Marriages/Divorces, Dallas County, Texas, 1931-36 (Incomplete)

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Marriage Intentions

Notices of intention to marry have been filed at the office
of County Clerk J. E. Fisher by the following couples:

     Lawrence E. Shea, Dallas, and Miss Elizabeth Wagner, Dallas.
     Lee Partain, Fort Worth, and Miss Grayce Wylie, Fort Worth.
     Travis Clark, Dallas, and Annie Lee Williams, Dallas.
     N. L. Lewis, Dallas, and Mattie L. Stevenson, Dallas.
     Web M. Sowden, Dallas, and Miss Lucile M. McEvoy, Dallas.
     Edwin Pickett, Dallas, and Miss Virginia Minter, Dallas.
     Carl R. Smith, Dallas, and Miss Imogene Loyd, Dallas.
     Sam Scott, Dallas, and Lucile Johnson, Dallas.
     Leon Navarro, Dallas, and Miss Minnie Garey, Dallas.
     Richard Cole Rancier, Dallas, and Miss Ruth Brandon, Velasco.
     Dudley Edwards, Dallas, and Miss Marie Combs, Irving.
     E. L. Vinson, Dallas, and Miss Beulah Doss, Dallas.


     G. A. Murphy, Carrollton, and Annie B. Boswell, Carrollton.
     Richard Norman, Dallas, and Nettie Nickerson, Dallas.
     J. J. Rinehart, Dallas, and Miss Mary Lee Swift, Dallas.
     J. M. Black, Dallas, and Miss Thelma Ahm, Dallas.
     G. W. Boone[?], Dallas, and Mrs. Mary Behr, Dallas.
     Barney E. Coburn, Coppell, and Miss Hazel Ruth Wells, Coppell.
     W. P. Glamery, Dallas, and Miss Selma Holder, Dallas.
     Stanley Wales Preston, Chapel Hill, N. C., and Miss Ruth Estill Hamill, Dallas.
     Edgar F. Putman, Amarillo, and Miss Elsie Mae Luttrell, Arlington.
     Roscoe Reagan, Dallas, and Jessie Newman, Dallas.
     W. A. Tipton, Dallas, and Miss Margaret A. McMath, Dallas.
     Harry F. Trammell, Dallas, and Miss Mae Walker, Dallas.
     Joseph Vercher, Crandall, and Miss Juanita Crow, Crandall.
     Marvin Greenlee[?], Dallas, and Miss Ava Brewer, Dallas.
     H. J. Johnson, Dallas, and Earline Simms, Dallas.

- June 16, 1931, The Dallas Morning News, Section I, p. 7, col. 6.
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Local Courts
Forty-Fourth District Court

Hon. Towne Young, Judge.


Helen Keith vs. Jim Keith, divorce.

101st District Court
Hon. Claude McCallum, Judge.

Annie Mae Locke vs. Virgle N. Locke, divorce; granted.
H. E. King vs. Mildred King, divorce; granted.

116th District Court
Hon. Robert B. Allen, Sr., Judge.

Mary R. Foster vs. James Foster, divorce; granted.
Elsie Johnsen vs. Ingvald Johnsen, divorce; granted.


Mrs. Mollie Levy vs. A. Levy, divorce.
Nell Snow vs. Joe Snow, divorce.

Hon. W. M. Taylor, Special Judge.

Velma Doris Wood vs. Frank E. Wood, divorce; granted.


Gertrude Bryant vs. A. E. Bryant, divorce.

Hon. Royall R. Watkins, Judge.

Divorces were granted in the following cases:

Asenith[?] Morris vs. C. E. Morris
Aliva Edwards Scott vs. Clennan S. Scott
Blanche H. Ward vs. Louis P. Ward
Clara White vs. Ernest White
Bethe Bloodworth vs. Henry Bloodworth

The following divorce cases were dismissed:

H. H. Clark vs. Elsie Clark
Katharine Hickman vs. W. D. Hickman
Druey Stedham vs. Houston H. Stedham
Alma Hammett vs. Howard C. Hammett
Minnie Wade vs. W. C. Wade
J. A. Rhodes vs. Katie Rhodes
Garfield Patterson vs. Altheir Patterson
Hazel Roscoe vs. Henry Roscoe
Juliette Spry vs. W. A. Spry
Jonta Hathcock vs. Fred L. Hathcock
Janette B. Sikes vs. Charles R. Sikes
Bessie Gilliam vs. James Gilliam
Pheba Pierce vs. E. G[?]. Pierce
Catherine Franklin vs. Eugene Franklin
L. M. Bell vs. Virine Bell
Josephine Cope vs. W. N. Cope
Lana Groske vs. W. F. Groske
Ella Ruth Ford vs. Robert Fort
Isiah Giles vs. Minnie Giles
Mary G. Bedwell vs. T. C. Bedwell
Louise Rugo vs. Aldred W. Rugo
Jettie May Mathis vs. Lester Mathis
Edna Ueckert vs. E. C. Ueckert
Maxine Annette Irey vs. F. D. Irey
Agnes Hargrove vs. Jewel M. Hargrove
Irma Day vs. L. H. Day
B. L. Young vs. Blanche Young
Irma Lindsey vs. F. B. Lindsey
Alta Neal vs. T. E. Neal
Eunice Peckham vs. Samuel Chester Peckham
Ruby E. Hood vs. Delbert Burrus Hood
Annie Dees vs. R. N. Dees.


Maxine Harris vs. E. W. Harris, divorce.

- June 16, 1931, The Dallas Morning News, Section I, p. 9, col. 2-5.
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Marriage Intentions

     Notices of intention to marry have been filed at the office of County Clerk, J. E. Fisher by the following couples:

     Phillip Peace, Dallas, and Ethel Hanley Dabney, Dallas.
     Rex V. Boone, Forney, and Mrs. Lilly Mills Cox, San Angelo.
     James C. Huddleson, Dallas, to Miss Mary Alice Lankford, Dallas.
     Charles Lee Crum, Dallas, and Miss Dorothy Leah Reed, Dallas.
     E. J. Webb, Dallas, and Miss N. M. Pace, Dallas.
     J. D. McCormick, Dallas, and Rhoda Bryant, Dallas.
     Ben A. Gately, Dallas, and Mrs. Trythenia[?] Carroll, Dallas.
     Comente Edmond, Dallas, and Carrie Johnson, Dallas.
     Clifford Durden, Dallas, and Nadine Morgan, Dallas.


     A. R. Misemer, Dallas, and Miss Glee[?]/Cloe[?] McDearmont, Dallas.
     Travis Bush, Dallas, and Miss Thelma Blakeney, Corsicana.
     Everett Sneed, Dallas, and Lonnie Alexander, Dallas.
     William Graham, Ferris, and Miss Julia Bowers, Seagoville.

- August 1, 1931, The Dallas Morning News, Section I, p. 4, col. 3.
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Marriage Intentions.

     Joe Parrish, Coppell, and Miss Eva Belle Thompson, Coppell.
     R. C. Blake, Dallas, and Miss Gladys Jane Speer, Dallas.
     W. T. Hodkinson, Dallas, and Miss Iva Lee Osborn, Dallas.
     Claude Feaster, Wylie, and Miss Stella Ishmael, Wylie.
     Herman Boettcher, Dallas, and Miss Dora Frank, Dallas.
     Joe G. Simmons, Dallas, and Miss Jane Farris Damon, Dallas.
     H. V. Daley, Dallas, and Miss Elizabeth Dellinger, Dallas.
     M. H. Kimberlin, Dallas, and Miss Jessie Roneita Claypool, Temple.
     Harry L. Atkinson, Oklahoma City, Ok., and Miss Viola Adele Cassidy, Dallas.

Licenses Issued.

     Don Caraway, Dallas, and Miss Frances Hensley, Dallas.
     Earle Haley, Dallas, and Miss Ruth Mae Aldrich, Dallas.
     Will B.[?]/R.[?] McDaniel, Dallas, and Miss Altha Hodge Metcalf, Dallas.

- June 1, 1932, Dallas Daily Times Herald, Sec. I, p. 4, col. 3.
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Marriage Intentions.

     G. W. Miller, Dallas, and Miss Verta Lee Martin, Argyle.
     Guspade Hurtado, Dallas, and Mrs. Mary Perez, Dallas.
     Albert J. Biggio, Dallas and Miss Evelyn Cason, Dallas.
     E. D. McLaughlin, Dallas, and Miss Mary Sue Baughn [Vaughn?], Vickery.
     J. E. Hubbard, Cedar Hill, and Miss Beatrice Tuley, Cedar Hill.
     James A. Rice, Dallas, and Miss Charlie Mae Davis, Dallas.
     Elmo Irion, Dallas, and Miss Marie Shields, Dallas.
     Gilbert R. Putman, Dallas, and Miss Irene Dorothy Murray, Dallas.
     F. E. Stewart, Dallas, and Vera Lincoln, Dallas.
     William Alexander, Dallas, and Carrie Jackson, Dallas.

Licenses Issued.

     B. Jack Winkles, Seagoville, and Miss Vera Hatchcock [Hathcock?], Ennis.
     J. H. Koehler, Dallas, and Mrs. Ruth Bishop, Dallas.
     Marlin Tompkins, Dallas, and Miss Martha Woodson, Dallas.
     J. Russell Smith, Dallas, and Miss Illene Harper, Dallas.
     Clarence Martin, Dallas, and Minnie Morris, Dallas.
     Thomas James Burke, Dallas, and Miss Marie Claire Irvine, Dallas.
     Glenn H. Waddell, Dallas, and Miss Olivia Caudel, Texarkana.
     J. E. Rush, Dallas, and Mrs. Bessie Johnson Welch, Dallas.
     William Miller Devereux, Dallas, and Miss Sally Mills Griffin, Kilgore.

- June 2, 1932, Dallas Daily Times Herald, Sec. II, p. 10, col. 2.
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Marriage Intentions.

P. S. Hurt, Dallas, and Miss Morene Sawyer, Dallas.
DeWitt Maurice Bell, Dallas, and Miss Opal Dotson, Dallas.
Otis C. Tyler, Dallas, and Evelyn Juanita Simmons, Dallas.
James Henry Walker, Dallas, and Vernice Wade, Giddings.
J. T. Gardner, Dallas, and Miss Marline Parker, Dallas.
Quincy Franklin Gaulden and Miss Irma Shipley, Rowlett.
J. C. Sample, Dallas, and Annie Mae Samuel, Dallas.
Roy L. Turner, Dallas, and Miss Dorine Higginbotham, Dallas.

Licenses Issued.

Tony Mentesana, Dallas, and Miss Mary Piccola, Dallas.

- June 3, 1932, Dallas Daily Times Herald, Sec. IV, p. 1, col. 3.
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Marriage Licenses

     J. W. Eaton, 802 South Montclair, and Miss Mertie Adeis, 414 Sunset.
     Willard Ward, 303 West Missouri, and Miss Melba Woods, Star Route No. 1, Oklahoma.
     J. C. Wells, Jr., Renner, and Miss Laura P.[?] Wallis, Richardson.
     J. E. Brown, 2615 Hooper, and Ella Williams, 2735 Bethuran.
     J. C. Williams, 5218 Richard, and Miss Mary V. Small, 215 North Polk.
     H. C. Van Pelt, 4215 Live Oak, and Miss Agnes E. Stevenson, 4215 Live Oak.
     H. M. Thacker, 4129 Bowser, and Miss Una F. Sheffield, 3925 Capitol.
     B. F. Johnson, 1020 Oak Cliff boulevard, and Miss Lois E. McWilliams, 2926 Peabody.
     R. C. Christian, 3717 South Central, and Christine Jones, Richardson.
     J. D. Waggoner, 3722 Kinelworth and Kathryn M. Boozer, Mineola.
     W. L. Bays, Lewisville, and Miss Mary C. Brooks, Grapevine.
     J. M. Parrish, 405 North Winnetka, and Miss Mildred Bethurum, 1016 King's highway.
     J. L. Abbott, San Antonio, and Miss Clorene E. Cole, 139 Melba.
     John Lewis, 1111 Nora, and Mary L. Smith, 831 North Betterton Circle.
     G. T. Burns, 2006 West Commerce, and Miss Frances Miers, Dallas.
     D. C. Childress, Ferris, and Miss Clara F. Gullick, Ferris.
     R. J. Crouch, Grand Prairie, and Miss Kathryn Bradford, Grand Prairie.
     William D. Wiseman, 1722 St. Louis, and Miss Kathleen Walker, 1917 North St. Paul.
     Virginius Dabney, Midlothian, and Miss Lillian N. Hogg, Mansfield.
     S. L. Myles, 1315 Bee, and Lillie Denson, 1311 Valley
     S. O. Johnson, Jr., Route 7, and Miss Christine Berry, Dallas.
     D. L. Power, Grand Prairie, and Miss Leona Trigg, Grand Prairie.

- June 17, 1934, The Dallas Morning News, Sec. II, p. 12, col. 2.
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Marriage Licenses.

     V. M. Dyer, Madrid, Iowa, and Miss Bernadine Carlson, Madrid, Iowa.
     Leon Shelton, Dalworth Park, and Lela Nance, Dalworth Park.
     Mrs. Lulu Blton Mudd, 1812 McMillan, and Henry Breaux, 4010 Commerce.
     Willie Green, 1137 Compton[?], and Bessie McGregory, Dallas.
     J. E. Bryan, Jr., Alexandria, La., and Miss Amelia Mills, 5103[?] Belmont.
     F. E. Pritchett, 2750 West Twelfth, and Miss Annie Marie Broyles, 2546 Gladstone.
     J. E. Cason, 4236 Buena Vista, and Mrs. Belle Pietrowsky[?], Denton.
     Thomas E. Foster, 1708 South Pearl, and Mrs. Kay Frazier[?], 1719 Cadiz.
     Grady Birchfield[?], Seagoville, and Miss Eva Lee Wagstaff, Seagoville.
     Russell H. White, Jr., Dallas, and Miss Katherine Williams, Dallas.
     James Pennington, Galveston and Miss Helen Niskala[?], Galveston.
     Fred Doright, 2104 Canton, and Daughter Denmon[?], 2110 Gibson.
     Lucian H. McCool, 3523 Mercedes, and Miss Frances Groseclose, Glendora Lane.
     James Franklin, Houston, and Marie Thomason, Houston.
     F. W. Lake, 3618 Cole, and Miss Grace Dean, Mesquite.
     H. E. Chamberlain, Mineral Wells, and Miss Bertha Praeger[?], Dallas.
     Sid G. Terry, 1418 West Tenth, and Miss Margaret Hughston, 5729 Belmont.
     Elmer Foster, 1708 South Pearl, and Miss Mary Bassett Gooch, 2717 Dawson.
     C. W. Beale, Jr., Longview, and Miss Doris Maxine Libby[?], 5728 Worth.
     Joe M. Mosby, 2336 North Henderson, and Miss Marie[?] Louise Harris[?], 1923 McKinney.
     Richard Erdle, 3503 Normandy, and Mrs. May Bailey, 801 West Eighth.
     Johnie Madino, Ferris, and Elizabeth Clark, Ferris.
     L. C. Early, Waco, and Mrs. Louise Dillard, Waco.
     Paul W. Studebaker, 309 North Clinton, and Miss Marjorie A. Hodges[?], Dayton, Ohio.

- June 25, 1936, Dallas Daily Times Herald,
Sec. II, p. 14, col. 1.
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Marriage Licenses.

     F. L. Dorsey, 2115 Boll, and Mandy Earl Williams, 2607[?] Guillot.
     J. D. Hougue, 1714 South Lamar, and Miss Sylvia Marie Wayt, 1916[?] Corinth.
     Milton Brown, 1702[?] Crockett, and Mrs. Aline Vinson, 1309 Bellview.
     L. E. Haynes, Duncanville, and Miss Dorothy Thornton, Ovilla.
     F. A. Walker, 908 Dale, and Miss Lois Self, 321 Crawford.
     Virgil Shelton, 1910[?] Leland, and Mrs. Agnes Jewell Smith, 2101[?] Oak Lawn.
     Eulon Rice, 116 North Washington, and Miss Lois Sanders, 623 South Fitzhugh.
     W. M. Clark, Denison, and Miss Cora Lynn Patterson, Sherman.
     Joe Coleman, Waco, and Miss Grace Moore, Wellington.
     Ray Williams, 3615
1/2 Washington, and Gladys Mays, 3615 1/2 Washington.
     C. H. Surls, 5008 East Grand, and Miss Imogene Ma__hen[?], Lancaster.
     W. H. McMann, 507 North Carroll, and Miss Mildred Ruth Mann, 200 North Willomet.
     C. W. Althoff, Irving, and Miss Pauline Milara, Irving.
     John H. McMahon, Cliff Towers, and Miss Christine Elizabeth Lamb, 4155 Wycliff.
     Lee Jackson, 1318 Royal, and Miss Dollie Valdes, 1715 Bannock.
     Chaney C. Anderson, Irving, and Miss Vera Haley, Irving.
     P. M. Gaddy, Fort Worth, and Miss Mozelle Hill, Fort Worth.
     Sylveston Blakeley, Ferris, and Emily Hames[?]/Hanes[?], 2937[?] Bethurum.
     William Taylor, 2822
1/2[?] State, and Cloiral[?] Fry, 2822 1/2 State.
     William Towery[?], 3615 Mayo, and Cordelia Driver, 3815 Mayo.
     C. H. Stiles, 721 Lipscomb, and Miss Alice H. Dellitt, 319 West Tenth.
     P. E. Wigby, 3034 East Potomac, and Miss Ruth Cochran, 4316
1/2 Gaston.
     Dr. James H. Groceclose[?], Jr., Dallas Methodist Hospital, and Miss Cleo Mae Chickering, Alexandria, La.
     J. C. Bailey, 1131 East Twelfth, and Miss Inez Crowell, 800 South Ewing.
     B.[?]/R.[?] A. Wing, 5311 Monticello, and Miss Joan Elizabeth Burlew, 6045 Bryan Parkway.
     Bob Cone, 1010 North Zang, and Miss Evelyn Beck, 1917 North Henderson.
     Jack Mullins, Bennett Road, and Miss Mary Frances Talty, Little Rock, Ark.
     J. R. Stone, Vickery, and Miss Stella Margaret Simmons, 2611 Cedar Springs.
     Jean St. Cloud, 714 Buckalew, and Miss Hazel Jean Pittman, 831 Page.
     R. P. Mamric[?], Cedar Hill, and Mrs. Kate J. Rowe, Vickery.
     H. C. Pannell, 1010 South Lamar, and Miss Maude Lee Meadows, 1514 McKee.
     Fred Perry, Fort Worth, and Miss Belle Oneal, Fort Worth.
     R. L. Rubbles, 4518 Gurley, and Ernestine Love, 1517 McKenzie.
     Louis Deasel, Houston, and Miss Lillian Kendall, Houston.
     W. L. Pardue, Ferris, and Mrs. Winifred Howard, 803 Buckalew.
     Thomas Snyder, 408 West Seventh, and Miss Inez Gafford, 211 Melba.
     W. W. King, Arlington, and Miss Irene Glass, Farmersville.
     G. D. Stepter, Jr., 1302 South Fitzhugh, and Miss Jacqueline Frehner, Shreveport.

- August 12, 1936, Dallas Daily Times Herald,
Sec. II, p. 14, col. 2.
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Many Residents
Of Other States
Marry in Dallas

     That Cupid has been darting around the Texas Centennial and striking often among out-of-state visitors, is evident from the records here of Marriage License Clerk O. M. Crossett.
     Since June 6, opening date of the exposition, 1,061 licenses have been issued. Of that number, 269 were to persons living outside of Dallas County, and most of them out of state.

- August 11, 1936, Dallas Daily Times Herald,
Sec. II, p. 12, col. 6.
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