Gorbit/Gorbitt/Gorbet, Dallas County, Texas
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Business, Crops and Personal

To the Times-Herald.
ORBIT, TEX., Nov. 6.--Gorbit is right side up but very dry. We have had a fine fall for gathering crops; cotton is about all gathered, and sweet potatoes (of which there is a large crop), are about all dug and cellared. But, there is one thing I do not like to see, and that is, the farmers are hauling their cotton to Tarrant county sell. They claim to get from 1/4 to 1/2 cent more in Grapevine and Arlington than they can get in Dallas. Bill Haley and W. B. Jones each took three bales of cotton from Bill Story's gin to Grapevine, which is fifteen miles from the gin, and only nine miles from the gin to Dallas. Mr. King and J. J. Story are going to Grapevine to-morrow with two bales of cotton each, and others are talking of hauling their cotton to that point next week. This is pretty rough on the Dallas cotton buyers. However, it is true. Your Friend and Agent. STORY.

- November 6, 1891, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 7, col. 1.
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People at Gorbitt and That
Route Want It.

     Postmaster Story of Gorbitt, up in the bend of the Trinity, was in the city Monday and called at the TIMES-HERALD office, as usual on his visits to Dallas, to enlarge the TIMES-HERALD'S list of subscribers in his neighborhood.
     Mr. Story reports wheat prospects good and says his people are now putting in good area of oats.
     Mr. Story says his people are very much interested in the proposed Rapid Transit line between Fort Worth and Dallas, and thinks the route by Gorbitt decidedly the most practical and would give the road a larger traffic than if it crosses the river at Dallas. There is a rich country all along the route, and a far less expensive bridge over the Trinity at the other end. The projectors of the enterprise are urged to look into this matter before locating the road.

- February 10, 1892, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 4, col. 2.
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     A well-known Dallas gentleman received a letter this morning from Gorbit, containing the following address: "Old Mr. S. Q. Richardson, the man who owns the big pasture in the forks of the river, Dallas, Tex." The letter reached its destination.

- June 19, 1893, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 2, col. 1.
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     The farmers and their families are holding a big picnic at Gorbet postoffice to-day. Lee Hughes, John T. Bolton and other officials are in attendance.

- August 10, 1893, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 8, col. 1-2.
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