Union Hospital, Dallas, Texas


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(Updated May 27, 2002)



Work at Union Hospital Is Practically

     Work on the Union Hospital is almost done and it will furnished during the next few days and will be ready for occupancy. The house now used by the matron and some of the women patients will be moved westward out of the dip and will be placed south of the main hospital. North from the main hospital building, the negro ward is to be constructed. Materials from the old buildings will be used, at least in part.
     Fencing the property and beautifying the grounds require work that is to engage the men employed the rest of the winter. The hospital is for the treatment of contagious diseases only, and is to be jointly sustained by the city and the county.
     The new well has been completed. It has a depth of about sixty feet and a standing water supply of twelve feet, a basin fed by running streams, making the source of supply. The water is slightly brackish, with a sort of copperas taste. It is cold and clear. A sample was submitted to Commissioner Doran yesterday, and he signified his willing to accept the well as a completed work on contract.
     This well is to have a windmill pump and the water will be put into a tank high enough to give a good force of water for general use about the hospital and grounds.

- January 5, 1908, Dallas Morning News, p. 5, col. 4-5.
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Old-Time Resident of Dallas Deeply
Grateful for Kindness and Treat-
ment Shown Son.

     A deep-rooted impression prevails among the majority of people that an enforced residence at the "pest house of any city is to be dreaded almost as much as the grave itself. The people of Dallas, whom contagious disease have driven temporarily to the Union hospital, return to the world, it is said, with very different ideas relative to this important feature of the city's administration.
     One of our old residents, whose boy was recently discharged from this institution after a siege of smallpox, loudly and gratefully sings the praises of the hospital and of the persons who are in charge. Under the capable superintendency of Mrs. Barnes, who is ably assisted by Mrs. Ollier and the skillful medical direction of Dr. Fields, the inmates of the establishment not only receive the benefits of the best sanitary methods of modern medical science, but also the kindly and sympathetic attention of big-hearted and self-sacrificing people, according to the Dallas citizen mentioned above.

- July 24, 1910, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 14, col. 1.
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