White Rock Campmeeting, Dallas County, Texas, 1910

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Thousands Gather at White
Rock Nightly.

     One of the biggest camp meetings ever held in Dallas county is now in progress at White Rock. Revs. Martin McWhirter, Hanson and a reverend gentleman from Plano, are conducting the meeting, which has been very successful. Last night, Rev. Martin delivered a powerful sermon to several thousand people, and a large number of conversions are reported to date. Sunday will be a gala day with the revivalists and an enormous outpouring is anticipated.

- August 14, 1891, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 1, col. 2.
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     The annual camp-meeting at White Rock, under the auspices of the Methodist church, will begin Friday and promises to be largely attended. Booths have been erected and refreshments will be served on the grounds.

- August 9, 1893, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 5, col. 4.
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     The eighteenth annual camp-meeting at the White Rock grounds commenced Friday last and will continue until Saturday. The attendance was unusually large. Rev. John R. Allen preached at 11 o'clock and Rev. Mr. Campbell, editor of the Christian Advocate, occupied the pulpit in the evening.

- August 15, 1893, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 8, col. 3.
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     The Methodist camp meeting at White Rock will close to-morrow. It has been very successful. It is anticipated that a big crowd will be in attendance on the closing day.

- August 18, 1893, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 8, col. 1.
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White Rock Camp-meeting.

     The regular annual camp-meeting at the White Rock grounds will begin to-morrow. Families from Dallas and the surrounding country who have never missed taking in the meetings in years, are, to-day, assembling on the grounds and pitching their tents, and making other preparations to remain until the meetings close.

- August 10, 1894, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 6, col. 1.
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     The White Rock camp meeting is now in full blast. Three inches of dust in the roads leading to the camp grounds will probably not keep a solitary individual away, judging from the strings of wagons of campers from the south parsing through the city and from the crowds going out from the city.

- August 8, 1897, Dallas Daily Times Herald, p. 3, col. 4.
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Only Break One of Three Years Du-
ing Civil War Period--Elaborate
Plans Made for This Year.

     Tuesday night, the White Rock campmeeting will begin another of the annual programs, held with few breaks for more than sixty years. The camp grounds are three and one-half miles from Richardson, from which place a regular automobile service is to be run, connecting with the interurban cars. At the grounds, arrangements have been made for more than 100 families to camp in the tents and cottages.
     The management of the grounds has provided all necessary accommodations, it is announced. Abundant water in different parts of the grounds is secured from three wells and from springs. There is a well laid out city of tents and cottages, with arrangements for the daily disposal of the refuse from the kitchens and accumulations from the grounds. Wagons, without cost to the campers, will carry away all of the refuse.
     Privileges have been sold and the contracts were signed up yesterday for refreshment stands on the grounds, for a restaurant that will be especially convenient for the persons at the grounds for the day and for such of the campers as desire the accommodation.
     The services will begin on Tuesday night and will last through ten days. Among the leaders will be Dr. Allen L. Andrews, pastor of Grace Methodist Church, Dallas; Rev. J. M. Peterson, presiding elder of Dallas district, and Dr. J. L. Pierce, of Commerce.
     In the long record of annual programs, some of the most famous men in the Methodist Church have been among the speakers. Some of the pioneers in the country around Dallas have attended for periods of from twenty to fifty years, and a few have attended every meeting since the start. There was a skip of about three years during the time of the Civil War. Among these pioneers are Mrs. Brown of Plano, mother of County Attorney George P. Brown of Collin County. She is 76 years of age and has never missed a meeting.
     It is announced that at least a regular hourly auto service from Richardson to the camp grounds will be given from 9 o'clock in the morning to 10 o'clock at night, charging 25¢ for the trip.
     It is estimated that not fewer than 20,000 persons have made profession of faith under the tabernacle, which for many years, was merely a brush arbor.
     Unusual interest is said to be shown in the arrangements for the meeting this season and the campers will be more than ever numerous. On the arrangements committee are Chairman F. S. Bailey, K. Hall and John Slaughter of Dallas; John McKamy, W. C. McKamy and Frank Jackson of Renner; George P. Brown and M. D. Brown of McKinney, and George Kennedy of Noel Junction.

- August 7, 1910, Dallas Morning News, p. 6, col. 3.
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Portion of the Sam Street Map of Dallas County, 1900, showing the location
of the White Rock campmeeting grounds. The campground site is now part
of the Northwood Country Club, located on Alpha Road, between Hillcrest
and Preston Roads.





Results Have Been Pleasing This
Year, Large Congregations Attend-
ing--Four Preachers Assist.

     The annual Methodist campmeeting at White Rock, which began Aug. 10, will continue until Aug. 19. It is announced that large congregations have been attending the services and the results, spiritually, have been very satisfactory. Fifty families are now camped on the grounds, and it is expected the number will be increased during the remaining days. Rev. Allen L. Andrews, pastor of Grace Methodist Church; Rev. J. M. Peterson, presiding elder of the Dallas district, and Rev. J. L. Pierce of Commerce, are conducting the services.

In camp at White Rock. Left to right: George Brundrett, Mrs. E. C. Doggett,
Mrs. H. C. Langton, Miss Jessie Bailey, Miss Annie Johnson, Mrs. C. S. Bailey,
C. S. Bailey.
(Photo by Clogenson)

(Photo by Clogenson)

Mrs. Robert H. Brown, George P. Brown, Mrs. George P. Brown, M. D. Brown.
(Photo by Clogenson)

     Among the campers is Mrs. Robert H. Brown of Plano, who has attended all but three of the campmeetings for the last thirty-six years. The grounds have an interesting history and hold a large place in the affections of Methodists in the vicinity of Dallas. Mrs. Brown was interviewed at the camp meeting grounds a day or two ago and said:
     "In the summer of 1851, the first campmeeting was held at what was known as the Welborn Camp Grounds. It was conducted by Rev. James Smith, grandfather of Mrs. Henry B. Johnson and James A. Smith of Dallas. Among those who attended the meetings annually until 1861, were Uncle Jack Thomas, Berry Winn, Ned Wilburn, William Byrd, Daniel Armstrong, Isaac Webb, the Cochrans, Sam P. Brown, Joseph Russell, my father.
     "After the war, Clark and Bryant dedicated the grounds--consisting of about thirteen acres--to the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, so long as the church used them for campmeeting purposes. Some of those who camped at the present grounds from then until now were the Dennises, Bachmans, Coxes, Fords, Kanadys, Smiths, Johnsons, Baldredges, Beverleys, Gilberts, Caruths, Fosters, Matthews, McKamys, Kyles, Jacksons, Hendrixes, Hugheses, Taylors, Sayers, Jenkins, Livelys, Daniels and Alexanders.
     "Some of the old-time preachers were Rev. James Smith, Joe English, Buck Hughes, Dennis, Joseph Masten, J. W. Chalk, J. M. Binkley, H. W. South, George Gatewood, W. S. Shaw, Gilliam, James Cobb, L. P. White, Baldridge, McDougald, Mellugan, John Beverly, Dick Thompson, D. J. Martin, Cullum, Easterling, T. J. Milam, C. I. McWhirter, O. S. Thomas, L. P. Lively, Adair, C. P. Fladger, George S. Secton, W. D. Mountcastle, F. O. Miller, W. S. May, Sullivan, L. P. Smith, S. P. Ulrich, 'T. H. McLean, T. R. Pierce and J. W. Hill."

- August 14, 1910, Dallas Morning News, p. 6, col. 1.
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