Spring Creek Cemetery, Dallas County, Texas
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Thirty-Two Years Buried--Yes-
terday Exhumed for Removal.

    Mr. James R. Blewett, yesterday, went with Undertaker Smith to the old burying ground at Spring Creek to superintend the removal of the bodies of his father's family from the old Spring Creek grave yard, to the new burial place near Richardson. Altogether, eight bodies were moved.
    Rev. G. L. Blewett, father of the family, was buried there about three years ago. His coffin and remains were found much more decomposed than those of one of his sons buried two years before, the father having been buried in a walnut coffin, which was entirely gone, while the poplar coffin of the son was in a good state of preservation. A daughter, Miss Elizabeth, was buried in 1882, and while the wood was all decayed, the silk trimmings of the dress were perfect in form and color. With the bones of Baxter Blewett, buried in 1865, were found horn buttons, but no sign of clothing or wood. A young son of Mr. Thomas H. Skyles now living in that neighborhood, was interred there in 1872, and about the bones was the broadcloth coat, all that remained of the burial suit; the coat being in a good state of preservation. The first of the family buried there was a child of 8 or 10 years, buried thirty-two years ago last March. The coffin was entirely gone, only the rusted nails remaining with the bones in the well-protected vault.
    This is one of the oldest burial grounds in the county, and Rev. Mr. Blewett was one of its pioneer preachers. The hand that drove the nails in the first coffin, the nails that were all that remained of the burial case, is still living, Mr. Thomas Skelton, of the Spring Creek neighborhood. The vault had been covered with Burr oak boards, and were yet perfectly sound, leaving the vault in exactly the same condition as the day of burial, except that there [was] not the slightest trace of _________ wood, nothing remaining ________ nails and the skeleton, ___________ the skull, the shell of a ________ a newer and perfect _________ grown and pushed __________ place _______.

- August 16, 1887, The Dallas Daily Herald, (Noon Edition) p. 1, col. 5
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