Forest Avenue Heights, Dallas, Texas

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Acreage Property South of
City Purchased for Cash
Price of $151,000.

     An addition that promises to rival any that has yet been made to the city of Dallas, is that to be put on the market next spring by the Forest Avenue Heights Development company, when 201 1/3 acres, lying between Trinity Heights and South Dallas is cut into lots and placed on sale. Saturday afternoon, this development company closed a contract with the Dallas Suburban Realty company, whereby the property was purchased for a cash consideration of $151,000. The deed for record covering the property was filed Saturday afternoon with Deputy County Clerk Sam J. Barnett.
     L. P. Gamble, president of the Forest Avenue Development company, said Saturday, that the new addition would be opened up next spring. "The property is to be divided into lots," he said, "and will have all modern conveniences. The streets are to be graded and paved, sidewalks to be built and other improvements made that will make it a first-class residential addition. The Corsicana interurban divides the property and within a short time, there will be local car service with a five-cent fare."
     The property lies just across the river and adjoins Trinity Heights. The new development company was only recently organized under the laws of Texas with a capital stock of $175,000. Its officers are: L. P. Gamble, president, M. Coerver, vice-president; Albert de Lorenzi, treasurer, and W. H. Davidson, secretary. These officers, with Fred Rogers, constitute the board of directors.

- September 20, 1914, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 13, col. 7.
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