Towns and Villages, Dallas County, Texas

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A List Prepared for Times-Herald

     The department of the interior has, of late, been very active in gathering from officials, information pertaining to the respective counties, and among other things required, is a list of all county towns and villages. The above data has been furnished the department by Collector Gillespie and, as some of our readers may not be aware of the number of towns that dot our county, the names and locality of each is given below.
     On the Gulf, Colorado & Santa Fe railway: Beginning at the southwest corner of the county, appear in regular order, Cedar Hill, Duncanville, Reinhardt, Garland and Sachse.
     On the Texas & Pacific: Grand Prairie, Eagle Ford, Orphan's Home and Mesquite.
     On the line of the Houston & Texas Central Railway Co.: Wilmer, Hutchins, Miller and Richardson.
     On the Texas Trunk railway: Elam, Rylie, Simonds, Kleberg and Seagoville.
     On Greenville Division Missouri, Kansas & Texas railway: Calhoun, Garland and Rowlett. On Denton Division Missouri, Kansas & Texas railway: Letot, Farmers Branch, Carrollton and Trinity Mills. On the St. Louis, Arkansas & Texas railway: Gibbs, in the extreme northwestern portion of the county, on the Hillsboro Extension Missouri, Kansas & Texas railway.
     Lancaster--In the list of towns not situated on any railroad appear the following: Haught's Store, six miles southeast from Mesquite, New Hope, three and a half miles north from Mesquite. Scyene, two and a half miles southeast from Orphan's Home. Housely, five miles south of Garland. Pleasant Valley, four miles north from Rowlett. Lisbon, six miles south of Dallas. Rawlins, six miles northwest from the city. Lomer's Store, twelve miles northwest of the city. Estelle, six miles southeast from Grapevine. Gorbitt, three miles north of Eagle Ford. Ka, four miles southwest from the city. Wheatland, ten miles southwest from the city.
     The above makes a total of thirty-seven towns and villages, of which, twenty-six are located on some line of railway. Of this number, two are incorporated--Lancaster and Mesquite.
     Of those situated at the junction of other railways, are: Lancaster, Garland, Carrollton and Hutchins.

- June 26, 1890, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 3, col. 4.
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