Marriages/Divorces, Dallas County, Texas, 1918-1930 (Incomplete)

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Fourteenth District Court.

Hon. Kenneth Foree, Judge.


G. Baldwin vs. N. M. Baldwin, divorce.
Mrs. Lena McNeely vs. W. B. McNeely, divorce.

Forty-Fourth District Court.
Hon. E. B. Muse, Judge.


Irene Johnson vs. Henry Johnson, divorce.

Sixty-Eighth District Court.
Hon. W. F. Whitehurst, Judge.


Anna Dodgers [Rodgers] vs. Tom Rodgers, divorce.

- March 16, 1919, Dallas Daily Times Herald, Sec. I, p. 5, col. 1.
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     H. J. Colbreath and Miss Helen Brown.
     Fred L. Thomasson and Mrs. Mary Moore.
     Linden P. Snell and Miss Ouida Ward.
     G. M. Spivey and Mrs. Etta M. McLane.
     T. L. Payne and Miss Eunice Ora Peacock.
     Ada Patterson and Miss Laura A. Johnson.
     D. W. Hendrick and Miss Virginia Crane.
     A. P. Foster and Miss Winfrey Moore.
     Lige DeMoss and Miss Sassie Sisee[?].
     Riley B. Barnes and Miss Eula Fay Stevenson.
     Edwin Ball and Mrs. Mary Green.
     Albert Spencer Ackerman and Miss Zhela Evelyn Mound.
     R. A. Green and Miss Mary B. Walker.
     Joe Grandie and Miss Marguerite I. Taylor.
     Earnest Hall and Hazel Owens.
     C. E. Lewis and Miss Willie Mae Garner.
     L. E. Lyold and Miss Irene Benton.
     Fred Marsh and Miss Donie Padgett.
     Grady Sealy and Miss Hattie Lewis.
     Glenn G. Wilson and Miss Maybelle Ross.
     Pleas Reed and Lula Sennett.
     A. C. Prince and Carrie Wynn.

- March 16, 1919, Dallas Daily Times Herald, Sec. I, p. 18, col. 2.
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     H. B. Harris and Miss Helen Starr.
     Albert R. Irby and Miss Martha Strickland.
     Hicks Meyers and Laura Stephens.
     C. E. Painter and Mrs. Clarke Griffin.
     Clifton A. Anderson and Miss Gladys Coyle.
     Archie L. Adams and Mrs. Florence Solby.
     Edgar D. Shields and Miss Rosamary Seeber.
     R. W. Castleberry and Miss Ella Heath.
     C. W. Myers and Miss Rita Dennis.
     J. W. Kaough and Miss Marie G. Zerega.
     Lucian V. La Taste, Jr. and Miss Verda V. Isham.
     W. F. Hamner and Miss Martha Louise Iler.
     T. W. Stalnaker and Miss Ella Belle Myers.
     Nugent Lacy and Tennessee Yount.
     Sam Cephus and Lizzie Williams.
     Tom Orman and Lucile B. Davis.
     Lloyd Smith and Bertie Gray.
     Jack Hefley and Miss Leta Terry.
     O'Byrne Cox and Miss Birdie C. Swindler.
     Joe Palan and Miss Mary Ganek.
     W. W. Ruth and Miss Mable Snyder.
     Robert Pink Rainey and Miss Lurline Byrd.
     Henry Pippel and Mrs. Ida H. Jamiron[?]/Jamison[?].
     M. T. Russell and Miss Mamie Adell Parker.
     Eustace W. Owen and Miss Myrtle Emerson.
     Thomas Jefferson Cope and Mrs. Mary Effie Landers.
     Vern Otto Newton and Miss Winnifred May Jennings.
     L. O. Joplin and Miss Martha Elizabeth House.
     F. K. Cresswell and Miss Helen Hill.
     Carl N. Jackson and Miss Margaret E. Wilson.
     Richard Jones and Miss Bertha Curry.
     W. K. Van Slyck and Miss Anna Louise Craig.
     Bernie C. Wylie and Miss Mary Lurline Franklin Flint.

- January 1, 1920, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 3, col. 7.
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     Charles Dawkins and Ida Whitlow.
     Barry Thomas and Anna Edwards.
     Elihu McGuire and Annie Lee Hawkins.
     Harry Gilder and Mildred E. Evans.
     J. H. Coleman and Addie Bartee.
     R. D. Allen and Miss Annie Elizabeth Heard.
     T. J. Love and Mrs. L__ra Elliott.
     Glen Reese[?] and Miss Reta Hughes.
     Edgar Bellums[?] and Miss Nora Betley.
     Edward Voorhies and Miss Nora Perry.
     J. D. Roe and Miss Lucille Driver.

- January 13, 1920, Dallas Daily Times Herald, Sec. I, p. 8, col. 3.
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Marriage Licenses.

     W. R. Newton and Mrs. Ruth Collins.
     Ralph Brignon and Miss Gertrude Daniels.
     J. W. Carpenter and Miss Evelyn Basquette.
     James Eugene Hill and Miss Mary Belle Cheely.
     John M. Hengy and Miss Lillian Strom.
     J. L. Griffin and Miss Dorothy LaRue Newton.

- October 22, 1921, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 3, col. 4.
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Marriage Licenses

     S. A. Anderson and Bessie Johnson.
     J. L. Jarvis and Miss Mary F. Stewart.
     W. J. Elmo Parkinson and Miss Nola Pearl Millican.
     Sam Davis and Mrs. Maude Fisher.
     W. E. Newman and Miss Billie H. Weaver.
     Oscar Anderson and Lidia Washington.
     F. W. Stegman and Mrs. Viola Kyle.
     C. W. Meeker and Miss Inez Robinson.
     Doss[?] Turner and Luvella Brown.
     A. L. Slaughter and Miss Lula Mae Bonner[?].
     Will McDonald and Elvie Lewis.
     L. J. Smith and Onella Plesson[?].
     J. S. Herfurth and Mrs. Nacy[?] Cora Scott.
     Wendel Kizzie[?] and Alma Graham.
     Edson Levern Nine[?] and Miss Dorothy May McCord.
     Robert Tom Duncan and Miss Retta Hellner.

- October 25, 1921, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 7, col. 3.
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Marriage Licenses.

     Jerry Green and Bessie Roseborough.
     C. E. Kleinpeter and Miss Alda Welch.
     E. O. Moore and Miss Docie Bell.
     Farrar H. Cobb and Miss Edith Skinner.
     Ed Holden and Miss Maud Runger.
     H. B. Taylor and Miss Helen Marie Vogel.
     J. H. Linzey and Lula Jackson.
     J. E. Trammell and Miss Alma Irene Adkins.
     Walter B. McJuroe[?] and Miss Elizabeth Owen.

- October 27, 1921, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 3, col. 1.
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     A. L. Ausmus, charged with wife desertion, pleaded not guilty Friday morning, and after state's evidence had been heard, Judge T. A. Work instructed the jury to return a verdict of "Not guilty."

- October 28, 1921, Dallas Daily Times Herald, Sec. I, p. 13, col. 1.
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Marriage Licenses.

     James M. Sheridan and Miss Orlene Fooshee.
     Willie Adams and Birdie Tompkins.
     George Henderson and Linetto Curtendorff.
     C. H. Brooks and Elnora Moore.
     Jesse Hunn and Corinne Patton.
     Walter Young and Clarice Montgomery.
     George Hamilton and Ruth Johnson.
     W. H. Slater and Miss Elizabeth Lewis.
     A. G. Wartman and Miss Sybil M. Nance.

- October 28, 1921, Dallas Daily Times Herald, Sec. II, p. 12, col. 3.
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Marriage Licenses.

     Alton P. Boyett and Miss Lucy K. Elkins.
     John L. Brown and Miss Edna Lee Armstrong.
     Wylmot S. Peace and Miss Bertha Dougherty.
     R. A. Winn and Miss Opal Slater.
     E. H. Slay and Mrs. Dorothy Johnson.
     Robert B. McQueen and Miss Fleta Terrell.
     Walter F. Raymond and Miss Homer Lee McAdams.
     George S. McGuire and Miss Genevieve Anderson.
     Maximmo Zamoramo and Mrs. Eura Martinez.
     Fodora Hernandez and Miss Patricinia Bargar.
     Paul Eugene Ashley and Miss Lula Bella Williams.
     Manuel Rodreguez and Miss Jesus Cardenas.
     Fred E. Sheppard and Miss Johnnnie Dora Marcum.
     J. L. Davis and Miss Bell Corrine Houston.
     James B. McMahon and Mrs. Dorothy Mills.

- October 29, 1921, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 3, col. 5.
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Marriage Licenses.

     Adolphus Martin and Frances Hendricks, Dallas.
     R. L. Clark and Miss Irma Mannings, Dallas.
     W. P. Bockem and Miss Delma Burge, Dallas.
     Allen H. Marshall and Mozell King, Muskogee, Ok.
     Eugene F. Lloyd and Miss Dortha E. Kelsey, Dallas.
     A. Fanette and Miss Grace Webster, Dallas.
     Glenn C. Hancock and Miss Minnie Doll Perry, Dallas.
     Dailey Sandefer and Miss Martha Oehlke, Garland.
     Robert Johnson and Elizabeth Reese, Dallas.

- April 4, 1924, Dallas Daily Times Herald, Sec. II, p. 11, col. 4.
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Marriage Licenses.

     Matt Clark and Miss Lois Etta Morris, Dallas.
     A. J. Bonner and Mamie C. Lister, Dallas.
     H. C. Hale and Miss Vida Francis, Fort Worth.
     George Taylor and Ernestine Davis, Grand Prairie.
     Eddie Wyatt and Louie [Louise?] M. Hawkins, Carrollton.
     Fred A. Martin and Miss Ruth Coenes, Dallas.
     R. R. Ludwick and Mrs. Bernice Tankersley, Dallas.
     J. E. Lee and Miss Bertha O. Orahood, Dallas.
     A. T. Leigh and Miss Mary Loise Campbell, Dallas.
     Morris Hughes and Miss Habel [Mabel?] Marie Warren, Dallas.
     John Gusman and Miss Nellie McSwain, Dallas.
     Mark Goss and Miss Gladys Dunlap, Dallas.
     John R. Good and Miss Hester J. Pendergrass, Farmers Branch.
     J. R. Gateley and Miss Florine Moses, Dallas.
     Edwin Fricker and Miss Bertha Armbruster, ,Dallas
     Fred H. Denison and Miss Dorothy Milliken, Atlanta, Ga.
     D. S. Davis and Miss Maggie Marie Coates, Dallas.
     Ben Crouch and Lera Jones, Crandall.
     Sam Cole and Rosalee Thomas, Dallas.
     C. T. Bushon and Mrs. Anna Bell Shaw, Dallas.
     Auda Barry and Miss Hazel Knight, Dallas.
     G. D. Young and Miss Iolye Reynolds, Dallas.
     Marion F. Webster and Miss Mattalee Simons, Dallas.
     C. W. Ward and Miss Lillian Goforth, Brownsville.
     Fleet Wallace and Ola Mason, Dallas.
     I. O. Talkington and Miss Margaret Lucile Moore, Dallas.
     Lonnie Rush and Mrs. S. E. Malone, Dallas.
     Frank Rice and Miss Blanche T. Tipps, Dallas.
     E. M. Pressley and Miss Jean P. Bounds, Alexandria, La.
     Lonzo Parker and Alla Belle Scott, Dallas.
     Earl Murphy and Miss Helen Ruth Gierzzelle, Dallas.
     H. A. Miller and Miss Ruby Triplett, Dallas.
     W. J. McCommas, and Miss Ora Brown, Dallas.
     H. L. Lowrey and Mrs. Sadie Catherine Lawrence, Dallas.
     L. W. Eubank and Mrs. Ona Gilchrist, Dallas.
     J. R. Towers and Miss Naomi Maher, Dallas.
     J. A. Carpenter and Miss Carrie Cooper, College Station.
     Lamar Howell and Miss Leta Doss[?], Dallas
     S. Frank Chappell and Alice Chambers, Houston.
     Marion Thompson and Miss Floyd Dawson, Rockwall.
     Alvin Bonner and Mrs. Maggie S. Pollard, Dallas.
     Horace Holmes and Augusta Canaday, Forney.
     Harry Lynn Cooper and Miss Frances Marie Coleman, St. Louis, Mo.
     T. O. Purser, Jr. and Miss Virginia Aaron, Dallas.
     Clarence M. Carroll and Miss Tenna Belle Moser, Dallas.
     Francis Easter Martin and Miss Katie Ruth Thomas, Corsicana.
     Oma Moss and Miss Mertha Arrendale, Thurber.
     J. Lloyd Griffiths and Miss Blanch Blakeley, Dallas.
     M. T. Blume and Miss Mayme Ellis, Turkey.
     Ardie Earl Cobb and Miss Bessie Christian, Dallas.
     Leslie C. White and Miss Alice May Davidson, Dallas.
     C. P. Pool and Miss Alice Parson, Dallas.
     Preston Wilbanks and Miss Lola Pearl Wynne, Mesquite.
     W. W. McCruder and Miss Alice V. Hansen, Greensburg, Pa.
     Ona Witherspoon and Miss Mia Sipes, Dallas.

- December 25, 1928, Dallas Daily Times Herald, Sec. I, p. 9, col. 2.
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Marriage Intentions.

     Notices of intention to marry have been filed at the office of County Clerk D. C. Whiteley, by the following:
     Allen Lauwery Sexton, Terrell, and Miss Regina Swirl, Dallas.
     Castro M. France, Dallas, and Miss Barbara Gonzalez, Dallas.
     Fred Morton, Dallas, and Miss Thelma Gay, Dallas.
     Bryan Rudolph Collins, Dallas, and Miss Lucille Spencer, Kaufman.
     Robert Estinade, Dallas, and Mrs. Minnie Clapp, Dallas.
     M. E. Murphy, Dallas, and Miss Florence Schill, Fort Worth.

Licenses Issued.

     Marion C. Andrews, Dallas, and Zepher Jackson, Dallas.
     G. L. Dopes[?], Dallas, and Miss Ruth Bullock, Dallas.
     W. B. Branson, Ennis, and Mrs. Myrtle Branson, Dallas.
     Ralph Frank Sanders, Dallas, and Miss Ruth Elinor Rogers, Dallas.
     Gordon Baird, Dallas, and Miss Doris Jones, Dallas.

- August 1, 1930, Dallas Daily Times Herald, Sec. IV, p. 8, col. 3.
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Marriage Intentions.

Notices of intention to marry have been filed at the office of
County Clerk D. C. Whiteley by the following:

     W. A. Calfee, Dallas, and Miss Elizabeth Reese, Dallas.
     John William Horn, Dallas, and Miss Myrtle Beatrice Wade, Dallas.
     C. O. Morris, Jr., Dallas, and Miss Alma Lu Rankin, Dallas.

Licenses Issued.

     A. Wilkins Garner, Dallas, and Miss Marian Milam, Dallas.
     Dumas McCory, Dallas, and Mrs. Mary Norsworthy, Dallas.
     Eldridge Elmore, Dallas, and Miss Juanita Marberry, Carrollton.
     William C. Yantis, Dallas, and Miss Virginia Bertha Irwin, Dallas.
     William Bruce Yantis, New York City, and Miss Ernestine Bauman, Dallas.
     T. W. Hines, Jr., Dallas, and Mrs. G. S. Koehler, Dallas.

- August 2, 1930, Dallas Daily Times Herald, Sec. I, p. 2, col. 3.
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