St. Mary's College, Dallas, Texas

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By Bishop Garrett to the Pupils
of St. Mary's College.

     Miss Margaret Berry, for best scholarship in advanced studies, gold medal and for instrumental music, a silver medal.
     Miss Mary Wilson, conduct, a gold medal.
     Miss Sadie Clark, achievement of great success in advanced mathematics, a silver medal.
     Miss Josie Keating, modern languages, a silver medal.
     Miss Mary Wiekins, elementary Latin, a silver medal.
     Miss Edna Scruggs, two silver medals, one for natural sciences and one for history and literature.
     Miss Lucille Girand, history and rhetoric, a silver medal.
     Miss Allice Collier, instrumental music, a silver medal.
     Miss Maud Taber, vocal, a silver medal.
     Miss Kate Childress, vocal, a silver medal.
     [Miss] Geraldine Davis, art, a silver medal.
     Miss Bessie Campbell, elocution, a silver medal.
     Miss Virginia Green, best average preparatory department, a silver medal.
     Miss Mary Peters, best average primary department, a silver medal.
     Certificates of honor were awarded to Misses Willie Hickson and Mamie Simms, conduct; Misses Mary Hyman, Helen Foreman, Annie Atkins, Annie Hopkins and Leah Kohn, accomplishments; Misses Edna Scruggs, Leah Cohn, Adah Girand, Maud Field and Mary Peters, elocution.

- June 12, 1891, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 7, col. 1.
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St. Mary's College
To Sell Some Land

     A tract of land owned by St. Mary's college, lying between the college and Munger Addition with about three hundred and fifty feet frontage, is to be cut up into building lots and sold.
     The money received from the sale of this strip of land is to be used for the creation of new buildings to replace some of the present wooden structures, according to a statement made by Bishop Garrett Friday morning.
     There are about twenty-nine lots to be sold. Hann & Kendall, real estate firm, will handle the proposition. The city sewer system is already installed so that residences built on this tract are sure of being connected directly with the city sewer system. Water and gas mains are being laid and will soon be installed in close proximity to this section, affording these conveniences for the homes that may be erected here.
     The property will be placed upon the market within a short time.

- August 14, 1914, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 16, col. 4.
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