the kaiser, and intimated that he need never return if he could not come now when his country needed him.
     "If I were to go and fight and get killed," he said, "I would get great honor, but my wife and family could not live on honor."

- September 27, 1914, Dallas Daily Times Herald, Sec. I, p. 7, col. 1-3.
- o o o -


     Honoring the memory of their former president, Charles F. Altermann, who died in 1913, the Sons of Hermann of Texas will unveil a monument over his grave in Greenwood cemetery next Sunday afternoon.
     The occasion will attract prominent officers and members of the Sons of Hermann from all parts of the state. Among the officers who will take part in the unveiling ceremonies are August Hexthausen, grand president, of Houston; Paul J. Hertling, grand secretary of San Antonio, besides William Lagerhausen, second grand vice-president, and G. A. Hellig, grand treasurer, both of Dallas. The Frohsinn Singing society will have charge of the musical part of the program.
Sons of Hermann will gather at their hall on Elm street promptly at 3, where automobiles will be provided to take them to Greenwood cemetery. After the exercises, the party will return to the hall.

- November 24, 1916, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 14, col. 7.
- o o o -


     A prize masquerade dance will be held by the Frohsinn Singing Society Saturday night at the Sons of Hermann Building, 3414 Elm Street, Ralph Estep, publicity chairman, announced. Paul Schwartz is president of the society.

- February 13, 1937, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 3, col. 2.
- o o o -

Added July 2, 2004:

     The Sons of Hermann will entertain their members and friends with a dance at 3412 Elm Street Saturday at 8:30 p. m. The summer school for German instruction will open June 21 at the Sons of Hermann Hall, and all parents wishing to enroll their children may call Mrs. Bruno Dietel, 6114 Worth Street.

- May 21, 1937, Dallas Daily Times Herald, Sec. I, p. 3, col. 3.
- o o o -