Marriages/Divorces, Dallas County, Texas, 1938-40 (Incomplete)

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Marriage Licenses

Ed H. Steger, County Clerk.
O. H. Crosset, Deputy.

     Frank Clark, Hutchins, and Gussie Mae Pratt, Hutchins.
     M. D. Miller, Fort Worth, and Miss Mae Porter, Wichita Falls.
     J. D. Richardson, 4339 Spring, and Rosa Mae English, 232_ Fairmount.
     J. __. Collins, 2_12 Grand, and Miss Chlotilde Nelson, 2422 Peabody.
     M. T. Vinson, 5_26 East Grand, and Miss Mary Rully[?] Davis, 2_19 Gould.
     Landry Temple[?], Garland, and Irma Anderson, Garland.
     K. E. Gibbs, 1_06 Georgia, and Miss Pruda B. Taylor, 616 East Twelfth.
     A. F. Cook, 425 West Seventh, and Miss Lucy Crow, 613 North Vernon.
     Jos[?] Jackson, 5616 Lakewood, and Pauline Mitchell, 5608 Worth.
     Theo Wright, Carrollton, and Miss Addie Belle Hood, Lewisville.

- August 19, 1938, The Dallas Morning News,
Sec. I, p. 12, col. 5.
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 Marriage Licenses

Ed. H. Steger, County Clerk.

     Louis Salazar, Route 6, and Miss Julia Martinez, Route 6.
     Verdie Thomas, Dallas, and Delois Stewart, Dallas.
     R. C. Stinson, 2414 Macon, and Miss Bernice Williams, 2822 McDermit.
     J. W. Ttea[?], 2551 Emmett, and Miss Dorothy Murry, 815 Georgia.
     V. R. Hitzfeld, 400 Eads, and Miss Reva Lee Vady, 406 Eads.
     J. H. Lyle, Ennis, and Miss Christine Margaret Anderson, Waxahachie.
     R. B. Stanley, Route 3, and Miss Estelle P. Pinson, Route 3.
     D. I. Moore, 5419 Gaston, and Miss Norma Yide Greenwood, 212 S. Marlborough.
     D. C. Harris, 2508 Gould, and Miss Ola Mae Craphagan, 1315 Sanger.
     George Lewis, 3923 Lattimer, and Dorothy Salina Parchman, Dallas.
     H. C. Sumrow, 2819 Carlisle, and Miss Helen Brick, 2830 Birmingham.
     Sylvester Huckaby, 2812 S. Harwood, and Lillie Belle Davis, 2812 Harwood.
     A. E. Blackwell, Grand Prairie, and Miss Virginia Emeline Johnston, Grand Prairie.
     L. W. Adams, Jr., 4000 Hawthorne, and Miss Lucy Ferris Brown, 4000 Hawthorne.
     Jerry Lang, 4520 Butie, and Mae Lee Anderson, 1719 North Haskell.
     Harvey Stenchel, 632 South Denley Drive, and Ruth Ella Duffy, 1302 Glidden.
     H. A. Berd, 611 S. Beacon, and Miss Alberta Irene Thompson, 3016 Gaston.
     Tolliver Lewis, 3811 Thomas, and Annie Belle Davidson, 6703 Victoria.
     Leonard Herron, 605 North Ervay, and Miss Mary Trotter, Santa Fe, New Mexico.
     G. W. Ray, Van Alstyne, and Miss Julia Jackson, Van Alstyne.
     Harvey Graves, 3908 Holmes, and Miss Sallie Myrtle Cummins, Rice.
     Ray Gill, 4501 Sycamore, and Miss Juanita Passon, Rockwall.
     Mose Young, Fort Worth, and Z. N. Williams, Fort Worth.
     E. A. Riley, 4006 Penelope, and Miss Ora Mae Threadgill, 3200 Colonial.
     Jack Peters, Mesquite, and Miss Della Chastain, Mesquite.
     L. T. Cunningham, Jr., 4401 San Jacinto, and Miss Huldah Margaret Real. [residence not listed]
     R. L. Stovall, 1110 N. Clinton, and Miss Dorothy Elizabeth Dodd, 508 Graham.
     W. F. Cunningham, 5308 Maple, and Miss Dorothy Pass, 2204 McKinney.
     C. H. Passley, Warm Springs, Ga., and Miss Barzilla Scaggs, Edmondson, Ky.
     B. F. Basila, Decatur, Ill., and Miss Mary Frances Locke, 612 N. Henderson.
     E. R. Goins, 3411 Howell, and Bessie Wallace, 1807 N. Washington.
     J. L. Cooper, Red Oak, and Miss Margaret Elizabeth Skipper, Waxahachie.
     J. L. Shaw, 2930 Elm, and Mrs. Mary Parker, 2930 Elm.
     N. J. Tomlin, Jr., 922 N. Haskell, and Miss Dorothy Page, 2201 Garrett.
     H. M. Moore, 2412 Lucille, and Maymie Louise Payne, 2412 Lucille.

- December 18, 1939, Dallas Daily Times Herald,
Sec. II, p. 10, col. 4.
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