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Programme of the Fourteenth An-
nual Reunion.

     The Pioneers' Association of Dallas County will hold its 14th annual reunion at the Oak Cliff pavilion on next Wednesday and Thursday, July 10 and 11. Assembling at 10 a.m., after prayer by the chaplain, Elder John M. Myers, the Hon. George N. Aldridge will deliver the welcome address, followed by a practical salutation by Mrs. Mary Mitchell Brown, which will be read by Miss Annie Kieper to both of which a response will be given by Mr. William C. McKamy, a Dallas reared boy and secretary of the association. For further particulars see the programme as published:

FIRST DAY JULY 10, 1889.

     1. Meet at 10 a. m. Call to order. Prayer by chaplain, Brother John M. Myers.
     2. Welcome address by Hon. George N. Aldridge, and a poem by Mrs. Mary Mitchell Brown. Response to both by W. C. McKamy.
     3. Announcement of deaths during the year by the president.
     4. Adjournment for pic-nic dinner.


1. Re-assemble at 2 p. m.
2. Miscellaneous remarks by brethren.
3. New business.

JULY 11.

     1. Assemble at 10 a. m. Prayer by Chaplain Myers.
     2. Report of officers and committees.
     3. Memorials of the dead during the past year by Brethren Nat. M. Burford, Z. E. Coombes and George C. Cole, native of this county. [The dead during the year, so far as reported to the president, have been Col. George Wilson, Crawford Trees (the first man married in the organized county of Dallas), Col. James G. Stevens, John Merrifield, Melton Merrifield, the venerable Hiram Bennett, Miss Subrina Sheppard, Harrison C. Marsh and wife, John Dickson, Mrs. Martha Swor, (nee Martha Winn), Henry Lively, Joe Lively, Phillip Winn and Dr. H. J. Moffatt. There are doubtless a number not reported.]
     4. Miscellaneous remarks.
     1. Re-assemble at 2 p. m.
     2. Election of officers and committees for 1889-90.
     3. To be followed by social intercourse, addresses, or whatever the association may call for.
     Special Notice. It is especially desired that mother Emily Beeman, the only survivor of the two first American women to settle in Dallas county, (April, 1842.) shall be present.
     All old pioneers of neighboring counties are invited to be with us-especially those like Wormly Carter and Samuel Sloan, who were formerly of Dallas county. Ex-Governor Throckmorton, Mrs. Isabella de Morse Latimer, J. B. Bonoho and Mrs. Isabella Gordon, of Clarksville, Mrs. McDougald, of Greenville, and Judge Joe A. Carroll, of Denton, are especially invited. By order of the committee.

M. D. L. GRACEY, Chairman.
M. C. MCKAMY, Secretary.

- July 6, 1889, Dallas Daily Times Herald, pp. 5, col. 1.
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A Large Number of Old Pio-
neers Present Among
the Throng.

     One of the most enjoyable and interesting picnics thus far this season, was the old folks picnic given to-day at the City Park under the personal supervision of Miss Rebecca Downs, of South Dallas, whose ever kind consideration, attention and courtesy to old people is well and favorably known.
     By 11 a. m., the lovely grounds were well dotted with vehicles, which emptied not only human freight, but well-filled basket, rocking chairs, hammocks and many other articles necessary to the comfort of the aged and enjoyment of the children.
     At 1 o'clock, a bounteous spread, embracing all the choicest viands of market and garden--prepared in that good old fashioned appetizing style which recalls our childhood days--was served a-la-paysante upon the green and enjoyed with happy recollections and bright reminiscences of the days when this genial bank picnicked as boys and girls.
     Miss Downs was assisted in looking after the enjoyment of the guests by Mesdames M. L. Dyson, A. S. Lee, B. M. Fredrick, E. G. Rust, Mrs. Terry, Mrs. Russell, Mrs. E. G. Rust, Mrs. Webb, Mrs. Potts, Mrs. Penry, Mrs. Ingram, Mrs. Jerrell and others, who, by their kind and thoughtful attention, added much to the pleasure of the affair.
     A majority of the guests had lived their three score years and ten and several had seen the flowers of eighty summers blossom, while two had reached the good old age of ninety, which fact alone, made the affair of unusual interest. Many of them were old pioneers to the Lone Star state and related their experience of the "early days" at a little reunion after dinner, which not only proved enjoyable to the first settlers of Dallas, but the late ones as well.
     Among them were Col. H. H. Curl, a Mississippian by birth, who came to Texas forty-five years ago, and who, though his hair is white with the changes of eighty seasons, is a bright, active and well preserved gentleman. Others were Messrs. J. Downs, S. B. Penry, Dr. E. H. Pratt, Dr. S. A. Mitchell.
     Among the old ladies present were Mrs. Jane Phares, a Mississippian, 78 years of age, who came to Dallas 22 years ago; Mrs. Sarah Downs, also a Mississippian, who has lived in the country many years, and who says that she is 25 years younger than Abram was, when his son, Isaac, was born. Mrs. A. McAllister, born April 30, 1820, in Penn county, Virginia, and lived 23 years in Texas; Miss Margaret Toole, a Mississippian, who has lived in Texas 20 years; Miss Eliza McCoy, born in Indiana in 1813, and resided in Dallas 17 years; Dr. and Mrs. Mitchell, who came to Dallas county in 1847; Mrs. M. E. Jones, a native of Kentucky; Mrs. L. A. Wilson, a native of Tennessee, 68 years old, Mrs. E. H. Pratt, a native of Michigan, 82 years of age and many others.

- August 14, 1891, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 7, col. 6.
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Pioneer Texas Woman
Has Birthday Today.

Mrs. Sophie Koester.

     Today, Mrs. Sophie Koester will celebrate her eighty-seventh birthday at the home of her son-in-law, G. A. Eisenlohr, 1100 East Eighth street, Oak Cliff. Mrs. Koester is the widow of Dr. Theodore Koester, some years deceased, who was a leading physician and also a member of the Legislature during the war between the States from Comal county.
     In 1845, when a young lady of 19 years, with her parents, settled on the beautiful stream known now as the Comal River with the German colony brought to Texas by Prince Salm Salm. All that region was a waste of beautiful prairie land, iridescent with flowers, over which buffalo, deer and antelope roamed at will. The wild Indians were there in abundance, too, and not infrequently, raids by Comanches, Lipans and other tribes made the lives of the settlers strenuous in the extreme. During the sixty-eight years of her life in Texas, Mrs. Koester has seen the Republic disappear, to give place to the State, and has seen the State grow from its primeval condition, the ox wagon era of sparse settlements and pioneer privations, into the splendid Commonwealth of this day, with its population running into the millions, its thriving cities, its railroads, its every modern utility, adjunct and beneficence of the higher civilization and advanced education.
     Ten children blessed the lives of Mrs. Koester and her husband, but only three remain to her in her declining years--Mrs. G. A. Eisenlohr, Miss Elisa Koester, who with her resided in the home of G. A. Eisenlohr, in charge of the Government weather service in Dallas, and Harry G. Koester of San Antonio. Three grandchildren and two great-grandchildren also gladden her life. She is of a long lived family. In 1880, her parents celebrated, in Comal County, the sixtieth anniversary of their marriage, and Mr. Eisenlohr danced with the anniversary bride, who, at 85, was as spry as a maiden in her teens.
     Mrs. Koester has lived twenty-three years in Dallas. She is active and cheerful, taking as keen a zest in life as in her younger days.

- May 4, 1913. Dallas Morning News, Sec. IV, p. 9, col. 2.
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Couple Stage Barbecue and Picnic for Friends


 - Photo by Rogers.

  Mr. and Mrs. Max Munzesheimer, widely known Dallas county couple, preparing a big spread under the trees on their farm near Letot, where they entertained more than 500 friends at an all-day picnic and barbecue Saturday. Many prominent pioneer families of Dallas were among the guests.  




     Mr. and Mrs. Max Munzesheimer entertained about five hundred of their old friends with a picnic and barbecue at Roxana farm, near Letot Saturday. The event was made the occasion of the gathering of many pioneer families in Dallas county, among them being the Harriers, the Knights, the Hughes, the Dorans and many others.
     Mayor Blaylock headed a delegation from the city hall, and Shelby Cox and Dan Harston from the courthouse. Emil Fretz brought his park board along and there were many others prominent in business and politics who gathered for the feast. Col. S. E. Moss was master of ceremonies and introduced the various speakers. Mr. and Mrs. Munzesheimer were presented with a handsome bouquet of flowers, the mayor making the presentation speech. A great concrete pit was piled high with barbecue meats of all kinds and tables were spread under the shade of great elm trees. There was plenty to go around and many baskets of food left over.
     Before the dinner, the visitors were shown over a model farm, a part of which, is used for fruit demonstration work by Mr. Fechner, well known horticulturist. One of Mr. Munzesheimer's prize specimens is a variety of loganberry, which is successfully fruiting. The visitors nearly lost their appetites before the barbecue by eating dewberries, plums and peaches off the vines and trees. Several found poles and line and sneaked away to the private lake to spend the remainder of the afternoon. Albert Martino, famed as an amateur chef, saw the barbecuing was properly executed, but the big event was the serving of the pies baked under the personal supervision of Mrs. Munzesheimer.

- June 1, 1924, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 10, col. 5-7.
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Dallas Pioneers

     Partial list compiled by The Times Herald of men and women who have lived in Dallas more than forty years.

Mrs. C. J. Cutler, 4422 Eastside Ave., Oct. 16, 1875.
C. J. Cutler, 4422 Eastside Ave., Sept. 20, 1884.
R. V. Work, Paducah, Tex., 1868.
W. A. Work, Grand Prairie, Tex., October 1871.
Edwin Anderson Danforth, 1112 E. Eighth St., July 1885.
J. L. Futrell, Mesquite, Tex., November 1858.
Joseph C. DeFord, 6205 Oram St., Jan 8, 1883.
Mrs. Mary L. Parry, 800 Second Ave., Aug. 23, 1873. Phone H 6942 or H 1578.
Miss Lizzie C. Brown, 5614 Richmond Ave., July 17, 1871.
Miss Marion T. Brown, 5614 Richmond Ave., July 17, 1871, with parents, Major and Mrs. John Henry Brown.
Mrs. Tom Smith, 719 South Pearl St., May 26, 1876.
Mrs. Emma McEnnis Alstoy, 719 North Pearl St., 1879.
William H. Belt, Station A., Route 1, Box 186, Oct. 30, 1869.
L. G. Mansfield, 3714 Commerce St., Nov. 26, 1884.
Mrs. Winnie Frances Lee, 2826 Dawson St., 1881. Born in Waxahachie, Ellis county, 1879.
Mrs. Joe Murray, 3724 Carpenter Ave., November, 1884.
Mrs. Mary Winn, 3503 Travis Ave., June, 1855.
John A. Steer, 703 Waverly Ave., 1873. In Denton county over four years; back to Dallas, 1883.
William A. Nason, 2009 Ross Ave., March 17, 1881.
Mrs. Eleanor J. Hatter, 1740 Pear St., Jan. 3, 1870.
Mrs. (W. B.) Clara Wilmans Knight, 205 E. Twelfth St., Oak Cliff, March, 1872. Dallas only village.
Mrs. J. C. Ward, 6130 Junius St., May 10, 1866. From Missouri.
L. R. Bergeron, 617 American Exchange National Bank Bldg., March 30, 1881. Please omit flowers and photograph.
Mrs. Maude Rust Means, 4622 Reiger Ave., August, 1880. Born in Dallas.
Mrs. Elbridge G. Rust, 4622 Reiger Ave., March, 1874.
George William Edward Merewether, 1513 Gano St., Sept. 17, 1880.
Mrs. Joe Duncan, Route 8, Box 304, 1885.
John Wesley Dixon and wife (Wynona Ambrosa), Station A., Route 1, Box 230, Dec. 20, 1876.
J. W. Ryan, 1106 S. Beacon Ave., 1869.
Mrs. Parice Fisher Kirk, 5708 Beeman Ave., 1866.
W. E. Fisher, 5635 Culver St., 1866. In a wagon.
Albert and R. A. Cole, 837 Melba St., 1849 and 1854. Both born in Dallas.
Addie K. McDermott, 3708 Oakland Ave., Dec. 28, 1847.
Mrs. Georgia A. Matthews, 1408 Casey St., June, 1873. Father, James Van Anderson, arrived 1873.
Henry Leigh Stokey, 3506 Word St., 1880.
Henry Jay Putman, 1108 Fourth Ave., March, 1882.
Mrs. Susan E. Garwin, 4829 Ash lane, June 13, 1878[?].
S. H. Ashner, 1402 Pocahontas, March 24, 1879.
R. B. Nolen[?], 5825 Reiger Ave., Aug. 31, 1882.
William L. Nolan, 4906 Columbia Ave., Aug. 21, 1882.
W. D. Richardson, Sr., 5920 Goliad Ave., November, 1882.
Mrs. B. A. Ramsey, 3210 Hall St., December, 1872.
G. A. Nance, Route 6, Box 37, 1852.
D. C. Nance (brother), Cedar Hill, route 1, 1852.
S. H. Nance (brother), Duncanville, Tex., Born here, 1861.
S. H. Nance (cousin), Station A., route 2, 1851.
Mrs. G. M. Swink, 2811 Bryan, 1868.
Joe T. Buckingham, 2811 Bryan, 1880.
Mrs. J. T. Buckingham, 2811 Bryan, 1870.
W. L. Henry, 5803 Lewis, 1881.
Mrs. W. L. Henry, 5803 Lewis, 1868.
S. W. Henry, 507 Prairie, 1878.
Mrs. A. Israelsky, 2825 South Boulevard, Nov. 26, 1874.
Otto Gleiser, 4715 Virginia, July 15, 1875.
Mrs. Laura Beilharz, 2723 Swiss Ave., April 23, 1860.
Chas. W. Padgitt, Padgitt Bros. Co., 1875.
Mrs. Henry Hamilton. Some time before 1879.
Robert L. Day, Station A., route 1, Aug. 27, 1880.
Cannon Ambrose Hart, 4027 Simpson St., April 12, 1874.
Mrs. Lillie Belle Rose, 2315 Haskell Ave., fall of 1876.
Mrs. Will H. Cullum, 2915 Hood St., February, 1873.
John F. Locke, 4839 Parry Ave., January, 1874.
E. B. Bayse, 212 North Brighton, Nov. 23, 1871.
Mrs. E. B. Bayse, 212 North Brighton, November, 1873.
Geo. H. Laurence, 4414 East Side, Nov. 12, 1877.
Mrs. Carrie S. Garretson, 5109 Manett St., Sept. 1876.
James C. Roddy, 820 North Marsalis, Sept. 2, 1880.
John E. Hess, 3520 Ross Ave., Dec. 3, 1870.
Hattie M. Lichtenstein, 1812 South boulevard, April 1, 1875.
J. S. Downs, 5022 Crutcher St., August, 1870. Came from Woodville, Miss.
Mrs. S. E. Chandler, 4004 Ross Ave., Jan. 20, 1879.
John F. Giles, Sr., 1621 St. Paul St., Nov. 10, 1882.
John Thomas Williams, Route 1, box 184, May, 1869.
Mrs. C. A. Mast, 3811 Munger Ave., Sept. 3, 1882[?].
F. L. d'Ablemont, 3612 Second Ave., May, 1883.
Essie Baron (nee Mittenthal), 4106 Swiss Ave., April 1, 1875.
John M. Moore, 4303 Oakland Ave., 1847. Old soldier in Civil war, Born Sept. 1, 1842.
W. B. Kimbell, 2425 Ramsay, November, 1881.
J. C. Ward, 6130 Junius St., March, 1874.
W. W. Glover, Route 3, box 395. Born here, July 31, 1846.

- February 22, 1925, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 3, col. 2.
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     Saturday was a strenuous day for the Half-Century editor of The Times Herald. Not only were letters received in every mail, but all day long, real pioneers of Dallas county called on him for the purpose of enrolling in The Times Herald Half-Century club. When records for the day were closed, forty-five additional members had been added to the club, making a total to date of 189.
     Keen interest was manifested in future plans for the club, and appreciation was expressed over the fact that the old settlers of Dallas and Dallas county are to be publicly honored for the part they have played in the upbuilding of the community.

Plan Meeting Soon.
     Within the next few days, it is planned to announce the time and place for the first meeting of the club, when all members will be dinner guests of The Times Herald. Permanent organization will be effected, officers elected and there will be a few short talks, in which tribute will be paid to the "old-timers."
     Arrangements are also being made to present each member with a suitably engraved gold emblem, the gift of Linz Bros.
     Among the pioneers enrolling Saturday was J. M. Ramsey of Cedar Hill. Mr. Ramsey has lived for eighty years in Dallas county. He was born in Missouri, Sept. 17, 1843, and was brought to Dallas county two years later.

Many Exceed Half-Century.
     Other new members who have lived in the county considerably beyond the half-century mark include: Mrs. P. A. Geeo, of Grand Prairie, with a record of seventy-five years, W. R. Hughes, 2911 Oak Lawn avenue, seventy-three years; Mrs. B. F. Emerson, Duncanville, seventy-two years; S. A. Story, Irving, sixty-seven years, and Mrs. Mary Peterman, 5132 Richard avenue.
     In a letter to the Half-Century editor, Mrs. Peterman wrote: "Since I was born in Dallas, sixty-six years ago, I would like very much to be listed as a member of your club. A woman does not like to tell her age, but I don't mind, especially for such a club The Times Herald is sponsoring."
     Mr. Story told how his father came to the country from Ohio in 1849, and settled near the present site of Irving.
     "In later years, my father made five trips to Illinois and Ohio in ox carts," Mr. Story said. "He had thirteen brothers and sisters. Four of the brothers fought in the Mexican war and seven of them were in the Confederate army. When father died, four years ago, he left seventy-eight grandchildren and great-grandchildren."
     Three widely known Dallas brothers, born and raised here, joined the club Saturday. They were Epps G. Knight, R. E. L. Knight and A. J. Knight.

List of Members.
     Following are the names and addresses of those who have enrolled as members of the Half-Century club, to date:
Captain June Peak, 4409 Worth street.
George M. Duncan, 1011 Glasgow street.
Charles Holtkamp, 2621 Live Oak street.
John H. Yeargan, 231 Cedar Springs.
Powell Yeargan, 2509 Reagan street.
T. R. Yeargan, 317 Montreal street.
E. D. Yeargan, 4713 Junius street.
H. F. Yeargan, 3603 Hall street.
Mrs. Kate Titterington, 3825 Ross avenue.
S. T. Stratton and Mrs. Amelia Stratton, 1505 North Peak street.
J. M. Harvey, 2727 Wellborn street.
Mrs. Edward Lehman, 3927 Junius street.
Mrs. Charles Ott, 2631 Live Oak street.
A. W. Childress, 1714 Prairie avenue.
G. A. Nance, Eagle Ford road.
J. J. Lemmon and Mrs. Mamie E. Lemmon, Hutchins.
Mrs. Elfleda Ellis Mills, route 3, Station A.
Martin E. Joyce, Seagoville.
Lee B. Thompson, 3205 Main street.
James Greer, 3805 Myrtle street.
J. H. McCommas, Mockingbird lane.
Mrs. J. H. McCommas, Mockingbird lane.
A. C. Fryke, Carrollton.
Louis V. Meyer, 3414 Wellborn street.
Mrs. Louis V. Meyer, 3414 Wellborn street.
Mrs. Parlee Fisher Kirk, 5706 Beeman avenue.
Mrs. J. H. Brandenburg, 926 West Ninth street.
P. D. Mix, 912 Park avenue.
Mrs. Nativa Capy, 4811 Junius street.
Adolph L. Marder, 2415 Grand avenue.
Mrs. George Hamm, Sr., 523_ Goodwin avenue.
Mrs. Laura Kennedy, Addison.
Mrs. William P. Cochran, 281__ Throckmorton street.
Lyke Durrett, Cedar Hill.
Mrs. W. E. Young, Sr., 921 Church street.
E. V. Paschall, Mesquite,
Amos Saunders, 413 North Peak street.
J. W. Shanks, route 6, Maple avenue road.
John E. Hess, 3530 Ross avenue.
Mr. and Mrs. M. P. Hayes, 4601 Reiger avenue.
Mrs. H. F. Hood, 1500 South Henderson.
Mrs. Kate M. Bryan, 4405 Ross avenue.
Mrs. Addie K. McDermett, 3703 Oakland avenue.
Mrs. Leona Munroe, 3708 Oakland avenue.
Mrs. W. T. Tuggle, West Dallas pike.
Mrs. Sallie Greene, Lancaster.
Mrs. A. J. Lowrey, Wilmer.
J. F. Harvey, 2727 Wellborn street.
A. W. Britain, Route 8, Box 328.
J. J. Ledbetter, 513
1/2 N. Akard street.
J. C. Ward, 6130 Junius street.
W. B. Chenoweth, 500 West Seventh street.
Mrs. John Clifford, 4421 Sycamore street.
E. K. Martyn, 3308 Colonial avenue.
Mrs. E. K. Martyn, 3308 Colonial avenue.
Sam J. Smith, 805 Fourth avenue.
F. P. Phelan, 1609 Chestnut street.
John W. Dixon.
Mrs. W. A. Dixon.
Mrs. Eva Carrie Hunt.
Worth Peak, Sr., 4213 Worth street.
Mrs. Julia Hiller Flanagan, 3107 Gaston avenue.
Mr. and Mrs. R. P. Motley, Grand Prairie.
W. H. Penry, 113
1/2 South Lancaster.
R. D. Coughanour, 3840 Mockingbird lane.
Wm. H. Drennan, 3213 Williams street.
S. D. Lawrence, Mesquite.
Ben Kahn, 3017 Holmes street.
Henry Kahn, 3008 Holmes street.
C. B. Gillespie, 3203 Douglas street.
W. H. Stratton, 1211 Apple street.
C. E. Ledbetter, Station A., Route 8.
Mrs. C. E. Ledbetter, Station A., Route 8.
Mrs. C. C. Barton, station A., Route 8.
Mrs. Georgia A. Mathews, 1403 Casey street.
L. C. Paschall, 1425 First avenue.
Mrs. L. C. Paschall, 1425 First avenue.
Mrs. J. M. Caster, 1429 First avenue.
Warren Langston, Lisbon, Box 320.
J. W. Spencer, Hutchins.
Mrs. E. B. Hall, Duncanville.
Mrs. A. E. Espleman, Duncanville.
Mrs. Laura Voorhies, Duncanville.
C. B. Miley, Duncanville.
Mrs. Polk Jones, Garland.
Jesse M. Jones, Garland.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. H. Keller, 3517 San Jacinto street.
Mrs. W. F. Adair, 3603 Swiss avenue.
Mrs. W. E. Daniel, Hutchins.
C. C. Daniel, 5907 East Grand avenue.
Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Simpson, Station A., Route 1.
W. D. Witt, Hutchins.
Mrs. N. A. Webb, Mesquite.
A. L. Overton, route 12, box 450.
William W. Glover, Kaufman road.
J. F. Talley, Forney and Spring.
Wirt Leake, 3528 Drexel drive.
Mrs. E. P. Ramsey, 3210 Hall street.
Jesse Wright, 505 Main street.
Mrs. Josephine Fisher, 1236 So. Tyler avenue.
Mrs. E. E. Parry, 800 Second avenue.
Mrs. C. J. Cutler, 4422 East Side avenue.
Milas Hopkins.
Mrs. E. E. Hopkins.
J. R. Duncan, 119 North Vernon avenue.
I. B. Whitely, R. F. D. No. 2[?], Wylie.
Mrs. A. M. Mueller, 5445 Goodwin street.
Mrs. Ernest Brown, motor route C.
Mrs. Warren Taliaferro, Farmers Branch.
J. E. Penry, 50__ Central Bank building.
M. A. Lewis, route 1, box 52, Cedar Hill.
F. M. Good, Carrollton.
Mrs. F. M. Good, Carrollton.
Mrs. J. M. Harry, Sr., 2503 McKinney avenue.
S. W. Daniel, Hutchins, Tex.
Mrs. H. P. Grubb, Garland.
Mrs. O. D. Tapp, 818 S. Winnetka avenue.
J. L. Grizzle, station A., route 1, box 312.
J. W. Baird, 834 Third avenue.
T. A. Myers, 5709 Columbia avenue.
Monroe Wilson, 4207 Maple avenue.
Mrs. M. H. Love, 2932 Grand avenue.
D. C. McCord, 820 North Beckley avenue.
J. S. Downs, 5022 Crutcher street.
Mrs. N. M. Coyle, Garland.
H. B. Coyle, Garland.
Leon Kahn, 1719 Pocahontas street.
Mrs. L. J. Kahn, 1719 Pocahontas street.
I. K. Kahn, 1719 Pocahontas street.
G. E. Peak, 4300 Worth street.
Mrs. J. M. Simpson, 2400 Hickory street.
Mrs. Sarah Jane Penn, 618 South Tyler street.
Mrs. S. E. Water, 2127 South Ewing avenue.
Mrs. Lon Ledbetter, route 2, station A.
H. McDonald Hinckley, 1916 Peabody avenue.
Mrs. Bettie C. Hinckley, 1916 Peabody avenue.
J. R. Umphress, 2612 Haynie.
Mrs. Louise F. Umphress, 2612 Haynie.
Leon Beyrle, 3915 Watt.
G. B. Britain and wife, Station A, Route 12, Box 514.
J. M. Britain, Station A, route 12, box 514.
Epps G. Knight, 3__17 Cedar Springs.
R. E. L. Knight, 2__4 Maple.
A. J. Knight, 4725 Swiss avenue.
Mrs. Antonio E. Alford, 3230 Elihu.
Mrs. Effie Snyder, Mesquite.
Mrs. B. Caldwell, Mesquite.
Mrs. Annie Newsome, Mesquite.
Aug. S. Guillot, 307 Gaston building.
Charles M. Orr, 3120 Junius.
W. S. Burris, 2106 Jackson.
F. B. Terry, 5507 Beeman.
Mrs. B. F. Emerson, Duncanville.
Mrs. Margaret Daniel Finley, Duncanville.
J. M. Ramsey, Cedar Hill.
Mrs. Joe Wilson, Cedar Hill.
W. R. Hughes, 2911 Oak Lawn.
Mrs. P. A. Geeo, Grand Prairie.
J. M. Marder, 2403 Grand.
J. W. Webb, Mesquite.
Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Gallie, 1709 South St. Paul.
Mrs. Mary Peterman, 5131 Richard.
W. B. Taylor, 4311 Holland.
Robert Arons, 4915 Reiger.
Mrs. Laura E. Hawpe, 5613 East Side.
S. V. Fleming, 1215 Peabody.
James J. Casey, 3627 Cleveland.
S. M. Kennedy, Carrollton.
S. A. Story, Irving.
Mrs. Melle Wilson, route C.
W. M. Blemmie, 1009 East Jefferson.
F. F. Taylor, Lemmon avenue.
Mrs. R. L. Winfrey, 5014 Vickery boulevard.
R. W. Carnes, 3223 McKinney.
DeWitt W. Carnes, 2708 Swiss.
Jim Carnes, Jr., 409 South Marsalis.
Miss M. Carnes, 3703 Mockingbird lane.

- September 6, 1925, Dallas Times Herald, Sec. II, p. 2, col. 2-4.
- o o o -


     Six sisters, believed to form the largest unbroken family of pioneer daughters in Dallas county, enrolled in The Times Herald Half-Century club Saturday.
     The oldest of the sextette is 74, the youngest 57. Four of the sisters have never resided outside of Dallas county. Two spent brief periods in other parts of the state, but have been in the county long enough to make them eligible to membership in the Half-Century club.
     The six sisters, who are all living in Dallas at the present time, are: Mrs. Cannie Record, 74; Miss Ellen Thomas, 72; Mrs. Dick Baird, 70; Mrs. Dood Roberts, 67; Mrs. Bud Smith, 64; Mrs. Mollie Salmons, 57.

Club to Exceed 300.
     In addition to the sisters, twenty-nine other men and women sent in their applications for membership in the club. This batch of joiners hoists the membership quota up to 282. It is apparent that the membership will exceed the 300 mark before the club is formally organized at a meeting in Oak Lawn park on Thursday, September 24. On this day, at 10:30 o'clock in the morning, the organization will be formed. And, at 1 o'clock, a diner will be served to the members by The Times Herald. An interesting program is being arranged.
New members enrolled Friday and Saturday include the following:
Mrs. Lula B. Irwin, 119 N. Van Buren, resided here 52 years.
C. G. Smith, 4522 Colonial avenue, came to Dallas in 1879.
Mrs. Willie W. Smith, 4522 Colonial avenue, arrived here in 1873.
Miss Florence Wright, 4__2 Colonial avenue, came here in 1873.
Ford House, 2015 Cedar Springs, came to Dallas 1873.
E. A. Morris, 509 E. Eighth street, born here in 1862.
Mrs. P. J. McFarland, Rowlett, born in county in 1865, and is still residing in the old homestead.

Resident of County Since 1855.
Mrs. Kate James, Garland, a resident of county since 1855.
I. C. Cade, 1923 Fourth avenue, here since 1872.
Mrs. Mary Patton, Garland. Resident of county since 1867.
W. L. Handley, Garland. Resident of county since 1870. He recalls attending a circus on the present site of Sanger Bros. store.
G. C. Rawlins, 1409 Stemmons avenue. He has spent 58 years in county and was one of first juvenile court officers in Texas.
Mark Patton, Garland. In Dallas county since 1875.
R. D. Sears, Hutchins, born here in 1866.
Mrs. Mary Rawlins Sears, born near Lancaster in 1869.
Mrs. J. W. Rabb, Garland. Born near there in 1872.
Mrs. M. D. Williams, Garland. Born near there in 1871.
Rebecca A. Russell, Irving, route 1, box 53. Resident in county 79 years.
Willie M. Yunnell, Cedar Hill. Born there in 1863.
Marie S. Yunnell, Cedar Hill, born 1866.
James M. Powers, Irving, born in 1849.
Mrs. James M. Powers, Irving, born in 1852.
James E. Powers, their son, born in 1872.
Mrs. Jacob Denni, 2803 Bryan street. Lived in Dallas since 1873.
J. M. Merrell, route C, resides on homestead where he was born March 30, 1847, 78 years ago.
Mrs. J. M. Merrell in Dallas county since 1870.
Mrs. W. M. Cochran, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Merrell, born in 1873.
Miss Maggie May Merrell, makes home with her parents.
W. M. Cochran, born in Dallas in 1872.

- September 13, 1925, Dallas Times Herald, Sec. I, p. 10, col. 4-6.
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