Reconstruction, Dallas County, Texas
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List of murders and assaults
with intent to kill.


No. 44. Dallas county, February , 1867. -- William Petit assaulted with intent to kill Andrew Johnson (colored). Petit had sworn he would kill him the first opportunity.


No. 45. Dallas county, June 30, 1867.-- Thomas Greene assaulted with intent to kill George Bledsoe (colored). Bledsoe was shot for refusing to halt when ordered by Greene.


No. 47. Dallas county, July 20, 1867.-- Frank Record (white) murdered Hollan (white). Hollan was one of the several who hung Record's father in 1862, for being a Union man. He had been absent until last week. Record, hearing of his return, went to his house and shot him.


No. 350. Dallas county, January 31, 1867.-- William Petit (white), assault with intent to kill A. Jackson (colored).


No. 351. Dallas county, May 1, 1867.-- W. McCormack (white), assault with intent to kill G. W. Rice (white).


No. 352. Dallas county, May 1 [1867].-- G. W. Rice (white), assault with intent to kill W. McCormack (white).


No. 354. Dallas county, July 3, 1867.-- An unknown white person assaulted with intent to kill Hardin (colored). He was met on the highway and shot.


No. 355. Dallas county, July 10, 1867.--Record (white) murdered Holland (white). He was one of the party who hung Holland's father.


No. 356. Dallas county, August 25, 1867.-- Robert Duvall (white), assault with intent to kill an unknown colored person. The freedman was shot for not taking off his hat to him on the street, and has since died. Duvall called on the county judge and boasted of what he had done; but they failed to arrest him.

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                                                  Austin, Texas, February 8, 1868.


     I certify that the foregoing embrace imperfect returns from about 70 counties in Texas, of the murders, and assaults with intent to kill, as shown from the reports of sub-assistant commissioners, now on file in my office.

                                                      J. P. RICHARDSON,

First Lt. 20th U. S. Infantry, Ass't Adj't General.

The following are a few of the murders, &c., since the publication of Major General Hancock's order assuming command of the fifth military district:


No. 77. Dallas county, January 1868.-- An unknown person murdered Charles Mack (colored). Shot on the public highway.


No. 78. Dallas county, January 1868.-- An unknown person murdered John Ferguson (colored). Was shot and killed, through a crevice in the wall, while sitting at his fireside playing with his child.

Source: House of Representatives Miscellaneous Document No. 127, 40th Congress, 2nd Session, titled: "Communication from Governor Pease of Texas, relative to The Troubles in that State."