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Dallas' Oldest Cemetery
    Exhibited below is a 19th Century city plat map, detailing the location (indicated by arrows) of the oldest known cemetery (designated as "Old Graves") in Dallas.
   A portion of the site (located on the old Dallas Brewery site, in block 407, and the old Hazard Powder Co. site -- lot #1 of block 75/old block #7), was excavated in the summer of 1970 by construction crews laying a large water pipe through the area.  Urban historian, Alex Troup, observed the excavation and witnessed the unearthing of numerous bones by the work crew. Work was halted upon the discovery, and the City of Dallas was notified.  An (unidentified) city employee arrived at the scene, examined the area, and stated that there was no cemetery there.  The construction project was then resumed. 
    A stone crock jar, dating to the 1860's, embossed with the words, "Microbe Killer," was unearthed by the workers during the excavation of the site. Also unearthed, was a 4-foot wooden, hexagon-shaped, pole, along with a buffalo bone tooth brush, engraved with "Paris."
(Sources: City of Dallas Map Plat Book, Dallas Public Library, 7th Floor
Interview with Alex Troup, August 2000)