Potter Cemetery, Mesquite, Dallas County, Texas


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(contributed by A. C. Morgan)

     Mapsco location - 60A-W, Lawson Road exit of I20, just North in triangle of Lumley & Old Lawson Road, 5841 Lumley Road, Mesquite, Dallas County, TX

     First to be buried at this site was William L. POTTER (d. Jul 1861) who was the son of John P. (1827-1899) & Martha (ODEN) POTTER (1835-1872).  Most of the POTTER's nine children are buried here.  The last recorded burial was in 1947.  There are 16 possible graves in the cemetery.

This cemetery census & pictures were taken
20 Mar 2002 by Cecil Morgan.

Lost graves are in red.

Texas Historical Commision Marker placed in 1998 reads:


     John P. (1827-1899) and Martha (Oden)
(1835-1872) Potter, pioneer citizens of the Republic of Texas, bought a farm near the Haught's Store Community in 1860. When their son William L. Potter died in July 1861 he was the first to be buried on this site; John Potter enlisted in the Confederate Army in the same month. After the war he served as Justice of the Peace; his landholdings included almost 1,000 acres. Most of the Potters' nine children are interred here. The last recorded burial was in 1947. A 1997 count revealed 16 possible graves. The Potter Cemetery remains a record of the settlers who shaped eastern Dallas County.

First to be buried here:

"In Memory of"
William L. POTTER
8 Apr 1855
14 Jul 1867
"Aged 12 yr's, 3 mo's, 6 days"
"Go home dear friends
and dry those tears,
I must lie here
Until Christ appears"


"Sacred to the Memory of


 (Large Memorial stone to)
27 Feb 1827
8 Jan 1899
Plaque: Citizen of the Republic
Of Texas
Martha A. (Ann) (ODOM) POTTER
"Wife of J. P. POTTER"
11 Jul 1835
24 Apr 1872


Elizabeth T. POTTER
26 May 1853
16 Jul 1956


Robert D. POTTER
10 Dec 1869
2 Dec 1941


Martha Elizabeth POTTER
24 Apr 1872
30 Oct 1880


Mary Bell McKENZIE
"Daughter of J. M. & M. B."
31 Jan 1889
25 Nov 1906
"Gone into the bright home
Where grief cannot come"

There is a curbed area on
The north side of Mary Bell's
Fenced in lot with UNKNOWN
Buried there.


W. H. LUMLEY (William H. "Babe")
25 Sep 1862
29 Mar 1947
"Daddy" (footstone)
(Married 1887)
Sarah Francis (POTTER) LUMLEY
29 Mar 1862
13 Apr 1935
"Mother" (footstone)


Nannie Odeymie LUMLEY
Daughter of W. H. & S. F.
12 May 1889
14 Nov 1892
"God bless our little one"


Henry Arvil LUMLEY
16 Oct 1891
11 Mar 1915
"Gone but not Forgotten"
"Woodman of the World"
H. A. L. (footstone)


6 Mar 1900
1 Nov 1925
"Brother" (footstone)


11 Mar 1894
8 Mar 1901


d. 3 Jan 1895
"He is at rest"

Potter Cemetery Entrance Signs

Texas Historical Commission Marker

William L. POTTER, First burial in cemetery

John P. POTTER, Owner of this land

Republic of Texas Plaque

Martha A. (ODEN) POTTER, wife of John P.