Irving, Dallas County, Texas

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Commissioner Pippin Says Interurban
Will Not Use Highway.

     According to the county commissioners, citizens of Irving and that community need not worry over a permit being issued a certain interurban railroad to use the county road for the building of its track. A petition was filed by Irving citizens with the commissioners on Saturday, asking that such permission be not granted, and showing cause.
     It is stated in the petition that the county road has been improved recently, at great cost to the county, and that it is now in good condition for travel to and from the city; that should the permit be granted, the railroad company to build their track over the road. People traveling in vehicles would be compelled to use either side of the highway, and that such would put them to great hardship, etc. The meat of the petition is contained in the following:
     "The cost of a right of way is such a small amount compared with the cost of constructing the highway that we realize that if the builders of the interurban line desire to construct same, they will not stand back on account of the failure of the people to donate a right of way."
     Commissioner Pippin said this morning that he had informed several residents of the Irving community that a permit to use the county road in the building of the interurban line, would not be granted, and that they need not fear that it would be, nor petition the court again not to allow it.
     "That road has been improved at a great cost," said Mr. Pippin, "as the petition states, and it would be foolish for this court to allow it to be torn up to permit the interurban people to lay their rails. It is needless apprehension on the part of the Irving citizenship, for as far as I am concerned, such a permit will never be granted, and I am positive the other members of the court are of the same opinion."

- October 7, 1907, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 2, col. 6.
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Added July 2, 2004:

     Irving, Tex., May 31 (Special). -- Many new homes, one duplex apartment, one store building and a church are being constructed in Irving and community. Among these are: Frame cottages for Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Walker, Mr. and Mrs. Grady Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sales and Mr. Towngate; a two-story home for S. A. Rudd; a brick veneered ranch-type home for Mr. and Mrs. Allen McQuhae; a stone veneer for Rudolph Korinek; a new rock cathedral style church for the Methodist congregation; a new store building for M. M. Garrett and Chester Gibbs and a duplex apartment for J. F. Boatwright.

- May 31, 1937, Dallas Daily Times Herald, Sec. II, p. 10, col. 5.
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Added October 31, 2004:



     Irving, Tex., Aug. 9 (Special). -- The meeting of the Irving School District tax equalization board was turned into a riot this morning when some 200 members of the independent school district taxpayers' league gathered to protest recent hikes in property values.
     The equalization board had closed the school building against the protesting taxpayers. The rioting started on the school grounds and the protestants broke into the building and took charge of the meeting.
     The members of the board of equalization soon left.

Property Values Hiked.
     The taxpayers then named a committee of ten representative citizens to revalue the property of the district. This work is to begin immediately. It is charged by the taxpayers that the equalization board hiked the value on property in the district from 100 to 500 per cent in their valuations for tax purposes this year.
     No damage was reported to the school building as a result of the taxpayers breaking in. No injuries resulted from the rioting.
     The taxpayers' group, at a meeting in the building after the disturbance, decided to hold a mass meeting at the schoolhouse to-morrow night at 8 o'clock, at which time tax values and other things pertaining to the school will be discussed
     The members of the equalization board are L. R. Arensman, Lawrence Jasper, W. B. Yopp, Louis Hancock and Buck Mitchell. The latter, one of the leading property owners in the district, left the meeting after the taxpayers broke into the building.

- August 9, 1937, Dallas Daily Times Herald, Sec. I, p. 4, col. 6.
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