Harmon Newman Reunion, Dallas County, Texas, circa 1925
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 Newman Family Has Reunion
[circa 1925]

     One hundred and twenty-seven descendants of the late Harmon Newman gathered at the beautiful grove of Mr. Herbert, one mile east of Rowlett, last Sunday. This was the first meeting of the kind for this large family, but it was voted to make it an annual affair.
Uncle Harmon Newman came to Texas from Missouri in 1856, and after marrying Miss Emmaline McDaniel of Lamar county, Texas, they settled on the Newman farm at Pleasant Valley.
     Mrs. Dave Compton has lived in the family homeplace all her life. This is one of the landmarks of Dallas County, having been built in 1870. Nine children lived and established homes of their own, but Mrs. Mark Raney and Jim Newman have since passed on. The living children are: Mrs. Gus Poovey, Dr. G. W. Newman, Mrs. Lum Tucker and Mrs. Obe McCallum.
     At noon, a sumptuous feast was spread on the long table, and Uncle Gus Poovey, the oldest member of the family, acted as master of ceremonies. He spoke briefly of the family history and said he hoped next year that all present would return, and hope most of those absent would be there. After dinner, the grandchildren and great-grandchildren had fun in making the acquaintance of those they did not know. Pictures of all kinds were made, and a general good time followed.
     Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Nolan Poovey and 4 children, Mr. and Mrs. Hedge Clark, Mr. and Mrs. Will Scoggins and 6 children, Mr. and Mrs. B. H. Poore and children, Mr. and Mrs. Pard Pelton and 1 child, Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Garrison and 3 children of Dallas, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Garrison and 2 children, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Henry and baby, Gladys and Juanita Wells, Junia Lloyd Garrison, do. and Mrs. G. W. Newman and Jim, Margaret and Tom, George, Eugene and Mrs. Clint Newman and daughter of Dallas, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert McCallum and 3 daughters, Mr. and Mrs. Dave Compton and Misses Dora and Alma of Dallas, Mrs. Winnie Pelton, Mr. and Mrs. Travis Alston of Dallas, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Compton and daughter of Dallas, Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Compton, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Ragsdale of Dallas, Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Compton and baby of Dallas, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Newman, Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Alston of Dallas, Mr. and Mrs. Lum Tucker and Miss Oneida and Clyde and J. T. Tucker, Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Williams and two children, Mr. and Mrs. H. T. Payne and son, Mrs. Jim Newman and Miss Nell and Harmon, Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Smith, and two daughters, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Lyles and two children, Mrs. Nettie Houston, Mrs. Obe McCallum and Misses Lena Fae, Mildred, Beulah and Dorothy Nell, Mr. and Mrs. Eldred Monroe, Mr. and Mrs. Haskell McCallum and two children, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Jones and Mr. and Mrs. Hal Phelps of Rockwall.

- News clipping, circa 1925