Stevens Park Estates, Dallas, Dallas County, Texas

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Stevens Park Estates

New Stevens Park Estates Home

     Brick veneer on the home (above) of Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Middleton, 1025 Kessler boulevard, has just been completed. It is an eight-room structure of Colonial design on the highest point of the first division of Stevens park estates. It overlooks the Stevens Park golf course.
     The home was erected at a cost of approximately $20,000, and was designed by A. E. Thomas, architect, and erected by D. E. Skidmore, contractor.
     Another home of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Payne, Jr., has been completed in the cottage section on Mayflower drive.
     Several homes are to be built in Stevens park estates in the near future, according to S. P. Cimmiotti, manager. The property has been platted to provide locations for cottages, story and a half homes, and two-story dwellings.

- August 3, 1930, Dallas Daily Times Herald, Sec. I, p. 14, col. 2-3.
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