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1910 Worley's
Dallas City Directory

Title Page

Aanonsen, Oscar thru Abbott, John S./page 193

Abbott, Morey K. thru Acheson, Alexander M./page 194

Achilles, Chester thru Adams, Miss Goldie/page 195

Adams, Gould B. thru Adams, William R./page196

Adams, William T. thru Advance Thresher Co./page 197

Aetna Accident & Liability Co. thru Alamo Drug Store/page198

Alamo School thru Alexander, Edward/page 199

Alexander, Edward G. thru Alford, Mrs. Maggie/page 200

Alford, Miss Maud thru Allen, James H./page 201

Allen, James H. thru Allen, Walter C./page 202

Allen, Walter J. thru Alvis, James T./page 203

Alvis, Joseph E. thru Ammonette, Miss Oma/page 204

Amons, Mary thru Anderson, Helen H./page 205

Anderson, Henry thru Anderson, Rufus H./page 206

Anderson, Sadie thru Andrews, Lonetta/page 207

Andrews, Lula thru Apple, Haskell T./page 208

Apple, Marvin W. thru Armitage, Lula/page 209

Armitage, Robert thru Arnold, Amanda/page 210

Arnold, Annie thru Arrington, James J./page 211

Arrington, Perry B. thru Ashton, Griefey/page 212

Ashton, Nannie thru Atlanta Hotel/page 213

Atlas Metal Works thru Austin, Roy F./page 214

Austin, Miss Stella P. thru Ayers, Emma/page 215

Ayers, James T. thru Bailey, Adolph/page 216

Bailey, Albert H. thru Baine, Thomas B./page 217

Bair, Arthur G. thru Baker, John/page 218

Baker, John N. thru Baldwin, Joseph P./page 219

Baldwin, Leonard E. thru Ballou, Charles N./page 220

Ballou, D. D. thru Bantz, Joseph A./page 221

Bantz, Sarah K. thru Barksdale, Benjamin D./page 222

Barksdale, Edwin thru Barnett, Miss Bettie/page 223

Barnett, Byron thru Barrington, Claude/page 224

Barron, Delbert thru Bartlett, James A./page 225

Bartlett, Mrs. Jennie thru Bassett, J. Edward/page 226

Bassett, Lewis W. thru Battle, William B./page 227

Batts, Eugene thru Beach, Mrs. Ethel M./page 228

Beach, Frank A. thru Beaton, Will F./page 229

Beattie, Andrew J. thru Beckham, Addison M./page 230

Beckham, Leon E. thru Beggs, Miss Myrtle/page 231

Beggs, Miss Pearl thru Bell, Henry/page 232

Bell, Miss Holly thru Benard, Harry/page 233

Benat, Anna thru Bennett, Mary A./page 234

Bennett, Miss Mattie thru Berger, Ernest G./page 235

Berger, George M. thru Berry, Hampton/page 236

Berry, Hilda thru Bethel, Grover C./page 237

Bethlehem Primitive Baptist Church
thru Bickerstaff, William C./page 238

Bickett, John H. thru Bills, Joseph R./page 239

Bills, Richard thru Bishop, C. M./page 240

Bishop, Davidanna thru Black, Ollie/page 241

Black, Richard thru Blair, J. Bryan/page 242

Blair, J. Frank thru Blankenship, Henry E./p age 243

Blankenship, James H. thru Blewett, James M./page 244

Blewett, Thomas K. thru Board, Sarah/page 245

Boatman Hardware Co. (Inc.) thru Boettcher, Emil/page 246

Boettcher, Wilhelm C. thru Bolding, Mary I./page 247

Bolding, Miss Rachel L. thru Bond, Jesse M./page 248

Bond, John A. thru Bookman, William F./page 249

Bookwaiter, John W. thru Bostick, Victor/page 250

Boughton, Paul thru Boudrye & Son/page 251

Bowen, Emma B. thru Bowling, Jesse L./page 252

Bowling, Walter G. thru Boyd, John E./page 253

Boyd, John L. thru Bracey, Perkins/page 254

Bracey, Sanders thru Bradley, Miss Maggie M./page 255

Bradley, Marcellus S. thru Braley, Lemuel/page 256

Bramblett, Joseph J. thru Branum, Mrs. Myrtle/page 257

Brasfield, Frederick E. thru Breedlove, Emma/page 258

Breedlove, Tom B. thru Brickel, Katharine/page 259

Bricker, Miss Hilma thru Bright, Jonas G./page 260

Brigman, Mrs. Alice M. thru Brittingham, Thomas C./page 261

Britton, Albert E. thru Brooks, Beatrice/page 262

Brooks, Benjamin H. thru Brooks, Olin/page 263

Brooks, Oscar thru Brown, Miss Bessie/page 264

Brown, Miss Bessie thru Brown, Emma B./page 265

Brown, Emma Z. thru Brown, John L./page 266

Brown, John M. thru Brown, Minnie/page 267

Brown, Minnie thru Brown, William/page 268

Brown, William thru Bruckner, Maxmilian R./page 269

Bruckner, Jr., Maxmilian R. thru Bryan, William S./page 270

Bryant, Alvin thru Buchanan Furniture Co./page 271

Buchanan, George T. thru Budzein, Harry/page 272

Buell, Frank T. thru Bullock, Archibald R./page 273

Bullock, Charles R. thru Burden, Richard W./page 274

Burden, William thru Burke, John T./page 275

Burke, Joseph thru Burnett, John E./page 276

Burnett, Joseph J. thru Burns, Marshall C./page 277

Burns, Mary thru Burton, James D./page 278

Burton, James H. thru Bush, Maggie/page 279

Bush, Maria thru Butler-Stahr Co./page 280

Butler, S. P. thru Cacas, Christopher/page 281

Cacas, George thru Caldwell, Miss Bessie/page 282

Caldwell, Boley H. thru Callahan, John F./page 283

Callahan, John M. thru Cammack, Benjamin/page 284

Cammack, Charlotte thru Campbell, Jr., Harvey M./page 285

Campbell, Henry thru Campion, William P./page 286

Campion, W. F. thru Cantrell, Tate/page 287

Cantwell, Edward thru Carden, Starling, Carden & Hemphill/page 288

Carden, William J. thru Carnahan, Harry R./page 289

Carnell, Ira V. thru Carr, Lucinda/page 290

Carr, Mary thru Carson, Miss Laura/page 291

Carson, Miss Lela G. thru Carter, John/page 292

Carter, John thru Caruth, Annie/page 293

Caruth, Benjamin thru Cason, Mrs. Kate C./page 294

Cason, Miss Lulu B. thru Cathey, Miss Alice V./page 295

Cathey, Arthur H. thru Cemetery of Congregation Shaareth Isreal/page 296

Cempe, Gustave A. thru Chambers, Grover C./page 297

Chambers, Gustavus thru Chapman, Barclay M./page 298

Chapman, Charles A. thru Chase, Jack B./page 299

Chase, James E. thru Chester, William M./page 300

Chevalier, Miss Clotilda thru Chisholm, Airy/page 301

Chisholm, Benjamin F. thru Christman, William C./page 302

Christopher, Annie thru Clanton, Raleigh J./page 303

Clanton, Robert A. thru Clark, Garland T./page 304

Clark, George thru Clark, Miss Pearl/page 305

Clark, Pinkie thru Clay, Henry/page 306

Clay, Henry thru Clem, Minnie C./page 307

Clem, Ollie thru Climer, Lee H./page 308

Climer, Oscar F. thru Clower, Percy P./page 309

Clower, Walter M. thru Cobbs, William A./page 310

Coble, James M. thru Coerver, Richard F. J./page 311

Cole, Samuel J. thru Coleman, Pink W./page 312

Coke, Miller & Coke thru Cole, R. King/page 313

Cole, Samuel J. thru Coleman, Pink W./page 314

Coleman, Rachel J. thru Collier, Robert H./page 315

Collier, Roy thru Collins, Sarah/page 316

Collins, Sarah A. thru Comage, Nellie/page 317

Comba, William W. thru Conerty, Miss Susie/page 318

Congdon, James D. thru Conner, Mrs. Clara C./page 319

Conner, Fannie thru Consumers Lignite Co. (Inc.)/page 320

Continental Casualty Co. thru Cook, Miss Kittie E./page 321

Cook, Leo M. thru Cooper, Miss Abilene/page 322

Cooper, Albert G. thru Cooper, Ruth/page 323

Cooper, Sallie M. thru Corder, Jules H./page 324

Corder, Miss Katherine E. thru Cornwell, John/page 325

Cornwell, John S. thru Cotton, Robert H./page 326

Cotton, W. Allen thru Cowan, Robert P./page 327

Cowan, Thompson A. thru Cox, Robert D./page 328

Cox, Robert W. thru Craig, Miss Hattie N./page 329

Craig, Hattie S. thru Crane, J. H./page 330

Crane, J. M. thru Crawford, Oliver E./page 331

Crawford, Pansy thru Crimmons, Jesse/page 332

Criner, Edward W. thru Crofts, Miss Maud/page 333

Croll, Daniel B. thru Crotty, J. Willard/page 334

Crotty & Miller thru Crowley, George W./page 335

Crowley, Miss G. Ethel thru Crutone, Tony/page 336

Cuberly, Williard E. thru Culpepper, Roland/page 337

Culver, Edward thru Cunningham, Robert/page 338

Cunningham, Robert J. thru Curtis, George W./page 339

Curtis, George W. thru Dabney, Miss Willie J./page 340

Dabney & Townsend thru Dallas Brewery/page 341

Dallas Brokerage Co. thru Dallas Express Publishing Co./page 342

Dallas Fire Department thru Dallas Opera House/page 343

Dallas Optical Co. (Inc.) thru Dallas Typewriter & Supply Co./page 344

Dallas Umbrella Works thru Daniel, Lark O./page 345

Daniel Millinery Co. thru Dansby, Walter F./page 346

Danser, Lot thru Dathe, Richard F./page 347

Dato, William W. thru Davidson, William S./page 348

Davie, Gabriel J. thru Davis, Dudley B./page 349

Davis, Easter thru Davis, Miss Helen E./page 350

Davis, Henrietta thru Davis, Miss Leah/page 351

Davis, Lena thru Davis, Miss Roxie/page 352

Davis, Rufus thru Davis, Wirt/page 353

Davis,Wright thru Deacon, Margaret/page 354

Deacon, Robert G. thru Dearing, R. H./page 355

Dearing, R. H. & Son thru Deface, John M./page 356

Defee, Mahlon thru Delfs, John H./page 357

Delgado, Miss Agnes thru Dennis, James W./page 358

Dennis, Walter L. thru Dettner, Dorothy/page 359

Deutsch, Bernhard thru Dickerson, Clarence L./page 360

Dickerson, Frederick thru Dieterich, William H./page 361

Dietker, Jacob thru Dimitri & Ninich/page 362

Dinelli, Alexander thru Dixon, Samuel/page 363

Dixon, S. Ambrose thru Dodson, Stewart N./page 364

Dodson, Susan J. thru Donoho, J. Bransford/page 365

Donohue, Edward F. thru Dorough, Walter/page 366

Dorris, G. A. thru Doughty, Oliver J./page 367

Doughty, William E. thru Dowd, William T./page 368

Dowdell, Andrew A. thru Drake, James H./page 369

Drake, John thru Driver, Levi A./page 370

Drobeil, Warren thru Dugas Bros./page 371

Dugas, Ernest L. thru Duncan, Eugene/page 372

Duncan, Eugene D. thru Dunlap, John R./page 373

Dunlap, M. Florence thru Durrett, Mrs. Emma E./page 374

Durrett, Jesse G. thru Dysterbach, Samuel L./page 375

Dysterbach, Jr., Samuel L. thru
East Dallas Baptist Church/page 376

East Dallas Christian Church thru Echols, Mary/page 377

Echols, Samuel H. thru Edwards, Celita/page 378

Edwards, Charity thru Edward [Edwards?], Miss Margaret/page 379

Edwards, Miss Margaret E. thru Eggling, Alfred/page 380

Egry Register Co. thru Electric Blue Print & Supply Co./page 381

Elenburg, Floyd N. thru Elliott, Helen/page 382

Elliott, James thru Ellison, Miss Alice/page 383

Ellison, Dora M. thru Emery, Miss Annie B./page 384

Emery, Arthur M. thru Enloe, Edmund O./page 385

Ennis, Miss Jennie thru Erwin, Miss Georgia M./page 386

Erwin, Hallie thru Etheridge, Francis M./page 387

Etheridge, Isaac G. thru Evans, E. Sidney/page 388

Evans, Forrest S. thru Evans, William M./page 389

Evans, William R. thru Ewing, Samuel L./page 390

Ewing, William E. thru Fairbanks, Horatio W./page 391

Fairbanks, H. Gano thru Fariss, Ellen D./page 392

Fariss, Gordon thru Farrow, Samuel/page 393

Farry, R. R. thru Fechner, Ernst/page 394

Fechner, Frank thru Ferguson, Elizabeth/page 395

Ferguson, Mrs. Elma thru Ferris, Raymond C./page 396

Ferris, Royal A. thru Fife, Francis F./page 397

Fife, Josiah G. thru Finney, Emily A./page 398

Finney, Miss Emma thru Fishback, Miss Fannie/page 399

Fishburn, Samuel A. thru Fitch, Arthur M./page 400

Fitch, Cecil A. thru Flanary, Howard M./page 401

Flanders, Mrs. Augusta thru Fleming, Rowena R./page 402

Fleming, Shular V. thru Florer, James A./page 403

Florer, Marcus W. thru Fogg, Edward H./page 404

Fogg, J. Edward thru Ford, James J./page 405

Ford, James M. thru Forrester, Arthur M. W./page 406

Forrester, Arthur & Bro. thru Foster, Miss Edna E./page 407

Foster, Edward thru Fouts, William K./page 408

Fouts & Co. thru Francis, Miss Anna M./page 409

Francis, Miss Belle thru Franks, Albert E./page 410

Franks, Cherry thru Free, Adelbert J./page 411

Free, A. J. & Co. thru French, Clarence E./page 412

French, Gus thru Friedman, Max/page 413

Friedman, Morris thru Fry, Lou D./page 414

Fry, Millard C. thru Fulton Auto Co./page 415

Fulton Bag & Cotton Mills thru Fyler, George H./page 416

Gabbert, George L. thru Gallagher, Miss Catherine/page 417

Gallaher, John E. thru Gammon, Moselle/page 418

Gammon, Worsham & Pope thru Gardner, Miss Beatrice J./page 419

Gardner, Mrs. Bessie thru Garretson, Leroy W./page 420

Garretson, Theodore R. thru Garrison, William O./page 421

Garrity, John J. thru Gates, Charles A./page 422

Gates, Frederick H. thru Geen, Arthur/page 423

Geen, Arthur H. thru George, Edith/page 424

George, Ernest R. thru Gibbs, W. Leo/page 425

Gibson, Allen J. thru Gilbert Manufacturing Co./page 426

Gilbert, Monroe thru Gillespie, Alexander L./page 427

Gillespie, Allen C. thru Gillum, William R./page 428

Gilmer, Miss Lillie thru Glasby, W. A. & Co./page 429

Glascock, Miss Ella thru Glover, Wesley/page 430

Glover, William C. thru Godwin, Edward C./page 431

Godwin, Frank H. thru Goldsmith, Aaron/page 432

Goldsmith, Alexander thru Goode, Charles/page 433

Goode, Cornelius thru Goodnough, Edward K./page 434

Goodrich, B. F. & Company of Texas thru
Gordon, Margaret/page 435

Gordon, Marietta thru Gossett, Marshall H./page 436

Gossett, Rufus A. thru Graham, Alexander T./page 437

Graham, Alonzo thru Graner, Walter E./page 438

Graney, James T. thru Graves, Howard/page 439

Graves, Hunt G. thru Gray, Thomas E./page 440

Gray, Tula C. thru Green, E. H. R./page 441

Green Floral Co. (Inc.) thru Green, Roy C./page 442

Green, Roy R. thru Greenwood, Felix/page 443

Greenwood, Hardy thru Greiner-Kelly Drug Co. (Inc.)/page 444

Greiner, Willim E. thru Griffin, Mary/page 445

Griffin, Miss Mary E. thru Grindell, Sidney/page 446

Grindstaff, Eugene thru Groves, Walter/page 447

Grozenhorst, Charles thru Gulf Refining Co./page 448

Gulf, Texas & Western Ry Co. thru Guyton, Miss Kate/page 449

Guyton, Miss Sue M. thru Hagedon, H. Ramsey/page 450

Hagedon, John A. thru Halbert, Lamar/page 451

Hagedon, John A. thru Halb rence/page 452

Hall, Clay M. thru Hall, Rosa/page 453

Hall, Roxie thru Hambrick, Joseph E./page 454

Hambright, Lawson thru Hamlin, Miss Carrie/page 455

Hamlin, Clifton E. thru Hancock, Clemmie/page 456

Hancock, Clifton thru Hanley, Samuel D./page 457

Hann, Alexander R. thru Hanway, Samuel B./page 458

Hanway, William V. thru Hardie, Ambrose C./page 459

Hardie, David thru Hardy, Elsie/page 460

Hardy, Fredrick O. thru Harman, Joseph G./page 461

Harman, Josephine C. thru Harpold, Eugene C./page 462

Harpold, Leighton K. thru Harris, Miss Bettie/page 463

Harris, Blucher L. thru Harris, James/page 464

Harris, James thru Harris, Miss Nina/page 465

Harris, Ola thru Harrison, Alvin/page 466

Harrison, Anna thru Harrold, Charles W./page 467

Harry Bros. Manufacturing Co. (Inc.) thru
Hartman, James M./page 468

Hartman, John P. thru Harwood, Alexander/page 469

Harwood, Alexander W. thru Hatter, Volney/page 470

Hatton, George L. thru Hawkins, Corinne/page 471

Hawkins, Daniel thru Hay, Charles/page 472

Hay, Curtis B. thru Haynes, J. Walter/page 473

Haynes, Lincolnia C. thru Hearne, Miss Della/page 474

Hearne, Edwin A. thru Heidingsfelder, Harriet/page 475

Heigele, Louis thru Henderson, Arthur/page 476

Henderson, Mrs. Bertie thru Henderson, Walter T./page 477

Henderson, Walter W. thru Hengy, Joseph/page 478

Hengy, Louis thru Hensel, Edwin A./page 479

Hensey, John thru Herman, Joseph/page 480

Herman, Joseph A. P. thru Herrington, Nathaniel E./page 481

Herrling, Charles F. thru Hibner, Miss Frances/page 482

Hickcox, Alice thru Hicks, Reaves W./page 483

Hicks, Robert E. thru Hightower, Simon/page 484

Hightower, T. Pierce thru Hill, Frederick/page 485

Hill, Fuller F. thru Hill, S. Minter/page 486

Hill, Tessie thru Hinckley, H. McDonald/page 487

Hinckley, Warren C. thru Hirst, William H./page 488

Hirth, William M. thru Hodge, Alfred L./page 489

Hodge, Amy thru Hoerr, Mrs. Frances/page 490

Hoerr, Herbert C. thru Hogue, Jesse D./page 491

Hogue, John W. thru Holland, Carl C./page 492

Holland, Charles H. thru Hollifield, George R./page 493

Hollifield, Newton thru Holman, Earl/page 494

Holman, George L. thru Holy Trinity College of Dallas/page 495

Holzgraf, Charles thru Hooper, George M./page 496

Hooper, Guy H. thru Horine, Stephen M./page 497

Horn, Albert C. thru Horton, Samuel H./page 498

Horton, Sarah A. thru Houser, Edward A./page 499

Houston, Agnes thru Howard, Joel T./page 500

Howard, John thru Howell, J. Smith/page 501

Howell, Tobias H. thru Hudel, Charles/page 502

Hudel, Miss Helen thru Huey, James F./page 503

Huey, Mrs. Jennie A. thru Hughes, Frank/page 504

Hughes, George thru Hughey, Thomas H./page 505

Huguley, Miss Beulah thru Hunley, Andrew/page 506

Hunley, David H. thru Hunt, Walter Co. (Inc)/page 507

Hunt, Walter E. thru Hurd, Walter R./page 508

Hurd, William thru Hutchins, Dora/page 509

Hutchins, Eliza thru Hyman, Abraham/page 510

Hyman, Miss Elsie thru Ingraham, Miss Grace/page 511

Ingram, Amanda thru Irvine, Margaret V./page 512

Irvine, Miss Mary thru Jackson, Arthur/page 513

Jackson, Rev. Arthur T. thru Jackson, H. Birchard/page 514

Jackson, H. C. & Co. thru Jackson, Pearl/page 515

Jackson, Pearl thru Jacobs, Samuel/page 516

Jacobs, Sigmund thru Jameson, Cedric/page 517

Jameson, Henry thru Jaynes, Miss Kimbro/page 518

Jaynes, Miss Mabel thru Jennings, James E./page 519

Jennings, James T. thru Joe, Annie/page 520

Joffre, Eugene thru Johnson, Arthur S./page 521

Johnson, Aubrey thru Johnson, Earle C./page 522

Johnson, Edgar thru Johnson, George W./page 523

Johnson, George W. thru Johnson, John/page 524

Johnson, John thru Johnson, Manuel/page 525

Johnson, Marcus H. thru Johnson, Miss Rosa/page 526

Johnson, Roy thru Johnson, William/page 527

Johnson, William thru Johnston, Jr., Joe E./page 528

Johnston, Joe E. Co. (Inc) thru Jones, Miss Bessie L./page 529

Jones, Bettie thru Jones, Miss Elizabeth V./page 530

Jones, Ella thru Jones, Henry/page 531

Jones, Henry thru Jones, John T./page 532

Jones, John U. thru Jones, Ned J./page 533

Jones, Nellie thru Jones, Thomas J./page 534

Jones, Thomas L. thru Jordan, Charles C./page 535

Jordan, Charles T. thru Jordan, William J./page 536

Jordan, William R. thru Kahler, Harry A./page 537

Kahn, Abraham thru Kansas City Life Ins. Co./page 538

Kansas City Southern Ry thru Kavanaugh, Walter A./page 539

Kawaguchi, George thru Keepers, Edward/page 540

Keeske, Miss Grace thru Kelley, Edward L./page 541

Kelley, Edward S. thru Kelly, J. Frederick/page 542

Kelly, J. Paul thru Kemper, Daniel A./page 543

Kemper, George W. thru Kennedy, Winnie/page 544

Kennedy, Zoma thru Kersch, George/page 545

Kersey, Charles thru Kiest, Edwin J./page 546

Kiest, William F. thru Kindred, Miss Violet/page 547

Kines, Harrison thru King, N. L./page 548

King, Patrick thru Kinnebrew, William C./page 549

Kinnel, Frank T. thru Kirk, Jessie N./page 550

Kirk, John thru Kirkwood, Fletcher/page 551

Kirkwood, George E. thru Klein, John J./page 552

Klein, Rudolph thru Knight, George H./page 553

Knight, Gilbert thru Koch, Robert T./page 554

Koeglsberger, Franz thru Kreiger, John/page 555

Kreiger, John thru Kurtz, Charles/page 556

Kurtz, John L. thru Lacy, Anderson/page 557

Lacy, A. Bledsoe thru Lake, Fred L. & Co./page 558

Lake, George A. thru Lampkin, Samuel H./page 559

Lampkin, William H. thru Lane, James/page 560

Lane, James E. thru Langley, Edgar N./page 561

Langley, Elbert M. thru Lannom, William R./page 562

Lansing, Oliver J. thru Laster & Summerville/page 563

Lastor, Burrell H. thru Lawler, Naomi/page 564

Lawler, Thomas thru Lazzari, Arthur/page 565

Lea, Clifton W. thru Leavell, Joseph N./page 566

Leavell, Mary J. thru Lee, Monroe/page 567

Lee, Ossie thru Legan, H. Cloyd/page 568

Legate, John L. thru Leonard, Martin L./page 569

Leonard, Prince L. thru Levi, Marcus C./page 570

Levi & Munzesheimer thru Lewis, Byron A./page 571

Lewis, B. Carl thru Lewis, Louria H./page 572

Lewis, L. Dudley thru Lichter, William A./page 573

Lide, Miss M. Lula thru Lincoln, Horace N./page 574

Lincoln, James A. thru Lindsey, Thomas K./page 575

Lindsey, Wade thru Lippincott, Mrs. Emily/page 576

Lipscomb, Albert thru Live Oak Grocery/page 577

Live Oak Market thru Locke & Locke/page 578

Lockett, Delia thru Logan, Florence K./page 579

Logan, Frederick A. thru Long, Benjamin/page 580

Long, Benjamin E. thru Longbotham, James/page 581

Longbotham, Miss Willie M. thru Louchard, Jennie/page 582

Louchard, Louis thru Loveless, Leland L./page 583

Loveless, Samuel thru Lowry, Miss Ethel/page 584

Lowry, Eugene A. thru Ludlow, James E./page 585

Ludolph, Constantine thru Lutner, George O./page 586

Lutric, Michael thru Lynn & Stewart/page 587

Lynne, Earl B. thru MacDermott, Miss Clara M./page 588

MacDemott, Marion thru MacRae, Charles J./page 589

MacRae, Donald C. thru Maggard, J. E./page 590

Magill, Rev. James R. thru Malin, Thomas R./page 591

Mallalieu M. E. Church thru Mandelbaum, Miss Julia/page 592

Mandelbaum, Louis B. thru Mann, Thomas J./page 593

Mann, William J. thru Mapins, Mary/page 594

Maple Grocery Co. thru Markham, Isaiah M./page 595

Markham, James J. thru Marshall, Benjamin C./page 596

Marshall Bros. thru Marshall, William/page 597

Marshall, William C. thru Martin, George W./page 598

Martin, Gilbert thru Martin, Samuel T./page 599

Martin, Miss Stasia thru Mason Engraving Co. (Inc.)/page 600

Mason, Ethel thru Matheny, Nannie A./page 601

Mather, Vernon K. thru Matthews, John F./page 602

Matthews, John F. thru Maxwell, Charles/page 603

Maxwell, Charles J. thru Mayben, Stephen/page 604

Mayben, William M. thru Maynard, Harry R./page 605

Maynard, Mrs. Hattie thru McAleer, James A./page 606

McAleer, J. A. & Co. thru McCabe, James H./page 607

McCabe, Jesse M. thru McCarthy, Michael E./page 608

McCarthy, Miss Virginia M. thru McClelland, William W./page 609

McClendon, Charles thru McConnico, Samuel F./page 610

McCool, Earle thru McCraw, Miller/page 611

McCraw, William S. thru McCurdy-Koenigsberg Co. (Inc.)/page 612

McCurdy, Thomas C. thru McDonald, Adelia/page 613

McDonald, Alonzo P. thru McElreath, Samuel H./page 614

McElroy, Charles thru McGavock, Frederick C./page 615

McGee, Anna G. thru McGrain, Miss Katharine V./page 616

McGrain, William E. thru McIlveen, William M./page 617

McIngham, Edgar thru McKelvey, Lula G./page 618

McKelvy, James M. thru McKnight, James N./page 619

McKnight, Luther K. thru McLendon, Lucien M./page 620

McLendon, Jr., Lucien M. thru McMillan, Hiram W./page 621

McMillan, Hyde A. thru McNatt, Charles M./page 622

McNatt, Francis C. thru McReynolds, John O./page 623

McReynolds Printing Co. thru Meadow, Samuel W./page 624

Meadow, Thomas J. thru Meiers, Jesse E./page 625

Meiers, John thru Mendoza, Benjamin/page 626

Mendoza, Julio thru Merritt, Eber W./page 627

Merritt, H. J. thru Metzger, Miss Lida E./page 628

Metzger, Miss Mamie thru Meyers, Thomas F./page 629

Meyers, Miss Tillie thru Milam, Grover C./page 630

Milam, Henry P. thru Miller, August/page 631

Miller, Barry thru Miller, Isabella/page 632

Miller, Isadore A. thru Miller, Paul S./page 633

Miller, Pomeroy D. thru Millican, Palid E./page 634

Millican, Ray thru Milner, Frank F./page 635

Milner, George K. thru Misenhimer, Jerome I./page 636

Misenhimer, Kay H. thru Mitchell, G. Britton/page 637

Mitchell, Handy S. thru Mitchell, William/page 638

Mitchell, William thru Moffat, Mrs. Cora M./page 639

Moffett, Belle thru Montella, Emma/page 640

Montello, Lee thru Moon, William H./page 641

Mooney, Lonnie thru Moore, Miss Effie/page 642

Moore, Elbert C. thru Moore, John H. & Co./page 643

Moore, John J. thru Moore, Samuel A./page 644

Moore, Samuel B. thru Moore & Co./page 645

Moore & Johnson thru Morgan, Edmond H./page 646

Morgan, Edward thru Morgan, Samuel/page 647

Morgan, Samuel T. thru Morris, Francis M./page 648

Morris, Frank thru Morrison, Bessie/page 649

Morrison, David thru Morse, A. Carl/page 650

Morse, Horace thru Mosely, Henrietta/page 651

Mosely, Jesse M. thru Moss, Mrs. Edward/page 652

Moss, Gertrude thru Moyer, Mrs. B. H./page 653

Moyer, Luther M. thru Mullins, Miss Mabel/page 654

Mulloy, Rev. James J. thru Munster, Frank C./page 655

Munster, Herman thru Murphy, Miss Jessie/page 656

Murphy, Jr., John thru Murray, Miss Elizabeth T./page 657

Murray, Frank thru Myer Beer Co., The/page 658

Myer, Daniel B. thru Nagle, Theobold A./page 659

Nail, James M. thru Nash, Sarah J./page 660

Nash, Miss Virginia M. thru Neece, James R./page 661

Neece, Jr., James R. thru Nelson, Edward/page 662

Nelson, Edward thru Nesmith, W. Hines/page 663

Nestor, Henry A. thru Newcomer, John H./page 664

Newcomer, Miss Lela thru Niblo, Miss R. Stella/page 665

Niblo, Victor F. thru Niendorff, J. H. & Co./page 666

Nies, Miss Anna B. thru Noizet, Louis A./page 667

Nolan, Arthur A. thru Norris, Miss Kate/page 668

Norris, Mary M. thru Noscardy, Emma M./page 669

Nossek, Samuel thru Oak Cliff Paper Mills/page 670

Oak Cliff Pharmacy thru O'Connell, William G./page 671

O'Conner, Benjamin F. thru Offutt, William H./page 672

Ogburn-Dalchau Lumber Co. thru Oliphant, Lila E./page 673

Oliphant, Lucretia thru Olsen, Harold M./page 674

Olsen, John C. thru O'Rear, Robert E./page 675

O'Reilly, Albert E. thru Orvin, William/page 676

Osborn, Alexander J. thru
Overland Automobile Sales Co./page 677

Overstreet, Annie thru Owens, Josephine/page 678

Owens, Julius thru
Pacific Mutual Life Insurance Co. of California/page 679

Packard, Burnell R. thru Page, J. Edgar/page 680

Page, Leslie thru Pandres, Jerome/page 681

Pandres, J. Milton thru Park, Guy H./page 682

Park, Hardy B. thru Parker-Nicks Construction Co./page 683

Parker, Richard B. thru Parr, Miss Dovie L./page 684

Parr, Miss Edna thru Paternostro, Joseph/page 685

Paternostro, Miss Josephine thru Patterson, Wesley/page 686

Patterson, William thru Paul, Thomas A./page 687

Paul, Walter E. thru Payne, William S./page 688

Paynter, C. H. thru Pease, Albert/page 689

Pease, Oliver J. thru Pemberton, Erven E./page 690

Pemberton, Harry W. thru
Pentecostal Church of the Nazarene/page 691

Penton, Albert thru Perry, Alvin/page 692

Perry, Anna thru Peters, Harry/page 693

Peters, Henry thru Petty, Sarah F./page 694

Petty, Thurmond thru Phillips, Arthur C./page 695

Phillips, Bradford R. thru Phillips, William/page 696

Phillips, William thru Pierce, Florence/page 697

Pierce-Fordyce Oil Association thru
Pinkston, Benjamin F./page 698

Pinkston, Miss Eva G. thru Pitts, Annie B./page 699

Pitts, Arthur L. thru Plumlee, Sanford H./page 700

Plumlee & Plumlee thru Pollard, Charles C./page 701

Pollard, Charles J. thru Pope, Elisha L./page 702

Pope, Miss Erskine thru Porter, Willie/page 703

Porter & Dean Grocery Co. (Inc.) thru
Potts, William H./page 704

Poulos, Paul thru Powers, Miss Goldie/page 705

Powers, James B. thru Pratley, Walter/page 706

Pratley, William thru Prewitt, Miss Vida/page 707

Prewitt, Walter thru Price, W. Claude/page 708

Price, W. Davis thru Pruitt, Miss Clemmie/page 709

Pruitt, Henry A. thru Purciller, Miss Lela/page 710

Purciller, Miss Maggie thru Queen, Thomas M./page 711

Queen & Crescent Route thru Rader, John C./page 712

 Radford, Beulah thru Rainey, Anson/page 713

Rainey, Etta thru Ramsey, Samuel O./page 714

Ramsey, Thomas J. thru Rankin, Mrs. John H./page 715

Rankin, J. Carleton thru Rawlins, Miss Leota M./page 716

Rawlins, Mrs. Mattie thru Read, Jr., John T./page 717

Read, Kate L. thru Redding, John Q./page 718

Redding, Philip Y. thru Reed, Olin/page 719

Reed, Olin D. thru Reeves, Clarence C./page 720

Reeves, Dee R. thru Reilly, Miss Elise/page 721

Reilly, Miss Frances thru Renner, Earl E./page 722

Renner, Miss Rose thru Reynolds, George/page 723

Reynolds, George thru Rhodes, Bateman F./page 724

Rhodes, Mrs. Bessie thru Rice, William E./page 725

Rice, William H. thru Richardson, Mary/page 726

Richardson, Mary A. thru Riddler, Garth A./page 727

Riddlespurger, Judson I. thru Riley, Miss Louise/page 728

Riley, Miss Lurley D. thru Rivera, Jose F./page 729

Rivera, Juan F. thru Roberson, Frederick/page 730

Roberson, James B. thru Roberts, Lawrence W./page 731

Roberts, Lewis thru Robertson, Henry/page 732

Robertson, Herbert B. thru Robinson, Cleveland/page 733

Robinson, Miss Daisy thru Robinson, Louis R./page 734

Robinson, Lucy thru Robinson, William M./page 735

Robinson, Willie thru Rodgers, Percy/page 736

Rodgers, Wilson H. thru Rogers, Henry/page 737

Rogers, Henry R. thru Roland, Charles A./page 738

Roland, Miss Marguerite thru Rose, Horace B./page 739

Rose, Isaac E. thru Rosenthal, Zadoc R./page 740

Rosien, Henry thru Rosser, Virgil O./page 741

Rosser & Doolittle, Drs. thru Rowe, Miss Olive/page 742

Rowe, Miss Ruth L. thru Rucker, Charles M./page 743

Rucker, DeWitt thru Rupert, Crit/page 744

Rusek, Josef thru Russell, Matilda C./page 745

Russell, Mattie K. thru Rutledge, John C./page 746

Rutledge, Miss Mattie thru Sadler, Andrew/page 747

Sadler, Bleauford A. thru Sala, Mattie/page 748

Sala, Nathaniel thru Sams, Margaret A./page 749

Sams, Thomas thru Sanders, Jesse/page 750

Sanders, Jesse A. thru Sandilands, Miss Jesse/page 751

Sandkuhl, Charles E. thru Sarver, Miss Marie/page 752

Sarver, William E. thru Savage, James/page 753

Savage, John H. thru Scarff, William G./page 754

Scarlatti, Tommasso thru Schindler, E. Franklin/page 755

Schinks, Robert M. thru Schmucker, Thomas F./page 756

Schnabel, Leo J. thru Schorn, Joseph/page 757

Schott, Lawrence thru Schulze, Miss Louise/page 758

Schumacher, Albert J. thru Schwende, Frank G./page 759

Schwettmann, Christopher thru Scott, Henry D./page 760

Scott, Henry P. thru Scott, Walter W./page 761

Scott, William thru Seamans, Paul E./page 762

Searcy, Ella thru Sebastian, Miss Emma/page 763

Sebastian, Mrs. Sallie thru Selikoff, Miss Mamie/page 764

Selikoff, Mrs. Sarah thru Sewell, Moses/page 765

Sewell, W. A. thru Shannon, Manning B./page 766

Shannon, Medora thru Shaw, Jesse/page 767

Shaw, John thru Shelburne, Rev. Cephas/page 768

Shelburne, Cephas G. thru Shepard, Jr., Seth/page 769

Shepard, Thomas thru Sherry, Bellzora F./page 770

Sherwin, Christie S. thru Shores, William/page 771

Short, Anna thru Shutt, Claude A./page 772

Shutt, Theodore E. thru Sigel, Miss Dora/page 773

Sigel, Harry thru Simmons, Mary/page 774

Simmons, Mary A. thru Simpson, Erasmus C./page 775

Simpson, Frank M. thru Sims, George N./page 776

Sims, Grace thru Sisson, William/page 777

Sisters of Divine Providence thru Skillern & Sons/page 778

Skillin, Eli thru Slayton, William G./page 779

Sledge, Jack thru Smith, Albro D./page 780

Smith, Alfred A. thru Smith, Charles R./page 781

Smith, Charles W. thru Smith, Edith W./page 782

Smith, Miss Edna thru Smith, George/page 783

Smith, George thru Smith, Hugh M./page 784

Smith, Hugo thru Smith, Joshua/page 785

Smith, Josie thru Smith, Margaret/page 786

Smith, Miss Margaret T. thru Smith, Randall L./page 787

Smith, Ransom L. thru Smith, Thomas C./page 788

Smith, Thomas E. thru Smith, Willie/page 789

Smith, Wilson M. thru Snider, Miss Laura F./page 790

Snider, Robert O. thru Somerville, Miss Eva/page 791

Somerville, W. H. thru Southern, Homer/page 792

Southern Hotel thru Southwestern Life Insurance Co./page 793

Southwestern Lumber Co. (Inc.) thru Spain, Richard/page 794

Spain, Miss Ruth thru Sparrow, Leslie E./page 795

Spaugh, Alvin thru Spence, W. L. Lumber Co./page 796

Spencer, Alice thru Spillman, Clara E./page 797

Spilman, Andrew F. thru Stacey, Andrew/page 798

Stacey, Annie thru Stanage, Joseph O./page 799

Stanage & Wimberly thru Stanton, William/page 800

Staple, William thru Stars, Mrs. R. L./page 801

State Dental College thru Steele, William B./page 802

Steele, William H. thru Stell, Martha E./page 803

Stell, Rufus S. thru Stephenson, James A./page 804

Stephenson, Jesse T. thru Stevenson, C. & Co./page 805

Stevenson, Dora W. thru Stewart, Marshall/page 806

Stewart, Mont A. thru Stockton, Miss Evelyn F./page 807

Stockton, Mrs. Lizzie thru Stone, Max/page 808

Stone, Michael O. thru Stout, Frank/page 809

Stout, Miss Georgia thru Street, John K./page 810

Street, William thru Strong, William T./page 811

Strong's Gravel Plant thru Sturges, Samuel/page 812

Sturges, Stephen thru Summers, Claude/page 813

Summers, Earl T. thru Svarz, Lula/page 814

Swaden, John A. thru Sweatt, Samuel J./page 815

Sweatt, William thru Sylvia, Bessie/page 816

Sypert, William C. thru Taliaferro, Ambrose/page 817

 Taliaferro, Miss Belle thru Tatom, Henry C./page 818

Tatom, Ivan E. thru Taylor, Miss Etta/page 819

Taylor, Eugene O. thru Taylor, Marion C./page 820

Taylor, Marion J. thru Teal, Jr., Thomas H./page 821

Teal, Washington thru Ten Brook, Arthur P./page 822

Tenery, Miss Gertrude thru Terrell, William/page 823

Terrell & Richardson thru
Texas Black Land Mortgage Co. (Inc.)/page 824

Texas Blue Print & Supply Co. thru
Texas Farm & Ranch Publishing Co./page 825

Texas Farmer thru Texas Produce News/page 826

Texas Realty Co. (Inc.) thru Thaxton, Mattie/page 827

Thayer, Edward S. thru Thomas, Bernard W./page 828

Thomas, Bert thru Thomas, Harry/page 829

Thomas, Harry B. thru Thomas, Laura/page 830

Thomas, Lawrence thru Thomas, Susie/page 831

Thomas, Taylor thru Thompson, Clarence/page 832

Thompson, Clarice thru Thompson, Lee/page 833

Thompson, Lee B. thru Thompson, William/page 834

Thompson, William C. thru Thornton, Sterling C./page 835

Thornton, Susan thru Tice, John/page 836

Tichenor, James L. thru Tinker, Cullen H./page 837

Tinkle, J. Ward thru Tobiansky, Simon/page 838

Tobiansky, William thru Tolbert, Frank/page 839

Tolbert, Levi thru Torrey, Samuel S./page 840

Tosch, Charles A. thru Traders State Bank/page 841

Trailer, Harvey thru Treiber, Louis F./page 842

Trelford, George W. thru Trinity Printing Co./page 843

Trinity Supply Co. (Inc.) thru Tryon, Frank V./page 844

Tschann, Eugene thru Tucker, William H./page 845

Tucker & Russell thru Turner, Chalmers M./page 846

Turner, Charles thru Turner, Mary/page 847

Turner, Maurice C. thru Tyler, Claude B./page 848

Tyler, Henry thru Union Messenger Service/page 849

Union News Co. thru Utay, Joseph/page 850

Utay, Leo thru Van Dorn, Earl/page 851

Van Dusen, Matthew W. thru Vaughan, Benjamin H./page 852.jpg

Vaughan, Charles H. thru Vermillion, Hal M./page 853

Vermillion, Mrs. Hattie H. thru Vilbig, John W./page 854

Villareat, Mrs. Annie thru Voigt, Kurth/page 855

Voigt, Louis thru Wade, William/page 856

Wade, William J. thru Wagstaff, Miss Mary/page 857

Wah Hoo Club thru Walker, Chris/page 858

Walker, Clarence E. thru Walker, Laura/page 859

Walker, Laura B. thru Wall, Richard H./page 860

Wall, William thru Walling, William/page 861

Wallis, Charles R. thru Walton, Maggie/page 862

Walton, Mary thru Ward, Miss Mary/page 863

Ward, Mrs. Mary A. thru Warner, Charles/page 864

Warner, Cornelia thru Washington, Booker T. School/page 865

Washington, Charles thru Watelsky, Louis A./page 866

Watelsky, Nathan thru Watkins, Mary/page 867

Watkins, Mary A. thru Watson, Joseph/page 868

Watson, Joseph thru Watts, Miss Leigh/page 869

Watts, Mattie A. thru Weaver, Thaddeus W./page 870

Weaver, Urban R. thru Weber, Charles J./page 871

Weber, David O. thru Weil, Jennie/page 872

Weil, Louis thru Welch, John W./page 873

Welch, Joseph thru Wells, Minnie/page 874

Wells, Nettie thru Wertheimer, Bettie/page 875

Wertheimer Iron & Metal Co. (Inc.) thru West, Lucy/page 876

West, Mack thru Western Union Telegraph Co./page 877

Westervelt, George K. thru Wheeler, Mark/page 878

Wheeler, Melley M. thru White, Bettie/page 879

White, Miss Beulah T. thru White, Frederick/page 880

White Garage & Sales Co. thru White, Mary J./page 881

White, Mollie thru Whitehead, Edwin L./page 882

Whitehead, Miss Florence G. thru Whitlock, Herbert B./page 883

Whitlock, Mrs. Kate thru Whorton, John R./page 884

Whyman, Richard O. thru Wigginton, J. Harvey/page 885

Wigginton, J. Nathaniel thru Wiley, Joseph E./page 886

Wiley, Jr., Joseph E. thru Wilkins, Jefferson/page 887

Wilkins, John F. thru Williams, Amanda/page 888

Williams, Amanda L. thru Williams, Mrs. Dora/page 889

Williams, Dora thru Williams, Giles/page 890

Williams, Glenn thru Williams, Jesse/page 891

Williams, Jesse thru Williams, Lula/page 892

Williams, Luther thru Williams, Richard E./page 893

Williams, Miss Robbie thru Williams, Tully M./page 894

Williams, Turner thru Williamson, Miss Beulah/page 895

Williamson, Bladen E. thru Willis, Orlean/page 896

Willis, Robert thru Wilson, Miss Celestial/page 897

Wilson, Charles thru Wilson, Henry/page 898

Wilson, Henry thru Wilson, Miss Lizzie/page 899

Wilson, Mrs. Lola thru Wilson, William S./page 900

Wilson, William T. thru Winn, Elihu H./page 901

Winn, Elihu T. thru Wisdom, Charles H./page 902

Wisdom, Edgar M. thru Wolf, Miss Emma L./page 903

Wolf, Frank thru Wollman, John F./page 904

Woltman, William M. thru Wood, Robert A./page 905

Wood, Robert C. thru Woodrooffe, Harry W./page 906

Woodrow, Otho D. thru Woodward Crude Oil Co./page 907

Woodward, D. P. thru Works-Coleman Land Co. (Inc.)/page 908

Works, George W. thru Wray, William B./page 909

Wray, William D. thru Wright, James/page 910

Wright, James A. thru Wright, Walter S./page 911

Wright, Wesley thru Wynn, Harrison/page 912

Wynn, James O. thru Yates, Joseph W./page 913

Yates, Letha thru York, John E./page 914

York, Julia E. thru Young, Lucretia/page 915

Young, Mary thru Zaby, Frank/page 916

Zaby, Joseph thru Zimmerman, Ernest H./page 917

Zimmerman, Floyd G. thru Zweig, Miss Mary
Addenda: Adair, A. Garland thru Burt, W. Harry/page 918

Addenda: (continued) : Cage, D. G. thru
Thacker, James E./page 919