Mesquite Tap / Truman, Dallas County, Texas

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(Updated June 20, 2004)

Dedication Set
For County Town
Honoring Truman

     Dedication of the county's newest town -- Truman -- is scheduled for sometime next week, with at least a telegram from its namesake, President Harry S. Truman, expected in time for reading at the ceremony.
     Truman, formerly known as Mesquite Tap, is a community of 200 persons on United States Highway 80 at Gus Thomasson Road. It boasts of three grocery stores, a cafe, three gas stations, a garage and feed store.
     Dr. Sam Scothorn, who is the unofficial program chairman for the dedication, said Postmaster J. Howard Payne and County Judge Al Templeton -- both have met the President -- will headline the dedication program.
     Payne said that he planned to notify President Truman of the honor. He added that the only other town listed in postal records bearing the President's name is Truman City, Minn.
     The President is not expected at the dedication ceremony. "But,
he would be welcome," residents hastened to add.

- November 18, 1945, The Dallas Morning News, Sec. II, p. 1, col. 4.
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SWEET MILK FOR TRUMAN -- The Dallas County town of Truman is christened with a quart of sweet milk in honor of the nation's President. "There are lots of Baptists among our citizens," explained Mrs. E. H. Hopkins, secretary-treasurer of a newly formed community improvement committee. Immediately behind the sign are S. M. Hart and J. N. Price, while at extreme right is Dr. Sam L. Scothorn, other members of the committee which also includes Grady Dickson, W. M. Morris and B. E. Thompson. A congratulatory telegram was received from President Truman, and the first mail to the new town was delivered by Jack McDonald, champion bicycle rider.

- November 23, 1945, The Dallas Morning News,
Sec. II, p. 13, col. 5-7.
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