Unidentified Cemeteries, Dallas County, Texas

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     A fully equipped whisky making plant established in a thoroughly appointed underground room in a cemetery is reported as the latest find of Dallas County Deputy Sheriffs. The officers said they found forty gallons of corn whisky hidden in the mounds of nearby graves and a fifty-gallon barrel of wine was found buried in the floor of a garage in rear of a house adjoining the cemetery, which is in South Dallas.
     The raid was conducted Wednesday night by Deputy Sheriffs R. S. Carter, O. J. Fleeman, R. E. Sypert and G. S. Payne.
     The whisky making plant, they said, was walled and sealed with pine boards and equipped with electric lights, an electric fan and gas and sewage connections. They said the operators had obtained these services by "cutting in" on mains and wires.
     Plainclothes Policemen A. W. Tedford and J. W. Hitt, Wednesday night, captured twenty-five half gallon fruit jars of whisky, which they found in an automobile in East Dallas. The automobile was taken in charge and one man arrested and lodged in the city jail.
     Deputy Sheriffs Carter, Ed Castor and Sypert, Wednesday afternoon, took in custody what county officers call a "parlor still."
     The plant consisted of a two-gallon aluminum boiler with a small copper coil attached, which was fitted into the wooden jacket of an ice cream freezer. The officers said that 200 gallons of grape mash were destroyed during this raid. They asserted the still was found at Irving, Dallas County.

- September 4, 1924, Dallas Morning News, p. 1, col. 3.
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