Settlers of Dallas County, Texas, 1841-1850
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(Submitted by Dorman Holub)

     The following is taken from John Henry Brown's history of Dallas county. As he is one of the very few pioneers still living who knew Dallas county when but a wilderness, and has seen her growth to her present wonderful status, and remembers the names of all the earlier settlers, whence they were and so forth, we give the following from his history:
     "The actual settlement of Dallas county began in the spring of 1842, when the first cabin was erected and the families of John Beeman and Captain Gilbert were the first to arrive (Mrs. Martha Gilbert being the first American lady) and relieve the loneliness of the adventurous and true-hearted avant coureur, John Neely Bryan, who had for five or six months been 'monarch of all he surveyed,' provided, he neither surveyed red men of the forest nor the raging Trinity on one of its periodic 'spreads.' He entertained them with the best he had - chiefly bear meat and honey - perhaps without recalling the adage about 'entertaining angels unawares,' yet, it was verified in this case, for, ere a great while, the lonely son of Tennessee gave his heart and hand to a comely and pure-hearted daughter of Illinois, in the person of Margaret, a daughter of Mr. John Beeman.
     In 1842, besides James J. Beeman and family, the families of Thomas Keenan, Preston Witt, Alexander W. Webb, John H. Cox, Perry Overton and others, arrived. The family of William M. Cochran came in March 1843. In May came the family of Dr. John Cole, with his grown sons, Calvin G.., John H. and James M., and other children; and in December, George W. Gloves and family, Elder Amon McCommas and grown sons, John, Elisha, Stephen B., and his brothers Stephen B. and John C., George L. Leonard and family and others.
     In 1844 other members of the Cox family, the Cameron family, Isaac B. Webb and family, the Jenkins family, the Harwood family, the Rawlins family and many others came.
     In 1845 came William H. Hord and family, William B. Elam and family, W. Hamp Witt and family, Thomas M. Ellis and family, John H. Daniel, D. W. Reedy, the Haught brothers, Adam C., Peter and Samuel A., with their families, John W. Smith and James M. Patterson (afterward the well-known first merchants of Dallas) both from Green County, Kentucky; John Thomas, wife, grown sons and daughters, from Missouri; James A. Coats, Marion A., and Thomas D. Coats, John C. McCoy, and others.
     Among those arriving in 1846, were the families of Samuel Beeman, Mrs. Mary Ann Freeman, Obadiah W. Knight, William Traughber, I. N. Webb, John R. Fondren, Thomas Collins, James Collins (brothers), Albert G. Collins, Rev. James A. Smith, R. E. Rawlins and other members of the Rawlins family, Wormly Carter, Asher W. Carter, John Anderson, Marquis de Lafayette Gracy (single) and many others.
     From the history of this venerable historian, also, we take by permission the following list of names of all the settlers of Dallas county, reaching from the earliest settlement in 1841 to 1850, arranged alphabetically:


Allen, Simon Bolivar, merchant, in 1848, lives in Bonham.
Atterberry, James and family.
Atterberry, Stephen C. and family.
Atterberry, Jesse and family.
Atterberry, Nathan (soldier in Mexico), and Churchill came single.
Anderson, John L. and family, came from Kentucky, 1846.
Anderson, James and family, 1846.
Anderson, Thomas R. and James W., both single
Armstrong, James and family, came in 1846;
· his daughter, Frances E., came, the wife of John Bursey, and is now a widow;
· Martha married Robert Cook, and is a widow
· Nancy J. married first William A. Knight, second W. Marion Moon
· Mary J. married Alexander A. Thomas
· Alexander, the only son, died in 1848
Aytes, John and family, before 1849
Archer, Thomas M., and family, 1846.
Ashlock, Josiah, and family.
Andrews, Ben F. and Samuel, came single.
Alexander, J. J., came single.

Bursey, John, and wife, nee Frances E. Armstrong, came in 1846.
Badgeley, Daniel A. and family
· Job married Lydia Marks
Balshmire, Henry, married Eliza Goodwin.
Bryan, James B. (brother of John N., came in 1846, married (second wife) Mrs. Elizabeth
Harter, nee Beeman
· William
· James
· Lenore
Baird, George W., 1849, married Mary E. Thraughber.
Bethurum, Robert P., married Electra A. Hawpe.
Bethurum, Ben F., married Nancy P. Elam.
Bast, Abraham, 1848, married ____ Myers
· Morgan
· Jack
· David
· Abraham
· Julia
· Lucinda
· Eliza
Bledsoe, "A" and family, from Missouri, 1846
· Willis A., married Jane Boyle
· Moses O. to Sadie George
· Isaac C., to Miss Steele
· Virginia to Captain R. A. Rawlins
· Bettie, to Thomas Spruance
· Fleming G., to Juliet Samuels
Bledsoe, Anthony, married Martha Huitt.
Bledsoe, Dr. Samuel T. and family, 1845.
Bernard, Charles H., came from Illinois in 1847.
Brown, Young E., and family, 1844.
Brown, Crawford, and family, 1844.
Brandenburg, A., and family, Samuel came single.
Beard, Allen, and family.
Beverly, William, 1846, married Rebecca Conover; died in Collin county, in 1887.
Bennett, Hiram, came in 1845
· Madison
· Hardy
· C. L.
Bennett, William H., and family, 1845
Bennett, William, and family, 1845.
Bennett, Elisha and Elijah D., came single.
Burris, Thomas and family.
Browder, Mrs. Lucy, came in 1845.
Browder, Isham, son of Lucy and family, 1845.
Browder, Edward C., son of Lucy, 1845, married Elizabeth Coats
· Pleasant S.
· Annie B., married Edward Prickett
· Emma married Dr. J. H. McCorkle
· Fanny married G. W. Overlesse
Bird, James, and family, from Missouri, 1844.
Bird, Samuel P., came single.
Bruton, William, patriarch, from Illinois, 1845
· Richard married Elizabeth Cox
· James R. married Nancy Edwards
Britton, Joseph and family, 1848
Baker, James M., married Ruth Forester.
Baker, Artemas, came single.
Barker, Joshua, married Sarah Hart.
Bandy, Richard T., married Aurelia A. Rawlins.
Boyd, William J., married Milburn Bernetta Baggett.
Billingsley, William, married Arena Kirkland.
Barnes, William D., married Tabitha C. Smith.
Barnes, William, came in 1845, in Grand Prairie fight.
Burnham, Horace, married Matilda Cole.
Burnett, William D., came single.
Brotherton, Robert K., came single.
Brotherton, H. K.
Bowles, Rev. William, a Baptist preacher, who had married Mrs. Rebecca Self, came in 1844.
· Ann Self, who married Robert Walker
· Sarah E. Self, who married Judge James M. Patterson
· Harvin H. Self
· Chonac Self
The children of Mr. Bowles by this marriage are:
· Harrison H. Bowles, living in Kaufman
· Hannah F. Bowles, who married George W. Davis
Burford, Nathaniel M., came from Tennessee in 1848, married Mary Knight in 1854
· Mattie, married William Morris Freeman in 1886
· Nathaniel is dead
· Robert Lee
· Jeff Mallard
· May
Barrett, Roswell B., an orphan of Texas parentage, came with James Armstrong in 1846,
married "Babe" Baldridge.
Barrett, James W., brother of Roswell, still single.
Bledsoe, Allen, came in 1845, in Grand Prairie fight.
Buskirk, Jonas, and family.
Bradshaw, David, and family.
Beeman, John and family, from Illinois to Bowie county, 1840; to Boyd's Fort, November,
1841, to Dallas county, April 1842. His wife was Emily Hunnicut, yet living.
· Elizabeth married first Henry Harter in 1844, going 80 miles to Bonham for that purpose, second, B. Bryan, and third William Cumby
· Margaret married John Neely Bryan
· William H. married Martha Dye
· Samuel H. married Mary Ann Weatherford
· Isaac H. died in California
· James H. married Mary Hammond
· Clarissa married _____ Walker
· Nancy married William W. Hobbs
· Ann married John Fugate
· Caroline married Isaac Fisher
Beeman, James J., in St. Charles county, Missouri, in 1836, married Sarah Crawford; in Dallas,
November 29, 1851, he married Elizabeth Baker, from Ohio. By the first married he had
· Mary J. (died in 1884), married first Henry Price; second, Wyatt Barnett
· Emily T. married William T. Baker
· Francis M. married Amanda McCormick
· Melissa died in youth
By his second wife J. J. had:
· Charles A., who married Martha McCormick
· Sarah E., who married L. A. Sweet
Beeman, Samuel, married in St. Charles county, Missouri, Mary Smelser (both now dead), and came November, 1846, from Calhoun County, Illinois. Of their children:
· John S. married Isabel Bryan in Illinois, came with his father
· Ruth married Adam C. Haught, whose first wife, Margaret, was a sister of her father;
· Nancy (in Illinois), married William Hunnicut
· Isaac married Hannah Bethurum
· Temperance married _____ Moore
· Peter married Matilda Riggs
· William was killed in the Confederate Army
· Jacob was killed in the Confederate Army
· Kate married Newton Husted
The three brothers brought 24 children to Dallas county, including those born here.

Caldwell, Solomon and family, from Illinois, 1842.
Caldwell, William, and family, from Illinois.
Corley, Adelbert, son of the Rev. Samuel Corley, the Mexican war soldier, came in 1848; for 30 years has been Clerk of Red River county.
Cole, John P., and family, removed to Tarrant.
Corcoran, John T., and family 1845.
Crabtree, William, and family.
Cochran, William M., and wife, nee Nancy J. Hughes, Tennesseans, came from Missouri in1843. He died April 24, 1953. She died October 15, 1877; of their children:
· John H. married Martha Johnson
· Archelaus M., first married Laura, one of the Knights of '46. Second, Mrs. Mary Collins, nee Jenkins
· William P. married Amanda M. Lawrence
· James M., (born in Dallas county June 1, 1846) married first Maggie B. Lively, second Nannie Clark, third Hattie Bourland
· George W., died single in 1872
· Martha A., married William Harris
Crutchfield, Thomas F., and family from Kentucky, 1845. children:
· James O. M.
· Fannie Floyd
· Albertus went to California
· Th. Ella married G. S. C. Leonard
· Ophelia married John J. Eakins, who died in 1886
· Minerva, married John W. Swindells
· Betty married John W. Lane
Cousy, Mrs. Nancy, and family.
Cousy, Thomas W., came single
Casey, John, and family
Casey, Harvey, came single.
Casey, Harry, came single.
Cornelius, Abner P., and family
Crumpacker, Daniel and Joe, came single.
Cheshire, Thomas, and family
Cook, John C., married Elvira Mays.
Carver, Solomon, and family.
Carver, Abraham, and family.
Carver, Daniel, came single.
Chenoweth, James F., and family.
Chenoweth, Thomas, married Hannah Keenan.
Clark, A. J. (old Texan), came in 1845, in Grand Prairie; first married Sarah Myers
· son, H. C., in Dallas
Clark, Henry, and family
Clark, William, came in 1845; his family came with Judge Patterson, in January 1846.
Cates, James, came in 1844; in Grand Prairie fight; married Elvira Fay.
Campbell, Thomas J., came single.
Chapman, John C., and family.
Chapman, Robert, came single.
Castor, Jacob, came single.
Carlock, Jacob G., came single.
Coats, Samuel, and family, from Illinois, 1845.
Coats, Marion A., and William B., came single.
Cox, John H. and wife, from Illinois, 1842.
Cox, George, from Illinois, 1844.
Cox, David B., from Illinois, 1844.
Cox, Hartwell B., from Illinois, 1844.
Cox, Joseph, married Narcissa Elam.
Cox, William, married Mary Dike.
Conover, Dr. W. W., came 1845.
Campbell, Thomas A., married Margaret A. Coombes.
Carr, William, and family.
Carr, Henry, came single.
Connor, William D., married Mary Fikes.
Carpenter, Timothy, and family came in 1843.
Crowley, Richard, married Almeda Leake.
Crowley, Benjamin F., married Edna Leake.
Calder, Dr., came in 1842, killed by Indians in Collin, February, 1843.
Coombes, William, and family, from Kentucky, 1843. Children:
· Leven G. married Jane H. Heady
· Zachariah Ellis married Rebecca F. Bedford
· Isaac N. married Berrilla K. Myers
· Margaret A. married Thomas A. Campbell and died in Missouri in 1869
· Mary M. married Levi M. Bumfas
· Rebecca F. married William L. Holt, and is dead.
Children by a second wife:
· Samuel H.
· John W.
· three daughters
Combs, Joseph, and family (Cedar Hill) came before July 1848; of his children:
· Zur married Sarah Evans
· William S. married Elizabeth J. Evans
· Robert
Chowning, Robert, came in 1845.
Chowning, J. W., married Nancy Myers in Illinois - in Grand Prairie fight in 1846; found the murdered Phelps party in 1848; lives in Denton.
Couch, Henderson, as foreman of the jury at the first court ever held in Dallas county,
December, 1846; he and his 11 colleagues divorced Mrs. Charlotte M. Dalton from her husband, Joseph Dalton, and before the sun of that day glided to the "heathen Chinee" side of the globe; the said Henderson Couch and Charlotte M. Dalton, legally and constitutionally, were husband and wife. It was the first civil suit - Dalton vs. Dalton - ever tried in Dallas county; yet some people of this day imagine that the "early times" of Dallas were of the backwoods, "Arkansaw Traveler," non-progressive class, such as are found stuck away in certain spots in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and possibly a few in North Carolina and Virginia, but never in the prairies of the great West or Southwest. Let all such realize the electric dispatch business in early Dallas days, and be convinced of their former erroneous impression, then tip their beavers to the memory of Henderson and Charlotte Couch.
Chenault, Wesley M., and family, in 1845.
Chenault, William, came single, a soldier in Mexico, married Ruth Ann Jackson, died in 1886.
Cameron, David R., and family, from Missouri, in 1844; among his children were:
· Chris C.
· L. Frank
· T. H.
Cockrell, Wesley, and family came in 1846.
Cook, Henry, and family, before 1849.
Cole, Dr. John, wife and mostly grown children came from Arkansas 1843; their children:
· Calvin G., married in Arkansas, Elvira Reeder
· James M. married Sarah Bennett
· John H. married Elizabeth Preston
· Martin V. married Maggie Preston
· Joseph married Jennie Overton
· Malinda became second wife of James N. Smith
· Eliza married Jefferson Tilley, and is a widow in Arkansas
· Louisa married A. G. Walker, and is dead
· Wm. A., lives in Medina county, married Mary Bennett
Cook, Williford W., brother of Robert M., came in 1845.
Cook, Robert M., surveyor, came in 1845, married Martha Armstrong.
Connor, Abraham, and family came before 1846.
Crockett, John M., and wife came from Tennessee October, 1847.
Collins, James, and wife, Nancy, came in 1846.
Collins, Thomas, brother of James, and wife, Mary, came in 1846.
Collins, Albert G., and wife, Pamelia, came from Kentucky, 1846; their children:
· Orzelia married John Shipley, now a widow
· James is dead
· William is dead
· Joel is dead
· Henry is dead
· Foster in Louisiana
· Joseph
· Albert G.
· Martha married Jacob Ervay and lives in Wyoming
· Annie married P. King Taylor and lives in Cisco, Texas
The parents are still living.
Carter, Wormley, born in Loudoun, Virginia, June 19, 1816; removed from Kentucky to Missouri 1843; to Dallas in May, 1846; married Lucy Anderson; since 1880 has lived near Lewisville, Denton county.
Carter, Asher W., brother of Wormley, married Elizabeth A. Wood.
Cockrell, Alexander, came from Missouri in 1845; was a frontier soldier and partly in Mexico;
married Sarah H. Horton; was killed in Dallas April 3, 1858. His widow still resides in the old homestead, the abode of hospitality. Their children:
· Aurelia married Mitchell Gray, and is dead
· Robert married Gillie Jones and died in 1866.
· Frank M. is Alderman Cockrell of the Todd mills
· Alexander married Ettie Fulkerson and is a "ranchero" on Mountain Creek.
Crow, Wm. M., and family, in 1847.
Carder, Wm. P., and family came in 1845; His wife, nee Brumfield, was a sister of Mrs. Amon McCommas. His sons:
· Elijah, was a soldier in Mexico and died in the city about Christmas, 1847.
· Christopher, was a soldier in Mexico and died in the city about Christmas, 1847.

Dooley, George W., and family, before 1848.
Durrett, George W., and family, before 1848.
Daniel, John H., came from Missouri in 1845; a soldier in the Mexican war, married Rebecca
Ray in Dallas county. Their children:
· William R. married Josephine McCommas
· Mary Frances married George H. Alexander, now of Hardeman county
· "John Henry" died March 5, 1885
· Benj. F.
· Sterling Price
· Edmund W. married first Emma McCommas; second, Ettie Wilkinson
· Charles A.
· Martha J.
· "Arthur Ellis Coombes Daniel"
Dykes, Thomas, came single in 1845; a soldier in Mexico, and died in New Orleans en route home.
Durgin, Charles H., merchant, came from Massachusetts 1845; married Elizabeth B. Thomas, and is long deceased. His widow is vice-president of the Dallas County Pioneer Association.
Dakan, Dr. Perry, married Ann R. Walker, who died in California. He returned, and died in Texas.
Dye, Benjamin, Sr., and family came from Kentucky in 1847. His children:
· Enoch, now dead, married a daughter of Rev. Abner Keen
· Benj. Jr. died single
· Wm. H. died single
· Joseph F. went to California in 1853
· George lives in Dallas county
· Martha E. is the wife of Wm. H. Beeman
· Sarah first married Mr. Vassella and is now the wife of Dr. Mitchell
· Miranda married Madison Bennett
· Addie is the wife of Wm. A. McDermett
Dye, William, brother of Benj., died single.
Dawdy, Alanson, married Rebecca Shelton.
Downing, Wm. W., came single.
Dunaway, Foster W., came single.
Dixon, Solomon W., and family.
Demay (or Dernay) Charles, came in 1845, in Grand Prairie fight.
Davis, Hinson C., and family.
Davis, John W., Benj. F. and Jeremiah, came single.
Ellis, Thomas M., and wife, nee Witt, came from Illinois in 1845. Children:
· Daughter married Middleton Perry
· Mary married Jones Green
· _____ married W. L. White
· Wm. F. married Miss Smith
· John T. married Miss Stewart
· James H. married Mary E. Rawlins

Elam, Wm. B., wife Mary and family, from Illinois, 1845.
Elam, Isaac, wife Margaret and family, 1847.
Elam, W. M., and family.
Elam, Jesse, and family.
Elam, Andrew, Benton and several others came singe.
Elliott, Sanders, came in 1845.
Elkins, Smith, elected Chief Justice in 1850, and quit the country under a domestic cloud.
Edwards, Isaac, and family.

Ferris, Morris, and family came in 1846.
Floyd, Morris, and family came in 1846.
Fyke, Elisha, and family.
Fyke, Archer, came single.
Fortner, Milford F., and family.
Frost, Benj. and family.
Frost, Thomas, came single.
Ferris, Warren A., surveyor, and family came from Nacogdoches in 1846.
Fleming, Wm., and family, came in 1846.
Fleming, Geo. W., came single in 1846; married Louisa Jane Britton.
Franklin, Levi, married Nancy Rogers.
Fletcher, _____, married Miss Henry.
Fortner, John, and family, came in 1844; now lives at Vinita, Indian Territory; his children:
· Amos
· Mary J. married George Burgoon
· Caroline married George Nash
Freeman, Mrs. Mary Ann, and family came in 1846.
Freeman, Wm. S., and wife Susan, came in 1846.
Fondren, John R., came in 1846.

Glover, George W., and family, came in 1843.
Goodwin, Micajah, and family, came before 1846.
Goodwin, Thomas R., came single.
Galloway, D. R. S. C., married Jane Manning.
Gracey, Marquis D. L. came in 1846; married Amanda E. Harris.
Gracey, Emory A., married Miss Neatlock.
Gracey, Grundy C., Sabine, and Wm. T.; Amanda married _____ Goodnight.
Gill, Eldridge, came in 1849; married Mrs. Luinda McDonald, nee Smith.
Gunnels, Washington, married Polly Sparks.
Good, Noah, and family, came in 1846.
Greathouse, Archibald, and family, came in 1844.
Garkins, George, and wife Easter, came in 1847.
Gilbert, Mabel, and wife Martha, came from Bird's Fort, in March, 1842, Mrs. Gilbert being the first white lady to reach Dallas, though followed on the 4th of April by Mrs. John Beeman, yet living, and her daughter. Mr. Gilbert had formerly been a steamboat commander.
Griffin, Elder Thacker Vivian, a preacher of the "Christian" church, born 1800, came to Dallas in 1846; organized the first church of his denomination in Dallas county, at Hord's ridge, and died in 1852 or 1853. His only son died in Confederate Army. His only daughter
Elizabeth A., is the esteemed wife of Dr. Albert A. Johnston.
Gray, Andrew K., and Daniel H., came single.
Green, Jones, came in 1845; his wife was Mary Ellis.
Graham, Joseph and family.
Graham, Milton H., came single.
Goar, John, and family; his daughter Matilda married Norvell R. Winniford.
Grounds, Robert, and large family, came in 1845.
Green, Mrs. Martha P., and family.
Garvin, Thomas, came single.

Howell, John, and wife Parthena, came in 1845; their children:
· Virginius
· James
· Hartwell (lost in the Confederate Army)
· Lizzie (Mrs. John Wright)
· Salome (Mrs. John M. Hervay)
· Charles, married Miss Thomas.
Hicklin, William J.,., and family came in 1845. He was killed out West.
Horton, Enoch, Sr., and family, from Russell county, Virginia, arrived November 29, 1844. His
children (excepting a married daughter who came 10 years later) were:
· Mary, who married Marlin M. Thompson
· John married Margaret Hopkins
· James married first Jane Phillip, second Mrs. Mollie King, nee Morton
· Sarah H. married Alexander Cockrell
· Enoch, Jr., married first Nancy C. Reed, second Lucy Lanier (now Mrs. Sam P. Cross)
· Robert died single, in California
· Martha married her cousin, Wm. Horton, and died soon after reaching Dallas
· Rachel died single
· Lucy married A. B. Lanier
· Emarine married the late Joseph C. Reed
Of all this large family Mrs. Cockrell alone survives as one of the honored landmarks of early, or rather ante-Dallas, days. Mrs. Cockrell died in 1892.
Hord, Wm. H. and wife Mary J. (nee Crockett) came from North Carolina 1845; their children:
· Thomas A.
· Ferdinand P.
· Mattie J. (Mrs. J. A. Crawford)
Hunt, Edward W., came in 1846, first married Jane A. Thomas, second Olivia H. Winn.
Hunt, John L., brother of Edward W. came in 1846, went to California in 1849 or '50 and lives there now.
Henry, J. Paul, Sr., married Miss Fletcher.
Houx, Nicholas, and family came in 1848.
Hambrick, N. M., and wife came in 1847.
Hobbs, Wm. W., came in 1842, married Nancy Beeman.
Huitt, John, and family, came in 1843.
Huitt, Roland, brother of John came in 1843.
Hibbert, J. B., came in 1845.
Hetherington, John C., came in 1846; married Susan A. Drake.
Hart, Abe, came in 1847, married Elizabeth Ray.
Hill, Mrs. S. J., came in 1845.
Houx, James M., and family.
Harter, Henry; married Elizabeth Beeman
Harwood, Alex M., and family, Tennesseans, but last from Missouri in 1844. The parents died at Harwood Springs. Children were:
· Son, N.B., and his wife, the parents of Wm. A. Harwood, formerly district Clerk, now of Dimmitt county
· Daughter, Melissa T., first married Mr. Jacobs, and in 1846 Josiah S. Phelps and died about January 1, 1848, Mr. Phelps being killed by Indians April 9, 1848. Their only child, then a few months old, is Mrs. Dickey (wife of Henry C.) Miller, of Tarrant county.
· Daughter yet lives in Missouri. Susan O. married Wm. A. Stewart.
Harwood, Alexander (so long county Clerk), who married Sarah Peak. He died July 31, 1855.
· Son, Rifley B., married Lucy Keller, and has a son named Alexander.
· Daughter, Juliet, is the wife of James J. Collins.
Henderson, John, married Malvina Kimbell.
Hickman, Henry, married Elizabeth Newton.
Hamby, J., married Susan Smith.
Hutton, V. J., and wife came in 1845 or '46.
Huster, Harrison and family came in 1845.
Huster, James G., N. J., S. F. and others came single.
Hargroeder, Mrs. Mary, and family before July, 1848.
Hobbs, James, and family before July, 1848.
Hobbs, Wm. W., married Nancy Beeman.
Hart, Jacob, and family before July 1848.
Hart, Abraham, married Elizabeth Ray.
Hanna, Amariah, and family, before July, 1848.
Harding, John M., and family before July, 1848.
Hughes, William, and family, before July, 1848.
Halford, Jeremiah, and family, before 1848.
Halford, J. W., came single.
Henderson, Noah, and family.
Hunnicut, Wm. C., and family, 1844.
Hall, Jacob C., and family before 1848.
Hall, John, and family before 1848.
Halloway, Joseph H., before 1848.
Hall, Henry H., came single; married ______ Anderson.
Harris, John, and family, before 1848.
Harris, William, came before 1848.
Harris, Daniel, and family, before 1848.
Haught, Adam C., from Illinois in 1845; married first Margaret Beeman, second Ruth Beeman.
Haught, Peter, came in 1845; a soldier in Mexico; married S. J. Pruitt.
Haught, Samuel A., came in 1845; a soldier in Mexico, and raised a large family.

Jenkins, William, wife and children came from Missouri in 1845; died in 1872. Their children:
· Mary A., married first James Collins, second A.M. Cochran
· Lizzie married Eugene Lively
· Hannah E. married Gabriel A. (Dood) Knight
· America S. married Coany
· Miron E. married Celeste Brown
· Sarah married Chas. Fladger
· Rufus Henry
· Willis L.
Jackson, John, wife and children came from Missouri in 1846; their children were:
· Andrew Sloan Jackson, a soldier in Mexico, married Elizabeth Dye
· William was a soldier in Mexico, came home and died September 12, 1848
· James E. married Diana Davis
· Good married Miss Thomas
· George married Molly Nash
· Ruth Ann married Wm. Chenault

Kuhn, Anton, came in 1845 or '46 - the first blacksmith in the town of Dallas, though Allen,
slave of John Huitt, and yet living, was the first, it is said, in the whole county. Mr. Kuhn
afterward emigrated to Oregon.
Keifer, Benj., came single.
Keller, Samuel, and family came before July, 1848.
Kimmell, Mrs. Catherine, and family came before July, 1848.
Kimmell, Philip, and family came before July, 1848.
Kirk, John W., came single before July, 1848.
Keenan, Thomas, and family came in 1842; of his children there were:
· Marion
· Betsey married Hiram Vail
· Mary married James Newby
· Hannah married Thos. Chenoweth
Keen, Rev. Abner, and family, came before July, 1848.
Keen, Wm. H., and family, came before July, 1848.
Keen, W. W., and family, came before July, 1848.
Keen, John S., married Olive S. Merrill.
Keen, John W., married Nancy Turner.
Knight, Obadiah W., first married in Tennessee Mary Ann Knight, but not a relative. She died, and he married in the same State Serena C. Hughes, yet living in North Dallas. They came here in the 1846. By the first marriage there were:
· Wm. A., who first married Mary Stillwell, and second Mary Jane Armstrong (now Mrs. W. M. Moon)
· John W., married Sally Stewart ( who lives in Decatur) and died in 1870.
· Mary, married Nat M. Burford in 1854.
· Elizabeth B., married Jefferson Mallard, of Jacksonville, in 1857
· Gabriel A., married Hannah T. Jenkins
By the second marriage came:
· Henry, who died a youth
· Laura, who married A.M. Cochran and is dead
· Monroe D., killed by a horse in youth
· Sophronia, died young
· Mattie A., married Wm. H. Lemmon, and is dead
· Kate, married John Field
· William H. (second William) married Bessie Turner, and lives in Hill county
· Eppes G., married Fannie L. Patton in 1887
· Robert E. Lee, an attorney, member of Dallas bar
· Archelaus J., still a youth
· Josie, died a little girl
Knight, Gabriel, brother of Obadiah W., came in 1846, and died a bachelor.
Kenison, Daniel W., came single, married Mary Horn.

Larner, Wm., married Mary Jennings in Illinois; came in 1842, raised a large family; both dead and children scattered.
Leonard, George L., and family came from Tennessee in 1843. His children were:
· George S. C., married Thomas Ella Crutchfield, and both dead
· Wm. M.
· John R.
· Jackson L., married Mattie Hearne and both dead
· Samuel F., married Mattie Miller, and is dead
· Washington C.
· Elizabeth, married John W. Wright
· Mattie
· Joseph A., married Annie Jeffries.
Long, Henry C., came single and is now married.
Lavender, Mrs. M. H., and family, from Illinois in 1845.
Laughlin, J. J., and wife Abby C., came in 1849.
Laughlin, J. P., and wife, came in 1849.
Ledbetter, Oliver V., and wife Margaret, came in 1848.
Ledbetter, W. H., came in 1846.
Ledbetter, Rev. Arthur, married Elizabeth Pearson.
Lanier, John, and family, came before 1846.
Lanier, Archibald, son of John, married Lucy Horton; Lucy married Enoch Horton.
Lee, J. B., and family came before 1848; his children were:
· John
· Thomas
· Lee
· three daughters
Lawrence, John P., married Fanny Coats.
Lynch, John, married Mahala Warner.
Latimer, James W., founder of the Dallas Herald in 1849, came from Red river county in that year, and died in 1859. He was a good writer, - left a widow and several children, all or nearly all of whom are now dead. His parents came from Tennessee to Red river in 1834.
His dead was deplored as a loss to Dallas.
Loving, James, and family, came before July, 1848.
Loving, Samuel P., came single.
Leake, Anthony M., and family, before July, 1848.
Lacy, Philemon, came single, before July 1878.
Linney, Parry, and family, before July, 1848.
Longley, Thomas, and family, before July, 1848.
Marsh, Harrison C., wife of Polly and family came in 1843. Their children were:
· Thomas C. married Hannah Husted
· Ellen married Henry Doggett
· John D. married Rebecca Perry
· Mary married Mr. McAlister
· Lizzie married Ephraim M. Doggett, Jr.
· Martha Ann married Mark Elliston
· Pollie married Wm. Neill.
McCommas, Elder Amon, with his wife, nee Mary Brumfield, and children, came from Missouri in 1844. He hailed from Virginia, stopping for repairs successively in Kentucky, Ohio,
Illinois, and Missouri. Of his children:
· James B. married Miss Shields before coming
· John ( a soldier in the Mexican war) married in Dallas county, Missouri
· Tucker
· Elisha married Rhoda Ann Tucker
· William M. married Julia Tucker
· Amon, Jr., married Nancy Seals
· Stephens B. died a soldier in the city of Mexico, December 24, 1847
· Rosa married Jesse Cox
· Armilda married Benj. F. Fleaman
· Mary E. married John W. Herndon
McCommas, Stephen B., Sr., brother of Amon, came with his family.
· Son, Burke, died a soldier in the city of Mexico, about Christmas, 1847
· Serena married Rufus Bennett
· John, we have no data.
McCommas, John C., brother of Amon and Stephen, came with them, married, was a soldier in Mexico, and now lives in Young County.
McCommas, Mrs. Lavinia, a sister-in-law of the three brothers, with her family, came with them.
Moore, Benj. S., came single, married Martha Weatherford.
Myers, William, and family, came in 1843; his son Meredith married Miss Eddy.
McCoy, John C., came single, in 1845; married Cora M. McDermett, who died in 1853; he died April 30, 1887.
Mounts, Jesse V., and family, came in 1844; he commanded in Grand Prairie skirmish in 1846.
Mounts, Thomas A., married Eliza J. Harmison.
Mounts, George, died a soldier in the city of Mexico, December, 1847.
Mounts, J. H.
Minter, Rev. Green, came before 1846.
McCants, Joshua, and family, came before July, 1845 in Grand Prairie.
McDermett, J. R., came from Arkansas in 1847, his sister Lucy being of his family. Of his
· Mary M. married Joseph Parker
· William A. married Addie Dye
· Henrietta married john Tenison
· Cora M. married John C. McCoy
· Dr. David Porter married Talitha Smith and lives in Pilot Grove
· Sam died in New Mexico
· Josephine A. married Ulysses Matthews
· Edward J. was killed in the naval battle of Mobile.
McKamy, William C., wife Rachel and family; their children:
· William C.
· John L.
· Charles
· Perhaps others
Moon, Jesse, and wife Mary J., came from Missouri in 1845; of their children:
· E. G. died at 15
· Jesse died in 1872
· Julia married Ellis C. Thomas
· Martha married Matt J. Moore
· Nancy E. married Joseph C. McConnell
· W. Marion married Mrs. Mary J. Knight, nee Armstrong
· Sarah J.
Miller, Madison M., long a merchant at Pleasant Run, near Lancaster, came in 1846; he married first Mary Rawlins, second Emma A. Dewey (now Mrs. William B. Miller)
Miller, William B., wife and children came from Kentucky in 1847. By his first wife he had children:
· Charilaus (Chill), who married Miss Walker
· Alonzo
· Mattie married S. Frank Leonard
· Molly married George W. Guess
· Jennie married Charles D. Kanady
· Susan married Frank Robberson (who died in 1867), and is now the wife of Dr. Jacob B. Ewing, of Dallas
By his present wife,
· Emma A. (formerly widow of Madison M. Miller, of Lancaster, and nee Emma A. Dewey)
· Minnie, wife of Philip B. Miller
· Charles
· Richard
Miller, James T., came single, a blacksmith; went to California.
Miller, Stephen H., came single, before July, 1848.
Mathew, Ulysses, married Josephine A. McDermett.
Moorman, John H., married Susan Hickman.
Markham, George, a soldier in Mexico, married Hannah Cox.
Moneyham, James J., and family, came in 1843; moved to Tarrant county and finally left the State.
Moneyham, Joseph William, and family, came in 1843; Children:
· Son married and died at Letot
· Daughter married Mr. Taylor
Morris, Wm., and family, came in 1844; his children:
· James M. died single.
· Samuel L. D. died single.
· Preston W. died single.
· Melissa married Snyder Kennedy
Mooney, James, came in 1845, in Grand Prairie fight.
Mitchell, John, came in 1845, in Grand Prairie fight.
Mathis, James, came in 1845, in Grand Prairie fight.
McCarny, Perry, and family, came in 1846.
Masters, Wm., and family, came in 1846.
Morris, Richard, young Englishman, came in 1848 - died.
McCrackin, Anson, and family came in 1844.
May, William C., and family.
Merrill, Adolph G. M., came single.
Merrill, David, and family, came in 1844; among his children were:
· Benjamin
· Robert
· Samuel
· Eli
Myers, Elder David, a Baptist preacher and patriarch of a large family, came from Illinois in1845 - left a fine record as a Christian pioneer. Born in Kentucky, he came from Jersey county, Illinois. Elder Myers organized the first and still the well known "Union" Baptist church in Dallas county, May 10, 1846, the original members being J. B. Lee and wife, P.A.,
Franklin Bowles, Letitia Myers and John M. Myers, of whom the latter is the only survivor.
Thomas Keenan and wife, and Mrs. Keziah Myers were the three first additions to the church. His children is married in the following paragraph.
· Nancy, married J. W. Chowning, in 1834, came in 1845
· John M. (the second elder) married in 1842
· Keziah Wiley, came in 1845
· Emeline married J. H. Whitlock, came in 1845, died early
· Elizabeth, married Wm. Barnes, and died soon
· Sarah, married A. J. Clark, an old Texan (Harvey C. Clark, of Dallas, is their son)
· B. C. married Penina Fyke
· Jemima, married Archer Fyke
· Mary, married D. H. West
· Geo. W., married Lucy Peak, in Illinois
· Harriet, married A. G. Brant
Elder David Myers has a hundred descendants, mostly in Texas.
Myers, Elder John M. Myers children are:
· Elizabeth married J. S. Bailey
· Mary, married William Mosely
· Martha, married J. J. Stubbs
· J. S., married M. V. Cooper
· Douglas, married Eugenia Hoffman
· G. F., married Ella Kennedy
· Letty, married James McWhorter
· Nancy married W. T. McKamy
· Lewis, remains open to negotiation
Merrill, Elder Eli, and wife, Mary came in 1844; of their children:
· Julia married John W. Wright
· Cornelius married Margaret Dickinson
· John M. married Sue Whitman
· Thomas was murdered at Van Horn's Wells, near Rio Grande
· Geo. C. Merrill
Merrill, Charles D., and family.
McCombs, Joshua, came single.
McDowell, John, came single, before July 1848.
Munden, Joseph, and family, before July, 1848.
Metcalf, John J., and family, came before July, 1848, a surveyor, and died in Palo Pinto County.
Moore, James, came before July, 1848.
Moore, Jesse and John T., came single, before July, 1848.
Marks, Watts, and family, before July, 1848.
Morse, Frederick, and family, before July, 1848.
Manning, Mrs. Delilah, and family, before July, 1848.
Manning, Thomas G., came before 1848.
Manning, Andrew J., and family, before 1848.
Mills, Edward, and family, before July, 1848.
Mills, James, came single, before July, 1848.
Mills, John, came single, before July, 1848.
McDaniel, Aaron, came single, before July, 1848.

Nye, John, came in 1846; his children:
· Margaret, married Mr. Malone
· D. H. to Mary Myers
· Francis M., to Caroline Drake
· Louisa, to Lewis Cook
· Sarah, to W. J. Anderson
· Daniel, to Mary Fyke.
Newton, Harvey H., and family, before July, 1848.
Newton, Charles G., and family, before July, 1848.
Newton, Samuel G., came at the same time; died in San Antonio.
Narboe, three Norwegian brothers, came in 1845 - John P., and wife, died; Peter married Jane Robinson; Peter, Paul and John, single, went to California, about 1850 or 1851.
Noble, John, came in 1845; in Grand Prairie fight.
Nancy, Andrew T., came singe, in 1847, married Susan Ray; his children:
· Benjamin
· Amos
· Levy
· Rebecca
· and perhaps others
Norton, Daniel E., came single, married Margaret E. Strong.
Nations, John W., came single, married Dorcas Bough.
Nix, John, and family, came before July, 1848.

Overton, Aaron, and family, came in 1844.
Overton, Caswell, and family, came in 1844.
Overton, John M., and family, came in 1844.
Overton, Wm. P. and John C., came single in 1844.
O'Guinn, Wm., and family, came before July, 1848.
O'Guinn, Stephen C. and Leonidas, came single.

Patrick, Callaway H., and wife, came to the county in 1846. He had been in it in 1841, which an Indian scout. He married Rhoda I., daughter of Abraham T. Smith, killed by Indians in Young county, in 1841.
Phelps, Josiah Smith, came in 1845, and was a surveyor; in March, 1846, at Harwood Springs (Kleburg), this still being Nacogdoches county; he married Mrs. Melissa T. Jacobs, daughter of Alex. M. Harwood, Sr. She died about January, 1848, leaving an only infant child "Dickey," now Mrs. Henry C. Miller, Azle P. O., Tarrant County. Mr. Phelps was killed by Indians, April, 1848.
Pancoast, Josiah, a soldier in the Grand Prairie fight, and in Mexico; married Mary Ann Young; moved to San Antonio, reared seven daughters, and died there. He was a brother of the celebrated medical author, Dr. Pancoast, of Philadelphia.
Pearson, Wm. H., and family, came in 1844.
Pearson, Dudley F., a soldier in Mexico.
Pofflewell, Simcoe, single.
Pulliam, Wm. H., and family, came in 1845.
Pulliam, Marshall S., single, came in 1845.
Pulliam, John L., single, came in 1845, soldier in Mexico.
Pruitt, William and family.
Pruitt, Martin, single.
Pruitt, Wm. A., married Elizabeth Freeman.
Prigmore, Joseph, and family, came in 1845.
Prigmore, Benjamin J., came single in 1845.
Parks, Alfred J., married Lydia A. Rawlins.
Parker, Joseph, came from Shelby county, Texas, 1848, married Mary McDermett and died
1878. Their children are:
· Theodore
· Clementine, wife of Robert P. Toole
· Cora J. (Mittie) is Mrs. _____ Littlefield.
Perry, Mrs. Sarah and family, came 1844 or 1845.
Perry, Alexander W. and wife, nee Sarah Hoffman, came from Illinois in 1844. Their children:
· Margaret, married J. M. Smith
· Harriet, married Thomas Warner
· J. H. married Susan Poor
· W.F. married Amanda Cox
· Carrie, married Clinton Hoffman
· Lillie Dale, married W. D. Fyke
· Rosey Ann, married N. N. Buller
Perry, Weston and family, came in 1846. His children:
· Nancy was married to Page Blackwell
· F. S. to Miss McCants
· W. M. to Miss Blackwell
· Rebecca to William Rowe
· Eliza to James Cox
· Ellen to A. F. Fouts
· Ann to William Kennedy
· Eveline to Preston Buchanan
· Theodore is dead.
· Commodore is dead.
· John is dead.
Perry, Middleton, came in 1845, married in Illinois, a daughter of Thomas M. Ellis, raised a large family in Dallas county.
Patterson, James M., from Warren county, Kentucky, in January, 1846; married Sarah E. Self, merchant from 1846 to 1854; Chief Justice of the county in 1854 to 1866; his children:
· Florence Belle is the wife of John Spellman
· Kitty is the wife of Joseph Shuford
· Charles L. is dead
· James M.
· Edward
· Rowena is the wife of Thomas H. Patterson
· Emma
Pryor, Dr. Samuel B., and young wife from Virginia and last from Arkansas, came 1846. Dr. P. was district clerk from December, 1846, to August, 1850; was the first mayor of Dallas, in 1856-1857 and died in 1867. His widow and other children reside in southwestern Arkansas.
· First child, Ashton R. (late police officer) was born in Dallas, October 29, 1847
Porter, John F. and family, came before, July, 1848.
Porter, George R., came single.
Paxton, Edwin H., came single, before 1848.
Pound, Bales O. C., came single, before 1848.
Pemberton, Gideon, came single, before 1848.

Ricketts, Zedekiah, and family, before 1848.
Ricketts, Daniel D. and David M., single.
Reed, Benjamin, and family, before 1848.
Ramsey, Samuel, and family, before 1848.
Runyon, Silas R., and family, came before 1848.
Reedy, David W., came in 1845; his wife, Mary E., in 1844.
The Rawlins family from Illinois.
Rawlins, Elder Roderick and wife, came in 1844. Of their children:
· Louisa, married Lewis Hull
· Nancy, married Pleasant Taylor (both living in Dallas)
· Pleasant King married Mrs. Lydia Spruance, he died June 6, 1887
· Lucinda married Samuel Keller
· Tabitha married Carlos Wise
· Mary married M. M. Miller
· Roderick A. (Captain Aleck) married Virginia Bledsoe
· Elder William married in Illinois
Rawlins, Pleasant K., as above; his stepson, Thomas Spruance, married Bettie Bledsoe
· His son, A. H. Rawlins married first Maggie Swindells, second George Rogers
· R. D. (Dod) married Henrietta Jacobs
· John S., married Mary Peacock
· Lucy A., married Robert Brotherton, who died in 1866 or 1867, and she is now the wife of Irvine Lavender
· Mary E., married James Henry Ellis
· Benjamin S., died in 1863.
Rawlins, Elder William, son of Elder Roderick, and family, came in 1846. His children are:
· Hubbard M.
· George
· Allen
· Frank
· Malinda
· Lucinda
· Mrs. Richard T. Bandy
Rogers, Elijah, married Lowina Crowley
Robinson, John B., came before July, 1848.
Robertson, Mrs. Elizabeth, and family before July, 1848.
Robertson, Joseph M., came single, before July, 1848.
Rhodes, Elisha L., and family, before July, 1848.
Rhodes, Frederick and family, before July, 1848.
Ray, Robert and family came from Illinois in 1845. Of his children, all coming with him:
· Susan married Andrew T. Nanny
· Mary married Benjamin F. Andrews, both born in Illinois
· William married Lucinda Hart
· Elizabeth married Abe Hart
· Rebecca married John H. Daniel, a soldier in the Mexican War
· Nancy married Timothy Caldwell
· Jane married Joseph Lockett
· Robert (twin boy) married Emeline McComas
· Samuel (twin boy) married Miss White
· Martha married James Kinchelow, who died a prisoner in Camp Douglas, Chicago
Ray, George M., came in 1846, from Tennessee. His wife Subrina is now the widow of James Sheppard, residing in Dallas, with her step daughter, Mrs. E. A. (Dr. A. A.) Johnston.
Rowe, William, and family, before July, 1848
Rowe, William B., and family, before July 1848.
Rowe, John M., and William H., single, before July, 1848.
Riley, James R. and family, before July, 1848.
Riley, Thomas, came single before July, 1848.
Ramsey, Isaac, and family, before July, 1848.
Romine, William, came single, before July, 1848.
Reedy, E. L., came single, before July, 1848.
Renfro, Creath, and family, removed to the frontier, where he and his son were killed by the Indians in 1859 and 1860.
Ray, James, came single, before July, 1848.
Ream, Mrs. Sarah, and family, before July, 1848.
Roberts, Joel, and family, before July, 1848.
Rattan, Thomas, and family, came from Illinois in 1841; settled in Collin. Of his children:
· Hamp, then of Bird's Fort, was killed by Indians, 1-1/2 miles southwest of Carrollton, Dallas county, Christmas day, 1841
· Littleton
· John died in Collin
· Mary married William Fitzhugh
· Harriet married Andrew J. Witt, and died in Dallas
· Ann married James W. Throckmorton
· Hugh married a daughter of David Turner
· Jennie married Mr. Moore, and died in Collin
· Tollie married Robert Dowell, and lives in Collin
· Edward married Miss Stiff, and lives in Collin
· Louisa married Hogan Witt (cousin in Preston), of Collin
· Temperance married John Kincaid
· Thomas lives near Van Alstyne
Robinson, William, married Ann Matterson.
Robinson, J. M., married Louisa Newton.

Sheppard, Mrs. Sabrina, daughter of Hugh Brown, of Georgia, came to Dallas the wife of George M. Ray, in 1846; her second husband was Elder Thacker V. Griffin, and she is now the widow of James Sheppard, residing with her step daughter, Mrs. E. A. (Dr. A. A.) Johnston).
Smith, Patrick P., a soldier in Monterey in 1846; son of Abraham T. Smith, who was killed by Indians on the Brazos river in 1841; now dead.
Shahan, David, and family, came in 1844 or 1845.
Shahan, William P., came single in 1844 or 1845.
Smith, Chilton, and family, came in 1844 or 1845.
Sprowls, William, and family, came from Illinois in 1844 or 1845.
Samson, Dr. Jonathan L., came in 1845; visited California and died. His widow married the late Mr. Bourgeois.
Sharrock, James, and family, before 1848.
Sharrock, Everard, and family, before 1848.
Sharrock, Everard, Jr., came single, before 1848.
Sharrock, George W., came single, before 1848.
Simmons, James A., and family, died early.
Stewart, Samuel A., and family, before 1848.
Sloan, Robert, (a gallant and early Indian fighter), and family, came from Red River county in1844. He commanded a scouting parting through Dallas County in 1840; died in Stephenville, in 1886.
Sloan, Samuel (brother of Robert), came from Red River County in 1844; was a soldier in the Texan army of 1836. He now lives in Stephens county.
Stewart, William A., married Susan O. Harwood.
Slayback, Alexander, married Lucinda Chapman.
Stone, Thomas, married Elizabeth Ross.
Scroggins, William, married Lucretia Strong.
Smith, Rev. James A., and family, came from Mississippi in 1846. He, and his twin brother Wesley, now of Eastland county, and his brother William A., superintendent of the State Blind Asylum during the war, were all Methodist preachers, and each one in the locality of his residence; from his ruddy complexion and bristly hair, was known by the sobriquet of "Cedar Top," - by the way, three excellent and sincere men. James A. Smith's children were:
· John Wesley, married Miss Wilburn
· Joshua La Fayette, married Miss Daniels; was a captain in Stone's Sixth Texas Cavalry; murdered in Dallas, 1867, by Wilson, an attaché of the Freedmen's Bureau, who fled the country
· Robert married Sophronia Winn
· Fanny Killen married John M. Laws, and is dead.
Swing, Matt L., came in 1848; now in New Jersey.
Snow, William J., came single before 1848; married Eleanor Otwell.
Snow, J. M., came from Arkansas in 1848.
Stadden, Seth, and family, from Illinois in 1846.
Story, John L., before 1848.
Starkey, Jesse S., before 1848.
Simpson, Lionel, before 1848.
Smith, Absalom, and family, before 1848.
Snyder, John D., single, before 1848.
Scurlock, John, and family, before 1848.
Sewell, James M. and Thomas J., single, before 1848.
Sweet, Levi J., and family, before 1848.
Sage, Daniel, before 1848.

Taylor, Pleasant, in Illinois married Nancy, daughter of Elder Roderick Rawlins; came in 1844. Their children were:
· Alfred, who is dead.
· Alonzo, who is dead.
· Addie, who is dead.
· Paris, who is dead.
· _____, killed by a pet bear
· Pleasant King, who married Annie Collins
· Sophronia, wife of R. P. Aunpough
· Alfred married Lizzie Green, now the wife of Frank M. Ervay.
Tuggle, Henry, married Minerva A. Biffle.
Trees, Crawford, came in 1845; in 1846 married Annie M. Kimmell, being the first couple married in the new county, in July or August, 1846, the record being destroyed. Her name is erroneously printed Henderson on a former page.  Thomas, John (the first chief justice in Dallas county); wife Hannah and children came from Missouri in 1844. Their children:
· John died a soldier in Mexico
· Alex. A., also a soldier in Mexico, married Mary E. Armstrong
· Ellis C. married Julia Moon
· Elizabeth B. married Charles H. Durgin
· Eliza married Reese Jones
· Sarah A. married P.A. Sayre
Turner, William A., came single, before July 1848; married Alinda Turner
Toliver, J. M., from Illinois in 1846.
Tilley, Jefferson, came in 1844; married Eliza Cole.
Thompson, Marlin M., came in 1848; married Lucy Horton.
Turner, Levi, and family, before 1848.
Turner, William, and family, 1848.
Turner (William (?), single, before 1848.
Taylor, Calvin, single, before 1848.
Trimble, William C., single, before 1848.
Tucker, John S., and family, before 1848.

Vance, Thomas, and family, before 1848.
Vance, John C., and family, before 1848.
Vance, Charles K., and family, before 1848.
Valentine, Henry K., and family, before 1848.
Vernoy, Thomas, came single in 1845, married Julia A. Bast and died early.
Vernoy, Julia, married first Mr. Bast and second William Jones
Vail, Hiram, came single, married Betsey Keenan.

Weatherford, Money, and family, from Illinois in 1845.
Weatherford, Hairbird, single, from Illinois in 1845.
Wampler, Thomas J., and family, before 1848.
Wampler, Valentine, and family, before 1848.
Wampler, Martin, J. S., Austin C. and William R., came single.
Walker, William J., and family, from Tennessee, 1846.
Walker, A. G., from Kentucky, 1845.
Wilson, Richard, and family, before 1848.
Wilson, Aaron B., and family, before 1848.
Wilson, George, and family, from Missouri in 1840; from Lamar county in 1848. Among his children are:
· Thomas
· Charles
· James K. P. and Nancy E., wife of James N. Wittenburg. He yet lives, over 80, near Cedar Hill, was Lieutenant Colonel in Young's Regiment at the close of the Mexican War.
Williams, Thomas C., and family, from Tennessee in 1845. Among his children are:
· T. J.
· J. B.
· E. A.
· M. J.
· R. H.
Wright, John W., and family, before 1848.
Wright, John W. (2) and family, before 1848.
Wand, Henry, and family, before 1848.
Wilburn, Edward, and family, came in 1848.
Wilburn, Hiram, and family, came in 1845
Winn, Francis A., and family came in 1845; among his children were:
· Berry
· W. M. married Ann R. West
· Emma, married John R. West
· Viola H., married Edward W. Hunt
· Helena, married T. J. Winn
West, James, and family, before 1848.
Whitlock, John, and family, before 1849.
West, Robert J., and family, came in 1845; of his children:
· Ann R. married Dr. C.C. Gillespie
· Alice married Thomas H. Floyd
· John R. married Emma Winn
· Robert H. lives in violation of Genesis 2:24, notwithstanding he was the first native to be county judge.
Warner, John, came single before 1848.
Webb, Alexander W., from Illinois to Bowie county in 1840; to Bird's Fort in 1841; escaped when the Indians killed Rattan; settled with his family in Dallas county in 1842.
Webb, Isaac B., and family, from Tennessee in 1844; of his children:
· William D. married Olivia Merrill
· J. Whit
· Sarah
· J. N. was born in Dallas county, July 1, 1846
Winneford, Norvell R., married Matilda Goar.
Winneford, William, came single.
Witt, Preston, came in 1842, died in 1877; his widow lives in Kansas.
Witt, Wade H., and family, came in 1845.
Witt, Andrew J., came in 1845; married Harriet Rattan; both dead.
Witt, Pleasant, twin of Preston, came in 1842, and is dead.
Witt, Eli, and family.
Witt, John, came single.
The above brothers, from Illinois.
Wise, Carlos, came single before 1848; married Tabitha Rawlins.

Young, John and family, came before 1848.

Zachary, Mrs. Sarah, and two children came from Kentucky in 1845
· Daughter married Henry C. Long and died early

(Transcribed by Dorman Holub from John Henry Brown's History of Dallas County, 1892, pp. 151-168.  Permission to reproduce this transcription must be obtained from Dorman Holub)