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Town Improvements.

    That classic edifice, known as the Old Drug Store, one of the oldest structures in town, has left its hallowed spot, and is removed to a less public quarter. Tribulation hath for several years, been seated on its walls, and now the Vandal hand of improvement has raised its foundations.   An unsightly object for so long a time, it has been a matter of surprise that it was permitted to occupy so desirable a site.  Soon, a handsome building, 40 feet front on the public square will fill its place, and the memories that clung around the old Drug store will become a matter of history with the inhabitants of our town.  Every one seems to be delighted at its removal, and soon new associations of an equally interesting character will be formed around the new Building.  Thus, old things pass away, and new ones usurp their places.  The march of improvement might be extended to other localities around the square, until several other dilapidated objects were removed.
    Many new buildings are being erected, and others are still in prospect.  We are pleased to mark these evidences of prosperity; and ere long Dallas will vie with any town in the State in the number of its elegant houses, both public and private.
    The Art Saloon and the Sampson Corners are both admirable locations for public houses, but, at present, are rather unsightly places.  When they become occupied, our public square will be one of the handsomest in the country.

- January 11, 1860, Dallas Weekly Herald, page 3, col. 1.

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