Visitors/Relations, Dallas County, Texas, 1898
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The Address of Mrs. Dale
Lakewood Wanted.

     Mr. H. C. Waller, residing at present at No. 424 Wood street, is anxious to learn something of the whereabouts of Mrs. Dollie Lakewood, who came to Texas some fifteen or eighteen years ago. Mrs. Lakewood, with her husband, settled in Dallas. Since that time, her husband has died and it is believed she has married again. She is heir to some property in her former home, and her foster father is anxious to find her, so as to turn the property over to her.

- February 2, 1898, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 7, col. 6.
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And Want the People to Know
it, Read This.

     During the fair last fall, this paper gave an account of the meeting of two brothers who had believed each dead since before the war. J. N. Felkner, who runs a grocery on the corner of Main street and the other lives in Bosque county. The way they found each other was: F. N. ran an advertisement in the Times Herald and the Bosque county brother, happening to see it, wrote J. N. to ask where he came from, not dreaming that he was his brother. This correspondence led to a visit from the Bosque county brother during the fair.
     Now comes a still stranger chapter. A few days ago, an old, but very vigorous woman dropped into F. N.'s store and began to ask him a good many leading questions about himself. As Mr. Felkner is like E. P. Turner, in that it is no trouble for him to answer questions, she soon pumped him enough to convince him that he was her brother and she told him so. They had not seen each other since 1836--for 60 years.
     The old lady's name is Mrs. J. N. Stroud of Fordland, Mo.
     It appears that the Felkner family originally established in Alabama, scattered very badly at an early day. Mr. Felkner settled in Illinois many years before the war, while his brother was a Confederate. They fought on opposing sides in a number of the warmest battles that were pulled off during the struggle.
     Mr. Felkner says he doesn't know whether he has any more brothers and sisters living, or not. Mrs. Stroud also saw F. N.'s "ad" in the Times Herald. He says he is going to advertise some more later on. He says if you want people to know you are living and in business, just advertise yourself in the Times Herald.

- February 27, 1898, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 2, col. 2.
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     E. C. Linn, M. D., and family, of Monmouth, Ill., and W. I. Linn, M. D., of Fort Scott, Kan., are visiting their brother, Mr. C. B. Linn, the jeweler. This is the first time the brothers have been together for twenty years. From superficial observation, they like Texas much better than they like Arkansas

- March 13, 1898, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 5, col. 4.
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    Mrs. H. D. Money, wife of Senator Money of Mississippi, is here from Washington on a visit to her daughter, Mrs. Beverly Read, at 341 Gaston avenue.
    Mrs. Robert B. Palmer of Chicago, is the guest of her sister, Mrs. James E. Ludlow.
    Mr. and Mrs. John McElhone of Ellenville, N. Y., are visiting their son, Mr. Fred H. McElhone, and family.
    Mrs. Will Dickerson of Hempstead, is the guest of her sister, Mrs. Nannie Godey, 564 McCoy avenue.

- March 20, 1898, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 5, col. 3.
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   Mr. and Mrs. N. F. Read left last night for Garland to spend the Fourth with Mrs. Read's parents.

- July 3, 1898, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 2, col. 7.
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Mesquite Matters.

Mrs. C. LeMasters left this week to visit her old home in West Virginia.

- August 6, 1898, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 8, col. 5.
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     Mrs. Frona A. Moore and Master Erle Johnston have gone to Colorado City to visit relatives.

- August 10, 1898, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 5, col. 4.
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     Miss Emma Mishaw of Austin, is in the city visiting her brother, Mr. Fred Mishaw, No. 108 Florence street.

- August 11, 1898, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 8, col. 6.
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    Mrs. J. M. Kahn of Trinidad, Col., is the guest of her niece, Mrs. B. Meyer, on Williams street.

- December 4, 1898, Dallas Morning News, p. 22, col. 3.
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