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House Divided, Moved,
Then Put Back Together

    Moving a house or a building in one piece is still regarded as no small job in the moving men's world, but when a house is so large that it has to be moved in five sections and is put back together again -- that really is something.
    The Masonite House, inspected by thousands during the Texas Centennial and the Pan-American Exposition, was moved from Fair Park to Gaston and Auburn, several miles away, where it is being put back together again for Ben Frankfurt, 1901 Park Row, the new owner.
    "So far as I know, it's the first time that a Masonite house has ever been moved," Charles Hansen, superintendent of the job, said. "We moved it in sections at night with trucks furnishing pulling power. Most of our anxious moments were when we were going down some of the hills."
    The various parts of the house have been bolted together and it will be impossible to tell that the rooms have been separated, Mr. Hansen said.

                                                                             - News Staff Photo.

- July 24, 1938, The Dallas Morning News, Sec. II, p. 4, col. 2-4.
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