Marriages/Divorces, Dallas County, Texas, 1862-1880 (Incomplete)

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Mr. Grozier Has the Bonds of Matri-
mony Severed.

     Mr. F. F. Grozier was granted a divorce yesterday in the District court from his wife, Mrs. Emma Grozier. He alleges in his petition that he was legally married to her on the 31st of July, 1873, in the county of Bosque, in this State. He further alleges that he performed all the duties of a husband, but that, notwithstanding the full performance of such duties, the said defendant, some time prior to the month of August, 1875, became dissatisfied and quarrelsome, becoming very obstreperous, and that his attempts to make her become reconciled was a dead failure. Yet, at last, without any attempt to justify such a course, she told him that she would leave him, and that, in the month of August, 1875, she did so without any just cause or excuse, leave his bed and board.; that he, the plaintiff, went to the defendant afterward to get her to return, but in vain; wherefore, he prays for a divorce.

- March 27, 1880, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 4, col. 3.
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