Index to Migrations to and from Dallas County, Texas, 1890

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(Updated August 16, 2001)


( ) = Number of times appearing on the PAGE

Allen, M. W.
Allen, O. M.
Anderson, Dr. S. J.
Archer, H. A.
Arnold, Mrs. Jennie
Ashton, Dr. Lawrence

Bader, _____
Baird, Dr. W. T.
Bricklay, Rev. Mr.
Brumby, M. D.
Burk, Chas. D.
Butler, B. A.

Carrico, M. W.
Charlton, _____
Chisum/Chism, P. M. (2)
Clark, Joseph W.
Clark, W. H.
Clifford, Dr. T. T.
Cohn, L.
Cole, Miss Ella
Cole, Miss May
Coleman, Mr. and Mrs. R. W.
Coleman, R. Ward
Collins, George W.
Cone, Alderman Mike/M. T. (2)
Cornwell, Major Henry
Crimpton, Rev. B. H.
Crompton, Charles
Crumpton, Rev. B. H. (2)
Cundiff, Mr. and Mrs. Sam

Davis, J. Nat
Denis, J. H.
Dial, William J.
Diboll, _____
Dillard, B. J.
Donaghue, John M.
Donoughue, John

Eales, Harry A.
Eckford, J. J.
Edwards, George W.
Eeles, Hary A.
Ellis, _____
Elsas, Mrs. Herman
Ervay, Col. H. S.
Evans, J. S.
Exford, Mrs. Norma

Fallon, Miss Eva
Faulkner, Col. Andy
Ferguson, Monroe
Fisher, W. H.
Foote, F. R. (2)
Frots, W. A.
Fuller, Braxton C.

Garrett, George G.
Gilmore, Harper
Gleason, Eddie
Gordridge, E. L.

Hahn, Otto F. Neulen
Hall, Mrs. Nellie F.
Harrington, Z. T.
Harrington, Zack
Hill, Mr. W. J.
Holtcamp, Henry
Hurley, Mr. Thos.

Ivy, Preston (2)

Jackson, Tom
Jarvis, Miss Etta
Jones, Jack
Jordan, ____

King, Thomas F.
Kingsley, Oscar
Kirkbride, Mrs. L.

Landhal, Frank
Lane, Mr. and Mrs. S. E.
Lawrence, F. W.
Leiper, Mr. B. S.
Levison, Maurice
Lewis, Sheriff Henry
Lindsay, Miss Cornelia
Lorch, Mr. I. J.
Loudon, J. G.
Love, Capt. W. D.
Lowehaupt, I.

Macey, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L.
Maddox, Richard
Maguire, H. W.
Malone, Mr. F. R.
McCane, James
McCarty, C. D.
McLaurin and family, Judge Lauch
Meagher, John
Miller, John P.
Miller, Mr. Fell (2)
Milligan, Harvey
Morrissey, M. P.

Name unknown
Nelson, Dr. George A.
Noland, George
Nvara, Leon J.

Paddock, C. H.
Paynes, the
Peske, J. F.
Phillips, G. P.
Pitts, Arthur
Potter, F. M.
Purcer, Jim

Rice, F. W.
Rice, M. H.

Severt, Mrs. John
Simms, Rev. B. W. N.
Sims, Pastor
Smith, C. P.
Spears, Col. Noa
Stern, Jake
Stockwell, L. G.
Stone, John B.

Taylor, King
Thompson, man named
Titch, Mrs. Charles (Wertheimer)
Toof, Elder J. T. (2)

Wagner, Fred
Walker, Miss Jeffie
Whitesides, W. M.
Williams, Col. D. A.
Williams, E. L.
Williams, Mr. and Mrs. Sam
Winn, George W.