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Numerous Small Thefts--A
Newsy Letter.

Special to the Times-Herald.
YLIE, Texas, June 12.-- ... A regular correspondent will, in future, keep the readers of the TIMES-HERALD posted on the various doings of Rylie and vicinity.
     After having left Rylie from where our correspondent's last letter was directed, the fair little village of Kleburg was visited in the interest of the people's papers. The business interests of Kleburg are looked after by the genial Dick Elam and J. O. Prewitt, the capable editor of the Pigmy.
     Mr. G. T. Prewitt and family are in Washington. Mr. Prewitt having accepted a position as clerk in the war department.
Messrs. A. J. Sullivan, A. J. Keith and M. G. Glinn were elected school trustees for the ensuing year.
     Mrs. E. L. Watson, aged 83, who was visiting relatives at this place, died a few days ago. She had been a member of the Methodist church 65 years.
     Kleburg has in the person of Capt. H.[?] Soppitt, one of the few followers of the anomalous teachings of Tolstoi. Born in the great city of London, he came to this country to escape the---what he terms--disgusting servility of the lower classes to the aristocracy. Becoming a citizen of the United States, he joined the ranks of Democracy, of which he is a staunch supporter. The captain lives in a cosy blue painted cottage in which is a well stocked library replete with standard works on political economy. Beside his gate is erected a flag staff, and when there is a death in the community, the stars and stripes is fluttered at half mast. There is one day the captain celebrates, the fourth of July. He says the T
IMES-HERALD is the only exponent of Democracy pure and simple that is published in the city of Dallas.
     This is a great wood centre, and there is a miniature Wall street on Cottonwood avenue in Kleburg. Even the small boy speculates in wood.
     After having added quite a number of subscribers to the list of the T
IMES-HERALD readers, and receiving a parting injunction to bring a lot of "fodder seed the next time you come," your correspondent boarded the Trunk for Seago, but, as R. Kipling would say, that is part of another story.

- June 12, 1891, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 6, col. 1-2.
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Queer Place for Nest--Personal

Special to the Times-Herald.
LEBURG, Tex., July 24.--Mr. M. P. Dennis of Johnson county is in Kleburg looking after his farm.
     Mr. Frank Mullin of Kansas, who has purchased the Hoya tract of land, is staying with Mr. S. H. Cumby.
     A wren has built a nest and hatched a brood of young birds on the bureau of Capt. Soppitt's sitting room.
     Mr. J. R. Cox is digging a well for the postmaster.
     Mrs. Harris, daughter of J. H. Sullivan, whose husband died near Dallas last week, is moving to her father's.

- July 24, 1891, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 1, col. 2.
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Kleburg Locals.

Special to the Times-Herald.
LEBURG, Nov. 7.--Business was never better in Kleburg.
     Mr. J. R. Cox is moving into Mr. Parks' house to-day.
     Farmers are pretty well through gathering their crops.
     Mr. David Witcher has moved to Kleburg.
     Our school, conducted by Prof. J. M. Hicks, is not as well attended as it should be. Children within the scholastic age should not be kept in the cotton field while a teacher is drawing wages for giving them instructions.
     Dr. J. E. Baldwin has about recovered from his late illness.

- November 9, 1891, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 1, col. 3.
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Real Estate Transfers.

     E. M. Forelines and wife to S. A. Erwin, lot 1, block 11, Kleburg, $60.
     J. A. Campbell and wife to E. M. Forelines, lot 1, block 11, Kleburg, $60.

- March 31, 1893, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 3, col. 3.
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     George F. Prewitt, one of the clerks injured in the wreck of Ford's old theatre building at Washington, yesterday, is a Dallas county boy. His home is at Kleburg, where his brother is a well known merchant. John A. Nevins, who had a miraculous escape from death, was appointed from Denison a year ago.

- June 10, 1893, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 1, col. 6.
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Added March 25, 2004:

     Rosa Kleburg to W. M. Humphrey, January 10, 1895, part of Robert Kleburg survey, $350.

- January 24, 1895, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 6, col. 1-2.
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Added April 17, 2004:



And Both Debtor and Creditor Go to Jail.
A Severe Blow at the Credit
System in That

     Justice Lauderdale's Court was occupied all day long yesterday with the case of H. C. Hampton, an old man from Kleburg, charged with using loud and profane language and chasing W. F. Allison with an axe.
     The testimony developed the facts that Hampton had a board bill of $1 against Allison, and that he sent for Allison and asked when he meant to pay it. Allison, it seems, found some difficulty in finding an answer to the question, when Hampton flew into a rage and proceeded to apply to him language that was shockingly profane, and wound up by gathering up an axe and chasing Allison, who took refuge in a corn crib, and from this secure retreat, he proceeded to do a little "cussing," himself.
     Hampton then had Allison before the Justice of the Peace in that neighborhood, who fined him $50, and, in default of payment, sent him to the Dallas jail.
     But, before he was arrested, Allison went before the same Justice of the Peace and wished to have Hampton arrested, but finding that Hampton had got in ahead of him, he took a change of venue and made his complaint before Justice Lauderdale, of Dallas.
     Nearly all the population of Kleburg and Riley were here as fact or character witnesses.
     Hampton was stuck for $75, and in default of the cash, went to jail to keep company with Allison.
     If it takes all this trouble, expense and circus to collect a dollar, the credit system will surely go out of fashion as soon as money gets in circulation again.
     Kleburg will lost cast as a summer resort with such rigid board-bill regulations.

- March 26, 1895, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 1, col. 7.
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Added May 6, 2004:

     J. A. Campbell and wife to J. O. Pruitt, lots 1, 2 and 3, block 8 of Kleburg, $50.
     Charles Shelton and wife to J. O. Pruitt, April 21, 1892, lots 4 and 5, block 8 of Kleburg, $40.

- April 18, 1895, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 6, col. 1-2.
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Frame Work of Structure is Already
Up--Large Force of Carpenters
at Work.

     Kleburg is to have a new school house within the next few weeks. The school district there voted a bond issue for the building in January and the contract was let several weeks later. Professor A. L. Clyton, principal of the school, who was in the city yesterday, says that the framework of the structure has been completed and that a large force of carpenters are at work putting up the walls.
     It is hoped to move into the new building before the close of the present school term.

- March 5, 1911, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 7, col. 2.
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