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Restland Memorial Park Cemetery Location




Future Considered in Selecting
Site for the New

     Believing that permanence is the first requisite in location of a cemetery, the planners of Restland Memorial Park, in choosing a site for the new burial grounds, acted with due considerations of the probable future growth of Dallas according to M. C. Weaver, head of the company in charge of the project. The result was selection of a site sufficiently far removed from the center of population to be desirable for the purpose even then [when?] Dallas has become a city of 500,000. At the same time, it is readily accessible.
     Restland is located about six miles northeast of the city limits. It fronts 2,100 feet on the newly-paved Richardson road and extends 1,200 feet deep. The tract has been laid out in accordance with the most approved plans for such developments. Daniel R. Hall, chief landscape architect and engineer for the National Park service, U. S. A., will have charge of the landscaping.
     Alfred C. Bossom, New York architect, associated with Thomson and Swaine of Dallas, designed the ornamental entrance to be built on the Richardson road and the stone and granite chapel to be constructed in the cemetery. Clo[?] Neill, Dallas sculptor, will execute the statues with which the several sections of the grounds will be adorned.
     Those in charge of the development of Restland have announced that only granite and bronze slabs set level with lawn on concrete bases will be permitted as grave markers. This requirement is imposed for the purpose of preserving the beauty and harmony of the grounds.
     A perpetual care fund for the maintenance of Restland park is to be provided by depositing a portion of the proceeds of each lot sale with the American Trust company of Dallas. The principal of the fund is to be kept intact, and the income used for the maintenance of the grounds.

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